Conspiracy Theories (4)

A tin foil covered colander twatting for the rising number of conspiratoid twats who have crawled out from the basements in their Moms house to spout their crazy theories for the benefit of us “sheeple “.

I say twats and not cunts as there are increasing numbers of them on here and I don’t want to break any rules.(Good! – DA)

You know the sort. “The earth is flat. COVID-19 is a hoax. Bill Gates is behind it all and wants to microchip everyone. No one has died etc etc. The list goes on. One of the best is the claim that the elite steal babies to butcher them and drink their blood. Thousand of them every day according to the “Truly Awake “. FFS get real.

The UK has more than its fair share of these deluded fools. Here are a couple of them. A twat from Sheffield and a twat who lives in exile in Greece but is from the UK. Prepare to suspend reality if you watch these.

Nominated by: Grumpy Old Cunt 

(Please don’t turn this into another personal abuse shitshow otherwise it will be pulled – DA)

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  1. The death of Jeffrey Epstein is intriguing because you’d be hard-pressed to believe anybody who believes the official version of events.

    There’s also the increasing febrility of the left when it comes to conspiracies.. Everyone to the right of Ken Livingstone is a Russian bot. When they are accused of being an NPC they write articles about being ‘dehumanised’.

  2. Chesterton’s ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’ comes to mind. Gabriel Syme is led by the mysterious Lucian Gregory into underground ‘Anarchist’ movement. They’re they are– ‘Monday’ ‘Tuesday’ ‘Wednesday but no ‘Thursday’. And Gabriel is elected ‘Thursday’.
    ‘Friday ‘ is there ‘Saturday’ Sunday’ Sunday is the leader and very myseterious.
    But a strange thing happens. Gabriel finds out one by one that these characters are actually working against the Anarchists. Monday is actually the ‘Chief of the anti-Anarchist police’. Others just working on their own to combat the mindless bomb throwers. They are not working for anarchism at all but for order in society. How strange. But who is Sunday?
    And now comes the great Revealing- they all file into the garden this summer evening dressed in robes illustrating the Seven days of Creation. And the huge great figure of Sunday at last comes into view and he sits in silence…

  3. Didn’t know how to respond to this post. Conspiracy theorists are possibly explaining the correct narrative.
    What I do believe, is that Governments around the world have just realized what they are able to get away with, what we are willing to accept, and what we are willing to believe.
    Covid? No more lethal than many other things in this life.

  4. When the likes of Tony Blair are getting involved in lobbying for ‘covid passports’ despite being out of office for over 15 years then one does have to question if the whole Covid 19 was by accident or manufactured and implemented.
    Only time will tell but I certainly wouldn’t rule out foul play especially when you measure the track record of Tony Blair (33 degree freemason and self confessed globalist) who wouldn’t ordinarily get involved in or be that bothered about world wide pandemics.

    He certainly did’nt given a shit before now about world wide Pandemics did he? (Bird flu, Sars, swine flu, Ebola to name a few all happened on his watch at No.10 and I don’t recall him being that bothered then or doing fuck all)
    Why is he suddenly so involved now? I doubt it’s due to his exemplary moral fibre now is it?

    Why is everything being touted as the new normal? Surely if something fishy wasn’t going on then governments would be striving to get back to normal ASAP with no mention of altering anything from before Covid and renaming it the ‘new normal’

    I’m not a foil hat wearer, never have been. I’m just old enough, been around long enough and wise enough to smell a fucking giant sized Rat. (Especially when the likes of king Rat Blair come out of the sewer)

    Conspiracy theory?-People need to start joing a few dots together and questioning why vermin like Blair are suddenly so deeply imbeded in the Covid 19 shambles? What’s in it for that slimey little cunt?

    • He never shut up about Brexit and Daily Mail reported that he wants to come back as leader of the Labour Party. I get your point about smelling a rat but it could just be he thinks he’s relevant and important.

      • Tony Blair is the least self-aware former politician, who is half as good as he thinks he is.

        He’s the former politician that former politicians like Hilary Cunton wish they could be half as good as………… which isn’t really a glowing review:

        “I wish I could be half as good as a cunt who everybody on the left and right hated!”

        Yeah well done Teflon Tone you fucking helmet.

  5. I do not believe coronavirus variant is a hoax – it is one of millions of cold and influenza viruses, and statistically and medically no more dangerous than any other virus.
    I firmly believe that SAGE and Carrie Symonds run the Country, the police are behaving like the SS with no legal remit and from now nearly a year of research that we are being controlled, lied to, dictated to and had.
    Something very, very wrong with all this.

