BlowJob Johnson, Rocky Macron & The G7

Macron and Johnson at the G7

Wot a pair of cunts. Johnson shambling away in the limelight as the host but blowing every opportunity to shine. Unable to put a coherent sentence together as he fuffs, stammers and pahshaws during his keynote welcome spiel to save the world.

Then it’s social distancing photo op time with the POTUS all thumbs up and knuckles up as he poses with Biden. trying to scratch his arse, ruff up his barnet and button up his baggy suit. Meanwhile Biden is the genial picture of tall well groomed, Brooks Brothers suited cool.

That photo of all the leaders together rammed home what a shortarse cunt Johnson is. Even Macron in his built up shoes is taller.

As for Macron,, the little froggy fucker poser, Biden is covered in his slime and other bodily fluids ever since landing. Macron can’t stop goat fucking the his role as “America’s oldest Allie”. Who was that shepherding all the EU into a symbolic group ready to turn their backs on Johnson? Macron again.

All that none-sense stopped as soon as HM appeared and put in a class act and instantly became the centre of attraction. Macarony started capering around her partnered by the POTUS like moths around a lantern

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Macron Grandstanding G7


And on the subject of Macron, here’s this from Vernon Fox

Little Emmanuel napoleon gets a well deserved slap.

While on minceabout today with the less than yummy Mummy (Where’s Boris Karloff when you need him?) the teeny tiny Gallic granny grabber and UK hating snakeflake got a good hard slap across the face from a Man in the crowd who shouted “down with Macronia”!

Pwincess looked suitably shocked, outraged and – like all Frenchmen – ran a mile like a sobbing little bitch as his assailant was mobbed by security, but it was just a little reminder of how much the ordinary French people hate this islam licking appeasing rat.

The MSM are, of course, resolute in their condemnation as “Walter le softy” sits in his mansion quivering and sobbing with Mrs Skeletor dabbing rouge and powder on (“Not ze beautiful face – I beg you Monsieur”!) – but where were the same MSM when Jo “witless manatee” Brand condoned throwing battery acid at Nigel Farage?

Where were they when Farage had a milkshake thrown over him? – It might sound funny but what if that was some nutcase throwing corrosive or flammable material?
Vive Le Pen – and the fightback!

Macron in Punch Up

43 thoughts on “BlowJob Johnson, Rocky Macron & The G7

  1. Is it just me, or do they all appear to be the same height in that photo?

    • They do, but Biden is stooping, Johnson is hunched and Microbe is on his tippy toes.
      ‘ Spot The Cunt ‘ for beginners.
      Get To Fuck.

    • I had to look up their heights:

      -Biden 5’11 (used to be 6′, must have shrunk with age but as JtC says Biden’s stooping; a position he’s used to when bending over to touch little girl hair!)

      -Johnson 5’9″ (gives the illusion that he is as wide as he is tall)

      -Macron 5’*8 (I expect the Granny Shagger wears shoe lift inserts)

  2. Following extensive research I can now reveal that the esteemed statesmen’s respective heights are:

    Biden – 6 feet
    Johnson – 5 feet 9 inches
    Macron – 5 feet 9 inches

    Hope that helps.

  3. Hopefully Macron will be replaced by Jean-Luc Melanchon of La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) next year.

  4. In the past you would have had Roosevelt, Churchill and de Gaulle ( ok he was a cunt too). Look at what we have now ffs. 3 blind mice. The world is going to hell, courtesy of them, and they’re holding court.
    The past leaders solved problems these cunts make them.

    • the past cunts set up the problems these useless cunts are utterly incapable of solving.

      The current political situation is THE problem. No point looking to it to solve said problem

  5. What was that slag Von the Liar doing there? What country is she the leader of? The Chinkies could have done us all a favour and lobbed a few missiles at the place. Never seen so many cunts in one place since……….well, the last time I saw a load of cunts in one place. I see cunts in one place all the time now I come to think of it.

    • Jon Snow must be apoplectic!

      “I have never seen so many white people in control of the world in one place.”

  6. Macron is a little cunt.
    We need a small conflict in the Channel to let the air out of those migrant enabling pisstakers.

    Doris is also a cunt for not starting a tariff war with those slimy fuckers.

    We live in the age of the corrupt weakling.

    Good grief.

    • Three midgets on a Cornish beach.
      A kiddy sniffer
      A albino
      And a granny shagger.
      Like a party at Broadmoor.
      Jesus, these are leaders of the west?!!!

      That Frenchie hitting Microbe?
      Openhanded slap?..tut.
      Typical effete frog.
      Id of banged his fuckin jaw 30ft.

      * Where is Vernon Fox?
      Come on Foxy had a break now,
      Work to be done now son.
      Get cunting again!👍

      • MNC@ – It was terrible – Admin had me kidnapped, imprisoned and enslaved – I was spending all day bringing them Werthers Originals, copies of the Beano and schooners of sherry under threat of violence!
        WS and NC were there as well but I left them to rot chained up in the cellar of Admin Towers as I made my cowardly and treacherous break for freedom alone – that’s the kind of guy I am! 😀👍
        Johnson the jellyfish extends sentencing in England by four weeks as the G7 attendees laugh at us by totally ignoring their own rules – as security and staff have to stand around them wearing masks. 🤦‍♂️ And – you read it here first – there will be some other utter bollocks excuse come July 19 – they will NEVER give us our freedom back until we TAKE it.
        “Three weeks to flatten the curve” – if anyone actually believes any of this fucking evil farce anymore all I can say is I pity them.

