Looters and Rioters

Another dark key resisted arrest and while being cuffed, arrogantly got back in his car. The cop (a female) threatened him with a tazering and it seems, accidentally deployed her gun instead. The cunt died as he sped off and crashed his car.

I believe it was an accident. Bodycam footage appears to support this. There is no fucking way, right now, that any cop would shoot at a dark key in Minneapolis. A honky? They’d blow his brains out without a second thought, but I digress.

Cue the expected response to this incident though. Thousands of dark keys (and a few honky Antifa types, but it looks about 95% dark key on the footage I’ve seen), devoid of any of the facts, take to the streets to attack the cops and to use this as an excuse to loot the local businesses.

I’ve seen recent footage of a white guy in America (with weed in his car) trying to speed off when cops stop him and ask him to get out of the car. The cop deliberately shot the man through the window about 3 times, killing him instantly. The cops’ verdict was the copper acted correctly. To see this footage, you’d need to go to Bitchute and type in ‘Emily Youcus’ for a long (and very graphic …be warned) video on black violence featuring government statistics and footage. Some of this lady’s opinions are not opinions I agree with, but she’s right on blacks being more violent than other races (even allowing for socio economic reasons for other races in the same income and social brackets).

Did white people take to the streets and riot when this honky was shot? I must’ve missed that one.

The facts show that in the US, that during arrest, white people are more likely to be shot by cops than black people. It was a black academic who pointed this out too. However, black people are much more likely to resist arrest, so you would expect more of them to be shot. Hmmmm.

The media never seem to point out that the dark key cunts who get shot, are always caught in the act of committing a crime and resisting arrest.

It’s about time this group of people took some fucking responsibility. Perhaps stop committing crimes could be an answer here? How about you stop glorifying crime, cop killing and looting in your ‘music’? Maybe, just maybe, resisting arrest isn’t a great idea with a cop with a gun? Remember, these cops go to work every day/night genuinely thinking it could be their last. Cops have guns pulled on them all the time, which is why they’re so ‘jumpy’ during arrests.

I notice though that here, the riot squads/National Guard were quickly deployed this time though. Tear gas and a few beat downs were given.


However, Trump would’ve been lynched for allowing the same. Under Biden it seems, the cops can do this. After Biden and his cronies were demanding the cops stand off and refusing Trump’s offer of the National Guard being deployed. Not now they’re in charge though, right?

Yes, it’s Yankeeland, but our thick cunts, with the help of our media, make sure the same shit will go on over here. The deification of George Floyd has been sickening and adds to this shit. His brother’s badly acted crocodile tears at the trial yesterday were a fucking joke. He went on about his ‘Christianity’ and helping those in his ‘communidee’ with prayer.

Not much kindness was shown to the Hispanic (notice NOT black) woman he robbed at gunpoint, eh. “He was turning his life around” they all say. Well, the cunt who he was in the car with when arrested with the take note had arrest warrants out for him and, when caught after going on the run, he gave statements which showed Floyd was slipping into and out of consciousness before Chauvin took him down (which helps Chauvin’s case). He’s now pleading the fifth (refusing to talk). With these cunts, the facts do not matter, of course.

My verdict? If you resist arrest you run the risk of getting yourself shot, you thick cunt. And if you think you can then riot and loot businesses every time this happens, then you deserve to be shot too.

Fuck off.


Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

42 thoughts on “Looters and Rioters

  1. ‘Is it cos Ise is blek”” (sic).

    No, it’s because your a thieving piece of criminal shit you cunt.

  2. Yee-haai, a’m gonna get me a noo pair of sneekers, a noo TV, some dem laptop tings, an’ a George Foreman grill for to cook ma shit. No need to aks me twice. Dem crackers gon pay for my sweet stuff. Shii-iit.

  3. It’s protocol now for US cops to say ‘taser’ then they are covered if it goes pear shaped. Think about it, if say taser and pull a gun then it’s a mistake. Goes to court cop walks. Sorted.

    • Yeah it takes quite a leap of imagination to accept this as an accident. A 26 year veteran cop can’t tell the difference between a standard service weapon, worn on the right hip, and a big, plastic, yellow, fuck off taser, worn on the left hip? That’s a story that takes some swallowing. She’s lucky she’s only charged with 2nd degree manslaughter which, I believe, carries a ten year sentence. Very lucky indeed if you ask me.

