‘It’s Raining THEM’

(Header pic is Mila Jam apparently – Day Admin)

Remember the good old days down the pub, when some bird off her tits on tart fuel would grab the karaoke mic, and start bawling ‘It’s Raining Men’ at the top of her voice?.

Well that was then, and this is now. I’m sure that IsAC stalwarts will be delighted to learn that the 80s disco classic has been appropriated by the Wokerati, and ‘re-imagined’ for today’s snowflake generation.

From now on (altogether now) it’s ‘hallelujah, it’s raining THEM’. Yes, the lyrics have been adjusted to soothe the easily bruised sensibilities of those of the ‘gender fluid’ persuasion; for example the reference to ‘mother nature’ being ‘a single woman’ has been amended to ‘they’re a single person’.

I shit you not. This delightful ditty has been released by some American (natch) non-entity by the name of Mila Jam, a self-styled ‘transgender singer and gay rights activist’.

No, me neither.

At least there’s the potential for a laugh here. I reckon that the regulars on here will look forward eagerly to the chance to give their favourites from yesteryear a woke makeover.

I’ll kick off with my suggestion for another disco classic; ‘I’m Every Woman’ must now become ‘I’m Every Non-binary’ (I would have gone for ‘I’m Every Gender Non-specific’ but it won’t scan to the melody). (It would be interesting how the wimminz Feminazis would put up with that! – Day Admin)

Meanwhile, have a little look at this, and enjoooooooooy…

Raining Them

Nominated by: Ron Knee

73 thoughts on “‘It’s Raining THEM’

  1. I personally at this stage would let the “Theys “take over all the institutions ,government, police , society ,traffic wardens, the lot
    Then and only then , will the very powerful wealthy and elite will end up having to deal with them and they’s agenda .
    We the joe soap in the meantime ignore and pretend that the “theys” know everything and are all sages, burdening the profound wisdom .
    We should let the elite hang out to dry on this one.
    Pretend and they can’t beat you
    Hail They and let’s fuck the message and the elite with their constant stream of red herrings

  2. ‘Your birthing parent should know (what a snowflake cunt you are)’ – The Beatles

  3. Fucking hell Ron, how do you find this stuff? If this is where we’re going I’m going to kill myself.

    • It does make you wonder why normal folk bother waking up these days. What a crock of lunacy.

  4. Even Clint Eastwood isn’t safe from this Woke Wankery. Magnum Force is on the telly, it’s edited, so that the horrid N word doesn’t appear. How long before the film and others like it are banned completely ? For their toxic masculinity.
    When does the book burning begin ?
    When do the round ups of ‘ undesirable elements ‘ begin ?
    When the backlash begins, these fucking freaks and their ‘ liberal ‘ running dogs won’t know what’s fucking hit them.

  5. Leo Sayer

    Just a digusting deviant
    Giving it all away
    OOh I was just a disgusting deviant
    But I know better now
    Giving it all away

  6. The nomination picture is hilarious. Notice the person in the middle is dressed to get attention, but everyone else is too busy with their electronics.

    It is sad in a way.

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