Covid and Wealth Disparity

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Covid-19 wealth disparity & rich (unts

Looks like the Chinky Flu has been, literally, a golden opportunity for the richest (unts in the world to become even richer at the expense of poor. Like modern day Robin Hoods in an alternate universe. Robin’ hoods more like.

Covid-19 has cost global workers $3.7 trillion:

Meanwhile the billionaires out there have gained an extra $3.9 trillion:

That’s probably enough extra to pay for a worldwide Cover-19 vaccination programme. Will the rich (unts involved consider giving a bit back? If Amazon founder Geoff Bezos behaviour is anything to go by it looks like the answer is an emphatic NO. He’s more concerned with stepping out of the limelight before questions are asked about how he, allegedly, cut back on delivery workers income:

Jarvis Cocker hit the nail square on with this:

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74 thoughts on “Covid and Wealth Disparity

    • Lockdown advocates will be crying when the sustained attack on their modest wealth begins in earnest. Plans are already being laid to systematically strip them of what little they may have with the help of the banks. When inflation really gets going we are all going to be hungry and fucked bloody by a cornered government and its henchmen. New and stratospheric levels of cuntishness will be reached.

      • And what’s the classic solution for an exchequer that’s borrowed itself into the poorhouse? Simples, just ramp up inflation and let that erode the ‘debt’ at our expense. Cunts!

        Oh and the Jarvis Cocker song should be given a place in the ISaC “Cunt Music” archive.

  1. I suspect the Rich would have gained more wealth regardless of the Chinese torture, I am not sure if there is a direct link. The trend towards online shopping has certainly accelerated beyond the rate it had been going pre Covid.
    The Pandemic has certainly given the world a fucking big shake up and if nothing else it shows that open economies are a very fragile.

    I have sympathy for people who have lost jobs through no fault of their own and there has to be a differentiation for those who won’t won’t and those who want to work.

    • True, but bear in mind that 3.7 trillion loss isn’t just shopping, it’s every type of revenue-generating business that’s been partially or fully shut down.

      • You are absolutely right, the enforced shut down had a much wider effect but I just pointed out that the online trend had already been moving at a steady pace, Covid restrictions simply accelerated that trend.

        If I look at my own circumstances, going back 10 years I didn’t buy anything online (other than holidays and flights) but now I probably average at least one online purchase per week.

      • Quite funny, this thread just got me thinking, looking around my living room, all my furniture was bought online 😂

      • Having said that though Sick, it really only is Amazon when you think of the real ‘biggie’ online player. Nearly everywhere else we shop on line at least still has (or had) physical outlets with a human workforce, not least doing the front-facing stuff. That just makes the Bezos fortune sorry I mean empire all the more mind-boggling, regardless of whether that be jealousy (me 🙂 ) or morality etc. It is indeed a modern phenomenon, one of if not the biggest of the this epoch.

      • That is spot on, I would say that I use Amazon more than any other online seller but my higher value purchases were from a mixture of online only and online/outlets.
        Just look at Debenhams, well and truly fucked over and only the brand names survived, all the shop workers told to piss off, maybe I am old fashioned but I prefer to buy clothing in a store so I can try it on.

    • This is definitely the start of the new Reset!

      All the pieces are starting to fit into place –

      Introduce a new virus and call it a pandemic, and go completely overboard with lockdowns.

      Oppress the people, keep them indoors and control their movements

      Fuck the High Streets even more by making it difficult a) actually visit the High Street, and b) shut as many non-essential shops as possible. Thus forcing people to go to supermarkets (owned by millionaires), and online shopping merchants (owned by billionaires).

      Make some of the workforce work from home, thus achieving a) less reliance on the roads and pollution, b) monitoring what people are doing when they logon to the internet for online shopping, social media commentary, video conference calling, conspiracy theories etc… all neatly logged and stored on storage arrays in datacentres owned by governments.

