Immigration (3)

Only a couple of days to go until the deadline for applications to Remain in the UK. Some 5.6 million European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and their dependents have applied for settled status. But there are around 400,000 cases outstanding, and the government’s helpline is receiving thousands of calls a day.

This equates to MINIMUM of 6m primarily Eastern European cunts who are unskilled, do not contribute positively to local society, and frankly have little to offer and are not wanted.

This is also almost certainly an underestimate of the final figure and at least DOUBLE the number the government have been telling us, of approximately 300,000 per year. I for one never believed the figures, unless they all came to our town, we are infested with the cunts. How can I tell, because they make no effort to integrate, dress differently, shout at each other, cause a disproportionally amount of crime (according to various sources) and taking up much needed school places/doctors appointments.

6m represents 1 in every 10 of the indigenous population. And from what I can witness with my own eyes the Eastern European’s are breeding like fucking rabbits with between 4-6 children per family being the norm.

I can also see that the Mudslime families I know have on average between 2-3 children per family.

This all comes at a time where there have been more deaths than indigenous births in the UK for many years

And also at a time tens of thousands of asylum seekers (sorry, refugees) are being assisted by the French and Border Farce to arrive at our shores every year. And only around 10% are returned from whence they came.

To those mathematicians amongst us, how many years will it be before whitey is outnumbered and that everything great about this once great country is finished. For ever.

Answers on a postcard to:

The lying wanker with stupid hair who doesn’t tucking care
No 10 Downing St

Diversity is our strength? Haven’t got a racist bone in my body but have had enough of it.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: Willie Stroker.

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78 thoughts on “Immigration (3)

  1. Not to worry Willie, Eastern Europeans are white, so by your calculations whitey wins by a cuntry mile!

    • No they’re not Ruff Tuff.

      All a dirty off white colour, all fucking mïdgë7tś and all fucking shouting at each other at full volume.

      The women’s fashion is like something out of Steptoe and son, and crime is through the roof here in what is a lovely part of Suffolk.

      And they are such ungrateful rude fuckers who are making zero effort to integrate, unless you count thieving or driving badly whilst pissed, untaxed or uninsured in the shit box cars.

      They add nothing to the local community and are not wanted.

      Fuck off.

      • Fully in agreement with 99% of the above, Willie. Still remains that the overwhelming majority of East Europeans are white.

      • Agree also, they have inflicted rudeness everywhere in Europe
        Cunts in supermarkets talking or shouting into a mobile phone ,in everybody’s way and not even shopping the ignorant fucker
        This is not racism, this is what’s called thick cunts
        You cast your disdain but they refuse to look you in the eye and continue to be cunts

      • I’d much rather Japanese than the majority of cuntinentals and as far as I’m concerned you need two eyebrows to be considered white.

      • Most Japs look white to me, my next door neighbour’s wife certainly does.

    • Scotland is full of the cunts. They run the hand car wash network / county lines drug dispensary under the protection of the SNP.

      sTURDgeon has filled her Govanhill / Glasgow southside constituency with the cunts since she got iin, safeguarding her election futures. She gives the cunts everything and a free pass to do what they like (drugs, prostitution, rape, child grooming, trafficking, prestige car theft, home burglary etc. Oh and filling the footpaths and entries to residential flats with rubbing shoulders & excrement)) to keep them sweet. Much to the anger of the constituency residents who actually pay into taxation and get treated like shit.

      The SNP stasi police never shut down them car washes during the scamdemic either. Cunts.

      • **rubbish & excrement** this auto correct predictive shit is killing my posts. Fucking ch*nk shit phone.

  2. Top cunting, Willie.

    They are freeloading cunts. They come over here and live on a ratified diet of roast swan and Koi carp, We bend over backwards to ensure they can stay to max out on bennies while they run their ATM scams. Brexit was a fucking swindle.

    Good morning, everyone.

      • Up here in west Norfolk we had a few local ponds , not big but locals fished for some fish I have no idea about type but they put them back. Not the easterns though and I’m going back to 2010-2011 now but within a year and a half no fish and no ducks. We had a family of swans every year, the locals even named the parents – silly fuckers- then one year the female went missing and the male was seen on its own from then on. Rumours abounded but can’t prove anything but you are spot on about the Koi carp. Loads got stolen from private ponds and even the shop that sold them went out of business cos no one wanted to buy them anymore.

