Oli London


Jesus fucking Christ the state of it.

Oli London is a cunt.

Not content with being a white man, Oli has come out as a non binary Korean. He’s had the surgery to change his eyes into slitty ones to prove it. Apparently he’s had a lot of problems with his identity, the twat.

Is he the black and white minstrels and will we be allowed to challenge his new race or will this be met with cries of racism? If Oli thought he was Napoleon would he be Napoleon if he had a bicorn hat surgically attatched to his head?

Is Oli a nutter, like all other “trans” and people who think they are someone or something else. Why are we forced to accept this bollox when we should be laughing at the fuckers.

Nominated by: smugcunt

Link helpfully provided (and you really shouldn’t click this) by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble


98 thoughts on “Oli London

  1. On the positive he’s a great little dilemma for the woke twats, does a bit of plastic surgery and a wish allow you to change gender or not? If it does then why is changing race a step too far? it requires a lot less work than it does to create a fucking cock out of a clit. I for one fully support this mad cunt, if only for the chaos it causes in the minds of woke tossers.

  2. File under “people who wear a sign saying “Kick me” and then bitch about being kicked.”

    I am wondering why Oli the influencer dyes his hair any other colour than black. Real Koreans have black hair. So I look for details: here is Jimin, the actual Korean hero Oli the internet salesfag wishes to emulate. Jimin dyes his hair so as not to be black. And (contain your retching) obviously does his best to look, if not Western, then Westernised.


    Both are registered and indoctrinated phonies, IOW.

    • I can’t even be bothered to read it it’s so boring I hate myself for being weak as far as women are concerned

    • Last night I tried to convince Mrs Mcshagnasty that I have identified as George Cluney hoping she would jump on me and indulge me in some outrageous sexual perversions.
      My cunning plan failed miserably and when she’d stopped laughing she politely told told me to go fuck myself (miserable bitch).

  3. This cunt looks like a cross between Marc Almond and Marilyn Manson. It could be worse, he could want to be Chinese. If he’s a devious, cruel, lying commie cunt he would be half way there. What’s wrong with just accepting what you are within reason?? I can understand having surgery for a big nose, stuck our ears, extremely small breasts etc. Its the sign of the times, a vacuous society driven by media shit.

    • No it was a test.

      I was wondering if I could summon a certain person.
      A bit like saying Beetlejuice 3 times.

      It doesn’t appear to have worked.

    • No it was a test.

      I was wondering if I could summon a certain person.
      A bit like saying Beetlejuice 3 times.

      It hasn’t worked….yet.

      • Test this, “it is time to take your mother’s dress to the dry cleaners so you can pretend to be your girlfriend again”!

        Not so much repeating Beetlejuice three times, try “dull dull dull zzzzzzzz”

        Also mention “tickies” if you want to see full scale paranoia, insecurity and deflection 😀

  4. I would like to bugger this cunt with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but I would be a bit confused as to what hole to use.
    Trouble is the freak might enjoy it.
    Perhaps I should just shit in his face masque treatment pot.

  5. Sadly my own experience of foreign languages only stretches to GCSE French and smatterings of German, Italian and a few words of Russian Tovarisch Komodo.

    Is it me or does it seem that IAC has become more hostile over the past year or so?

    • You asked for a beer, Harold, so you’ve got a good enough grasp to be going on with. Can’t say my own command of the language is that much better: I gave up when I saw where the grammar was going – but was told I have a good W. Turkish accent.

      • Sorry, didn’t answer the question… Yes, I think it’s a bit edgier these days. Some of it’s undoubtedly due to disappointed expectations , severe frustration with the Covid situation – whether for or against the measures taken – and particularly the huge wave of woke shit breaking over us. There’s a little more factionalism than there was, perhaps. On the positive side, there’s an influx of new blood and while that always takes time to settle in, it’s good that it happens, unless what arrives is a pathological shitstirrer, naming no nicks.

        Keep calm and carry on cunting.

  6. Uncle Terry’s oven for the cunt, I’m struggling to find anything I can say that won’t get me taken off this site…. Humans are now on the decline to Extinction, the world will be run by these wierd, weak arsed fuckwits, common sense is now a rare commodity, and now there isn’t much left, once normal people are gone, these cunts are just going to fail slowly and inexorably…..

    • We are at the abyss in the western world.
      Outnumbered by all sorts
      What we have is what they want
      What we have coming through hasn’t the capacity to save the future.
      It’s inevitable that ordinary people’s will no longer be ordinary
      The life we witness currently would not encourage one to have children.
      That in itself is enough to cause our demise
      Aspirations have taken a back seat because of weak leadership and constant undermining of who we are.

  7. I mean the guy is a freak who should be sectioned, but it is a good way showing the wokies for the flawed idiots they are. One they contradict their support for trannies. How come a man can become a woman but not a man of a different race? And two these ‘progressives’ attack him saying you can’t be Korean if you aren’t born there or don’t look like a proper Korean. Well next time they try to cancel someone for saying if you aren’t white you can’t be British, shove that back in their faces.

  8. An absolute match for mimetic theory. Where someone imitates someone else who has something they perceive as valuable (in this case, Oli wants to be a K pop star, but lacks the K part and more than likely any talent).

    Basically this cunt didn’t know what he wanted in life, so looked to someone else for what they had and decided that’s what he wanted. The theory continues that people who are mimetic start creating scapegoats, so expect when he has a mental breakdown after butchering his face he will blame white people, the un-woke, his unsupportive parents; it will be everyone else’s fault why he now looks like a Korean Michael Jackson and not his own. Cunt

    • Odin, the resemblance is uncanny! 🙂

      When I first saw the nomination picture, I thought it looked some sort of offspring of that can of can’t Ellen Degenitals.

  9. One for Suicide Squad.
    Pathetic cunt.
    Jack The Cunter, in Worcestershire, in the pissing down rain 🌧️.
    Get To Fuck.

  10. Should be back in Northumberland. It never rains there and it’s full of lovely people.
    Good morning.

  11. 100 grand to look like a gay duck.

    The world is truly fucked when cunts like this have 100 grand to throw about.

    This country is finished.

  12. The frightening thing is, we are all now being asked (forced) to take this cunt and others like it seriously…

    Years ago I used to work near a cunt like this, he used to come into work ( a local authority office) wearing clogs and bellbottomed jeans with glitter patches on.

    Just hearing his shrill voice on a morning use to make me want to projectile vomit.

    Many a time I would stop what I was doing and just daydream about torturing the fairy fuck.

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