  4. Any excuse to do the dark key ‘Supermarket Sweep’ really.

    The vid I’m talkin’ bout is by ‘Emily Youcis’ on Bitchute (I spelled it wrong in the nom) about 90 minutes long. Very graphic at one point though (I switched off when a dead white baby in SA with severe burns was shown – wasn’t expecting it). Might be called ‘Black Crimes Matter’ or summat like that.

    But she nails the facts and stats part (even if I disagree with some of her views, which are a bit extreme even by ISAC’s standards).

    Just thought I’d best warn anyone who was going to watch it.

  5. Crackers gon’ crack.

    Lots on here think I’m a loony conspiracy theorist. So be it.

    I have enough money and legal cahoonies to make and win my case.

    I’m happy to sit back and point and laugh,

    • Ive rioted but never looted.
      Retail therapy on the cheap.
      This has happened before where blackies think theyre bullet proof.
      Witch doctors puts a spell on them, making them invunerable to whiteys rifles.
      And the red injuns, went out thinking that a incantation would protect against hot lead.
      Upto now its been a fail,
      But keep it up!
      Sooner or later youll get it right.

      • Miserable Northern Cunt I would shake your hand and buy you a pint.

      • Wouldn’t get to excited Wokey!
        It was the Poll tax riot in London.
        Me and some mates went just to cause chaos 😀
        But it was interesting.
        The coppers shit it as did the government caught on the hop.
        And so did the socialist worker who organised it when the coach driver panicked an fucked off leaving him with a load of angry northerners!

  6. If I was a copper in the US id walk away. The Dems and CNN are responsible for thick black people thinking the old bill are hunting them down. All to get rid of Trump.Let them deal with it. When the anger spills into white “liberal” areas they will shit their pants. What a bunch of cunts.

    • It’s not the Commie News Network that’s the problem, it’s MSLSD. With Rachel MADCOW wearing the ‘Russia Russia Russia’ trousers.

    • Indeed.

      The Rozzers should strike for a week in protest at how they’re portrayed. Will be funny to see CNN et al helpless as their pets loot and destroy their buildings.

      Only when the establishment agree to stop with the race baiting should they agree to return to work. All the race baiting politicians should also be fired.

      Be a cop in Yankeeland? Not for all the rice in Asia.

      The yanks are fucked. And sadly, it’ll be coming here soon too.

      Or it will if Chauvin gets off (he should after hearing the evidence, but he won’t, of course).

      Fuck off.

  7. The irony is a police office with 26 years service is likely going to jail and has already lost her job. She’s going to jail because a man who was already wanted by the police again attempted to avoid being detained.

    He’s now dead and her life is ruined. If he was white the majority of the white community would shrug and say he had it coming, the police officer would likely of had the case dismissed.

    Because the dead man is black theirs going to be another show trial and the judiciary will prey for a guilty verdict to prevent even more riots and more calls to defund the police.

    There are calls from serving politicians to abolish the police and prisons. What do they think the end result of those policies would be?

    The whole of society is being expected to abandon law and order to satisfy a small percentage of a minority that are unable to live in a civilised society.

    The dead mans mother is happy to talk about the events leading up to his death but only from the moment the officer pulled a gun instead of a taser.

    What about the years before that? Maybe the journey to his death will erase the victim narrative.

    The fall of western civilisation is being televised right now.

  8. Who the fuck would be a police officer in the States now without a Presidential Pardon in the safe at home?
    Fuck that.
    Let the savages burn everything.

  9. Back in the UK, the BLM movement is now infiltrating da Welsh gubbimint, n sheet, nomesayin?


    Guaranteed to make your piss simmer, fizzle and pop at superheated temperatures. That soppy great Bassett-Hound faced, flaccid cunt, Drakeford, is ultimately responsible for tthe employment of this member of what is clearly a divisive, law-breaking, racist organisation by his lovely, lovely tinpot Welsh Government.

    I wonder if this cunt was DBS criminal checked before his appointment, as I suspect that as well as being a purported “aspiring musician, writer designer and activist”, the cunt has likley been involved in a few “transgressions” here and there.

    I shit, piss and spit on Drakeford. and his Welsh Arts Council.

    The good people of Wales are being shit upon and many of them probably don’t realise this is happening behind the cloak of popular nationalism.

    • That’s exactly the sort of political hand out the professional race baiter is looking for. This cunt obviously knows a dumb, virtue signalling politician when he sees one. Drakeford will be sucking his cock before the year is out.