  7. Social distancing at the G7 went out the window about an hour later.
    They’re taking the piss….

  8. The Jellyfish is holding his head in that photo…….he can smell the sea and it reminds him of Carrie Antoinette’s enormous, well used fanny. I’m surprised Uncle Joe can stand on his own feet without his fucking wife propping him up. As for Napoleon the Granny Shagger, he’s making mental notes to pass on to the Frog trawlers so they can come and steal the Cornish fish. He wants to keep the Channel clear for the Peaceful sewer rats he’s sending over every day. I wonder how much this cocksucking festival cost the British taxpayer.
    The Jellyfish allowing fucking foreigners to mug us off once again.

  9. I really hope France does not reach the final of Euro 2020. It would be unbearable to see that fucking nasty little frog gloating and preening himself if the frogs win the tournament.

    Vive le Brexit! And Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt, Trafalgar and Waterloo.

    • As much as I dislike them (worked for them for 12 years) my money’s on the Italians.

      Having said that I certainly won’t be watching any of the Euro’s, far better things to do with my time than watch being educated by the overrated kneeling BLM supporting morons.

      For this reason hope England are eliminated early on.

  10. They rolled up with their massive entourages. No quarantine for any of them. Had a socially distanced photo-op, then when they thought the cameras were off, were all over each other like cheap suits. Kissing, hugging, no masks while the hotel staff were wearing masks serving them.

    Next the UEFA mafia and a couple of thousand hangers on and the brown envelope providers (sponsors) will arrive without quarantine for the semis and final of the footie.

    No holidays for the cattle without quarantine and tests. Masks, social distancing, track and trace for ever more at this rate.

    They must be pissing themselves laughing at us masochistic cattle. So obedient and compliant. Meanwhile we say ‘please Sir, can we have more?’

  11. A grassy knoll and those 3 cunts in the sights-but only 2x bullets.
    What a fucking dilemma 😢

  12. Amazing coincidence, all three parts of male/female genitalia in row. A cunt, an arsehole and a prick.

  13. Everyone looking forward to the 21st tomorrow?
    The alleged date that “all restrictions will be lifted”..
    Oh, forgot – no they’re not – as the G7 dictators cavort around doing what the fuck they please.
    I do not know who is the worst – an elected “Government” who would do this or a population so piss wet, brainwashed, terrified and spineless they will allow it.
    I wonder what the excuse for not lifting restrictions will be on July the 19th?
    UK wide freedom protest in London and other cities on the 26th of this month,
    Time to stand.

    • I agree Vern, it’s time for complete non-compliance.
      The only problem with the the protests is they look more like a street carnival.

      It’s strange how when XR and BLM smash up the town the Government listen but cop a deaf ‘un when a million peaceful protesters turn up.
      The Government want us to get nasty because that gives them even more reason to enforce this shit, so non-compliance is the route.
      Open up your business, everyone open up your business. If the cops show up, everybody local should band together and hound the cunts out of the neighbourhood. If every business opens up, what can they do?
      And stop paying council tax on your business and your home, just tell them you’re skint and it’s down to Doris and Handjob.
      This isn’t going away, all the clues are there.
      You’re correct Vern, time to make a stand.

      Give that man a fucking cigar….

  14. What else can you expect under democracy? The system that guarantees that the voice of two idiots counts for more than that of one wise man!

  15. Even the poisonous Sarkozy despises him –

    “What do you want me to think about (Macron)? He’s cynical. A bit of a man, a bit of a woman, it’s the fashion of the moment. Androgynous. What you like about Macron is (what you like about) people who don’t. do not force you to choose “, affirms Nicolas Sarkozy about the one who (is ridiculed as) being more popular than him among right-wing voters.

    (Google translate, massaged by K)

    • Fucking hell, if Sarkozy hates you then you really ARE a demonic cunt. Jesus!

  16. I enjoyed micron penis getting a slap off the guy in France, pity the cunt couln’t follow it up with something more permanant.

  17. Boris de Pfeffel is an elitist buffoon charlatan bellend just like his father who is like some comic strip caricature from the 1880s. They both have total contempt for the British people, it’s all in print and on video for all to see, yet cunts voted for this huffing, puffing, bumbling, mumbling, flatulent fucker.

    ALL “heads of state” are cunts now. All of the true mavericks are gone now – Gaddafi was the last leader who wanted to wake people up to the evil that surrounds us so they murdered the eccentric peasant born in a tent who wanted to ditch the dollar and back Africa with gold and pipe water from an underground ocean to Africa, “mad” shit like that.

    The New World Order is here, Brexit meant fuck all, it will only get scarier in the coming years.

  18. A lying piss stained geriatric, inbred fat cunt and a slimy snailbaiter, the worlds in safe hands folks.

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