      Squeeze the Little People even further via taxation and real-time cuts in benefits (ie. not raising personal allowances in line with inflation, etc)

      Get everyone vaccinated, so that there’s a record of who you are, along with your genetic make-up. Such information could be sold to interested 3rd parties (Big Pharma)

      Governments give global companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and other retail vendors an easy time in terms of paying their share of tax owed (allegedly). Consumers have become dependent on these online cunts for far too long, and now they can’t do without them. So the likes of Amazon can dictate to weak-minded governments, such as ours!

      Bottom line – the rich garner more wealth, more influence, more power,

      The poor, just get trodden into the ground just a little bit more.

      • Just how are ‘they’ collating everyone’s genetic makeup? Nobody I know who’s had a jab had to submit a sample at any time of the process.

      • Your GP already has your medical history and the data will be available in terms of the general health of the population so nothing new.

      • This is true, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was complete bollocks.

        but then again you just don’t know what they do with those empty vials/syringes once you’ve been jabbed.

        It reminds me of when you go to vote at a local or general election. You take your polling card (not mandatory), and you go to the desk for your voting slip. They ask you your name, and they check the register, and a unique code number, which is assigned to your voting slip. So they know straight away who you voted for!

        Wouldn’t put it past the bastards if they tried something equally covert when it came to the vaccine jabs, with each vial having its own code number against that person’s name along with a smear of their blood.

        a complete load of bollocks no doubt, but you just never know what these cunts will get up to given the opportunity.

      • Syringe needles go into a special sharps bin for disposal, the empty vials will be treated like any other pharmaceutical waste.
        I think your imagination has gone into overdrive techno.

      • Although I call bullshit on the collection of DNA for whatever purpose, you’re right about the polling card business. It’s always made me wonder about the farce of going in the little booth, thinking your voting intentions are anonymous, yet there’s a ledger with your name and the serial number of your voting slip.
        If they wanted a bigger dna database, just make find your past or free for a couple of weeks, no need to go through some grotty sharps bin.

      • @Sick of it

        You’re probably right: my mind has gone into overdrive, probably due to ogling Toyah Wilcox’s fake tits in an earlier nom this morning.

        Not the sort of thing you expect when you’re munching on a bowl of cornflakes!

      • My doctor reckons I’m paranoid.
        He didn’t actually say it but I know what he’s thinking.

  2. When this crap broke last year the first thing a relative said to me was “follow the money”.
    There are always cunts making cash out of other’s misery.

    • There’s a certain Marxist on here who, as far as I can recall, is vehemently pro-lockdown. I wonder how he will respond to this cunting considering such a wealth swing represents what he claims to be against.

      • Komodo’s had enough. In his own words, responding to a particularly tinfoiled post:

        “Drivel. I’m taking a break from this site, and will merely leave you with the thought that the more some ignorant cunts propagandise against protective measures and/or vaccination, the longer the shit of which they complain will continue.” (13/01/21)

        He has my sympathy.

      • One man’s tinfoil is another man’s truth.
        The links to the information have been posted, hissy fits don’t cut it.

      • “…the more some ignorant cunts propagandise against protective measures and/or vaccination, the longer the shit of which they complain will continue.”

        My take away from that is here is a government telling you to stop screaming in pain as they beat you to the ground and that they’ll only stop beating you when you fall silent.

  3. China has done a wonderful job of fundamentally weakening huge swathes of Western economies.
    All part of their strategy for global domination.
    The strife and ongoing unrest caused by the reaction to the Bat Virus will have the Yellow Cunts rubbing their claws together with glee.
    No doubt Amazon etc will go along for the ride,just so long as the money keeps rolling in.
    Naturally the end of restrictions in the West will lead to a huge spending spree by populations globally,buying shit willy nilly for the benefit of China and the enabling Western corporations.

    I must admit I consider them an absolute shower of cunts.

    • The idea that China intentionally failed to prevent the virus from global diffusion was the topic of several dinner party discussions more than a year ago, long before the “shit hit the fan”. As one who actually experienced the 2003 outbreak first hand – and subsequently spent three years working for the political section of the FCO in China – I felt better able than my fellow diners to comment and still would do, were such soirées still lawful.

