Sky (12) orders the EPL to take the Knee (Again!)

A 999, CAT 1 cunting for the Premier League, please, as the dull cunts have decided the players are STILL going to ‘Take the knee’, despite the obvious contempt by the fans at the ‘Gesture’.

Utter, total wankers.

Knee Bending to continue for another EPL Season

EPL Players continue to take the knee

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt 


And this from Freddie the Frog

The Dumb World of Rich Football Cunts

So all 20 Premier League teams have agreed to “take the knee” before every game. Translation…….Sky have told them to do it and they are the cunts with the fat wallet who are making the decisions.

Don’t like your team kicking off at 12.30 or 5.30 on a Saturday? Fuck you.

Don’t like playing on a Sunday?
Fuck you.

Don’t like playing on a Monday night?
Fuck you.

Can’t get trains home after all these ridiculous kick off times?
Fuck you.

Don’t like players constantly virtue signalling about social justice while living the life of multi millionaires and bragging about it?
Fuck you.

Don’t like being called a raaaay-sist and to “get educated “ by BBC p*nces?
Fuck you.

I just wish I had a Sky subscription so I could cancel it and tell those cunts why. That’s the key… money is what it’s all about. They don’t give a fuck about the cunts in the ground…..they are just wankers there to be fleeced as far as they are concerned.
I’m fucking finished with football. They stole it from us and fucked it up so now they can keep it.

67 thoughts on “Sky (12) orders the EPL to take the Knee (Again!)

  1. The Premier League deserves to die a death, but it won’t. There’s – quite simply – too many mongs. Too many cunts who subscribe to Sky or BT. Too many imbecilic cunts who buy and wear extortionate replica shirts. Too many mongs on social media, Too many wankers who wear half/half scarves. Too many cunts who are only too willing to part with their money and feed this stinking corporate monster and woke circus. Grown men who wear replica shirts – and especially ones with players names on them – are complete and utter cunts. Some 40-something cunt wearing a Gorton Globetrotters shirt with Grealish printed on the back? Fucking pathetic.

    • 100 percent on the money Norman.

      Especially grown men with tits and a beer kite in replica shirts with player name who’s half his age on the back.

      What the fuck.

  2. There’s no way I would pay for Sky to help pay the wages of anyone at Sky News, especially the uber hags of hypocrisy, Beth Good Evenin’ Pigby and Kay Burley.

  3. I will keep my dodgy streaming service thank you for next to nothing £1 a week for everything and anything no licence no nothing…..fuck off BBC fuck off SKY

  4. I get my own back surreptitiously by having a magic box, all the stuff and sky and bt gets fuck all. Even PPV boxing is gratis. Get in there my son!! Caaaaants the lot of em.

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