      • River Nene outside Peterborough supported a fair number of our Eastern European friends living in a typically eco friendly camp.
        Swan bones were a regular find in the remains of campfires. One off the catching methods involved a noose on the end of a long stick, thin plastic pipe or suchlike. The swan would be lured towards the bank with treats, whilst watching the kind human dispensing nuggets of niceness the noose man would work himself into a stable catching position then strike faster than a paki in a nursery. Swan landed, slotted cooked and eaten. This diversity is amazing.

    • If I catch the fuckers eating my Koi, they’ll be chopped up and fed to the fish.

      I know one of our parks had Romanians with nets hauling the carp out. Didn’t get reported in the news but I got told by a council employee.

      • The fuckers roast swans on bonfires for riparian feasts. Her Majesty should have the cunts taken to the tower to be tortured and killed.

  3. They always go ion about how the immigrants come in and work in the NHS and it wouldn’t cope without them. Thing is that’s happened because we have let, and continue to let, so many in. That cunt Blair really upped the anti on this, whilst his wife nicely profited from it.

    This country’s resources can’t cope with the influx. Even pre COVID couldn’t get a doctors appointment, the need for new housing and destroying green belt, all down to a continued flawed immigration policy.

    Diversity is our strength is the biggest lie of the lot. It was the fact that we had a shared identity that made this country strong.

    • Diversity only works if the cunts coming in are of requisite quality.

      We have more than enough shite among the indigenous population as it is, importing shite from elsewhere only makes matters worse.

      • Spot on RTCP.

        Not against letting in people with skills and qualifications that are useful. It’s the detritus that washes up on our shores in dinghies that we somehow seem to have to keep. Usually male, with differing core values and religion and nothing to add to our society.

      • They don’t come to work in the NHS, they come to use it.

        Good nomination Willie but your town can’t be worse than the ones in Kent. 50% of the words you hear are East European. They seem unable to speak for more than ten seconds without the ubiquitous “Korr-va” (whore – the worst swear word in Polish). They hang at street corners glugging cheap lager, vomiting, and sizing up the houses for burglary. They claim for everything whilst working in Hand Car Washes, cafés, etc. for cash. “Back in my country, I qvalified dorrktorr”. Yes, yes.

        They loathe Britain’s success and their envy creates a chippy, disrespectful abhorrence especially the “doctors” picking fruit in some cunty farmer’s shit-hole.

        It’s worse in the northern Kent towns, apparently. They’re absolutely overrun with Dooshka vermin.

    • Immigrants working in the nhs is directly in line with their population. We done need either.

  4. To be fair the remoaners always told us that if we thought Brexit was going to stop immigration we were dreaming. Of course they were closer to the reins of power so they knew what they were talking about. Obviously rather be out than in because now the cunts can’t blame it on the fucking EU. These politician cunts know exactly what they are doing, it’s not pure incompetence.
    Something’s gotta change!

    • Johnson was well known for his love of immigration. Even Farage said that EU cunts already here should be given permanent leave to remain.

    • The cunts have signed up to acceptance of these cunts through treaties and agreement to participate in shit such as this which supercede the constant piss they peddle us about immigration control. If anything, we will see more cunts arriving as Patel simplifies the system for the pajeets to enter in addition to what already swamps us annually.

      Leaving the EU won’t solve the problem, we need a referendum to leave the UN and all its subsidiaries that have bound us into this shitfest…

    • The thing is we don’t actually have Brexit – we have BRINO giving us the worst of both worlds. No seat at the table but still sucking up EU rules and paying the cunts. Covid has side tracked everything, Farage has given up and here we are. My barometer test for Brexit was the hated “cookie law”. No sign of that disappearing any time soon. Unfettered immigration, ridiculous legislation, fishing plundered by all and sundry, bullshit about the Irish border – it’s all going on still. Vote for Brexit get Net Fucking Zero!

      • Yep we got BRINO.
        I’m nstead of us paying money to the EU who were middle men / collection agents, we now spaff equivalent if not more direct to the cunts at the top of the tree via various globalist created companies as a front.

        All this ‘levellng up / climate change bollocks’ that wanker Johnson continues to commit our cash to won’t see cash from rich oligarchs flowing to the poorest, it will see cash taken from the poor by them cunts who will cream off most then throw a few crumbs to the very poorest.