  6. There are conspiracy theories and there are conspiracy theories.

    JFK? I can get behind that one.

    The moon doesn’t exist and is a hologram used for illuminati space lizard communication? Not so much.

    There are wacky ones lately (even some on here I’ve seen getting behind them) saying stuff like the world is controlled by noncccey Satan worshipping baby blood drinkers, controlling us via a fake Bill Gates virus.

    Each to their own though. I like conspiracy theories, they can be either entertaining, they might make you think or they be be fucking ridiculous (and funny).

    Some things get called conspiracy theories when you can clearly see them happening.

    ‘The great reset’ has been spoken of by many world leaders in recent months, and meetings of these leaders have taken place. The leader, Klaus Schwabb, I think his name was, gave a speech in clothing like something Ming the Merciless would wear.

    That was fucked up shit, but it was all real.

    The left taking over the western world’s institutions (Cultural Marxism) is also deemed a ‘far-right conspiracy theory’. If it is a conspiracy theory, then it’s a fucking huge coincidence.

    • Mars looks like the Moon that they used in Arizona for the “landings”. Ah well, another disbelieving cunt.

      • Can you point out the exact landmarks and specifics of the geography? Or is it literally a case of…… “Well, if you look at them both in monochrome, they look identical!! Therefore they must have been the same place!!”.


    • There are so much contradicting views about most theories.
      I got really bored reading about them for over 30 years that it came to a point where i couldn’t give a fuck about any of them.
      I have my own one of concern though and thats the culling of the white population thats been going on since the turn of the century.
      That’s something that won’t be discussed anywhere.

  7. If you don’t agree or comply with the masses or post everything on instatwatfacegaram you are a loony my friend, a raving nutball with no right to walk amongst good TV addicted folk.

    If you dare to question covid, vaccines, the NHS or anything around it you are a heretic who deserves to have all you social media accounts removed and banned from society….or burned at the stake.

    I still stick to my original guns though, this “pandemic” is a massive over-reaction and the full fruits of damage it has caused will be seen very soon….oh and you can still stick your syringe full of shit up your rabbit hole.

  8. What about 9/11? There was an American woman called Susan Lindauer said she worked for the CIA as an asset. She says the CIA knew the bombers were going to do the attack but did nothing to stop it and also helped embellish it by putting thermite up the towers, hence the way they came down. Nuts or not?

  9. Most conspiracy theories are ridiculous.

    However there is more evidence that Hitler got out of Berlin and fucked off to South America than there is that he topped himself in the bunker.

    Just saying…..

    • There is absolutely no evidence that Hitler left the bunker, let alone made it to South America. That pile of shit series Hunting Hitler was a load of pants. Same as finding bigfoot, that should be called not finding bigfoot, the silly cunts.
      Plenty of nazis did make it to Latin America though, thanks to the catholic Church, and seeing as it was after the war, it was hardly under duress. Just don’t wear a condom eh?

      • Hans Kammler was kidnapped by the Yanks and now works at Area 51 with the aliens…I actually do think that’s true.

      • Agreed! Bigfoot is a myth perpetuated by rednecks/hicks/hillbillies to cover for the fact that they let one of their 10 generation inbred children out and can’t catch the big, hairy fucker.

      • I watched it to see if they thought they did have a shred of evidence, but there wasn’t a scrap. James Holland was in the third series, and he was happy to take their money, as long as he didn’t have to say that Hitler escaped the bunker. The story of what the Russians did with Hitlers remains is interesting though, like he was a bogeyman or something!

      • I think it’s possible that Bigfoot is just a larger ape species that we haven’t discovered yet.

  10. Never drink or serve bottled water. The Russians have been spiking it with the Woke Virus for years.

  11. Scary stuff the dogs and I are wearing our new foil hats (with chinstraps) and are sitting in the attic in the middle of a circle made from used Earl Grey teabags. We are ready for the bastards I can hear the sirens………

  12. The government are cunts (some people say)
    Total cunts who allow us to be invaded by dinghys on a daily basis etc etc (some people say)
    Total cunts who sold us out on Brexit (some people say)
    Trust the (same) government and trust the (corrupt) science on Con-a-virus. They 100 percent have our backs on this virus with a low death rate and incredibly high recovery rate. Perpetual lockdowns, loss of freedoms and vaccines are brilliant (some people say)
    If you don’t suddenly trust our government on this one particular pile of wank, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

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