      An analogy I made then, which I have not subsequently seen elsewhere (although I’m certain the sentiment will have been richly addressed, I’ve just not been looking) remains entirely valid. Roughly, the analogy involves a mentally deranged drug baron who habitually informs the Police immediately after handing over the illicit goods – resulting in his customers’ swift arrest and imprisonment – the chap would swiftly find himself devoid of a customer base.

      China would be equally nuts to effectively do the same thing, but on a rather grander scale. The PRC has, no desire, either now or historically, for “world domination”, other than of natural resources to manufacture more goods to sell to the da bi zi (that’s us). It actually has more than enough on its plate with the current geographical arrangements.

      The idea that China would intentionally trash the economies of the West, its customer base, like the make-believe agent provocateur drug dealer hellbent on getting his clientele banged up, is not a good analysis. More straightforwardly, it’s plain cobblers.

      • If we’re going to hypothesise I’d suggest it was created in the lab and an accidental release occurred.
        As for it’s effectiveness at slaughtering China’s customer base, it isn’t going to happen so your analogy is tenuous to a degree. Where the drug dealers clients get banged up for a long time we shall continue to buy Chinky shite for the foreseeable future as they’re the only ones making it down to the price we want to pay.
        And we are in no way dying in the millions as a direct result of infection. In other words, a shit plague that was badly created and poorly executed, like a lot of Chinky manufacturing.
        They’re little yellow bastards and their treatment of other living beings, human and animal is abhorrent.
        If this didn’t originate from a lab but instead their vile wet markets then that deserves two nukes rather than the one.
        Fuck them.

      • I would respond to this but Cuntle has already summed up what I was going to say anyway. Are you a Chinese bot by any chance?

      • Yes CS, fuck them indeed. I certainly did not enjoy my time in China. Three years in Chongqing, having been happy in previous overseas postings (in the job since ’96) did it for me. I got out soon after. I’ve never been back, and I saw more than enough of the place in those three long years.

        The analogy is just that, no more. I’m not in the business of hypothesizing. Certainly the damage, not yet known in scale or duration, will affect China very significantly and horribly deleteriously.

        Since Deng Xiao Ping’s death in 1997 there has been a clear and ever-increasing recognition by each National Congress (of the CPC) of the need to stimulate domestic demand. This has been horribly slow in development (partly due to the reluctance to spend, and a cultural tendency to save). I would agree that if (or when) domestic demand for manufactured goods become large, China will be more blasé about Western demand. That time is a long way off.

        If damage to our economies has been a deliberate strategy it was a very poor one. There was already good evidence of a dissatisfaction in the West (UKUS in particular) with over-reliance on Chinese manufacturing before this crisis. Not only that, but worries (think Huawei) of other types were causing the West to rethink things well before SARS2. Now accelerated by our shockingly incoherent and unplanned response, it seems to me quite plausible that some manufacturing will significantly move away from China when this is over – and for purely economic reasons.

        Also, the world is far bigger than The Middle Kingdom. There is plenty of slack in other places (India, Indonesia, South America) which could nibble away at China’s dominance.

        As said, it was just an analogy. I’m no longer in the loop if the FCO, but at least I’m now rather better paid!

      • @ Ajax MkV

        As I posted last April:

        Ruff Tuff Creampuff on April 6, 2020 at 10:42 pm said:

        “Why would they want to wipe out their largest customer base? They stand to lose £££ trillions in trade etc if the Western economies collapse.”

        Be seeing you CS…. 😉

      • Simple Ruff – they know they can get away with it. People will still buy Chinese goods regardless and if anything the weaker Western economies would be beneficial for them.

      • Obvious indeed, RTC, and so it was well before last April; as I mentioned, such embroidery and piffle was the preferred hobbyhorse of certain Alcan™ milliners of my acquaintance as early as mid-late January (2020).

        Good to see that Nᵒ2’s filing cabinet remains well-oiled though!


