Save Geronimo the Alpaca

Geronimo the Alpaca (and badgers and Rupert the unfunny bear. 3 for the price of 1!)

They’re disease ridden, stupid, ugly and they spit, but that’s enough about Barcelona street whores (where else in Europe can you get a blowjob for 5 euros?)

Alpacas are cunts, they’re unfriendly and if you try to get one to do something useful like pull a cart or give kids a ride they gob on you and it stinks. About the only thing they’re good for is bestiality, just the right height so no need to bend at the knees or carry a box to stand on. Unless you’re a dwarf.

This cunting isn’t really about Geronimo and his TB though, it’s the thousands of silly fuckers who signed the petition to reprieve him from his much deserved death sentence. The same fuckers who throw themselves in front of veal lorries and hug urban foxes.

Badgers eat hedgehogs which are a threatened species as a result in many areas, yet nobody starts a petition to legalise badger bating. Or to outlaw transvestites in order to protect young children. Or to lock Brian May in a room with 6 hungry badgers.

The media continually portray badgers in a positive manner (think Bill the nice badger from the Rupert the cunt cartoon) while ignoring their high crime rate and the damage they inflict on innocent motorists’ bumpers.

Llamas are even fucking worse. Bring back hanging! Save the hedgehogs!

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Nominated by: Themagiccunt


And on a similar note, there’s this from Nanook Cunt of the North

A hairy large goat cunting, if I may, for an unknown farmer called Helen Mcdonald.

In the midst of the global Covid crisis (infecting humans), this lady imported a diseased alpaca from the other side of the world. Now she is greeting and snivelling, ‘cos the nasty DEFRA want to remove this goat from the agricultural landscape of our green and pleasant land

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I suggest, fellow cunters, you couldn’t make it up. After all the restrictions of the past year and human suffering, our legal system is being clogged up by a South American camelid carrying tuberculosis. As an aside, MERS (2011) – a really nasty variant of Covid is transmitted by camels, er, yes, a camelid

Dog food from Geronimo and a nice Afghan coat from his pelt (no topical/political pun intended)

51 thoughts on “Save Geronimo the Alpaca

  1. Why in fuck people go all gooey over meat product ( albeit still alive ) ?
    Alpacca is a food source for many an Andean family, and nicking them to take to England is depriving poor fuckers of a slap up meal.

    Mind, Im pleased the fucker has TB, I did read VD ( erroneously ) and did wonder awhile who, where and why ?

    Magicunt seems to know something ….!

  2. They’re struggling to find anyone to carry out the dirty deed…apparently some “Aaaah..da cute ickle fluffy cuddlebun” ,ignorant,childish gobshites think that slaughtermen are “cwuuelll”.

    Fuck them…I’ll do it with a fucking lump-hammer and then pose for photos.

    • Nor me Infidel.
      Seemed a bit unprovoked.
      Done nowt wrong,
      If this is turning into a callous attack on the little bear from Nutwood im out.
      Im a massive xenophobe but even I draw the line at that.

    • Don’t want to fall out infidel but….
      Rupert the bear is a cartoon.
      Cartoons are meant to be funny.
      The Express has been printing Rupert strips since early Roman times.
      Nobody has ever raised a smile at one of them.
      Following extensive counselling and hypnotherapy I have recovered memories of Rupert touching my bottom while pleasuring himself with a cigar.
      Ergo, (that’s latin for fuck it) Rupert the cunt is a bear.

      • Fair enough as long as you’re not another freeloader joining the victims group. My funds are getting stretched.

  3. All farmers are cunts. Even if this irritating turnip-eater isn’t your usual short-arse bumpiin, she’s still an arrogant, gammon-faced cunt. She wails about saving this wookie but thinks nothing of putting a bolt into a cow’s cranium.

    An insect-ridden beast that stinks of faeces and spends all day chewing and pissing. And the alpaca is just as bad.

    • They’ll probably use a rifle from the bushes Chris, take a few stinking hippies out as well at the same time

  4. The law of the land should apply to everyone, whether a cow or a goofy looking animal like this cunt, don’t worry though, Chwifths the thick tongued späz will stop them, don’t make me fucking laugh!!!!

    • As Fiddler will acknowledge,
      The spread of TB is taken very seriously amongst lifestock.
      I occasionally work at a Alpaca farm out in rural Cheshire that breeds Alpaca,
      And most were put down due to a outbreak of TB.
      Wheelwashes for entering and exiting the farm,
      Boot washes for Inbetween paddocks,
      And handwashers everywhere.
      It spreads,
      While I sympathise with Geronimo hes gotta go.
      Firing squad then the Last Post.

      • No point dipping your fucking feet MNC, only one thing causes TB in Blighty!


      • Badgers?
        Thought that hadnt been proven Quimmy?
        More likely spread by immos.
        From dinghy sailor to lifestock.
        Support UK Farmers
        Shoot a Afghan.

