SAGE are cunts. They are the fuckin SS of Britain.
The so called Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

Every time there is a glimmer of hope we might just be allowed to go outside these utter bastards come along with;


Really folks. These little Hitler cunts would gladly see us all marched into the gas chambers.

Fuck off and Die you utter cunts!!!
(I think that’s the SAGE Mission Statement – NA)

Nominated by: Kendo Nagasaki

81 thoughts on “SAGE

  1. Yeah, and a good number of the bastards are “behavioural scientists” who have all sorts of leftist links and backgrounds. We are being manipulated and fucked over here, make no mistake about it. Once they have taken your freedoms it’s fucking difficult to get them back. The government and the opposition on the same side, aided and abetted by the treacherous BBC.
    Got your covid passport yet?

    • Chris Whitty and Johnathan van Tam, both look like they were born in a different solar system,
      Chris being ETs younger brother
      And John some sort of upright pig.
      SAGE are a bunch of eggheads and as such not to be trusted.
      Especially when twinned with pale liberal Boris.

      • Chris Whitty is proof that extra terrestrials do indeed walk among us here on the planet Woke.

      • Whitty was the inspiration for the cartoon character Earthworm Jim.

  2. I can’t resist. Is the header picture of the Admins AGM/S&M party?

  3. Dumb people think that scientists are neutral, only deal in provable facts. They imagine these white coated boffins in a lab with test tubes bubbling away, like Brains in Thunderbirds.
    Who do you think pays for all that shit, cunt? Who pays their fucking wages? Government and Big Pharma……and they want results…….the right results. So don’t tell them global warming is not some big disaster on the horizon or you’re out. They want a virus mutation Brains will find it for them. You can’t trust those cunts anymore than some weasel politician. Would you buy a second car off that cunt Hancock?
    Speaking of Thunderbirds Greta can go and fuck herself too.

    • The thought of a bunch of assorted Scientists,Teachers and paperclip-counters forced to till my vast arable acreage is making me quite giddy.

      • Morning Dick,
        Like you I like the way mr Pot dealt with the intellectual
        And the speccy four eyed.
        All he gets is criticism.
        Some say Killing Fields
        Some say well fertilised arable land.

      • I’d make a Sooty their Overseer and tell him that the “intellectuals” had said that fried chiggun was bad for people and should be banned.


  4. A complete bunch of cunts. They have predicted a possible third wave this summer. With my a level statistics I can work out that it would require, for their level of hospitalisation and deaths in this third wave (given what we know about this virus) an infection rate of half the population getting Covid in June and July. It takes no account of immunity, herd immunity or the fucking vaccine. They are bullshitters.

    I would happily let them make decisions and give the govt advice on one condition. If they are wrong, they are held accountable, accountability is thus – they risk one week in jail for every death caused by a missed cancer diagnosis, one day in jail for every job lost or if that’s to much for some a milder punishment of losing their home, job and pension.

    See how quickly they fucking check back on their predictions then the utter and total cunt shambles that they are.

    If they think lockdowns work please explain the situation in Florida and Texas to me

    • They are actually just taking the mickey now. There is no chance of a third wave, by their own logic it is an impossibility. Who is left to ‘wave’!?

  5. They need putting back in their laboratories.
    Far too much influence over politicians who are only interested in filling their own pockets.
    Either the fucking vaccine works or it doesn’t.
    Make your minds up.

    Boffin Cunts.
    Lab grade Oven.

  6. These cunts are about as reliable, competent and trustworthy as a smackhead guarding an old lady’s life savings.

  7. My take on this, is that once every cunt who has had a vaccine has had one, you’ve just got to open everything up and get in with it. It seems the vaccines are working against all variants. Even if you’re one of the ?very rare) unlucky cunts who still catches Rona after a vaccine, it appears the virus is rendered as deadly as the common cold at worst, due to the spike proteins being chopped off by the vaccine (technical term there lol).

    Unless there is a variant they discover to be dangerous and able to escape the vaccine, then there is no fucking excuse whatsoever to shut stuff down.

    I did not agree with the anti lockdown protesters at first. To me, they were behaving like the parking stanleys. But soon, I’d join them myself because like I said, the vaccines work and it’s time to just get on with it now. However, I wouldn’t let cunts into the UK unless they could prove they’d had a vaccination. Just common sense. Every other cunt will do the same to us, you can be sure of that.

    The last thing you want is some umbungo bringing in a vaccine resistant strain and putting us back through it all again.