        When you hear ‘build back better’, it means levelling up between the very poor and poor at the latters expense while rich cunts get richer.

      • There’s no alternative to vote for – Labour were created to represent the workers but they have become an unelectable woke/joke (delete as appropriate) party. “Populism” is derided by the MSM but Trump showed the way with this – things like: scrap the climate change bollox, jobs for his own country, keep immigrants out, etc, etc. Frankly, whatever is said about Trump, what’s not to like there? Unfortunately, having used social media in his first campaign, the other wankers didn’t let it work second time around and rigged a few votes as well to safeguard themselves (allegedly 😁). We badly need a Trump here in the U.K.

      • Vote for Boris / Conservative and look what we got? … a cunt hybrid of Green & Labour parties manifest instead. I demand a re-run, we could call it a people’s vote.

  5. On top of this, we could see up to five million people come here from Hong Kong, as they flee the increasing totalitarian rule of the Chinese. Yes, we may have some commitment to help, and yes, they are supposedly hard working, but five million? Even if only a fifth of that turn up, where the fuck are they going to live? Thanks to population growth from existing immigration which already effects the lack of housing, where are they going to live? How will they integrate, as although some might remember British rule, it was hardly the Channel Islands, and life is/was very different there. Are going to be like the Chinese, who they are ethnically, and congregate in certain areas like Chinatowns across the world?
    We were full ten years ago, yet there is nothing done about it.

    • Bet any future influx from Hong Kong will be infiltrated by spies & thugs from China who will watch their every move and extort money from them in protection rackets.

      This ensures those who come here end up suffering poverty and also it will punish us for taking them with a financial drain as we will have to fund the government systems they will rely on.

      Someone should nuke the cunts and be done with it. Once the Belt & Road initiative is complete in Africa and they have weapons silos within shooting distance pointed at us, it will be too late.

      I wonder what Enoch Powell’s words of wisdom would be if he were here today🤔

    • Yep we got BRINO.
      I’m nstead of us paying money to the EU who were middle men / collection agents, we now spaff equivalent if not more direct to the cunts at the top of the tree via various globalist created companies as a front.

      All this ‘levellng up / climate change bollocks’ that wanker Johnson continues to commit our cash to won’t see cash from rich oligarchs flowing to the poorest, it will see cash taken from the poor by them cunts who will cream off most then throw a few crumbs to the very poorest.

      When you hear ‘build back better’, it means levelling up between the very poor and poor at the latters expense while rich cunts get richer.

  6. The government’s gutless display of “managing” immigration, covid, Brexit and Going Green, really is the thinnest of thin wedges.

    What is going on now with immigration is more or less globalisation through the back door. No borders, no barriers… everyone has the right to live anywhere they want as far as the Left are concerned.

    So exactly how many migrants do they want to live in the UK? Another 10 million, 50 million, 100 million?

    The problem here is that once you say “we love open borders, we welcome all migrants” you can’t then say later “Oh hang on, the population of the UK has jumped from 67m in 2021, to 95m in 2031. This is unsustainable!”

    Britain’s Green Belt has been eroding for decades, and there’s hardly anyone determined enough to say “fuck off!” The Green Party don’t seem all that bothered about England’s Green and Pleasant land anymore, just so long as we have a net-zero carbon emissions and everyone riding around in electric cars or electric scooters, that’s all they’re bothered about – fuck the increase in population, and extra demands on infrastructure to keep apace with it.

    Despite moving to the Lake District a couple of years ago, my wife and I are seriously considering emigrating in the not too distant future. Currently this neck of the woods is still mostly “Olde Worlde England”. But it won’t be for very much longer now that Copeland Council is pushing for more ethnic diversity, suggesting that BAMEs should relocate from the SE and move here!

    Fuck all that. But if we do emigrate, I haven’t got a Scooby Doo where to uproot too!

    In the old days it could have been Canada or New Zealand – but they’ve gone completely Woke. So fuck knows….

    • Yep you’re right. The immigrants will be coming to you soon, wherever you live in the UK. You too will be able to benefit from Muslim, African and Eastern European communities, where they scarcely integrate.

      I’m not quite sure how many will be let in, but I think we reached the stage of being full about a decade ago. Pot holes don’t get fixed, drains don’t get unblocked by the council and walkways overgrown with weeds and stinging nettles as the council can’t afford to fix them. They can afford to spend a £100k a year on a diversity officer though.

