Clueless Claudia Webbe (3)

I am pissing myself laughing as I write this cunting.

Anyone heard of Labour MP for Leicester East, Claudia Webbe? Doesn’t matter, neither had I, until today. (This is her 3rd cunting, so yes, we’ve heard. – Day Admin)

For a bit of background she once called to abolish the rich to solve climate change. Well, she could start with herself since MP’s aren’t exactly living in the workhouse. Also, last September she was suspended by the Labour party over bullying allegations. That was Keith ‘down with the rent’ Vaz’s old seat. A fine vintage of MP exudes from that constituency it would seem.

Anyway, back to our story. Earlier this month she quizzed Dominic Rabb before the Foreign Affairs Select Committee regarding taking legal action against ‘Beroos’.

At this point I recommend you read the article and watch the video of the exchange. It’s cringeworthy.

Turns out she meant Belarus….she couldn’t even pronounce it correctly. She wanted the government to take legal action against the country. Basically, Raab asked her what for? She stared back blankly…..not a fucking clue why or what for.

I am guessing she was told by some Labour gimp, to ask the question, never researched anything and repeated it like a parrot. Only to be made to look like a complete fool.

It turns out what she was referring to are human rights abuses in Belarus. The extreme left in the West never get enough of sticking the boot into Christian, white, conservative cultures like Russia and its allies. Human rights abuses…..let me think….could she mean like lockdowns, censorship, propaganda, cancel culture, coerced Vak-zines, soon to be vak-zine passports, police behaving like the Stasi, spying on private citizens and much more? Which cunt-ry could that be happening in?…..must be one of those nasty totalitarian ones….I just can’t remember the name of it….just like she couldn’t….but I do know it is not Belarus.

We all know the House of Cunts is full of useless eaters but this one is up there with the creme de la creme. Do MP’s have mentors because I think hers must be Diane the Hippo. Wonder how her selection interview to stand for the seat went? What probing questions she was asked? What special quality did she have for selection? ……answers on the back of a postage stamp please.

Clueless Webb Doesn’t know her own question

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86 thoughts on “Clueless Claudia Webbe (3)

    • The daft cunt probably thinks that Castro is the business tycoon behind the GTX engine oil she puts in her Nissan Bluebird.

    • Those 2 weapon grades cunts were responsible for a) turning Cuba from the richest Latin American country (richer than Spain) into a shit hole at the bottom and b) killing tens of millions in the attempt to progress USSR development. I wonder what the press would do if a right wing Tory had a bust of Pinochet and an England flag in the background. Its one rule for the loony left who seem to get a free pass for their moronic and dangerous views.

      • “Those 2 weapon grades cunts were responsible for a) turning Cuba from the richest Latin American country (richer than Spain) into a shit hole at the bottom…”

        Well yeah… but no… but yeah… but…
        Strap yerselves in cunters because this’ll shock you… I have some sympathy for Castro here.

        “..the richest Latin American country..” Cuba was never a ‘rich’ country, it can’t be because of its situation and limited natural resources. What wealth and ‘power’ it had pre-Castro was ENTIRELY due to its status as a Mafia nexus and enclave outside the jurisdiction of US law, and thereby made it a prime offshore venue for the US/world’s ‘elites’. In addition; what resources it did have were in the posession and control of US corporations The ‘wealth’ followed the mob!

        Step forward Meyer Lansky and yer man Santo Trafficante (basically Lansky’s underling and Havannah local boss) who was the ‘onshored’ point of contact in Florida. Apart from being the perfect conduit for cocaine into the U.S. for a start it was a hotbed of prositution and child trafficking which naturally made it a convenient and perfect honey trap for ‘guesting’ influential political figures.
        When Castro rightly put an end to it and booted these corrupted and perverted bastards out, Lansky in concert with the Bronfmanns shifted operations to …?
        Las Vegas and thus its ascendence began… Lansky was a genuinely evil son of a bitch.

      • Excellent cunting by the way.

        Interesting factoid no. 594 … one of Trafficante’s gophers in Florida was an individual called Jacob Rubenstein… you might know him better as… Jack Ruby.

    • A truly gormless turd who got caught out asking questions that were given to her which he single digit IQ didn’t understand…
      An absolute embarrassment to the Labour Party ………
      A truly second rate politician and a first rate Cunt …….