    But yes, it’s time to stop the lockdowns now. Too many have developed a kind of irrational fear of the virus, if they’re shitting themselves even after having a vaccination (I had to have a chat with my mother to stop her worrying about going to a supermarket or to see friends after she’d been vaccinated…she does go now but it’s clear a lot have been scared by the good old BBC).

    Oh, and you will also get lazy cunts trying to take advantage (dole scroungers, on the sick fiddlers and civil servants).

    Time to get back to normal but be a bit wary of letting any cunt in (start by bombing those fucking dingies).

  8. “Scientists should be on tap, not on top” – Churchill. They’ve fucked that one up.

    • Aye. In films it was popular to have ‘the mad scientist’ trying to take over the world from inside his volcano.

      It’s bad enough we have fakeservative bellends like Boris in charge, but scientists are making it so a shouty mong will make us all pay for a new (and more expensive and less effective) boiler in a few years.

      • Yes – looking forward to getting a ground source heat pump at approx £5000 verus a gas boiler at £1000. oh, and electricity is currently 5 times the price of gas, and likely to get more expensive. And what happens when we’ve sucked all the fucking heat out of the ground?

    • They are meant to ADVISE in name only not to DICTATE.They are the new Gestapo.Unkle Terry’s mobile oven for these gobshites.

  9. They control Downing Street.Cockwombles.Easy solution for the SAGE and Onion party is a locked room and a hand grenade.Doris the snake is an idiot listening to these shower of shit.We are all stuffed.

    • Bojo the Clown will shit on them just before the next election – “it weren’t me guvnor, it was those bad scientists. They made me do it”.

  10. I thought there was something suspect when an accountancy software company were giving the government advice on the pandemic.

    Even more worrying it looks like Diane Abbott’s in charge of the numbers.

  11. Doris gets hammered for not locking down soon enough. He gets hammered for locking down. SAGE will always be ultra cautious and Kweer will always pick up on this and say I told you so. After the event.
    SAGE are a bunch of cunts, yes.
    The BBC are a bunch of cunts for wheeling that discredited Fergueson cunt out at every opportunity.
    However the biggest bunch of cunts are the hindsight experts. These are the cunts who should be advising. You dont wanna do it like that as Harry Enfield says.

  12. Why is that gibbering cunt Professor Neil Ferguson always popping up on the TV and radio every other day? This is a man who’s been wrong about everything throughout his entire professional career, yet his word is treated like it’s holy writ. Plus he skipped lockdown so he could get his legover with another bloke’s wife. A period of silence from the hypocritical bastard thus be doubly welcome, and is long overdue. He’s probably a worth a cunting on his own, if he hasn’t already been done.

  13. TQC.

    Look up Susan Michie. One of the most prominent members of the SAGE. Also a fully paid up member of the Communist Party.

    I think also she is a behavioural scientist by trade, and certainly married to one. Not a virologist. Don’t take my word for it, look it up.

    Still think it’s about a virus. Hahahahaah.

    • Indeed.
      Director of The Centre for Behaviour Change and head of The Health Psychology Research Group.

      A psyop is undeniably taking place.

      People might debate the motivations and whether it’s morally or constitutionally acceptable but the government is using psychology on the population.

      “Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

      • What the fuck is any member of the communist party doing anywhere near an elected conservative government, and having influence over it?
        The cunts are the enemy, for fucks sake….🤬

  14. As daft as SAGE are, Bojo is under no obligation to act on their advice or even listen to these dumpster fire ‘scientists’. There are other eminent people and groups. Perhaps he’d like to listen to UCL I think it was who said, a couple weeks back, we’d now reached herd immunity.

    SAGE are a distraction. Bojo and Hancock are the culprits here. They call the show.

    Funny how just as we’re about to open up along comes an Indian scariant. Escape mutation! Triple mutation!! Somehow it managed to completely miss Pakistan next door, which is suffering under the UK variant lol, and all the nations between.

    We’re being lied to folks. Sorry. You’ve all been taken for a ride, and it’s not going to stop soon either. Texas? Florida? How many more blatant contradictions do you need?

    There is no fucking virus. It’s propaganda and statistical manipulation. Check the mortality statistics. 93′ = 573k. 2020 = 600k. 10mil extra people, officially, since ’90. Forced ventilator deaths, DNR, factor all that in and where is the pandemic exactly?

    Without the fraudulent PCR testing and media spin you wouldn’t even know anything were different to usual. It’s a complete mirage.

    • Oh, and besides the mortality statistics.. if any of you still have doubts, perhaps you’d like to ask Mengele Matt for the adverse reaction and death statistics for these ‘safe’ ‘vaccines’.