    • Thankfully, nationality isn’t the issue it is for the jocks, only mongs are up for it in Wales. Should be interesting come the senedd elections, many cunts who have voted Labour for generations are finally realising how they shit on Wales. Fingers fucking crossed.

  10. Rioting is for lazy cunts and those out on the rob. Anyone who does a decent day’s work doesn’t have the fucking energy for this sort of shit. Fucking lawlessness paid for by bennies which, in turn, are paid for by…you guessed it, the poor law abiding fuckers who are too tired to riot. The lack of justice is almost poetic. Cunts.

  11. Note the political class has looked after itself in Washington. They have 8 ft tall steel fencing around the Capitol and the White House and have drafted in 25000 National Guardsmen. Given the BAME population of DC is around 63% they are taking no chances and looking after number one. No defunding here!

  12. Those Antifa thugs up in Portland didn’t want to feel left out, setting fire to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Oregon the other night…… while there were still people inside. Don’t worry though, old biddy Biden says Antifa’s, “…just an idea.”


  13. I never understand the connection between thinking you have been hard done by the justice system, despite being a criminal and nicking trainers from a shop. Wait till their all in positions of power here, promoted due to their skin colour, then we will have arrived at Planet of the Apes.

  14. Fully agree. It annoys me how the news but especially the BBC conveniently leave out the FACT that he resisted arrest and tried to escape. They are quick to point out it was a WHITE cop who shot a BLACK man. Fuck off BBC. Cunts.

    • And you never hear them say, “Mr X who is black, shot/stabbed Mr Y, who was an unarmed white man..”

      Or “Miss X, who is a thirteen year-old white girl from a vulnerable background, was groomed and then gang raped by a group of brown men of Pakistani descent..”

      It’s not like they never get the chance, is it?


      • It boils my piss. Just look at the BBC website. Loads of Blacks and mixed race families. Over represented. The BBC are obsessed with it. They always over represent the BAME people.

  15. To be fair I think the dar keys in the states have got the cops they deserve, and the cops in the states have the dar keys they deserve.

  16. Darkies do not need much of an excuse to Chimp out, a large percentage of the rent a mob would not even understand why they were there, just a opportunity to partake their national pastime, Looting.!!

  17. It’s like a Bank holiday for Black people when a Bat gets its wings, just another sorry excuse for a Ch!mp out.! Bosshog

  18. Real protests never descend into violence. It’s like that lefty saying ‘one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist’ Bullshit, the distinction is easy, a freedom fighter will reserve action for military or government targets, a terrorist will happily kill civilians, like the peaceful cunts and the IRA. Legitimate protesters don’t smash the place up or rob the fuck out of shops. Those are the actions of skumbags, and the cops can club away for all I care.

  19. You make a great distinction Gutstick between each group. Problems arise when these groups mix on the day.

    • I know that is a problem, but usually the genuine fuckers go home before the real shit happens. There will always be agitators, whose aim will be to spark disent, and they are the cunts that need disappearing.
      If there are to be protests against another lockdown, by real people, not the tinfoil dribblers, I hope it will be peaceful. Ideally it would be not leaving the house, withdrawing your labour in a massive strike. If enough people said fuck it and did that, it would say far more than waving a placard or burning a police car.

  20. Sorry I am late to the party-excellent cunting, Cuntybollocks.

    I was watching footage from the Watts riots. These simian fuckers will never change-any excuse for some violence and looting👎
    The only thing keeping them in the ghetto’s is their own behaviour-affirmative action (positive fucking discrimination 👎), means that blacks have the greatest advantages in the American education system.

    Stooopid is, as stooopid does💩

  21. Let Milwaukee (or wherever it is) burn. It’s a) not my country, and b) all a load of bread and cicuses (panem et circenses for the resident bore) for the woke. Does this really matter to us?
    In more important news, i get my 2nd jab next week.

  22. I think the American Police are out of control. Would you want to be shot or tazered for not complying with a police officer’s instructions to get out of your car for a simple traffic violation? 10 mph over limit, get out your car or get tazered or shot, no thanks. One headlight out, get out your car. TBH if I was black and American, I would not leave the car

  23. Thinking back, about the only good thing about a nuclear war was that martial law would have been declared which meant we could shoot looters and rioters.

  24. Enoch Powell, 1968 :

    “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”

    “… the immigrant communities can organise to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their
    fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided. As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

    “I have set and always will set my face like flint against making any difference between one citizen of this country and another on the grounds of his origin”

    “We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

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