      • And Raab gets a tip o’ the hat albeit for resisting the wokey-dokey reflexive fawning compulsion to agree and asking the sort of ‘basic binary bitch’ question that they’re supposed to, but generally never occurs to them to ask.

    • A cunting of the highest order, well done. Useless eater, and anyway who voted for this oxygen thief?

    • She’s a trustee for the Marx Memorial Library. Stupid cunt is blatantly sat in front of photos of two mass murderers as she rambles on about the benefits of their political philosophy and no one bats an eyelid, meanwhile someone catches sight of one dodgy book on Michael Gove’s bookshelf and all hell breaks loose. The right really needs to do a better job of highlighting this hypocrisy.

  1. I wonder if this thick commie Mills and Boon is an ELO fan?
    ‘Don’t bring me down, Beroos!’

    Lenin and Castro, eh? I bet she also adores that radical chic poster boy and mass murderer, Che Cuntvara and all….

    • Certainly not Norm, you need a certain level of IQ to understand and appreciate ELO’s fine songs.

      I don’t think even Claudia Webbe could get to grips with their lighter, more disco feel Discovery (Disco-Very) album.

      • I was going to say, Paul. Jeff and the boys would be too highbrow for an innit imbecile like Webbe.

      • Hard to pick a favourite Elo album the debut is probably my favourite tho side 2 and 3 of out of the blue is ace

        Didn’t really care for disco very album wishing was a good ballad and don’t bring me down bruce? were decent tracks but the rest didn’t quite gel with me

      • If you sent her a tweet or Facebook message asking her if she liked ELO, she would probably tell you that her local newsagents reserve a copy for her every week so that she can keep up with what Megan Markle & other celebs have been getting up to.

        She probably has a string of fatherless kids going around Magaluf at night shouting ‘Elo chicken nuggets’ through a megaphone as they sell their sunglasses.

      • “Jeff and the boys would be too highbrow for an innit imbecile like Webbe.”
        Different league altogether, Jeff Lynne’s musicianship and songwriting can’t be challenged. Rumoured to have told the engineer to mix in a live mic feed for him DIRECT into the cutting lathe’s audio feed AS IT WAS BEING MASTERED !!!!!!!!!!! when he suddenly thought of killer fourth harmony vocal part.

    • Give it time and you will see all them taxpayers bennies fattening her up to flabbot level. It won’t take long, you should Google & see how Joanna Cherry of the SNP changed after just a few years of MP / public purse trough feeding

  2. When you get a job simply because of your skin colour your a worthless, pointless cunt.

  3. Raab should have said to Webbe ‘Do you mean Beroos Forsythe? But he’s dead. Perhaps you mean Beroos Grobellaar? Or maybe Beroos Wayne? Beroos Jenner? Could you elaborate?’

    Only thing is, she wouldn’t know what elaborate meant either. The pig ignorant inept fucking cunt.

  4. Clearly Ms Webbe is not quite the diverse intelligentsia that Zanu Labour would like us to think she is.

    The old adage springs to mind – pin a red rosette on an intellectually sub-normal candidate and people will vote for it.

    It does sound as if she has difficulty in speaking clearly.

  5. What’s the dippy cow on abaaaaht?

    Belarus is a smashing place! The government buys its citizens flowers and that.

    • It does amaze me how some folk can dismiss state murder and imprisonment as ‘strong leadership’ yet being asked to wear a mask in a shop is the height of fascism/nazism.

      • They’re both crap when done by the government. Different levels though obviously.

      • I fucking hate wearing a mask, even if it is only for ten minutes in a supermarket, but it doesn’t compare in any way with being jailed or murdered.

  6. They say that a high forehead is a sign of intelligence. The person who said that didn’t meet this M.P (or Somalians).

  7. I take a special interest in this deplorable creature.
    Looking her up on Wikipedia reveals that she has attended no fewer than four U.K. universities.
    Some of us might find that surprising, most of us won’t.

    • With all that education you would think a word like Belarus would be piece of piss to pronounce 😂

      There should be a test along the lines of the old 11 plus (does it still exist, or has it been banned so it doesn’t give kids exam stress) for all MPs before they can enter the house.
      I reckon that will cut the number by half 😂

      • Test the cunts with a pair of shoes that mummy hasn’t written an L & R on the insole to help identify the correct foot.

        She probably has those knickers with the day of the week on them. Worn inside out so that she can remind herself at piss breaks what day it is.

