Foot & Mouth

20th Anniversary of the F&M Crisis

My piss is boiling at this one, the BBC is planning on commemorating the Anniversary of the announcement of the Foot and mouth crisis on the 20th February, I remember arriving back in Blighty on the 6th March 2001 after being turfed out of my home in Rhodesia, being picked up from Heathrow by my cousin and making the journey back to Pembrokeshire, we reached Gloucestershire and I remember seeing the massive funeral pyres from the motorway as we drove through the night, now I’m not an emotional man but I actually cried (and I’m not ashamed to say it) at the sight I witnessed, I saw people’s pride and joy go up in flames, people say “they had compensation” or “farmers don’t care as long as they have the money” or even worse “they get slaughtered anyway”, people who say that are utter fucking CUNTS!!!!, B liar and his cohorts deliberately destroyed lives to keep their EU “friends” happy, this was B liar’s first taste of mass destruction and he fucking loved it, so much so he moved his destructive streak to include people later in his premiership, we never had F&M in Pembrokeshire and I’m entirely grateful for that, so as this grim anniversary approaches, I shall remember the first act of hate B liar instigated against Britain and why the fucker should be strung up from the biggest sheep Holocaust the world has ever seen, quite prophetic that today we’re “tackling” a virus with an extremely high recovery rate (like FMD) but destroying livelihoods on a grander scale this time, notice how B liar is never far away when tragedy strikes, or the BBC, fuck them all!!!!

Nominated by: Captain Quimson

(We appreciate the nom, but we can’t be arsed to proof-read and break it into paragraphs – DA)

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  1. Great nom 👍
    Terrible thing.
    Ignorance to say a farmer who has raised a flock, sometimes a rare breed thats showed and won awards, doesnt care.
    Thats bollocks.
    I recently was doing some work out in Cheshire on a farm (alpacas) and this reared its head.
    Whole herd put down, boot washes, and handwashes everywhere.
    The owners were heartbroken.

    • It was some Chav amateur Farmer CUNT from County Durham who was, illegally, feeding his stock from leftover food waste. He may of course have been of Chinese descent, or he was probably collecting food waste from Chinky restaurants.

  2. Might have been sanctioned by B Liar but wasn’t it the esteemed coder and world renowned modeller Prof Ferguson who advised that it had to be done?

  3. Guess which Imperial bellend made predictions for tens of thousands of human deaths? Answers on a flaming brown paper bag full of shit, posted to No. 10.

    Same old story of scientific bullshit whipped up into dogma by the MSM and agents in government with ties to agro-industry and chemical manufacturers, except it was ‘prions’ and not a virus like now. Unfounded rubbish and unproven hypothesis, even resulted in a Nobel Prize. The experiments on which the hypothesis is based.. they injected material directly into brains of cattle, which caused the damage they expected. No shit, who wouldn’t assume that would cause fucking damage.

    The culprit is most likely ‘phosmet’, an organophosphate. Potent neurotoxin. The countries with the highest BSE levels, all used it. It hasn’t been properly investigated as a cause, because ding ding ding $$$$.

    As with Polio, there is simply too much money and corruption to allow the finger to be pointed at real human culprits, in governments and corporations, and not some invisible dubious prion or virus.

    • To add, the UK gov made it law in 85′ (repealed 93′), that farmers should rub phosmet on the backs of the necks of their cattle. A known neurotoxin.

      Why? Ding ding ding $$$

    • Would you, by any chance, be talking about a certain ‘Professor’ Neil Bell End Ferguson? He was wrong back then, and he’s been wrong ever since.

  4. Truly horrific and heartbreaking for anyone who has a shred of understanding of animal husbandry or, in fact a shred of human decency.

    That the BBC is by far the country’s biggest manufacturer and propagator of loathsome cuntery is beyond dispute. It is nothing but a collection of overpaid dogs sniffing through the nation’s vomit for tasty morsels of predigested filth.

