The Duchess of Cuntbridge

You selfish cunts might like to take a minute to reflect on this:

‘The Duchess of Cambridge has said the challenges of parenting and home schooling during lockdown have left her “exhausted”.

Poor woman. The trials and tribulations of having everyfucking thing done for you by an army of sycophantic lackeys.
How to keep afloat financially? Which nannies to screen? How many home tutors are needed. Would hubby suit an acrylic hairpiece?

Yes, however badly you selfish cunts have been affected by lockdown, there is always someone worse off.

Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble 

(You can’t fool us! You’d still take her up the tradesman’s given half a chance – DA)

45 thoughts on “The Duchess of Cuntbridge

  1. Despite this nomination, I imagine she still gives Cunstable the horn.

    RuffTuff too.

    • Indeed Mike, I’m ROCK HARD as I type!

      Kate can do no wrong in my eyes. The Cuntstable is upset cos she told him he’d have to take sloppy seconds after me, ha ha.

    • Mike, please refrain from comparing me with that degenerate RTC and his unnatural and inappropriate urges.

  2. “(You can’t fool us! You’d still take her up the tradesman’s given half a chance – DA)”….and I’m sure that she’d let him if he had a few quid to chuck her way.

    Her and her family are no better than any other parasitical, benefit-sponging,breeding- like- rats ,dysfunctional families that populate so many chavvy Council housing estates.

    Titless tart with a fanny like a windsock.

    • Princess Anne lives in a surprisingly normal home Mr Fiddler-

      She has let the cameras in because it is her 70th birthday.

      Now Mr Fiddler look at the modest home. It doesn’t show any evidence of luxurious indulgence does it?

      You malign our senior Royals every day Mr Fiddler. You really ought to take back what you say about them

      However. if you cannot find it in yourself to do that maybe at least you could wish her a Happy Birthday?

      • You’re right of course…here’s another photo of her “surprisingly normal” home…

        That photo in your link’ll have been taken in the Under-Butler’s quarters….probably just before Prince Edward did him up the wrong ‘un.

        Keeping well,Miles?

      • Old Money, Miles.

        I am on good terms with the CEO of one of my clients, we are talking about a multi-billion pound blue chip business. He owns a 32 acre estate with a Grade 2 listed home. I helped him with arranging new electric and water supplies for the re-build of the house.

        A modest man, I spoke to him at the time to understand what plans he had for the place. He told me that he didn’t want an all singing and dancing, integrated lighting/entertainment system for the house (some salesman tried to talk him into it). He just wanted plain switches to turn lights on and off and a TV/DVD socket for the unit in the corner.

        You tend to find Old Money is completely different from the Footballers Wives/Only Way is Essex nouveau riche wankers who prefer flash over function.

      • I’m Old Money and I certainly don’t buy my own furniture.

        My butler, Willie Stroker, buys it from the British Heart Foundation. In return we allow him free and peaceable access to the thunderbox in the garden.

      • Probably can’t reach the cold chisel and lump hammer to chip himself free.

  3. I know as one of two parents trying to hold down full time employment as an Engineer and a GP, whilst working at home with two children, one four, the other six with special needs, it is, well, let’s say, “a challenge”.

    My wife’s Aunt helps with the daytime tasks, but she is nearly 80.

    It is fucking exhausting and a total mind-fuck. I don’t know Kate’s circumstances, but if they are anything like mine then yes I can’t see how she is a cunt for speaking out.

    • A clue about her circumstances – Duchess in a grossly overpaid and resourced bunch of parasites who hasnt done a day’s work in her life. Engineer or GP she aint.

  4. Because of this it won’t be long before Megraine moans about having to look after a child and baby Archie as well.

  5. She could buy 8 more nannies and fuck off to Bermuda for 6 months.

    Don’t try to empathise with the lower classes Duchess.
    It doesn’t suit you dear.

  6. I can’t imagine how she copes. It’s a national disgrace that she’s allowed to struggle, it’s not just the kids, she has elderly in-laws as well.

  7. What’s particularly annoying about that article is that you’ll get sycophantic journalists/hacks/opinion-writers coming out in sympathy for the poor overworked trollop!

    They’ll no doubt blame Boris and his nasty government for not doing enough for the monarchy.

    Oh, and it won’t be long before Saint Marcus of Rashford moans that the Taxpayer needs to contribute more in providing for the monarchy during these socially and financially difficult times! (While making sure that he doesn’t contribute some of his millions himself of course)

    As for the Duchess – she reminds of the early days of Princess Diana: everyone fawning over her (or wanking over candid bikini photos!); and then she starts playing away with a string of blokes, becomes a moody cow, and then is assassinated by the Mob in a French tunnel.