      • Just goes to show how the intelligence level of UK academia has been (and still is being) slowly eroded. I bet Birkbeck is very proud of awarding her MSc (actually awarded by UoL). When you compare her to some of the other alumni of Birkbeck, I bet they wonder WTF happened!
        I suspect that her future ‘political’ involvements will be restricted to that bunch of tossers on te NEC.

      • This doesn’t surprise me. Students now come out of university thicker than before they went in. Stands to reason that if a person attends 4 universities they will be 4 times thicker than before.

      • Not sure of the logic there, MMCM and I accept it will be difficult to generalise the extent to which “dumbing down” occurs.

        Perhaps a better estimate would be that after attending four universities the student emerges 2⁴ (=16) times “thicker”?

        (For the general case, assuming sheaf-bundle-smoothness, the relation is simply:


        where n is the “thickness multiplier” and a is the number of universities attended)

      • Did she attend them as in actually enrolling and completing four education disciplines or did she just attend them as part of a ‘stinky rebellion’ protest / garden dig or BLM statue removing protests?

        The only real honours this cunt has is in trouble making and helping stop labour ever getting into number ten.

      • “…thickness=nᵃ – where n is the “thickness multiplier” and a is the number of universities attended”

        Not sure you could extrapolate in line with the exponential function, surely they must reach some sort of plateau where the graph breaks and they reach a state of flat-lined, protozoic, drooling fuckwittery beyond which it is impossible to advance/descend. Perhaps ‘n’ to the -ve’a’ (can’t do superscript)

  8. How many of these black MP’s could point to, say, Argentina on a world map?
    They probably couldn’t point to Northern Ireland.

  9. Asked about the picture of Lenin on her wall she stated “I’ve always loved the Beatles.”

    What selection process do political parties use now? The criteria for Leicester seems obvious ‘Ethnic’

    Not because they believe in diversity but because of the demographic in the seat. The electorate are so fucking stupid they vote on the same criteria. Claudia won her seat battling conservative candidate Bhupen Dave also of the ethnic persuasion. Neither party gives a shit that due to their policies over decades in many constituencies across the country they have to pick candidates based on skin tone not on capability. When will Leicester East next have an MP with any political knowledge or skill? Never, as long as skin colour dictates who they select.

    Claudia Webbe, yet another seat taken by someone with not a fucking clue. How can the people of Leicester East believe she’s representing their needs? Worst case scenario is labour wins an election and her and many other similarly incapable Labour MPs elected solely because of their skin tone become the government.

    Select the best candidates you cunts, if the best candidate happens to be a person of colour so be it.

    • But surely a ‘person of colour’ should never represent whiteys as they have never shared their ‘lived experience’.

      I mean, we are frequently told that the opposite is true, just wondering.

      • Not a problem in Leicester. What white people there are here are deemed irrelevant.

    • She thinks Lenin is the inventor of the material used in the clothes that she buys, while boycotting waaaaaaaaycist slave picked cotton products.

  10. Another tarry fingered dishonest Labour whore, and lets hope unlike the Paki one last week she is found guilty and sent to prison. Why does Dame Keir allow so many dark key crooks into his shit of shower?

    • Sorry, had to read that twice.

      For a second there I thought Mrs Boggs had blown you off!

      • No she let one go as she passed me – she should never binge eat digestive biscuits – but she does.

  11. I wonder how she would feel had she been under the tyrannical rule of Lenin or Castro?

    Posters of these cunts look fine on dorm walls at university and 6th form college, but quite a different kettle of fish when confronted by the shocking revelation that both these cunts were indeed total cunts in real life!

    However, she is welcome to sample that kind of lifestyle of sorts, by fucking off to Cuba or Russia for a year or two, and see how she gets on with her diversity bollocks over there!

  12. Leicester East is a foreign country where they would vote for a dead squirrel if it was Labour. Hence the corrupt and slimy Keith Vaz and now this complete brain dead wannabe commie. What is her effnik background anyway? …….she looks like she just stepped off a flying saucer.
    Take me to your leader, I am from the planet broose.

    • That mekon is right.
      The UK government should take legal action against the human rights abuses in Beroos.
      Suzanne vega wrote a song about it
      My name is Luka shenko.

    • I reckon you can usually tell a decent area by the number of good real ale pubs. Can’t think of any in the east of Leicester….wonder why?

  13. Oh dear. A prime example of someone getting somewhere due to their colour, rather than intelligence. Happening everywhere.