      • The Islamic arses already invade windermere with their benchstealing family cookouts, and the chinese with their spitting and photography of everything from a bus stop to dog turd, is ruining the lakes.

      • @Wobbler The mass cookouts are happening because the Brewers Fayre / Charlie Chalks type cunts withdrew their offers of ‘Feed the full family here today for £29.99’ which penalised Brits who didn’t take the piss on the offer.

        However it’s a small price to pay as we no longer see a convoy of Toyota Previas enter the car park laden with kids, parents, grand parents, aunties, uncles, cousins etc all chancing their luck getting fed for £29.99 because they are all famileee.

        I witnessed cunts trying this scam at my local eatery years ago and the owners shut the gate preventing their escape as they tried to leave after putting £30 on the plate to cover the three large tables the cunts OCCUPIED for nearly two hours.

    • You do know that every council gets £20.5k per immigrant head they take into their boundary? That’s per head, not per family and it’s not a financial contribution towards any housing or other form benefit. All other benefits are paid in addition to this sum and the £20.5k can be spent by the council on whatever they like.

      Here is a link to an FOI request where the authority answers that they s £20.5k is paid out per migrant in EVERY let cal authority …

      • Notice when it suits they’re willing to eat none halal to scam a promotion, a lot like their religion it’s used as an excuse to get their own way from the leftwing saps.

  7. This settlement scheme has shone a light on the real numbers, the estimates of 3.5 million has been shown to be a joke, more than 2 million more have applied for settlement.
    What is even more unbelievable are the reports on the news that certain sectors cannot get enough staff, hospitality and agriculture, how many more EU people do they need.
    Some of the 5.6 million will have been here for years, French, German and so on, but the industrial scale influx from Eastern Europe must make up the bulk of this number, some are fine, many are not.
    The application process isn’t difficult and even if settled status isn’t granted the pre settlement is given and there is then five years to provide the evidence required to move to settled status.
    I can’t see any excuse for this 400,000, its bullshit but of course the left wing wankers are crying about it, fuck them, it’s just a smoke screen.

    Channel migrants, we will reap the rewards in the coming years, and it won’t be good.


    • Nobody seems to have noticed (including the media) the matter which was hot bone if contention of EU membership which was the UK paying out fucking benefits to families living in EU countries because the father or mother had a job in the UK.

      Remember pre referendum, Cameron went begging to EU for concessions and they told him / us to fuck off. The best offer was that it f UK could demonstrate it had difficulty paying out benefits to these families, an emergency brake could be applied halting payments UNTIL the EU investigated and decided whether the brake should be released.

      So what’s happened post brexit?

      Have all benefits to EU families ended? I’ve heard NOTHING. No wonder the cunts are distracting us with media bullshit about from aging & immigration. These sums of cash paid overseas were huge.

  8. Government figures re immigration have been bollocks for at least 25 years. The cunts in charge have got no clue at all to the real number of “legal” overseas persons let alone all the others cunts. Border Farce and RNLI are just water taxis, even though we give the French millions to attempt to stop the bastards, just burn the fucking money less trouble. What bothers me immensely is that our wise and wonderful leaders know that the majority of people in this tiny England want an end to immigration or a massive reduction in numbers plus the rapid removal of those deemed illegal. This is as plain as a pikestaff when you examine the polling results. So the question is why? What the fuck is going on?
    An unaccompanied “child” (one who shaves no more than 3 times a week and who’s wisdom teeth are not erupted more than 80% though teeth checking is not allowed anymore) once given permission to stay can then bring all their family over. In some cases this could be 50 plus persons. It’s not only people traffickers who are making much wonga out of this I bet the human rights vultures lawyers, advisors etc are getting a bloody good payout from our fucked legal aid system. I recall when one charity dealing with legal representation for illegals and asylum seekers had its government grant terminated. What did these fighters for the oppressed do? They closed down, sent all the clients files etc to the clients and said your on your own, no pro Bono there this is how much we care.
    Something must be afoot. Is the problem incompetence on an epic scale or something more sinister the numbers are huge and the effect is huge cannot hide the problems any longer this is affecting everyone day to day living is becoming more and more stressful cos there are too many fucking people who should not be here trying to impose their cunty customs and ethics on us.

    • This is a fucking island. How difficult is it to count people in and out when arriving and leaving?

      Either complete laziness or ineptitude, or a concerted attempt to mislead and lie to the British electorate.

