Danny Dyer (8)

Danny Dyer is a cunt.

He believes his own publicity and tries to assert his ill-founded reputation as a “hard man “ even on game shows, but fails to impress even the softest rice pudding. He’s just a bad mannered lout with an overgrown notion of importance.
What a cunt.

Nominated by: El Spazmo


56 thoughts on “Danny Dyer (8)

    • I would like to give Mr. Dyer a chance to stretch his acting chops, and I am considering offering the title role in my new work “The Anthony Blair Story” – DD does camp – might b worth seeing

      In all honesty at least he is not one of those precious old maids like Patrick Stewart or duckie Stephen Fry.

  1. Never heard of the cunt and certainly never watched anything with him in…..not knowingly anyway.

    Fuck him to hell where he should suffer in an eternal bath of pig shit.

  2. Bell end extraordinaire, geezer calls himself an actor!

    That said, his daughters a bit of al right, bet she’s a right dirty little essex girl.

    • His daughter is on that irritating “Perf with Surf” washing powder advert. I can’t stick her estuary accent. Every time she utters something, it sounds as if yet another brain cell escapes from her pie-hole.

      Worthy of a cunting all of her own.

      • Paul , I think you will find she has already been cunted with epic proportions, I wouldn’t be surprised if that thick cockney cunt has daddy issues, just wait for porno hub to post it

    • Everything is Perf with Surf! What a wank advert, would be better her rubbing in her hair to get the cum out.

      • Maybe her dad told her it’s a good conditioner, dumb bitch would believe it too,

    • I don’t know about that, a bit of downs’ more like. With you on the dirty bit, probably has a cunt like a prolapsed windsock.

  3. Would you Adam & Eve it 👎
    Along with his fat mate Ray Winstone a pair of right cunts 👍

    • I did like Ray in “Scum”. Mind you, he’s made a fortune for not having any acting skills and doing the same role in every film. He was the voice of a beaver in some animated thing and he was even the same in that!

      • I agree the only thing he was good in was Scum
        Tell a lie He was also in a few early Minder as Arnie playing himself a thick no talented tosser 👍👍

  4. The essential Mockney Wanker.
    Just the sight of the cunt turns me fully Berserker.
    Thank fuck he’s not my next door neighbour.
    Rather have gypsies.

  5. I often see the cunt at the tea-hut in Epping Forest. He thinks he’s a right hard nut.

  6. Cor blimey guvnaaaaahhh!! Wot a two bob geezaaaaahh this caaaant is!
    I can’t make up my mind what the fuck he is, but he certainly isn’t what I’d class as an actor. And I don’t care if he’s London born and bred. That fucking irritating accent is forced, like that other growling twat Ray Winstone. I bet they sound like Noel Coward when they’re with they’re thespian mates.
    Eastenders is perfect for this cunt because it’s almost as make believe as he is. But why would anyone suggest he fronts a game show?
    Fackin Liberty!
    Boss eyed talentless cunt!

    • Ray Winstone always makes me laugh Although he’s old enough to be my Dad he’s a fucking lightweight 👍

  7. “Facking nawty little pistol fingas, innit”. Danny Dyer has all the charisma of Mr Whippy consistency dogshite.

    I have more ‘talent’ trapped under my foreskin than Danny Dyer posseses in his whole body. My foreskin could probably out-act him in Eastenders. The quality of my foreskin’s acting would be like Ralph Richardson in comparison to his.

    The facking cant.

    • A peaceful’s foreskin would probably be a better actor than Danny Dyer. Such a shame they don’t circumcise the entire penis.

  8. Danny Dire more like. Fits in well on the modern day BBC I should think. Give it up👍

  9. Yer fackin wot?
    Straight in an out no shooters,
    Alrite John?
    Straightener on the cobbles
    Twins were good to their dear ol mum,
    Put on me moody blues an a nice whistle an gave him a one inch punch din I?
    Now im in fackin Belmarsh!
    Do it standing on me nut int that right Shirl?
    Just auditioned for Minder,
    Told em, im on me toes, see you in Costa del sol Ronnie.
    Chim chim cha roo…

      • Danny was in that tv show where they trace your family tree and discuss your ancestors.
        Turns out hes a direct descendant of Henry VIII!!
        No shit!
        But the best bit is it went straight to Dannys nut,
        His imagination ran away with him,
        Cue loads of shows where Danny gets to dress up as his ancestor and brag about his royal blood.

  10. 🎼Danny Dyer, he’s a liar, put him in a head lock🎼

    Great song about the faaackking caaaannnttt

    Not sure who wrote it though?

  11. He is a classic example of an “empty vessel”👎

    He actually believes playing “ard’ Caaants” in a succession of low budget British gangster films has made him into one.
    The fucking deluded cunt😂👎

    • And fuck me they were low budget, how that cunt made it on TV is beyond me.

      My left bollock has more talent.

    • RIP Saint.
      We’ve lost so many ex greats recently, it’s almost as if they no longer want to be connected with the miserable, failing spectacle that is football today.

      • Always loved how The Saint and King Denis Law were the best of mates when they played for Scotland, then they’d knock shit out of each other when Man United played Liverpool. Proper men and proper players.

  12. His duck walk gets on my tits. It’s the universal walk of wannabes, chavs, arseholes and twats. He’s about as hard as my bobbar the day after a strong curry.

  13. Denny Dooooyah, east end ‘ord Main – not too fkin ‘ard when he interviewed Mo Teague for ‘is ‘ard Main series – he got a playful clip that nearly broke his jaw and had difficulty not bawling – the snivelling little plastic tough guy!
    His chirpy cockernee Daughter (imaginatively named Dani) is most pleasing however, irritating grating Dick Van Dyke accent but most worthy of a mounting, she’d more than Surf when I had finished with her – the dirty girl!

  14. Before he appeared in Eastenders he used to present something called Danny Dyer’s Most Hardest Psycho Bastards in which he
    Informed viewers he was ‘proper brickin’it sunshine’.
    ‘Coor blimey guv’nor as it ‘appens i’m a real cocknee ‘ard case just this geez only used to serve ice cream to the young royals !’

  15. First time I saw this arrogant mouthy cunt, he was playing this delinquent kid in Highlander (the series, not the film) and I hated him even then.

  16. Fuck the “Cockneys”. Fucking off to Essex and leaving everyone else to deal with Islam is cuntishness of the highest order.

  17. As for Dani,.. nah. Too much time wasted on her sort at six form college in the Time of Tony.

    Bunch of boring oompah oompahs slagging it up on the WKD back then, and all over the TV screen now.

  18. Typical nowadays celebrity, offering up no skills on the acting front just strutting around fooling people with low intelligence that he is hard, I seriously doubt that he is tough, that mincing puff Andy Peters (the wanker off morning T.V) is a more convincing hard man.!

  19. Danny dyer in a tumble dryer.
    Preferably on as high heat as possible.
    What a tosser.

  20. Danny diarrhoea. That’s what will be running out of the cunt’s hoop I he met me staggering up the alley on the way back from the pub.

  21. I forgot to mention that he wanted to join the male voice choir at a shitty mining town in South Wales .I remember the choirmaster saying, “We don’t want no Dyer ‘ere”

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