Race Baiters

There was a report in the Sunday Times on 25/7 that says that Cecil Rhodes was a bit of a cunt and responsible for the deaths of 20 000 Africans. Whether this is true or not I dont know. Anyway, his statue must fall. That will teach the cunt.

This is from a paper. The website is behind a paywall.

A generation earlier there was an African gentleman called Shaka Zulu. He was responsible, directly and indirectly for the deaths of a million or so Africans, the Mfecane (look it up) He hasnt set up a scholarship of learning but has an airport named after him.
In this century an African gentleman named Mugabe had 20 000 plus Africans killed in Rhodesia, which was named after the murderous cunt Cecil. He has also killed many more by reducing the country to ruins. He hasnt set up a scholarship either.
The black Africans were Nguni. Shaka was an Nguni. They came from the north and displaced and killed the indigenous southern Africans, the KoiSan. This doesnt seem to count as colonialism for some reason.

This cunting is about the fucking criminal ignorance of the race baiters, heritage deniers and and cunts who cant put anything into historical context. And they are taking over.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble (ISAC Professor of African Studies)

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  1. As I’m one of the few cunters who has directly affected by race baiting (having my home/farm stolen from me in Rhodesia), all I can say to the culprits is “carry on” your turning even the most tolerant of cunts into potential fodder for the BNP or similar groups, being a cunt to the native population never works out well, as I found out myself!!!

    • No MSM reports on the mass genocide of whites currently happening on the African continent.
      What a fucking surprise.
      They will push reasonable people too far soon.
      Then God help them.

  2. Slavery was outlawed in this country in the 11th century. Under Colonialism it finally petered out in Nigeria in the 1940s. Obviously its back today with 7 in every 1000 Africans as slaves. Race baiters should fuck off back to Africa to do something about that.

    • In Scotland bondage of miners existed until 1779. If you were born a miner of salt or coal, you were forced to work for the same owner for life and were not free to work elsewhere and if you ran away you could be returned by force. A similar system existed in Northern England until 1872!

      • Cuntologist@ – “Stands on chair, clears throat and shouts”

        Doesn’t work when it’s whitey does it.

      • @smugcunt Yes the greedy cunts in Scotland made all those miners suffer with one of their own acts back in 16 something, prior to the Union, and it went on for over hundred years. It took a British Act of Parliament to stop it though it wasn’t done purely out of the cockles of their hearts ; the mine owners were eventually having a hard time with people running off to the Army and couldn’t get the staff.

        Inspired me to write a fiction book; got as far an outline (chapter planning). Must finish it!

  3. Race baiting and cancel culture are profoundly blind and one sided. Only the doings of whites count. For dark-keys all is forgiven or whitewashed (pardon the term). To be a cunt is, unfortunately, to be human. It’s not the exclusive preserve of whiteys. But of course that doesn’t fit the narratives of either white self-loathing or dark-key self-pitying.

  4. Now that the battles over racial inequality in this country have been won, the race relations industry has to invent new ones in order to stay in business. Where else would these fat entitled nonentities find employment?

  5. Nobody ever mentions that all these African fellows are thick as pigshit and murderous savages.
    It’s something of a mystery.
    Perhaps the Russians are involved.

  6. The Nom is spot on, it doesn’t matter how many blacks are killed by other blacks or Muslims killed by other Muslims, if a white man kills one black of Muslim it’s racist.

    The white man can never win because no matter how inclusive we are it will never be enough, BAME and BLM are all cunts and don’t deserve to be included.

  7. Great cunting.

    It’s a fucking industry now. Too many people are making too much money by race baiting (which means blaming honky boy for absolutely everything.)

    I read an article yesterday (can’t find it right now, I thought I’d seem it in the BBC Website, but maybe elsewhere). The headline was something about ‘Racist murders in SA.’

    I thought ‘At last. They’re reporting on honkies being killed. I shouldn’t have been so naive. It was saying the Indians had racially murdered black Africans.

    No mention of the big angry mob that descended on the local Indians seeking ‘reparations’ (theft by violence and worse). The Indians got organised and shot some cunts when they turned up causing bother. Good.

    But no, the blacks dindunufin innit?

    • I know the Indian township where this happened (Phoenix) and have friends there. Phoenix was attacked by kaffirs from Inanda. The locals defended themselves. The kaffirs accused the Indians of murder, and the police, despite the hundreds killed by the savages and the damage caused ‘opened a murder docket’ as it is known in SA against the townsfolk.
      Kaffirs have always preyed upon Indian Seffricans because they made the most of life.

  8. Anyone here becoming more intolerant as this crap unfolds? My intolerance is increasing exponentially. I don’t care if it’s carpet fliers,keys,prawn crackers, trans,dykes,fudge packets or lefties I’ve fucking had it.
    I walked past some cunt last week in the street and I was about 4 paces past him and he said” could you walk any closer”? I stopped ,turned and said ” did you say something”. This limp wristed rubber Johnny the said” you walked right in front of me” I said”and”? He said “you need to respect my personal space”. I said ” fuck off you little girl guide”. Conversation over.
    My point is these little twats are looking for conflict to validate their crummy rotten little lives. They want a war to fight to justify their existence. But if you give em both barrels they just fade.
    Give them hell.

