Megs & Harry [9]

Megs & Harry two for one special

After shunning the limelight to move to the sleepy village of Los Angeles to enjoy their private life. They’re back (after what a week?)

Meghan is writing a book about a poem she originally wrote on father’s day for Harry. Good job she didn’t write it for her own dad as HG Wells has already written the invisible man and she’d be done for copyright infringement.

But wait there’s more! this Sunday YOU can tune in to watch Vax Live (it’s pre-recorded not live) and see a bunch of millionaires telling you to donate money. The event raised $53.8 (£38.8 million) for Covax, which is working to provide vaccines for low and middle-income countries.

You know if you’d just given a million each you could have raised it yourself, stayed at home and ordered a takeaway you rich attention seeking fucks. Also they only invited people who’d had the vaccine, which probably rules out the target audience of who they’re trying to help as they couldn’t attend.

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41 thoughts on “Megs & Harry [9]

  1. Car crash, mother and father perish, baby survives, cycle repeats!

    Good moaning.

    Fuck off

    • I think your all dead tight on this young couple.
      Always slagging them off.
      I fully support them.
      Theyve both obviously got special needs, =money, massive houses, titles etc
      And obviously have mental elf issues, he thinks hes royal,she thinks she’s black.
      Just be happy for them!
      Like if Diane Abbot found love with Forrest Gump.

      • “Momma always said, life is liiike a box o’ Choclats-you never know what your gonna gut neeext! But it will be coffee coloured and make you feel sick!”

        ©️Forrest Gump and the Proud Boys, due for release Autumn 2021.

      • The bride wore 2 left shoes and looked forward to her new career as a shrimpboat captain..

  2. Talking of Woko Ono and pet orangutan-where on Earth is IsAC’s Royal Correspondent Ron Knee?
    Did Admin Towers send him to The Middle East😢

  3. Prince Harry labours under the impression that he is clever enough to understand “the big picture” and feels the need to preach to the “uneducated Plebs”.

    I don’t know what it is with these Gobshites who think that they’re clever…the thicker they are,the clever they seem to imagine themselves to be. Harry isn’t bright.all the money and cheating still couldn’t knock an ounce of sense into the bastard. Came across as a spoiled moron before he was married and all that pairing up with the delightful Megan has done is give him someone to feed him his lines…he really is the wooden-headed ventriloquist’s dummy.

    Surprisingly enough I won’t be donating to “Jab a Jig-a-boo”…for a start,they’d probably refuse to take it….secondly, I dislike being asked to donate by people who I detest and who have plenty of their own cash if they want to “make a difference”…thirdly, I couldn’t give a two-bob wank about M’Bongos or their supporters.

    • ‘Megan has done is give him someone to feed him his lines…he really is the wooden-headed ventriloquist’s dummy’

      No it’s the other way round .Mr F.. She’s got the look of a ventriloquist’s dummy- with that stupid prema-smile on her doll- like plastic face.

      No it’s Harry with arm up HER back-‘a gottle of geer, a gottle of geer’. .

    • I think the reason is Dick, that like the luvies they are surrounded by people who tell them how clever they are. I have friends, normal people, who will tell me when I am talking out of my arse hole.

    • From what I’m gathering, the rappers think dee honky man is trying to kill dem wiv da ‘vaccine’, blud.

      And the peacefuls think the front wheels are trying to kill them with the ‘vaccine’ thank you please.

      No point trying to convince the daft cunts when they get that in their heads.

    • The thing you realise with intelligence and wisdom is that there is a hell of alot you don’t know fuck all about.

      In The case of these cunts the reverse is true.

  4. I honestly don’t know which is worse: the behaviour of these two or the abject failure of the UK to strip them of the royal titles that they keep milking to the ultimate degree.

    It’s like Rolls Royce turning a blind eye to a bunch of clueless cunts knocking out sub-standard jet engines made out of recycled baked bean tins and with RR badges plastered all over them.

    Then again, RR Aero is still British owned so we would probably just roll over and capitulate just like we have done with every other issue currently.

    On the other hand, abuse of the Rolls Royce cars brand would have the krauts rounding you up in railway wagons faster than you could say “sieg heil”!

    • Wholehearted agree, I have no fucking idea why they are still allowed to use their royal titles. The fucking cunt has it splashed all the cover of her book ‘by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’. Considering this publicity seeking opportunist ‘person of colour’ cunt (who’s about as black as a bleached albino) hates the ‘racist’ Royal Family so much, you would think she would want to totally distance herself from it.

    • I have never given this vacuous pair a single thought. I have much better things to do.

  5. There’s no end to their greed and thirst for popularity. They are insatiable fanatics with deep-rooted problems. In five years the divorce will be bitterly acrimonious, riddled with rancour, and hugely entertaining.

  6. The new Prince of Bel-Air, the cunt is perfect for the LA luvvies. Easily manipulated by the Meghanator, Harry my ‘friends’ want you to appear at a charity function and I have accepted on your behalf, don’t worry I will write down what you have to say.


    • Both in the woke race to the bottom.
      One of them will have to go trans to keep up with the crowd in LA.
      That kid, forget his name?
      Cheeta? He’ll be raised without any commonsense or perspective.
      Poor little cunt.

      Mommy! Pops spilled gender fluid all over your African tribal rug!

      • MNC@ – “Cheeta” – classic! 😀
        I feel we will be laughing a lot less when Me Gain becomes President.
        Which is the prize she has her vacuous and narcissistic eyes on.