      10k deaths across the EU and counting. 100,000s adverse reactions. And they openly admit that those figures are perhaps 10% of the true total.

      Delingpole spoke to an NHS receptionist for a large trust about what’s really going on. It’s disturbing:

      And old Matty boy thinks it’s A-OK for children to be lined up next to get an experimental vax for a condition they’re at no risk from? That’s our ‘health’ secretary. Medical tyranny.

    • Beware!! The triple mutant Yorkshire variant is coming.
      If you’re stubborn, belligerent, short tempered, opinionated, pedantic, dislike modern life, wokeness, bureaucracy, gormlessness, imbeciles and “yoof” culture…………you’ve probably got it.
      All vaccines have no effect.

      • Arfur@ – Triple mutant Yorkshire variant?
        I believe they cost a Pound each – please make cheques and postal orders payable to “Clinically Advantageous Services and Help” (just abbreviate it to C.A.S.H – and send them to me via IAC – that will do nicely!😀👍)

  15. Today is day 425 of three weeks to flatten the curve and the only third wave you’ll see is the third wave of propaganda.
    It was never about a virus, or about a vaccine, it was always about the passport. It’s so fucking obvious a blind man could see it….

  16. Bloody hell! When I first came on to IsAC, I didn’t think I’d be reading comments from the minds of those infinitely superior to some of the most highly trained and knowledgeable scientists in the world! I can sum it up with one word – bullshit!

    • This is a worn out retort pal. Academic brilliance is not equal to actual intelligence.

      A dog is well trained but is still a fucking imbecile.

      • I am not your “pal.”
        If I was, I would have obtained help for you long before now.

      • Hilarious. You seem to operate under the same delusional mind state as the Greta climate cunts who believe all scientists are in absolute unanimous agreement just because the MSM gave you that impression.

        Stick to the beer and football. It’s good for you.

      • Intelligence does not guarantee good character, or an immunity to being driven by ideology or avarice…

      • I got my second jab a fortnight ago. I cried all the way there and half the way back. I only cheered up when my mum told me I could have jelly for tea.

      • “This is a worn out retort pal.”

        Not half as worn out as your dumb assertion that “there is no fucking virus.”

  17. It’s the scaremongering that really annoys me. MSM and BBC are the main culprits also. This is affecting people’s mental health. How about dealing with facts not what might happen. Is that too much to ask????

  18. Sage: Salvia officianalis

    Officianalis= “Of use to man”

    Sage party-of use to “which” men, exactly?

    My advice:

    Salvia divinorum- the psychoactive member of the Salvia family-chewing or smoking the leaves, produces a mild hallucination-helping the inbiber to see things that are not really there.

    Just like the SAGE party……..


  19. Lies run, truth walks.
    Any “Medical expert” panel or body which has more behaviourists and behavioural psychologists (and is ram packed with commies) than virologists and epidemiologists immediately raise my suspicions.
    Any politicians or “advisers” with a vested financial interest in prolonging this misery immediately raise my suspicions.
    The fact any scientists (not cranks, experts in the field with decades of experience who have been the “go to” people for decades) have been suddenly and universally silenced, sacked, threatened, defunded and not allowed to speak if it is not from the same twisted narrative as SAGE.
    The fact a unelected mentally unstable socialist slapper is running the “Government”.
    A never ending campaign of lies, propaganda and fear porn from the MSM without one major broadcaster taking an alternative or critical view.
    Media and soshal meeja “celebrities” all demanding we take something they call a “vaccine” which does not vaccinate, does not prevent transmission or re-infection, can have some horrific side effects and is not even finishing the human trials for another two years.
    A virus so deadly we need a test to show we have it, the police acting like the SS with no remit or legal authority.
    A virus which will strike without mercy if you are inside, up until two weeks ago when we were all told to go outside to “stop the spread” 🤷‍♂️ – a virus so devious and clever it will get you if you are having a pint but not if you have dinner with your print, so cunning it will strike at 1 minute past ten but not at ten, a virus so terrible it will attack a group of four but not three – does everyone remember this laughable bollocks because I sure as hell do.
    The Government are now so desperate to keep the fantasy going that they have squads of mobile testers going to peoples homes and demanding they get tested (why did you think they were advertising for covid marshals if we are supposedly coming out of restrictions?), have a massive contract with (of fkin course) a Chinese firm to provide test kits and are sending them out with a demand that people test twice a week to cover their failure in trying to rig the results from forcibly testing schoolchildren.
    Cut through the BS and the conspiracy nutters – something is behind all this and it stinks to high heaven – plenty of foliage but zero timber.
    There is something premeditated and dirty going on, and as I have said before – this is either the most astonishing Keystone Cops incompetence or the biggest con trick played on the people of the UK.
    I would be strongly minded to see some people in prison over this – I ain’t a genius but neither am I a fool, and we are being played.