    • Indeed and well done.
      I’ve become positively feral when I’m out and about.
      The nearest town favours Islamabad.

    • “fuck off you little girl guide”. Love it, must remember that one; thanks Uttercunt.

    • That’s their game: create division where previously it was absent, stir up racial tension and kerching! kerching! the professional race baiters are quids in.

    • Yup. And it’s surprising how many people are happy to agree with me when I state my opinion on the race industry. Much of this shit originates from the the smug and comfortably-off and is amplified by the media. Racism’s a minority problem, even among the racial minorities, but you wouldn’t think so from the massive publicity it’s getting.

  9. Well the good news is that there will soon be 5 million or so refugees from Afghanistan.

    Guess where they’ll be heading?

    Red carpet at the ready, no doubt. We are fooked.

    • Interesting dilemma. We dragged our feet about accepting (security cleared) Afghan interpreters who had made the military task possible and whose lives were then definitely in severe danger…I wonder how letting in a proportion of Taleban and IS sleepers among an unvetted influx will be spun?

      • I worked with Afghan terps and the majority were utterly shit and sacked after a couple of weeks. My first vetting concern is which ones we are letting in. We employed fucking loads of them at one point or another.

        In any case, I was told I was over there to help them make their country better so it was a bit of a shock to hear that all along they were doing us a favour (serving our country, according to numerous press outlets).

        Fucking do-gooder nitwits campaigning for this have no experience of them at all.

      • A very good point. The way I see it is that if that deaf woman who sued HMG for failing to provide sign whatevers on two of the 170 Chinky Flu’ statements then any person injured by an illegal immigrant is entitled to substantial damages.
        It is the first responsibility of any government to protect its citizens.

      • @MBE
        Fair enough. I was only getting the MSM point of view, but am aware that half your interpreters were probably batting for both sides. As someone once said, you can’t buy the loyalty of an Afghan…but you can rent it for a while!

      • Most of the world is populated by hopeless people with useless cultures trapped years in the past who neither know nor care about civilisation.
        If it isn’t European in origin , especially white,Anglo Saxon/celtc/norman and English speaking, chances are it’s worth fuck all and given fuck all to mankind except misery. In fact once you get east of the Rhine and the Danube you’ve left civilisation so let’s say western Europe.
        How much better was it when we had huge influence over the world? Not perfect but we brought law and order and progress. When we gave it up the vermin took over and wrecked it.
        India is a feudal toilet today and Pakistan should be outlawed. Any african countries we controlled are now a savage wasteland full of lunatics with no restraint or concept of civility. Japan is civilised now because of English speaking America taking over after the war. China is bedlam, Russia a madhouse and south America a collection of crooked rat holes run by inepts and villains . Look at the USA now. Cities run by the effnicks are bankrupt and crooked and those run by whites more prosperous with lower crime and lower unemployment.
        Britain and the english speaking world is far more desirable, civilised , humane with all the trappings of what you’d want in a country.
        Sadly doris and Biden are putting an end to it very rapidly. How will it end.
        Opinions cunters if you please.

      • As I’ve mentioned before it will end with a new Hitler.
        Your post is first class BTW.

  10. With the way this crazy fucked world is going its absolutely amazing these cunts are stirring up trouble where none previously existed.

    All the Racebaiters should be forced to live together in the same country and they can argue amongst each other. Racebaiters looking forward to the endtimes it seems, just fuck go yourselves retards and live your miserable existence as a low iq mongs that you are

  11. It will be a great day when ‘race baiting’ has taken on a new meaning and all this pointless diversion from real issues has ceased.

    Might I suggest taking our top baiters, such as clammy Lammy, and dangling them under a boat off Cape Cod as chum for Great Whites. They can then burble their rhetoric underwater to the great cracker sharks where no one gives a fuck.

  12. As a kern Race baiter I wish id gone professional when younger.
    The road of life is paved with broken dreams and unfulfilled hopes…☹️

  13. I don’t like this thread. It is racist, colonialist and white supremacist.
    I want it cancelled.

    • FtF@ – Freddie, I feel your pain – some on this site are cads and rotters and often twigger delicate little things like me 😢

  14. Anything to do with Africa = trouble, misery and begging, I for one have no desire to go anywhere near the shithole, trouble is they all seem to be heading here dragging their huge cocks with them.!

  15. All this shite about slavery and colonialism yet they seem to ignore the fact that it wasn’t whitey running up and down Africa’s coasts with a big fucking net, no, it was other Africans waging war on each other and taking the losers as slaves. This practice was going on long before whitey arrived and continued long after whitey did his best to put a stop to the practice entirely, in fact it’s still fucking happening.

    Same with fucking colonialism, sure we did some fucked up shit but was any worse than the Fijians eating each other? African slavers? Human sacrifice in the Americas? It all sounds like sour grapes to me, these cunts are all just jealous that their societies were too busy fucking each other over rather than progressing to the point that they were the dominant peoples.

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