      • Ah, I get it General…

        By making their customers poorer, and in many cases leaving them with no disposable income at all, the Chinese can expect to sell even more goods to their newly impoverished consumer demographic. Hmmm…

        You must have gone to the same school of economics as Diane Flabbott and Jeremy Cuntbyn. 🙂

      • OK Ruff, there’s no need to be insulting you fucking cunt. My point is that people will be so desperate to look for the cheap option because of financial hardship that they will go to the Chinese option practically by default.

      • The Chinese market relies on price, not quality. And it’s not all about affordability, a lot of it is the fickle cunts who buy their tat, at a price that means it becomes a disposable item, literally. Landfills around the world are groaning at the strain of cheap Chinese tat, bought on a whim and discarded within days, either because it fell apart, or some other shiny piece of crap bewitched the purchaser.

    • You cunt me Ruff, I cunt you. It’s that simple. It ain’t the first time you’ve made these snide little remarks either.

      • Sorry, I forgot what thin skin you have.

        I didn’t cunt you, I merely questioned your grasp of basic economics.

        In response you call me a “fucking cunt”. Grow up ffs.

        (Let’s all take 5, yeah? – DA)

  4. Internet billionaire, Lex Luthor lookalike and future Supervillain, Jeff Bezos became the world’s first centi-billionaire during the first lockdown.

    Yet “we’re all in this together.”

  5. The CCP are the most despicable set of cunts since Hitler. They’re even worse than Mao – murderous cunt though he was at least he didn’t attempt world domination on this scale.

  6. Having decided that we are powerless, in the face of Big Brother’s relentless march to Total Control, me and Ethel have scoffed a whole box of lovely chocolates.
    The poor are fucked.
    ‘ twas ever so.
    Good morning.

    • Nice to see Jarvis cocker again,
      The weed in tweed.

      Any billionaire worth his salt can profit from misery.
      Earthquake? ..ker ching!
      War?…ker ching!
      Famine, plague, pestilence, all sit in the board at Amazon and rub shoulders with the uber rich.
      Its why we hate them.
      As for the poor?
      Well those cunts have got it coming to them!!

  7. Trouble is Amazon have virtually got the online shopping market sewn up making it tricky to go elsewhere. Years back rich trade barons used to have a philanthropic streak (I’d guess a lot of them have recently had their statues trashed by the BLM tossers – there’s irony for you!). Or a guilty streak. Nowadays there ought to be a Nobel Prize for the biggest greedy cunt!

  8. I am in the lucky position of being able to turn my hand to a lot of things, this, combined with a generation with no ability to repair things or willingness to learn and a throwaway society means I can make money, and there is real satisfaction in bringing something back to its beautiful best.
    I am truly fortunate in this and deciding to work for myself was the best thing I ever did – when you hit forty in an office environment you are effectively surplus to requirements as graft, work ethic and professionalism are no longer valued, and employers will not pay 30K a year when they can get a 20 year old for just over half of that – I got out before I was pushed, I do not miss the bitchy, backstabbing environment and I definitely do not miss up to four hours a day of commuting.
    The rich love the bad times – they get richer from the misfortune of others.
    The rich love the good times – they get richer from the extra spending power of others.
    Vampires sucking the blood of humankind.
    And they always will.

      • I do, it’s just a matter of having the glass at least half full.
        Then topping it up.

    • “…I am in the lucky position of being able to turn my hand to a lot of things, this, combined with a generation with no ability to repair things or willingness to learn and a throwaway society means I can make money, and there is real satisfaction in bringing something back to its beautiful best.”

      Now there’s a truth and timely too in fact I was musing upon that very topic the moment before scrolling down to your post.

      My lad has been quizzing me about what to take as his core college subject. I’ve always recommended elec/mech engineering (elec eng m’self) because at some point you will learn enough about every connected field, HVAC, machine tooling, CNC, data cabling, PLC programming, CAD, materials handling and process control, as much electronics as you can be arsed to retain, marine & agric, automotive, robotics: you name it the choice of springboards into other more specialised fields is endless.
      Alongside that come all the hard manual first fix fabrication skills you pick up in commercial, industrial and construction work. (fuck domestics – cunts changing their minds twice a day) you learn a bit o’ welding, lathe and milling work, I’m a respectable chippy/joiner yada yada so…
      Thinking ahead my son… if push comes to shove (and it very well might given the current trajectory) who is going to be of more use to society? You as a fully skilled bloke who to the average yoyo has the ability to magically breathe life back into broken, dead or obsolete essentials for their and their family’s life and wellbeing, you’ll have a queue at your door regardless, remeber that way back in history a conquering army would spare the blacksmiths as they were far to precious a resource.

