Nick Abbott

Nick Abbott LBC. 12/12/2021 @ 21:00. The most arrogant prick I’ve ever had to listen to he isn’t even funny, he is just rude. He literally just talks over everyone and doesn’t listen. I would most certainly say he is worse than James O’Brien and that’s saying something.

Why would anyone call in? I think they need a lobotomy.
(Maybe they have and that’s why they call in – NA)

Nominated by: Clown Clown the Cunty Man

25 thoughts on “Nick Abbott

  1. Never heard of him but judging by that photo it looks like his Father must have tried to use a shovel to knock him back up his Mother’s fanny just as he was “crowning”.

  2. Is this really his first cunting, I thought he’d be on the wall, I certainly wouldn’t listen to this lefty cunt, digital radios are expensive, he is certainly on par with Lord Haw Haw of Shoreditch!!!

    • Not sure who he is, got a funny little head hasn’t he?
      Some form of midget?
      Or moon men?
      Anyway, if he’s rude its better than woke, Ive had enough of woke.
      Im getting a allergy.

      • Just listen to his show and you will switch it off in 10 minutes because he is a complete cunt.

  3. The only way to defeat woke wankers is to not support their hypocritical, capitalist, white shitty product. Talk radio is a far superior product.

  4. Talking of woke wankers, Hewitt and Sparkletits not royals anymore. Oh dear, how sad, nevermind.

  5. If Nick Abbott winds up and abuses the wokeflakes and leftwaffe then more power to the Man I say! 😀👍💪

    • The one that’s stunted and melanin deficient as he never even got to luck the grease from a chiggun bucket when Diane was around.

  6. Lady C and I often listen to Mr. Abbott of a weekend evening. He is indeed a lefty cunt, but sometimes quite amusing. He does let other lefty cunts waffle on for ages. He made my piss boil about Brexit, but he is quite anti-lockdown, so he’s re-gained a few Brownie points in my book.

  7. Worse than O’brien?!?!
    Is that even physically possible…. surely that much cuntitude would cause some kind of rupture in the fabric of the universe or something.
    Holy shit I’m glad I’ve never heard of this cunt if he’s worse than O’brien, I’d end up having an aneurysm or something.

  8. LBC are gobshites. Even Ferrari. Unsurprisingly, given they are corporate media. Fuck all of them.

    TalkRadio is better, but slipping too. But at least they have Hitchens on weekly to have some fucking semblance of a debate on CV19, instead of just the one-way government narrative!

    It’s only a matter of time before they employ Owen Jones at LBC. Bunch of fannies.

  9. Maajid Nawaz is the only LBC presenter who floats my boat nowadays. Ferrari is bearable about 50% of the time but getting weaker all the time, occasionally piss boiling.

    As other cunters have said, TalkRadio is far superior and more consistently balanced in a right-of-centre way. JH-B, Mike Graham, Ian Collins, Kevin O’Sullivan, James Whale, all well worth tuning in for, especially Ian Collins.

  10. If the picture is an accurate representation of the cunt an exorcist is required pronto.
    Though head shape may be the result of genetic mutation as per some of the Egyptian mummy’s that have been scanned. Some claim the deformities are due to alien dna. I prefer the argument that the deformity in royal mummies was down to the levels of incest practiced by the keeping it in the family meant almost as much to ancient Egyptian royals as it does to so many of our peacefuls. Back in the mid 90’s LBC was based in Hammersmith. Much better then.

  11. He looks like that dwarf manboy actor that was in ‘The Tin Drum’, Channel 4 ‘red triangle’ favourite back in the 80s.

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