      • The worst thing is, the thick bastard elite actually think they will be untouched by this when this shit pot explodes, and it will, cracks are showing already, and this great site, with sensible talking folks, is a good indication of this.

  9. To:
    The Lying Wanker With Stupid Hair Who Doesn’t Tucking Care,
    No 10 Downing St,
    SW1A 2AA.

    ℕᵈᵒᵘˢʰᵏᵃₜ= East European immigrants domiciled in UK at time t
    ℕᵖᵃᵏᶦₜ = Mudslime immigrants domiciled in UK at time t
    ℕᶦⁿᵈₜ=indigenous domiciled in UK at time t

    Given: for East Europeans, procreation produces¹ 4-6 offspring, the average is 5 per couple (assuming artificial insemination is negligible);
    for Mudslime, procreation produces¹ 2-3 offspring, the average is 2•5 per couple (assuming artificial insemination is negligible).

    For indigenous not stated, so I shall assume that they produce 2 offspring per couple (ditto).

    Also given: ℕᵈᵒᵘˢʰᵏᵃ ≝ 6 000 000 (2021) and assuming ℕᵖᵃᵏᶦ = ℕᵈᵒᵘˢʰᵏᵃ = 6 000 000 (2021)²;
    assuming ℕᶦⁿᵈ = 60 000 000 (2021);
    and assuming death occurs at age 80 for Mudslime, East European and indigenous alike, I calculated using a straightforward compound interest formula (with slight modifications) that:

    ℕᵈᵒᵘˢʰᵏᵃₜ +ℕᵖᵃᵏᶦₜ = ℕᶦⁿᵈₜ occurs when t = 31 years

    Thereafter, ℕᵈᵒᵘˢʰᵏᵃₜ +ℕᵖᵃᵏᶦₜ > ℕᶦⁿᵈₜ

    ¹ I think this is the wrong way round. Most dusky chaps procreate faster than Iron Curtain types in my limited experience

    ² also probably wrong. I think that the total from the sub-continent (inc Bangla, Pak, Ind) exceeds 6 mio. If so, the answer would be less than 31 years time, Willie.

    [I also failed to include other non-natives including but not limited to: Nigerians, Jamaicans, Ethiopians, Somalians, Sudanese, Chinese, Ugandans, Ceylonese, lizards &c. There are also quite a few French bankers of my acquaintance who seem to breed like flies….]

    • Good effort Les, well done for trying.

      My gut feeling is that it will be around half that. Don’t believe the government immigration figures which I suspect are vastly understated.

  10. All too depressingly I’ve realised it’s simply too late to do anything about the ongoing invasion.
    It traces it’s roots back to the labour shortage following WW2 and the decision to start throwing British passports about like confetti.
    Add the most corrupt and wicked immigration policies over the past 30 years and we have reached the critical mass of Fucked.
    Despite the awful prospect of sinking into a complete third world shithole and a white minority population we have no control over our borders and make no attempt to stop anyone arriving to tell lies about claiming asylum.
    The greatest disgrace our country has faced in centuries.

      • Not keen on immigrants settling on these shores.
        If theyre surgeons, genius scientific minds, fair enough!
        But they aren’t are they?
        Theyre scum that eat out of ponds.
        They dont ‘enrich’us.
        And this modern opinion that you should embrace other cultures?
        What? At the expense of our own?
        To say this makes me a racist
        Thats ok, thats fine,
        But dont think wanting to keep your own culture is a wicked thing?
        And if thats seen by our elected officials as a bad thing then we need to elect other officials.

    • You dont need to assimilate, I get the horn everytime I see your avatar. And so does Ruff Tuff and Cuntstable if the truth be known.

      • Spot on GC INTEGRATION in the UK, but i don’t want to be a muslim, please don’t make be a muslim….

  11. Unlike most cunters I appreciate how important most East Europeans are to our economy. Lincolnshire, agri and manufacturing, would collapse without them. They have revitalised the peaceful area of Scunny and by and large work. They drink like fuck and have a cavalier attitude to driving laws admittedly but are far preferable to the drab, segregated parking stanley cunts. Who dont understand tax & insurance either.
    There are cunts among them – Roma etc and we dont need a car wash every 100 metres, but on balance the state benefits they get are working benefits unlike the over reproducing, non tax paying cunts from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia and any other shithole.