  20. Seeing that some of you mention SAGE and their psy-op activies, I thought this might be a good juncture to recap on the crazy conspiracies that I’ve come across since the pandemic emerged.

    1) The occult elite show you what is going to happen before it happens as part of Sigil black magic e.g. the series Utopia and Madonna’s late 2019 Eurovision performance which had her dancers in gas masks and her chirping ‘not everyone is coming to the future’. Then there’s the film Songbird. made in June 2020, which is about the COVID-19 virus that has mutated into COVID-23 when the world is in its 4th pandemic year! We’ll just have to see what happens in 2024 then.

    2) The Rockefeller Institute ran a scenario workshop about 10 years ago that included a Coronavirus world outbreak and governments responded by implementing totalitarian control. This is true; they did hold this meeting/workshop and came up with various scenarios, but the conspiracy is that the Rockefellers are part of the elite/Illuminati/ Occult cabal and this has all been planned! The institute recently put a big disclaimer on their website denying they planned the pandemic.

    3) Populations will be moved to the cities by 2030. All movements will be tracked on the 5g network and you will have a social credit score like in Chyna. Your food will be rationed, especially red meat or there won’t be any of it going about. This is all planned, including the pandemic, so the governments have control to either just have control or save the planet from climate disaster or something. Also Bill Gates is making synthetic meat grown in a lab so it must be true.

    4} The vaccine is not the mark of the beast but you will be forced to have a digital tattoo indicating your vaccine status and that is the mark of the beast, without it no man can sell or buy. The digital tat was developed by MIT with Bill Gates money (see theory 9). This one is also similar to a microchip being inserted and the other one that says the one or more of the vaxxes contain ‘luciferase’ which apparently they don’t!

    5) Covid-19 is caused by the 5g network lol.

    6) The pandemic unity slogan ‘in this together’ prepares us for one world government, one new world order. Bush senior used the phrase New World Order, so it must be real. Also see the ‘Global Citizen’ slogan used at the recent Vax Live event with Prince Harry ( a free mason apparently). This NWO is the occult elite at it again/the Freemasons or they are part of same thing or something. No sign of a New World Order in the likes of Somalia yet, eh?

    7} The Covid vaccines cause infertility. This is all about de-population. Apparently evidence of this agenda is the existence of the Georgia Guidestones ‘Keep the population to 500 million in balance with nature’.

    8} Its all down to Klaus Schwab apparently, part of the elite/Illuminati/Bilderberg whatever, and his Great Reset. This one gets repeated with the phrase ‘wake up sheeple/people’ a lot!

    9} All C-19 roads lead to Bill Gates. The unelected Gates does have his philanthropic fingers in a lot of pies, alas no longer on Melinda or patting Epstein on the back!

    10} C-19 doesn’t exist.

    11) The US Army brought Covid to China, says Chyna.

    • Cuntologist@ – It is very, very hard work getting any verifiable facts, conspiracies can only exist when there is a vacuum of knowledge and when official bodies try everything they can to stop the facts coming out it does not inspire confidence in their integrity.

    • 10. Is perfectly reasonable – aside from the fact that even after a year you still mix up CV19 and SARSCov2.

      It’s a casedemic, not a pandemic. You, and millions of others, still haven’t made any attempt to grasp the basic science behind PCR which is the foundation of all this nonsense. It’s not a viral quantification method, it’s a genetic material multiplication method. They set the cycle threshold so fucking high that ONE piece of genetic material would result in a ‘positive’. They also calibrated it on a THEORETICAL genome model, not on an actual viral genome.. because.. there isn’t one! That is fraud, period.

      The statistics show there’s no pandemic either. Thousands, sometimes 10k’s+, kark it every year in the UK from influenza. Amazingly influenza has disappeared in 2020. Hmmm I wonder why.

      It’s so bloody obvious what’s going on it’s actually painful.

      6. Bush made that speech on 9.11.1991.. 10 years exactly before 9.11. I guess Osama Binhead tuned in to the congress speeches from his Afghan cave and thought he’d prank everyone.

      You can’t write it all off as ‘conspiracy theory’. There is an elite pulling strings, it’s self evident.

      • Lol , forgive me, at least I don’t refer to it as simply Coronavirus like the media do 24/7!