    In future, we will no doubt be treated to endless pictures of fat NHS staff and fat police snivelling about how awful the great Covid pandemic of 2020 – (inset date when you fondly imagine lockdowns mught end) was, and the sacrifices made by the public sector on behalf of ungrateful scum who just wanted to go to work and earn their keep, get a decent education, visit elderly and dying relatives, attend funerals, get married, have their cancer treated, find a reason not to commit suicide..blah, blah de fucking endless blah.

  5. I wonder if the BBC cunts will still be around in 20 years time to celebrate the arrival of the Kung Flu? Will enough people have taken to online streaming by then to have killed them off? I do hope so – do your bit and cancel your Barstard Broadcasting Cunts licence now!

    Whatever, the BBC are corporate cunts of the highest order and BLiar is the ultimate individual cunt making this a very worthy nomination👍

  6. Another success by the peer respected can’t keep his cock in his pants all round cunt of cunts….Professor Ferguson

    And YET, people still listen to this cunt.

  7. Indeed. Another feather in Bliar’s butchery cap.
    Is there anything that cunt did that didn’t require a whole lot of hail Marys?
    A truely evil specimen.

    • What other religion is compatible with cunts like him? You can murder millions of people and the Vatican will hide you and smuggle you to a place of safety, and consider you fit for heaven.
      Just don’t wear a condom, it’s eternal damnation for that…

  8. My mum and dad kept goats at the time which, according to the UK authorities, made them a ‘farm’. I was back and forth between the US and UK at the time and basically had to be economical with the truth when quizzed by Yank immigration. Just a hint that a) you’d been the UK and b) had been within 10 miles of a cow and you were done for. I should cunt Yank immigration now I think about it. Even as a Permanent Resident (green card holder) I still get shit from those bastards whenever I re-enter the US. A lot of them have a god complex.

  9. Afternoon Imi. Are you snowed in at the moment?
    It sounds pretty grim in Texas at the moment.
    I believe the spot prices for electricity have risen 10000%!

  10. Looks like my comments have been pre-empted, but I will have my say anyway.

    Yep, it was that arch-cunt “professor” Frguson, he of the “500,00 deaths from KungFlu” arrant bollocks.

    Knowing of his Cattle Holocaust of 7 million livestock, how the FUCK did the government get conned into listening to this lying, bellend?

    In case any of you fellow cunts have forgotten, Ferguson cautioned AGAINST vaccinating and immunising catle against Foot and Mouth, to “keep the food chain pure” and get this “vaccinated cattle would have antibodies and make it hard to identify real cases”. Only a total fucking MORON, and a lobotomised one at that, could come up woth such shit. Yet the sainted Tony of Blair and his retinue of similarly ill-qualified shitbags complied & 7 million cattle were slaughtered and burned and hundreds of livelihoods FUCKED.

    herre’s a suggestion from Thde Sheikh and one I made live on LBC at the time. Only an infected animal will demostrate the symptoms, visible on their feet and in their mouths, hece it being called fucking foot and fucking mouth fucking disease. vaccinated cattle would not, therefore the antibody argument by Fergucunt was a load of bollocks.

    Surely that should have been enough to terminate his tenure at even our rapidly degrading Univershitty Halls of Knackerdemia, apparently not, the cunt actually got promoted. proof that if you’re good at your job, you get sidelined to make way for some incompetent cunt to be rmoved from underperforming to a position where he/she or any other “gender” can then bring the whole lot crashing down while blaming everybody else.

    Profucker Ferguson NOW says that we must ALL be vaccinated in a complete about face from his last fuck up and he’s STILL wrong. Worse, the slimey cunt is one of the equally shit-stained BBC’s “experts”.

    These “experts are the problem, not the politicians, although they’re also cunts, completely unqualified and out of their depths, Human Shields for the “experts”, the waxwork lookalike Whitty, the creepy Vallance and our old friend and cunt, Ferguson, who will still be there when the politicunts are swept away and replaced by another useless buch of fucking lawyers and useless “degrees” in PPE, not one fucking scientist, engineer among them to challenge “the science” while WE get bent over and fucked, jobs gone, liberties fucked, although at leastwe get fucked by our own cunts rather than foreign EU cunts.

    BASTARDS!! Ferguson should join the cattle he burned..

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