Death Row Confessions

Murderers on death row are cunts.

Now this seems obvious, I know, but I have been watching a Netflix series ‘I am a Killer’ (Someone has to do it!). I am now on the second series or, as the Yanks call it, Season 2.

The thing that struck me from early on was that, despite having been caught, tried, and found guilty, the cunts involved broadly describe their heinous crimes in similar cuntish ways. They run along these lines ‘I remember that day blah, blah…I remember walking into the room blah, blah…I don’t remember what happened next but I looked around and there he/she was…’ The bit they never seem to remember is the bit where they stabbed someone 27 times (yes that was one of them who stabbed his poor grand parents to death). Others remember having guns that ‘just went off’ shooting someone in the back of the head as they knelt begging for their life, and so on.

Is this a matter of perceived realities changing for some people, and at certain times? (Locke held something along these lines, I think). Or is it just cunts trying to avoid the moral responsibility for their crimes? Fucked if I know, but I do know they are CUNTS.

For more on these perplexing questions there is always Theodore Dalrymple’s excellent book ‘The Knife Went In.’

Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

34 thoughts on “Death Row Confessions

  1. Good nom Twenty👍
    Ive noticed this.
    Selective memory where suits,
    They remember saying hello but not dancing with the corpse.
    Funny how the incriminating bits are blurry.
    Im a big fan of capital punishment and quite impatient, soon as sentenced to death hang em.
    No fannying about,
    Straight outside and dangling from a tree.
    10 Bob a photo.👍

    • Afternoon, Twenty. Agreed. States that allow the equivalent of what used to be the big drop are okay by me.

      Another weird thing is the number of women who seem to get hot for serial killers and send letters to them on death row. Some of them get married and are allowed conjugal visits. Fucking mad shit.

      Of course, to balance things up, there are women who are only interested in cops – handcuffs and a nightstick up the arse..

      The series is okay, but rather too much boring footage of interstates and dusk/dawn shots of razor wire topped fences tbh. Still, I forced myself to watch every episode as a sort of public service.

      • Twenty (thats you not me😀)
        I watch some true crime occasionally,
        I watched a show about the mafia in New York.
        They ran everything, complete control of construction,
        They made 2% of everything,
        Which doesn’t sound much till you realise we’re talking multiple millions.
        The mob bosses looked like ordinary old men but were multi millionaires and had ordered lots of people killed.
        Two posted bail set at 2million dollars straight away,
        One, a little fat bloke with a cigar walked out to tv crews and journalists,
        One asked him a question,
        He said
        “youze a reporter? Go fuck yourself!”
        He was dead funny.

      • Absolutely.

        The worst example I saw were the groupies that lusted after Richard Ramirez, the ‘Night Stalker’.That new documentary series about the sick bastard’s crimes is really good, but you need a strong stomach. I felt sick at one point, I’m not even kidding. He was the nutter who worshipped the devil and raped and murdered shit loads of women in horrific and unimaginable ways. He even kidnapped and continually raped a little girl of about 4. And sodomised and killed a little boy too. Had absolutely no remorse and shouted ‘Hail Satan!’ at his trial.

        Despite the butchering of countless women, many murdered in front of their families while he laughed, these fucking stupid cunts were turning up in droves at his trial and sending him topless/nude pics of themselves.

        If up to me, I’d have let the stupid cunts into his cell and left him to it. The stupid fuckers.

      • Cuntybollocks@
        Richard Ramirez last words were “see you in Disneyland”?!!
        A puddled cunt and no mistake.
        Id of hung the mental cunt before he could eat his last meal.
        Some people give up the right to be treated like a human being by nature of their crimes,
        Just put em down I say.

    • Back in the eighties, and earlier, the IRA were getting a percentage of the cost of all construction in Belfast (allegedly). Any contractor who tried to buck the system had the frightners put on the workforce. Even estimates for govt contracts included a ‘taste’ for the cunts. Of course, I know nothing about such things and I expect it was all totally on the up and up.