    • Agreed CC, I worked with many in my last job and they were always the first to volunteer for overtime, spoke decent England and some cracking looking birds too. The trouble is it isn’t like Australia where there is a points system of supply and demand jobs, just a chaotic free-for- all.

    • Yes CC, a country without food security is NEVER independent, maybe some cunters should study the 1939 situation where most food was imported from the colonies, the Germans knew this and implemented U-boat raids to try and starve us into submission, be careful what you wish for, remember the Germans of today are the descendants of these cunts!!!

    • I used to work for a company based there and often stayed there several weeks throughout the year.

      I remember my first visit when colleagues took me out for a meal and beers on the first night As I struggle to sleep in hotels, I decided to remain in the Spoons pub for a few more beers after they went home. I was warned strictly necessary t to turn left after exiting and if I did that I should not pass the traffic lights if I valued my safety.

      The following morning, I drove to work along the same street and through those traffic lights and the reason I was warned became clear as the famileees were all doing the school run. Anyone who dismisses existence of ‘no go areas’ can get fucked.

      Glad to hear the tide has changed in Scunny. The labour MPs who have squatted for years in North Lincolnshire seats have a lot to answer for. Their constituents have been massively failed and deserved better.

  12. Are whites from Africa okay WS?, I speaky English well and claim benefit yes!, I’m a class above your “Iron curtain pie keys” and “rug riders”

  13. Free housing.
    Free education.
    Free health care.
    Free money.
    No need to learn the language.
    No need to work.
    No pressure to integrate.
    Protection from any form of intolerance.
    Freedom to practice archaic religions.
    Freedom to discriminate against your own women.
    Freedom to continue to kill animals in a barbaric way for food.
    Freedom to preach hatred towards the indigenous population.
    Almost zero chance of being deported under any circumstances.

    I am absolutely sure that if I lived in some shit hole African or Asian country then I would be on the first available dingy to the UK too.

    What is needed is a massive overhaul of the benefits system in the UK to make the place unattractive to these people.

    • Nail on the head there – they are drawn to us like moths to a flame. It’s the “pull factor” that needs to be addressed. None of this free shit – put them all in an internment camp on Ascension Island like PP was going on about the other day (doubt we’ll do it though).

  14. What the fuck is that sartorial abomination Sir Nigel is wearing on GB News right now? Put me right off my elevenses it has.

  15. The Tory party has absolutely no intention of even slowing immigration. They are lieing scum, the lot of em.

  16. The shop where I work, there are some foreign nationals that work there and some customers that shop there as well. I talk to everyone. They just want to get on like everyone else.
    No fuss, no bother.
    There are probably some that don’t want to get on but I reckon some English are like that as well.
    I learn some foreign words (some rude words as well hehe) from them and teach them some English as well. Some customers bring their children with them and they speak perfect English.
    I have Hungarian neighbours. They are very kind. They cooked me goulash. Delicious.

      • Of course I would, Ruffy. As long as they love and care for each other.
        Love is a rare and precious thing. Cherish it and savour it like a delicious cake. 🙂

    • They probably all gather roundand fire in some organic Créme Chef to your goulash before they bring it round

  17. This is the quality from Slovakia, they have nothing in Slovakia because when they get a flat they strip everything out and sell it, come to England everything free.
    Slovakian (normal) people must have been celebrating every day since they joined the EU watching all the shit leave for England

    • Roma! Absolute parasitic thieving filth. Competing with the Somalis to be the number one cockroaches on the planet. No way should a single one of those cunts be in this country.

  18. Why do we have unskilled immigrants doing cleaning jobs in this country when we have millions of unemployed art graduates doing nothing.

    Get Guardanista layabouts doing the cleaning while I’m free to have a good wank over on xhamster.

  19. I suspect many of these who haven’t applied for the settled status are the soppy cunts that were calling in to snowflake presenters at LBC / Remainer FM claiming they wouldn’t be applying as they didn’t respect the result and were convinced they would get another shot at kicking the can down the road.

    Well, it’s happening. The cunts have had ample time to apply, time to start deporting the cunts who think they are above our laws.

  20. Simple way to sort this, the immigrants who work here legitimately and pay taxes you keep, the ones that don’t you tell to fuck off. Wont happen though the left will have an emotional breakdown and the government is to spineless to do it.

  21. **fishing & immigration**
    Cunts have sold us a pig in a anticipated.

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