ABBA DABBA Cunts (2)

(What is she about to suck on in that header pic I wonder? – Day Admin)

ABBA are cunts.

All this fuss about an ABBA ‘reunion’, when there actually isn’t one.

The Swedish 70s pop act are hyping up this big announcement about new recordings and a ‘tour’. People will pay ridiculous amounts of money to see a projection mime songs that are well over 40 years old.

Of course, pooves and knobheads who love that Mamma Mia dog dirt will lap it up. It’d be simpler and cheaper to just put on an ABBA Greatest Hits DVD. But stupid cunts will gladly throw their money away.

As for the new songs? They will probably be shit and remnants from the 70s that were rejected as unusable at the time (a la the Beatles turning a Lennon cast-off into ‘reunion’ cash-in ‘Free As A Bird’).

The ladies’ voices (ABBA’s secret weapon in their prime) will not be the same due to age, yet the hype and hysteria over the new material will be unbearable.

The actual hologram that will be ‘touring’ also looks very shit. It resembles a bad rip off of Space 1999.

ABBA were good at what they did in their 70s pomp. But like so many rock relics, they couldn’t resist the cash-in call. As Vic Reeves used to say, ‘They wouldn’t let it lie’.

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And this from The Fuckyou Man

ABBA are over rated cunts.

Sweden’s very own BUCKS FIZZ are praised as some fuckin genius outfit and it’s oh so fuckin cool to say how awesome they are.


They were in The Eurovision Song Contest for cunts sake! A total wankfest consisting of the worst songs ever written. Winning The Best SHIT song is nothing to be proud of.

Now these 4 colostomy bag owners have “reformed” and are making a CUM back??
They looked like a bunch of 70s pornstars when they were in their prime! (Yeah, but that blonde piece was my go-to 24/7 wank material during my yoof! – Day Admin)


Oh…..and Roxette were crap as well.

43 thoughts on “ABBA DABBA Cunts (2)

  1. Can’t stand ABBA.

    Fucking over promoted Eurovision song contest shite and nothing more.

    If I never hear “Dancing Queen” again in my life it would be too soon.

    The blond lass was incredibly fuckable though.

  2. The blonde one looks in need of ironing nowadays.

    Sorry off topic but it’s madness in my village with parklife festival on. Mrs Infidel has been out for groceries and tells me the shops are full of scantily clad girls buying booze.
    I’ll go out later after they’ve drank it

  3. I liked that song they did about a bronze age Aegean civilisation on the island of Crete.
    Minoan you, Minoan me….

  4. Sorry Cunters, I fucking love ABBA, it’s the soundtrack of my younger days, back when Lady Quim and I were fresh faced 20 somethings living the “Rhodie dream” (where have all the years gone?), but I’d like to keep it that way, sick of band’s reforming all the time, ABBA should of drawn the line back in 82, but it’s all about “Money Money Money”, the greedy Scandinavian cunts!!!!

    • Quite right, Captain. ‘Dancing Queen’ is a fucking excellent pop record. Fact.

    • I’m with you Captain. They WERE fucking great. They should have just left alone and stayed in the past.

  5. My wife says they were Swedish folk music singers
    I can remember all the words as it was played a lot in the house
    Plucked up courage to buy a club international mag you know from a different town so I wasn’t recognised by girls from school to find a blonde one from ABBA lookalike centerspread , rode my bike home very fast that day

  6. I ‘ve always liked ABBA; there music invariably cheers me up, and boy, did those girls have delicious legs and arses.
    This looks like a cash-in that some promoter has put together, to rinse a load of cash for pretty much fuck-all.
    ABBA can’t need the money, but it’s somebody’s idea of a cash-in, and I suppose you can’t blame the band for going for it. I would in their shoes.

  7. Greta mongberg and her performing seal space sister should form a pop duo, backed up by their musician parents.

    Songs could include:

    -Climate Queen
    -Water loo with eco flush
    -Knowing me – how dare you!
    -The weather takes it all

    And finally

    -Mamma Mia-ight of produced normal offspring if had laid off the booze and disco biscuits

  8. Fuck-all wrong with Abba. I liked them before it was trendy. Mind you, I kept quiet about it or I’d have got a 1970’s-like panelling. Music of my early youth.

    And I’d still have a go on the two birds.

  9. Mamma Mia ! Here we go again. It’s all about Money, Money, Money. That’s the Name of the Game. And the Winner ( ABBA) Takes it All.

  10. I liked Abba as a child and I remember requesting the Arrival album. I also liked the Wombles of Wimbledon a few years prior so obviously I had no taste. I grew up and stopped liking them and dismissed them for decades thinking they were naff. One of their better songs is Fernando, perhaps.

    Apparently their new release is some unreleased thing from their prime and they will be presented holographically as if they were still young. One to avoid.

  11. Still better than the Beatles.

    If they want to cash in good luck too them, if I could take a few quid in for not much I’d be at it too.

    As the recent deaths of Charlie Watts and Dusty Hill demonstrate, OAP rockers are a mercenary bunch of cunts. The stones must have spare musicians back stage just in case one of them dies live on stage.

    The show must go on!

      • The Beatles were nothing special, bit like Take That really. Probably the most overrated band in history. If you look at them without bias ABBA and the Beatles were both pop acts with gifted song writers. The difference is ABBA didn’t disappear up their own arseholes in a puff of vanity.

        Each to their own but for me ABBA and the Beatles are not far removed from one another.

        The Beatles were never as edgy as the Stones for me, they never rocked like the Who either.

        It is what it is, the Beatles may be your favourite pop band but that’s all they were.

    • Good Evening Sixdog.

      Abba better than The Beatles.

      To say that’s a bold statement is an understatement.

    • I have to agree with Sixdog. The Beatles are highly overrated for a pop band, and get too much credit in the history of music.
      They’re on the same tier as ABBA as decent pop bands, but not in the same league as bands like Led Zeppelin or The Who.
      I also prefer the Kinks and Stones to the Beatles.

      • Nothing wrong with enjoying the Beatles or even the Beatles being someone’s favourite band. What I don’t get is how we are all meant to worship them like they were the second coming.

        They were packaged and sold like any other commodity. Then nostalgia took over and they were elevated to a status far beyond their actual worth. Musically ABBA are considered superior song writers by many. We are talking pop songs here. I can enjoy a well written pop song and often music pop music doesn’t get the appreciation it should.

        There are pop songs that people deride but would suddenly become adored if Lennon and McCartney had wrote on performed them.

        The Sex Pistols changed music more with one album than the Beatles did in their entire careers.

  12. Sorry but ABBA are for old Wimminz at weddings and the gays. If cunts want to blow their money away on this latest shit I can’t say I am that bothered.

  13. What was the point of Brexit if we can’t stop shit like this from polluting the country?

  14. The only other famous people from Sweden are
    Ulrikakaka Johnson
    And the chef from the Muppets.

    Abba originally were called The Meatballs.

  15. The ‘Abbatars’ reunion is a crass cash-in and the new songs are arse. But when I see this 1975 clip of ABBA, I realise I would have thoroughly screwed Frida and Agentha to Kingdom Come back in the day.

    The two blokes (Bjorn and Thingy) looked like Ren and Stimpy, and they still do…

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