  8. What an absolute cunt of a woman, I heard abaaaaaht this the other day and well cunted CC.
    Talk abaaaaaht having no clue whatsoever, this skinny cow and the rest of the Royals have been taking the piss for far too long.
    She needs to visit some families that are really struggling, I am guessing she has two daytime nannies and two night time nannies. When her brats start playing up all she does is press a solid gold buzzer and one of the nannies comes running.
    The poor have enough to worry abaaaaaht and in these uncertain financial times (which will get much worse) there can be no justification for these German bastards living in their fucking castles, stealing our money and looking down on us anymore.
    I used to think it was traditional blah blah blah, now I think they are a bunch of inbred looking cunts you wouldn’t talk to if they lived next door. Quite why anybody still likes these arrogant bastards in this day and age I don’t know.
    They can go fuck themselves.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Quite right too comrade B&WC, though I expect fucking themselves is too arduous for them thus requiring a flunky to trot along with a variety of root vegetables.*
      Now get stuffed.

      *The Keeper of the Royal butt plug.

      • No doubt the most expensive organic vegetables from Prince Charles’s country estate. It’s not all bad though, once the veg has been up assorted royal pussies and arseholes they are then cooked for the staff meals. Who says the Royals don’t do their bit.

      • Quote “expensive organic vegetables”

        for a second there I thought you were talking about Prince Charles and his horsy wife!

      • I think Gwyneth Paltrow has first refusal on the used veg for her website.

        (Is she the desperate attention-seeking bint that sells her own minge-scented candles? – DA)

  9. I would bang the arse off her until her earings fell off and she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week

  10. Bin off the Royals.Waste of public money.Make them work.See how us ordinary folk survive.

  11. Great picture admin, you can tell she’s looking and wondering what kind of package that Maori cunt has, whilst that total bellend husband of hers is distracted.
    I have to say well done to admin for the pictures and captions lately…well done. Fucking hilarious. 👍🏽😁

    (Flattery will get you everywhere! However, we still won’t give you the Duchess’ email address or phone number you’ve been pestering us for. Piss off – DA)

    • If that was Sarah Ferguson on the photo, she wouldn’t be staring at the savage mans cock.
      She’d be on her knees sucking it (or his toes) the dirty ginger slut.

      • Just my opinion of how she would behave in the bedroom CMC.
        Nothing wrong with sluts, my ex wife was one.

    • Haha DA, so funny made me laugh, , admin sometimes make me laugh out loud, good comment DA

  12. I love the royal family. They irritate burn loot murder, leftists, wokists, anarchists, communists, marxists and all the other “ists” it is a pleasure to infuriate.

    May they reign forever 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  13. Is this the one with the Chris Tarrant photo, in the car? didn’t she try and get shot of all traces of that on the internet?

    I may have the wrong hard done by parasitical royal though as there’s so many of the scrounging fuckers.

    Have they locked that other one up for fucking underage girls yet?

  14. “It’s a real chore – one would never wish to be seen complaining but instructing six cooks on how to roast a swan via zoom whilst choosing which diamonds to wear with one’s ten grand free outfit is such a tribulation”.
    Try bringing up kids, holding down a lousy minimum wage agency job, paying a fortune in rent for some damp shithole on a sink estate and no servants, endless cash and privilege Kate.
    And shut the fuck up.
    Entitled parasites – Queenie and big Phil do a top job, the rest can GET a job.
    And get some meat on you, skinny bitch – a real Man would snap you!

  15. Another “We are all in this together” line of bullshit.
    How the royals, all of whom need never worry about finances, have the temerity to do these stunts, is beyond comprehension.

    Only gullible cunts buy this narrative.
    William is like his Dad-has total disdain for the vast majority of normal folk.
    Isn’t William a supporter of the WEF ? President of the FA?

    Ps: Kat has never done a fucking days work in her life.
    Also, she didn’t marry little Willy because if his good looks and sparkling personality 😉

    • The poor fucking woman. The things she has to put up with.
      And I may be in a minority but I don’t fancy shagging her. She doesn’t do a thing for me and she’s got flat tits.

  16. When Kate says she has become a hairdresser over lockdown, do you think she has taken a “trimmer & razor” to Willy’s pate?
    I always suspected she shaved her cunt😉👍

  17. As usual I have nothing intelligent to add, so I’ll leave it here: I’d plough her ’til next July.

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