June Sarpong (5) -Another over-paid BBC busybody

£267K a year and can’t even afford a dentist. Bloody Thatcher.

The BBC and June Sarpong are cunts

267 grand for spending three days a week telling us we are all racist? Nice to know the Beeb are spending the licence money wisely, eh?

Fucking cunts.

Basically, Sarpong has been given 267 thousand pounds a year for ‘working’ a three day week.

This woke vulture just mouths off about how ‘racist’ everyone is and does little else. Quality programming and decent news and sports coverage goes down the drain, yet they spend a fortune on the likes of Sarpong and Lineker? Fucking hell, even the Testcard girl with her clown was more useful than June Sarpong is.

Nominated by – Norman

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Sarpong is a clown

68 thoughts on “June Sarpong (5) -Another over-paid BBC busybody

  1. I wouldn’t bet against Fat Mama Sarpong being the next Doctor Whoke.

    Well, it’ll be somebody like her anyway, As sure as shit is shat. Jodie Whittakunt was merely a test subject, and experiment. The female BAME Doctor Who takeover is imminent.

  2. Is’nt she the useless cunt that fucked orf to ‘Murrica’ to make it over there because the useless no talent cunt could not make it here? and ended up making some shite programme with that other floating fruitcake ‘Jesse ventura’..?

  3. Piss boiling at its best. I’ve just read the Lincoln city council are going to close a few public toilets so they can save £86,000 pounds a year. So now when I visit Lincoln I suppose I’ll have to piss behind the bins like our outdoorsy clique. The money the council gets is all public money likewise the bbc but they can give a fucking waster like sarabang almost as much money as a council diversity officer. That money is public money. What is of greater benefit to the “public” a few decent toilets so you don’t get done for urinating in public or a woke twat who talks,writes fuck off shite and 90 % of the population have never heard off her. The beers days are numbered this outright wankery cannot continue

  4. Ethnics are already over represented on TV (12% of the population 22% of people on TV), as are gays (6.4% of the population 11.9% of people on the tele) so sounds like June should be working hard to get these numbers back into proportion…will she fuck.

    All you really need to know is that this cunt dated David Lammy, so no doubt she’s been trained to see racism in everything, including her salary.

  5. Where’s Guy Fawkes when you need him ?
    Improve Broadcasting House … with High Explosive 🙂

  6. So much public money wasted at the moment and not just on this row of tombstones.
    Has anyone seen that grassy hill by Marbel Arch? £2 million for this useless peice of shit!

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