      Think of it like this Son, your ship-wrecked, the boats going down by the bow, you’ve scrambled into a small lifeboat with supplies enough for only two, the radio’s conked out, the EPIRB hasn’t activated, no signalling equipment… oh and the engine’s flooded and fucked; things look bleak indeed. Then swimming towards you you spot two people one of whom is the ship’s spark, and the other one is the shrew faced streak o’ piss who lectured you about his local govt. post as second under-deputy officer from inclusivity and then fucking yapped at you about smoking on deck as it might choke a passing fucking seagull.

      So Son….which one would you haul gratefully into the lifeboat and which one would you both eagerly then batter to death with the boat hook?

  9. He’s a cunt, a mega cunt and a cunt with a glass eye and when he’s a dead cunt he’ll always be remembered as a cunt.

  10. Never bought a thing from Amazon, the postage is too expensive at 3.80 for a book when you get free postage on ebay for most books & dvds…not worth getting scammed into paying 80 quid for a postage subscription when i don’t buy amazon doesn’t accept paypal which i only use as i have a balance of sales in it …so amazon will.never get me as a customer

    • Nah! Amazon Prime is much more than that. I get my money’s worth with free postage, loads of free music, films and books.

      • You must do an awful lot of business with them to make the £79 yearly membership fee worth shelling out for.

        Prohibitive if all you want to do is buy the occasional secondhand book, CD or bag of cat food.

        I find eBay invariably better value, however you slice it. Only use Amazon as a last resort.

        Evening Bertie.

      • It’s not just buying Ruff. The music is downloaded to keep, there’s a decent number of films to watch and you can read many popular books and magazines. None of them entail having to pay anything extra above your yearly subscription.
        Whilst the music is not the unlimited option, there’s loads you can download from over the years.

      • I appreciate that, Bertie.

        The only thing I’m currently interested in owning is a DVD of Harold Pinter’s ‘No Man’s Land’ play, featuring Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Michael Kitchen and Terence Rigby.

        Be surprised if they have such an item. It’s available to watch free on Youtube but I’d rather have it hard copy.

  11. It’s sad that we’re losing cunters over all this Covid shit, it really is. I may have done a bit of ribbing at Komodo’s expense earlier but I still think the site is better off for having him. Same goes for other long-term cunters who’ve left recently. The Covid business seems to be bringing out the worst in a lot of people, including myself unfortunately, and it’s sad to see.

      • Yep. I’ll admit I could’ve conducted myself better at times on some of the Covid noms and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that.

    • Top comment General.
      You’re bang on the money regarding the covid debacle causing huge division.
      If Brexit didn’t split the country completely, then this shower of cunt (Covid) has certainly finished the job off.

      (…and lets leave it at that please – DA)

  12. On a related note I was going to nom Alibaba/AliExpress which are sites flogging millions of plastic, useless, cheap items from Chyna that end up on Ebay and Amazon, which we are consuming with an appetite like a stoner who’s just smoked ten pounds of ganja.

    • When the lads were youger I’d get dragged around ToysRus or spot something on the hook at a petrol station and I’d take great delight when proffered some flimsy bit of chinky tat in announcing (far too loudly) that “sorry young Chops but it’s a cheap piece of chinese shite that’ll be landfill within the week so no you can’t have it.” Then cast around for who within earshot reacted with a grin… most of ’em.
      I have on several occasions been forced by urgent requirement on a Sunday DIY job through the door of M*chine M*rt (there I’m out!) and without fail, if you buy three things you’ll be taking two of them back in pieces on Monday morning.

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