Thierry Henry (3)

Thierry Henry is a cunt, isn’t he.

Good player, bit of a cheat, advertising whore, boring TV pundit, irritating adolescent moustache, and now, inevitably, a crier of “wayy-cism!”

In an attention-seeking display of va-va-boom histrionics, this haughty shit-gibbon removed himself from soshul meeja saying, “Ze sheer volume of racism, bullying and resulting mental torture to individuals is too toxic to ignore.”


What a shame he didn’t find his va-va-morality when putting the Republik of Oireland out of the World Cup by his personal ‘hand of God’ volleyball antics.

His theatrics will have about as much effect to stem anger as his influence on France to win the 2002 World Cup (bundled out first round avec nil goals).

Good riddance. He was a decent player but a horrible individual and an even worse manager. While coaching at Monaco he openly mocked his own players in training, acting totally obnoxiously.

Not so much a ‘je ne ce quoi’ as a va-va-va-cunt.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

44 thoughts on “Thierry Henry (3)

  1. I liked him in Rugrats with his strange shaped cranium.

    Now he is just jumping on the ever increasing in size wahhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhh tanned bandwagon.

    Fuck off!

  2. He’s a Frigger (french n*gger). Or should that be froon.

    Should get into mime where at least he could paint his face white.

    A frog, khun, played for areholenal. Fuck me, starting to look like a winner of the cunt lottery.

  3. “Haughty shit gibbon”. I think the good Capt owes me a new keyboard after its unscheduled bath in sprayed coffee!

    Are there no suntanned celebs with sufficient grey cells to realise that the general population is thoroughly sick and tired of this confected racism bullshitery.


  4. Claiming to be the recipient of racial abuse via soshul meeja is de riguer at the moment, especially if things aren’t going their way. Three Liverpool players claimed they were victims before their loss to Real the other night and that’s just for starters. Saint Marcus if Rashford usually claims the same thing every fortnight or so.
    The thing is, there’s never any evidence presented for the average punter to have an opinion on. Is it really racist? Or are they just throwing a paddy because someone says they played shit? We’ll never know.
    Thierry is indeed a cunt though, regardless of colour. Live with it son!
    Potage bon femme as they say in the Dordogne.

  5. Voted the greatest ever Premiership player, in quite a few polls, over quite a few years.

    I don’t get it. I think Giggs, Cantona, Shearer, Scoles, Suarez, Keane and of course Ronaldo, were far better.

    Perhaps people thought they were voting for biggest CUNT?

  6. Bonjour, ze leetle ball chasing minky.
    Hes from the french Henrys who are cousins of the Brummie Henrys,
    Lenny is his distant cousin,
    They share a love of being racially abused and then talking about it for years.

    Hey has anyone found a lost Brummie accent?
    Because Lenny Henry has lost his!!
    Cunt was on news t’other day saying about blacks not being vaccinated (racism) and he sounded like Kenneth Branagh.
    Blacks are wise not to take the vaccine its bad juju.
    Brewed by witches, itll have poo poo in it and its whiteys attempt to kill you all.

    • Cultural appropriation Mis.

      Damn you Dawn French-you could have sat on his face and suffocated the uppity tea-swigger while you had the chance.
      Damn you!😢

  7. Always makes me laugh how he has a statue outside the Emirates stadium and is regarded as a legend at Arsenal. Didn’t he fuck off to Barcelona while he was still in his prime?

  8. Who gives a fuck about him anyway ? Anyone ?
    ( sound of crickets ) Come on, there must be someone, ( tumbleweed blows through ) Nobody ?
    Oh dear.
    Thierry, you must be a cunt.
    Off you go !
    Get To Fuck.

  9. Great player but shite pundit and manager. I remember Sky giving him a big build up for weeks on end when it was announced that he’d be joining their pundits ‘team’

    He was so fucking bad that we hardly ever saw the cunt after a few appearances. I’m not surprised he was a shite manager. He was a great player and a lot of what he did was off the cuff (he also used his searing pace well). As a coach? He ain’t got a scooby.

    Bit of a cunt I heard as a player too. He was accused of bullying younger players (allegedly) and Robin Van Persie hated the cunt (allegedly again). He also had his own seat on the French team bus and demanded special treatment. Again, all allegedly.

    But what a player he was.

  10. Arrogant, self-obsessed wanker. He made everything on the pitch about him and acted as if he was doing everyone a favour by putting his boots on.
    I would imagine any grief he gets on social media is 1% to do with his colour and 99% to do with him being an obnoxious cunt.

  11. He is French so he has a lot to do to make up for that but jumping on the ‘everything is racist’ bandwagon has put him in the grade one cunt club.
    There are lots of reasons to ditch social media, he doesn’t need to make it about race.

    The mother of the young bloke who went Walk about and ended up a pond in Epping has now thrown out the race card.
    The police were racist, they would have done more if he (she didn’t say white) were a different colour.
    From what I saw on the news they did everything to find this 19 year old (an adult) and I would say probably did more than they would have done had he been white.

    • 19 year old male missing, not a priority for the cops. But here we go – racism. I wonder how the Lagos police would have acted if this fucking kaffir was back home? I smell compo.

    • It’s the lack of humility that gets me with all their talent and then all the wealth they amass they are still cunts and it doesn’t matter what colour they are the general public recognize a cunt when they listen to them.

  12. Was a good striker, but I saw better. Shearer, Van Nistelrooy, Jimmy Greaves, King Denis Law, Kenny Dalglish, Ronaldo (the fat one from Brazil), Gerd ‘Der Bomber’ Muller, and the great Marco Van Basten.

    Henry is also a knee taking professional sambeau victim race card pulling cunt.

    • Jeeeesus Norm-that was restrained for you.
      You feeling ok mate? Have you been jabbed and infected with woke virus?😳


  13. Rangers and Birmingham City have announced they will follow Swansea City in a week-long boycott of social media, amid claims not enough is done on by tech firms to tackle racist abuse on their platforms.
    A fucking week?? If you can’t handle the crap, don’t use it you thick pathetic cunts. Fuck off a play in your lambo’s

    (White people suffer racism on social media, especially over the last few months. But will there be any boycotts for them I wonder? DA)

    • Rangers? That’s hilarious.

      (Indeed. That low-flying aeroplane marked “Irony” obviously flew straight over their heads! – DA)

      • Norman, youse are a fenian fucker. There’s nae sectarianism here aboots.

  14. If Henry were a politician, he’d be Macron.
    If he were a film star, he’d be George Clooney.
    If he were a musician, he’d be Sting.
    If he were a cheese, he’d be Laughing Cow.
    If he were a job, he’d be a coiffure stylist.

  15. The entire French national football team looks like it hopped off a dinghy ten minutes ago.
    Every “civilised” (well we are talking about the frogs here) area of France has been taken over by the dark devil islam types and they are now filthy murderous shitholes.
    Don’t like this non existent racism Thierry – you know the routine – fuck off to Africa.

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