  14. I don’t like all this piss taking of Comrade Claudia. Have you cunts considered she might have mental elf problems?

    • She should get checked out.
      Be a two man job though at the physiatrists.
      Fuckin whopper head.

      • Forget who it was now but a cunter coined the term “conker heads” for Somalians. Laugh? I thought they’d never dry!

  15. Yet another box ticking cunt who nabs oxygen from those who need it more. Western culture is being undone by being overrun with such cunts. She probably mournes the fact that she never got to suck Lenin’s cock in her lifetime.

    • Interesting factoid no. 595 …
      One of Goebells’ chief adjutants was Lieftenant Von Oven. I shit you not.

  16. A prime example of why not everyone should go to university .With degrees in social science and race and ethnic relations if she wasn’t an MP she would be a race grifting parasite at a charity or lobbyist for minorities. Along with the Commies, P00fs, feminazis and race baiters, this is why Labour are unelectable, regardless of which cunt is the leader.

  17. Another diversity hire.

    Speaking of which, I see Sky are trying to outdo the BBC on ‘accented’ commentators.

    Sky seemed to have given a big role to a former Indian cricketer. Seems a nice bloke, nothing against him, but he speaks really fast in a really thick Indian accent.

    I tried to see if I was overreacting and counted how many sentences had words that were utterly intelligible.

    On average, 3 words in every 7 sentences (I only did it for a few minutes – yes, I’m a cunt for counting). He’s been doing all the pitch inspections and loads of different features, as well as being a pundit.

    They’ve gone for the diversity shite to the point they’ve got a bloke who’s harder to understand than “David from Santander, yes I am speaking to you to thank you please .” And he’s on lot. A fucking lot.

    Fuck off.

    • Don’t watch Sky but Test Match Special’s “View from the boundary” the other day was little more than a half hour anti white diatribe by Michael Holding and Agnew sucked his fucking dick all the way through. Excruciating to hear.

      As you so rightly state – “fuck off!”

  18. I think 17th September is now the date she is up before the beaks on harassment and bullying allegations. No doubt it will be the 1st item on BBCunts news.

  19. This clueless treeswinger will no doubt give it loads about her ‘heroes’ Lenin and Castro. But watch the caveman sees fire look when she’s asked about what evil cunts they both were and what they got up to.

    Also, ask her about Marat and Robespierre, and she’ll look puzzled and say ‘Who dat?’

  20. The best way to sort out “climate change” is to sterilize the population of the “dark continent”, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen thieves such as this fine example of “African intelligence”, can you see why these cunts were kept in townships or kept in enclosures now, they’re just to fucking dumb!!!

  21. ‘Basically, Raab asked her what for?’

    No he didn’t.

    He asked her: “What is the legal action that you’re proposing?”

    Raab is fully aware of Belarus’s human rights abuses.

    • RTC@ – Correct Sir – and Raab will do the sum total of fk all.
      I have nominated Webbe before, the greedy parasite bitch had a London “job” on a local authority which she got paid for, was a Labour MP for Leicester which she also got paid for and this shameless grifter is STILL being paid 80+ thousand a year despite the fact she does no Parliamentary work.
      I further believe (I know and respect the site rules so will not make a direct accusation) that UK elections in ethnic minority areas are as corrupt and fraudulent as it is possible to believe.
      Webbe the POS is unfortunately atypical of modern politicians – greedy, thick, arrogant and shameless.
      Time to remove them.

  22. Strange that none of the media reports on this story mention her mispronunciation of Belarus and refer only to the rest of her gaffe? It wasn’t just a slip of the tongue either, she said it two or three times until whoever was chairing the meeting educated her by saying it out like a teacher would do when talking to a six year old.

  23. Thick as pig shit and ugly as fuck. Her IQ must be sub-Somali. Also: no matter how many drinks you had you’d go nowhere near fucking her, no matter how mucky she promised to be. FUCK OFF.

  24. Sound like the silly fuck monkey couldn’t get a McDonald’s drive through order right if she worked there, it makes me think of that Banksy picture we’re Parliament are monkeys, it’s worryingly accurate in fact probably in insult to the chimps, the country would be better off with the monkeys running this shit show….. We are all truly fucked if this is the caliber of these mp cunts, I wonder if Guy Fawkes thought the same thing….

  25. I recall that the city of Leicester itself was cunted in the past due to the fact they continually voted Keith Vaz into power. I think it’s time Leicester received a ‘booster’ cunting for voting for this dolly dimple.

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