        I did read up about PCR tests as it goes, the 45 cycles, false positives. I actually wrote to Boris about the quality of the PCR tests but got no reply. Oxford Professor of Evidence Based Medicine Carl Heneghan got on the case exposing the false positives; I remember him on Talk Radio explaining about the small amount of material giving a positive result could be detection of old/dead virus. I seem to remember that Heneghan got the govt to improve the procedure slightly. Blimey, I even signed The Great Barrington Declaration. I never said the govt handled this well.

        Re the flu disappearing, there is a study on it which shows that colds and flu abate when there is a more prevalent virus. I’m just pointing out that the study exists and it is interesting. It was conducted before the plandemic, I mean pandemic 🙂

        I do appreciate your point of view; I shared it at one point. However, I think the virus is real, I think what happened is an over reaction and that governments were told x number would die and they thought they couldn’t have that on their watch and are acting like paranoid froot loops (or is it Fruit Loops for you Mandela Effect followers). I read on the EU’s own website their plans for vaccination certificates that have been in place for years, seems like a health pass has been on the cards for years. I can’t find a bloody link to it anymore but it was publicly available.

        Let’s see if we are in lockdown in 2023. I bloody hope not.

      • Fair enough, Mr Cuntologist.

        I can understand the logic behind settling for government incompetence as an explanation, though their incompetence was always a given I’d say. And it would probably satisfy me too, if it weren’t for the fact that this exact same phony virus scenario hadn’t been attempted multiple times already (SARS1, avain flu, HIV..). There is clear evidence that this is, at the least, a cynical profit driven scam by the pharmaceutical industry in cahoots with chums in government and media by manufacturing an epidemic out of nothing. Fantastic business model really.

        It could all be a convergence of that and natural tendencies of power consolidation, but there’s just far too many coincidences and it just stinks of something far sinister.

        I’ll bet you that we will be in lockdown in 2023. Unless the public kicks off it’s guaranteed.

      • You’re going to get caught peeping under the toilet stalls one day, MNC. But thanks for the inside info – apologies Miss Cuntologist!

    • JRC@ – 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
      “The Indian variant travels 4500 miles to the UK but does not affect a single person in any Country on the way”.
      Just that one obvious statement should be enough to cause questions to be asked – did the alleged variant self isolate on the way?
      Just like the MSM in India using fake footage of a 2017 chemical spill and trying to allege it was caused by coronavirus in the last few weeks, the “bodies” in body bags where one of them unzips, one of the “corpses” lights a cigarette then puts it out, just before a Man starts picking up the “bodies” in the body bags easily with one hand, Indian MSM reporting that a deadly “UK variant” is sweeping India and people in the UK are dropping down dead from it in the streets – wuhan have we seen and heard this before?
      They make the mistake of assuming we are fools.

  21. Everything ‘they’ are doing was designed to try and make you fat, stupid, depressed, fearful, lazy and reliant on the crumbs they wipe off their plates (paid for by us). These people hate you!

    • I’ve just been to drop off some magazines at a medical unit in Stockport for a bloke who was a long term customer of mine.
      Last time I saw him he was robust, hearty, laughing and joking.
      He caught covid and has been in hospital 5 months.
      3 on a ventilator.
      At one point he had a ‘do not resusitate’ notice till his missus played holy fuck.
      Hes a shadow of his former self.
      Lost loads of weight.
      Folded his healthy business.
      Has to learn to walk again.
      Bit shocking.
      Im a callous little bleeder but even I felt sympathy.
      So anyone out there thinks its not real?
      Ive nothing to gain by lying,
      Take it from me,
      Its real.

      • How sad. What is up with that DNR slapped on him without his consent? Cunts. Hope he gets better. The wife sounds amazing.

        Bloody NHS rubbish at times. My local doctors won’t see my other half in person – his first appointment to finally go and see about his 6 weeks of agony in the foot is a ‘prescribing nurse’ via telephone. Just brilliant.

      • Evening Cuntologist,
        I was genuinely shocked..
        Its true that your health is everything.

        Hope your other half gets the treatment he needs.

      • Thank fuck you’ve seen it first-hand, MNC. I’ve been seeing it and dealing with it for months, saying it’s real and have had to put up with the massed ranks of The Tin-Foil Hat Brigade saying Covid’s a myth and a lie. As you’ve found out the hard way, it’s not. Hope your pal recovers fully.

      • Oh your right DCI, no two ways about it.
        The bloke has been ravaged by it.
        Of the 10 who were on the ventilators just him and another bloke came out the other side.
        No conspiracy
        No government lie
        Seen it.

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