  7. This pair of fuckwits are the new David and Victoria Beckham, attention seeking wankers – in this case neither has any talent whatsoever – just wait till Archie is old enough to join the firm – he will be Romeo or Brooklyn. They have no talent either, just live off dad’s name.

  8. Its the cloying sweetnees that is so sickening.

    She’s written a children’s book based on one of her poems exploring the beautiful relationship father’s have with their sons. And saying that she sees that with Harry and Archie.

    But let’s not forget young girls. She’s more serious with them. They have to go out and ‘fight injustice’ wherever they see it.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t done a series finding the connection between Motherhood and Apple Pie.

    • MP@ – Will Me Gain be “writing” a follow up on how to abuse and abandon your parents?

  9. A semi kaffir and a ginger half witted bastard. A marriage made in heaven. A divorce in Reno.

  10. I wish these two woke warriors would fuck off into obscurity. Prince Harry de Halfwit-Hewit should take a leaf out of the Duke of Windsor’s book by shutting up and disappearing for 40 years.

    Meghan’s book is a pile of cunt by all accounts. It seeks to preach to children which is the last thing they want. It sounds like that Titania McGrath parody of a woke children’s book – “My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism”. Successful children’s books are creepy, ghoulish, blood thirsty and scary. That’s what kids want. No doubt it will be popular with woke parents though. Poor kids.

    The Half-Wit and Sparkletits have also signed a long-term “global partnership” with US consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble to “uplift girls and women” to “build more compassionate communities” and promote the “transformative power” of sport. Bollocks.

    Just fuck off.

  11. Also Prince Gingerbollocks, the Duke of Netflix, is teaming up with Oprah to make some shit production about mental elf. This, of course, is a subject about which both are the self appointed world’s leading experts. And so the money keeps rolling in , followed by the free designer outfits for the publicity shy, and very private, Duchess of Netflix. Having written a book about the relationship between a father and his son the Duchess plans a follow up about a father and his daughter. One suspects the father character may be dropped after the second chapter when the daughter devotes her life to charitable work such as the saving of a rare breed of Orang Utan.
    What a pair of shameless, money loving wokie fake cunts!

  12. For a pair of vacuous cunts who decided to leave the UK for some privacy, they don’t seem to have been out of the headlines for more than 5 minutes in all that time they fucked off on a plane to Canada and then the US all those months/years ago.

    TV interviews
    Radio Interviews
    Streaming Interviews
    TV deals with the likes of Amazon (and probably one or two others) worth millions.
    Photo ops at every opportunity
    Addicted to social media
    Always looking for drama out of the smallest of issues
    They think they are a pair of Yodas offering wisdom and learning for a better planet.
    Having babies just in case they haven’t been in the public eye for a couple of days.
    They hate the Royal Family, but love the titles and the power/influence that goes with it.

    In essence they’re a pair of chavvy cunts who got lucky.

    fuck them!

  13. Apart from what I discover on here I have no idea what these slimy cunts are up to.

    I would like to read their private jet has flown into a volcano soon though.

  14. Okay they are uber cunts without any shadow of a doubt should be told to fuck off and get jobs. Sadly the woke fuckers actually like them. This means that they will continue on in the media spotlight, for a fee, of course. One thing they both have in common ..Neither of their dads came to the wedding.

  15. I wonder how Ms Sparkle would feel about old British comedy?! I was watching Monty Python yesterday and it was the one where Terry Jones was in full body blackface chucking a spear at Chapman lol

    That would probably send her into a full meltdown I bet, make her cry. Her being so woke and progressive She would probably use Harrys royal connections in media to get in Banned from Al Beeb

  16. The Duckshit of Suckit? It will turn to shit, look at the mighty Bill and Melinda. Cunt one and all, fuck em.

  17. I had plenty to say about these two dickheads, especially who the fuck would take any advice from these two with their self imposed car crash life, but reading though the 33 replies you cunts have said it all. Well done.

  18. I think it’s purely the Yanks who suck on the Markles’ fake tits. British (if you can call them that) wokies probably like what they say but they hate the Royals. When Sparkletits finally dumps the Orang Utan they may change their minds about the fake black gobshite but for the time being their fan base is almost exclusively Yank wokies. I think Sparkletits clearly understood the easy ride they would get from the American media, hence the cunning plan to wrench Hewitt away from his family and take him to Yankland.

  19. Prince Orangutan and the Markle Locust have now done a ‘partnership’ with American corporate monster, Procter and Gamble. Of course there’s all sorts of shite about ‘non profit foundations’, but as if the Locust will do something like that for nothing. I dare say there will be all kinds of freebies perks and incentives for the Locust. And naturally she has gone back on her word. Some time ago the Locust criticised P&G for being ‘sexist’. But now they are her best friends because they have offered her enough money. The slag is a disgusting fucking parasite and a complete cunt. There are alley rats that have more morals.

    • Her comment about P&G was when she was eleven, fucking eleven! A cunt in training even back then, and the fuckers gave in too. Incidentally P&G own those cunts Gillette who decided slagging off their primary customer base in the name of being woke was a good move and were only left with vaginas like Halfwit buying their shitty razors.

      • That wokie Gillette advert turned out to be a free advert for Wilkinson Sword. A little research would have told them that wokies tend to have beards of some sort anyway.

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