Scottish Politicians

Emergency Cunting! Scottish Politicians.
Just watched Question Time and my piss is now super-heated enough to power 1000 kettles for a week. Scottish Politicians are a collection of half-witted bastards, arseholes, shite bags, sex pests and other assorted cunts.

SNP – Nicola Sturgeon
Their only policy is independence at any cost. Nuff said.

Labour – Anas (Anus) Sarwar
The voice of moderation and rebuilding a post Covid Scotland. Can’t shake off the electorate’s hatred for Blair and Brown. Then they elected a man called Anus as their leader in Scotland. FFS.

The Greens – Lorna Slater
A potty mouthed rug-muncher who thinks that a gravity battery
using a crane which requires energy… from a motorised crane using petrol… will solve the energy problem.
The Greens don’t think at scale. Look, I was told at School that there was 300 years worth of coal left in Britain. If you ignore the climate and CO2 emissions and reopened every coal mine and power station in Britain you wouldn’t get enough men to work in the mines and dig out the coal because their wage expectations are too high. They’d be cheaper than cleaning up nuclear power stations for 300-500 years and long term storage of nuclear waste for 10000 years though.

Liberal Democrats – Willie Rennie
Blofeld in Spectre lookalike. Thinks air heat pumps can replace gas powered boilers and cookers in houses. That will cost 10 times more you cunt, and I only have a 60 Amp main fuse which Scottish Power might not upgrade depending on the condition of the meter tails.

Conservative – Douglas Ross
The only Scottish Politician promising a tax cut for the rich. You don’t
want to win any votes, do you?

Nominated by: Anton Pillar 

35 thoughts on “Scottish Politicians

    • If you had to fuck all three or face being bummed bloody by a grinning Rylan, in which order would you do them and why? Explain your answers in a clear and organised manner and feel free to use diagrams were applicable!

      Good evening

      • Right-to Left: I’m a long distance runner, not a sprinter. By the time I got finished with the cunt on the right, the other two would be shit scared that they won’t be able to sit down for a week and fuck off.

      • I’d take Kezia the lezza on the right first… piggy in the middle NEVER….. and would inject myself with disinfectant, plus imbibe a pint of Drano® before going within a cuntry mile of the First Fishwife.

      • I would only be able to manage a perfunctory fuck to the aforementioned.

        1. Sturgeon: In the gob. She can’t talk with her mouth full.
        2. Davidson: Doggy. So I don’t have to look at her ugly face.
        3. Swinson: Her on top. Only because she’s a bitch that has had pups.

      • Then your ‘Yuck’ system is in reverse or has clearly failed, RTC!

    • RTC, I agree, you should have triple yukked auld fish-face Krankie.

      The bint on the end doesn’t look that bad, and looks like she’s waiting to receive a facial.

      I’d love to wear Jo Swinson’s knickers as a face mask though, whilst walking around the Co-op.

      Admin, can you please provide a picture of her next time we cunt these Jock beauties?

  1. I’m not sure what’s more annoying, their policies, their stupidity, their whinging, their fuck ugly faces, or their annoying accents…..
    Either way they’re all cunts, and good riddance when the time finally comes.

  2. The most savvy one is the dyke in the middle. Can’t remember her name but she always makes krankie look what she is- dense.
    If you can listen to them you quickly realise they are all Marxist arseholes who given half a chance would wreck Scotland even more. The Tories I believe are currently second in the polls. Labour are totally out to lunch,the limp dems and greens thick as shit in a bottle and krankie is away with the fairies.
    Ruth Davidson that’s the one in the middle. Smart but not tory enough.

    • I thought it was Michael McIntyre transitioning. I think I prefer it when Wee Bernie is gurning and complaining about Boris being a cunt, her smiling is a bit unnerving.

  3. If you say “Scottish politician” three times extremely slowly, an impish mutation of a Guatemalan tree sloth with Ian Blackford’s face will appear and bore you to actual death! FACT!!

  4. Poor old Scotchland. Once the leader in the greatest instrument of human liberation in history, the British Empire are reduced to a moaning, soon to be a rump province of the eu. Fuck off.

  5. When everyone is grinding on about getting rid of diesel/petrol cars and moving to electric ones, never mind gas ovens and heating, I would like to know where the fuck all this electricity is going to come from?

    We barely manage to keep up with current demand as it is, ffs.

    Has someone’s PR person advised them to plug ” green ” energy as a vote catcher?

    They fucking disgust and frighten me in equal measure.

  6. Best moment was last weeks QT in the HOC when Fatty waffled on about something or other (cannot remember his drone is constant), lo and behold his dog starts barking constantly right up to the end of his question, cue Boris a quick put down of Fatso followed by “I thought his dog made more sense than him”, lots of laughter at Fatty including the Speaker, TV pans back to the Simple Crofter fuming and looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Fantastic. And this is the supposed best representative they have, Jesus wept.

  7. The jock politicians are narrow and parochial. The fuckers in Westminster represent Scotland only and dont function as British members. The devolved parish council is an incompetent fucking joke living on fantasy island.

  8. Give up on the BBC then you won’t be watching shite like Question Time and you can blissfully ignore cunts like this. It’s the way forward👍

  9. I guess there wasn’t enough room to squeeze Ian “Fat Cunt” Blackford into the header pic.

  10. Wonder whether they’ll want another referendumb if they ever get independence.

  11. Question Time; an unwatchable, deliberately unbalanced shit show.

    SNP=total cunts (where SNP stands for the variables of inept, deluded and repetitive.)

  12. Even more lying control freaks, who get rich off the back of hard working individuals in the private sector. Utter contempt of them should be the default position.

  13. Ruth Davidson is ok. A carpet muncher but one on the right side of the argument. All other Scottish politicians are cunts of the highest order.

    And as an example of the rarefied intellect level of Scottish Politicians, consider the recent media broadcast put out by Alex Salmonella’s Alba Party. It features Robert the Bruce comparing today’s Scottish political landscape to the Battle of Bannockburn. Urging Scots to ‘Unite the Clans’, Braveheart actor Angus Macfadyen who portrayed the Bruce in that infamously shite movie, tells the story of how “sma folk” turned the tide at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, propelling the Scots to victory over Edward II of England and how they can do the same again, by supporting dodgy rapist Salmonella.

    1314!!! This is the fantasy world occupied by the Nats. Their vision for Scotland is forward to the 14th century. They don’t have an answer for anything else, like currency or economics or trade. Deluded cunts.

    Sometimes I wish we were in the 14th century. Then we could send Edward I to hammer the cunts again.

  14. Give us English the vote on Jock independence and I guarantee the jocks would be fucked off to stand on thier own two feet. Get them out of the English parliament especially the fat bastard Blackford. We seem to have more fuckin jocks down at Westminster than English.

  15. They’ve got that horrible radgee dyke Mihari Black haven’t they. Is anything in Scotland not rabid socialist?

  16. Scottish female politicians have all got heads that look like shovels with a face painted on them.

    And why do Scottish women in general have no lips. Did somebody chew them off in a previous life?

    Perhaps they have huge piss-flaps instead? That would suit Auld Reekie Ruth nicely.

  17. Just to reiterate what others said, I never watch QT now because it is a debate moderated by a biased left wing institution. Would make mke my piss boil even if it was made of ice cubes. As for Scottish politicians, they are a bunch of english hsting rug munchers, including alex salmond. They will never gain independence a) because most voters know they need westminster money and B) they would play second fiddle to Poland if the EU did accept them

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