      • they’ve known since 1952 MNC, there are just too many lefties and lentil munchers in government, even the fucking Tory cunts are in this category now!

  5. Feed it to the Tigers at London Zoo.
    That I’d pay good money to watch the faces of the kids as the mutant sheep goat horse is ripped a new arse hole.

    • From an old Jap’sEye cover…
      It’s armageddon, Sir!
      Armageddon aht of ‘ere…

  6. It’s obvious that poor little Geronimo needs to be saved from the white supremacists. Firstly he is a goat thingy of colour and, secondly, he is named after a famous freedom fighter, an implacable enemy of colonialism, who hung the enemy upside down over a fire and boiled their brains in their heads. Oh yes, you think the Taliban are vicious cunts, they’ve got a lot to learn from the Apache. Of course you won’t find that in some soft soap libtard Hollywood film.

  7. I wonder does she sing to her husband ‘old McDonald had a farm …’.

    Seriously though I have been reading about it. And he hasn’t been tested for4 years. And there are a lots of false positives with the test. And there has been no TB in the vicinity-he would have spread it now after 4 years.

    Could we be seeing an alpaca massacre? Mrs McDonald has a plan. When the executioner arrives she will have Geronimo amongst the rest of the herd. So he will have to kill the lot.

  8. Bovine TB is as far as I know still endemic in deer. Half of them had TB adhesions when I was briefly involved in their management (with a .270), and the situation is apparently the same today. Wild, park and feral deer. There are many more of them than there are badgers. The alpaca’s mistake is in standing out from the crowd – always risky.

    • Would you shoot this lovely animal to make space for an Afghan? Let’s get our priorities right. If someone tried to get me to pull a cart to give kids a ride, I’d gob on them too. We’re proud to be British and we should save the alpaca.

      • No, I would shoot the Afghan. Especially if I caught him fucking Geronimo up the arse. Dirty bastards.

      • I wonder if that famous bus driver, father of Khunt, used to gob on his passengers?

      • I think you’ll find that Khunt Sr drove his bus in Karachi. Everyone gets gobbed on there.

    • Maybe there is time for a bunch of Labour MP’s to plead his case or is that just Jamaican rapists and drug dealers?

  9. I don’t believe for a minute that Alpaca has TB. What sort of animal has TB for years and displays no symptoms? My mum (a nurse) contracted TB, she was in appalling pain and had to have a lung removed. That’s what I call TB.

    • Good old Malcolm Allison was on the Big Match Revisited just now. Went on Wikipedia, didn’t know he had a lung removed due to TB in 1958. Didn’t stop him on the Cuban Cigars, champagne, page 3 women and Miss UK’s. What a character. Was ahead of his time as well and brought in training techniques and formations way ahead of other stuck in there ways old fart managers. Sadly missed.

      • Rewarded a team he managed once by throwing a naked porn star into the team bath.

        Could you see Gareth Wokegate ever doing that?

    • Bovine TB is caused by a different bacterium – B.bovis – to human TB – B.tuberculosis. (although humans can get the bovine version too, this isn’t common) So why the concern? I hear you ask. Good question. Dug around a bit and found this:

      ….. the government is so confident that bovine TB is not a health problem regarding meat for human consumption that carcasses from certain slaughtered reactors and inconclusive reactors are sold back into the food chain once any visual lesions have been removed. Interestingly many cattle slaughtered as bTB reactors show no signs of disease during life, at slaughter or following tissue culture. The govrenment advises this is not because they do not have bTB but the lesions are probably too small to pick up, so meat for human consumption could include lesions. However, cooking should destroy any bacteria. It is interesting to note that plenty of meat is also imported into the UK from countries where TB is endemic.


    • Oh, and, it is possible to carry TB without major symptoms. Your aunt wasn’t so fortunate.

  10. I had a scary moment when we visited a Llama farm. Two of them began squaring up to each other and a fight started. I was caught in the middle and ended up being squeezed tightly between the two, I got Llamanated….

  11. The only reason why this has gone on so long it sells papers. Put the cunt down and if he aint got TB it will give XR more ammo. These posh wankers always want to prove a point with their tests. One simple test for snowflakes is they voted remain. Pusssssaayyys

  12. TB aka consumption
    Damp dreary conditions bring it to the fore
    It’s been along time 1950s 60’s when people were escorted to the sanitarium’s to keep it at bay
    Couldn’t imagine what the reaction would be today if it ran rampant through society in a new variant

  13. Where do the queue start to see off this filthy fucking beast? I’ve got a collection of medieval weapons, in fact ‘alpaca’ (see what I did there) extra big Mace to swing at the cunts body. While I’m at it, get that Pen is Farthing cunts collection of scabby Afghan dogs and I’ll do them in at no extra cost!

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