  2. You’re on Death Row FFS! Just come clean. Would probably feel good. WTF is the point of lying now? We would all have a bit of respect for you if you did. At least die honest you homicidal cunt.

  3. Harvest their organs.
    Then burn their bodies.
    The China method.
    100% effective.
    And keeps appeal costs down.
    Just had a cup of coffee and a lovely cake, for Tiffin.
    Time for a kip.
    Toodle – oo.

  4. There’d be no such series as this in Unkle Terryland.
    Once convicted straight in front of a firing squad.
    Special cases get awarded oven.
    Nice and tidy.

    • That’s fucking terrible Terry.

      The humane way to deal with these people is some sort of arena, get them in there 20 at a time and the last one alive gets to live until the next event where they can defend their title.

      This of course would be televised on PPV and the income could go towards funding the incarceration of other lowlifes.

      Obviously their would be additional income from sponsorship and regalia etc. These cunts are battering each other for free in prison, society may as well gain from their psycho tendencies.

  5. If I was on Death Row I’d be more concerned that they didn’t fuck up my “last meal” order of belly-pork followed by bread and butter pudding than I would be about coming clean and “cleansing my Soul”….although I might have a sly wank after my dinner had settled thinking about some of the details of my crimes. .

    • Those birds who write to them, occasionally marry them,?
      Right fuckin weirdos.
      Id not give them any mail if I was a guard,
      Id bin it and tell them id binned it, id gozz in their food too!
      Wipe my arse on their pillows.
      And id fuck up their last meal!

      ‘salad yer fat cunt don’t choke!
      Yer hanging in two hours.”

      • If you brought me a fucking salad they’d have another horrendous crime to investigate.

        Snowed off,Mis?

      • No actually Dick,
        Been really busy then this week dead quiet.
        Its a blessing really,
        Had six new tyres on the van and a bit of work done on it.
        Tomorrow is meant to be harsh,
        It bad on the Borders?

      • Seen it worse but nothing much to get on with anyhow…just farting about doing odd bits at home.

      • Im making the most of it while its quiet Dick,
        Taking the dog tracking deer tomorrow,
        A packed lunch and playing out all day.😁

  6. I’m waiting for JR Cuntley to step in with a mention of a certain Cornish comedian and his unspeakable past.

  7. Those wimminz that marry “lifers” are fucking mental.
    Some do it to make a living-the best example being that stupid bitch Kate Kray-married a gay, notorious gangster, purely to use the ”Kray” Monniker for a succession of “hard man” books.

    She has subsequently married again and still uses the Kray surname 👎

    • Charles Manson used to sell his socks from prison.
      No shit.
      Crime groupies like that daft bird who married Charlie Bronson, who was the UKs most dangerous prisoner.
      While charlie Bronson is a character I wouldn’t say hes solid husband material.

  8. Too morbid for me…….

    Any cunt who murders people for pleasure needs torturing with acid, flames, hacksaws, for 2 days solid, so they can reflect on the suffering & pain they themselves inflicted on an inocent human being before immediately hanging them and burning the corpse to fine ash.
    No fucking getting ‘cushdy’ ten years on death row where most of these foul evil fuckers gain fame and in some cases fortune from other sick cunts who idolise these sick bastards.

    Netflix are also cunts for showing these scumbags off for entertainment.

      • Daddy Fritzl never murdered anyone. His only crime was caring too much for his kids (and their kids, which turned out to also be his kids) and dishing out too much of ‘Daddy’s Special Loving’, but I take your point MNC😂!

  9. I watch some of these programmes on the documentary channels and it amuses me when the convicts come up with all these excuses for what they’ve done.
    The most honest murderer I remember was Westley Allan Dodd who was hung (his choice) in Washington State Penitentiary. In an interview for television he was asked what he would be doing if he were set free. “The same as I was doing before – killing kids.”

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