Kamala Harris (2)

Kamala Harris and “Fweedom”.

With Joe Buy-In’s inauguration to POTUS imminent, the groundwork for an unelected Kamal Toe Harris to take over has started. Aided by a fawning MSM constructing a ‘Kamala the legend, the heroine, the legacy’ myth kicked off with a powder puff piece in lifestyle magazine Elle, well-known for its tough questioning and hard nosed political journalism.

In a profile with about as much critical objectivity as a teenage girl profiling Justin Bieber, Harris recalls how as a toddler she was attending a civil rights march in Oakland, California with her mother. “My mother tells the story how I’m fussing, and she’s like “Baby, what do you want? What do you need?” And I just looked at her and I said “Fweedom”.

So far so toe-curling vomit inducing political bullshit, Blair watching Jackie Milburn in Newcastle United’s Gallowgate End or Dame Kweer the son of humble tool maker, politicians embellishing their backgrounds to make them more relatable to voters is nothing new.

But Harris has been accused of plagiarising a 1965 interview Martin Luther King Jr gave to Playboy magazine saying: ” I will never forget a moment in Birmingham when a white policeman accosted a little negro girl, seven or eight years old, walking with her mother. “What do you want? ” the policeman asked her gruffly, and the the little girl looked him straight in the eye and answered ‘Fee-dom’”.

I don’t think Harris has caught Sleepy Joes Alzheimer’s, so another vapid, mediocre, preening political twat is now inventing childhood anecdotes and conjuring up Jackanory stories of racial childhood idealism to sell herself to the American public while shitting on the memory of true civil rights pioneer. This is probably just the start, maybe in future interviews she will ‘remember’ how she stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square or helped bring down the Berlin Wall.

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54 thoughts on “Kamala Harris (2)

  1. Karamac putting herself in other stories?
    Plaigarising MLK?
    Maybe she could tell the story of King standing watching a rape laughing?
    Shes a Liar. He was a deviant.
    They’re well suited.

    “I had a dream…and it was filthy!!”

    • Steady on Northern. She was at the siege of Jellalabad. She rode with the lancers at Balaclava. She was there when Eric van Basten booted it into the net. She was there on the 12th of February 1976.Get a grip.

      • Except she fucked it up and said she wore a balaclava whilst eating jellybabies..

  2. She’s Indian, she’s black, she’s a woman!

    No mention of her record or ability or anything related to be doing the job, kind of important when she’s next in line to be POTUS.

    They left out she’s a cunt.

    • you may also remember that she didn’t even get past the nomination stage of the election being thrown out very early on – there’s no doubt she’s a clinton clone and a fucking ugly one at that – she is indeed a cunt and unfortunately a president-in-waiting cunt at that

  3. Biden plagiarised Kinnock. Harris plagiarised MLK.

    A plagiarise on both their houses!

  4. I’m going to laugh my head off when this lying whore becomes the President of the United States.

    • Is it just me but she doesn’t half look like black icon and rapist Bill Cosby?
      Bill famously liked pudding.

      Pudding his dick where it didn’t belong.😁

    • I’m undecided.
      I’ll take any entertainment in this lockdown of cunts so watching this particular commie fuck everything right up could be a treat.

      Then immediate oven.

  5. She made her way to the top by sucking cock in California but, as far as we know, only black cock. Political expediency or sexual preference? Who knows? Just a fucking whore.

  6. This is what you get when instead of promoting people on merit, they’re promoted on skin colour or how much old man cock they’ve sucked…. she ticks both boxes.

  7. I think i remember the wonderful honest and brave Hilary Clinton being machine gunned in Libya or some other fly blown shit hole on one of her missions to deliver equality to the world.

  8. Spot The Difference.

    Martin Luther King:
    “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

    Kamala Harris:
    “I live for the day when people are judged by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character.”

    Did you get it?

    • I live for a day when people will not be judged by the colour of their trousers,
      But by the contents of their underwear….

      • You did mention the evils of yellow trousers the other day Miserable. Bacon strips in undies all round!

      • You wear underwear when you’re out in public, Miserable? Assumed you went commando. 😃

  9. Has anyone seen commie Joe’s chinese handler? Allegedly called David Cho.
    Always hanging round Skeletor like a fly around a dog egg.
    Fucking well sinister.

    • He’ll be there reminding him of the contents of his son’s laptop in case Joe starts wanting to do something he shouldn’t be doing

  10. She Has less “colour” than Des O’Connor.
    She is just one more example of the toxic femininity, that is eroding politics.

    She requires a session in Unkle Terry’s special tanning booth, to bring her to the necessary “shade”. 😉👍

  11. I bet her ears pricked up when Chuckie Schumer dropped his ‘inciting the erection’ faux pas the other day. KamelHo is a vicious bitchcunt that as well as hypocritically being responsible for locking up blacks for 20+ years for a bit of weed, pursued Project Veritas practically to death for exposing her turning a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s baby parts racketeering schemes. Give it a couple more weeks before they can bump off Pedodent Xiden without it looking quite so obvious, and then Americans will really start to experience FEMA camp ‘fweedom’.

    • Watch the video I posted, it suggests how Biden will be kept in for two years before retirement on whatever grounds thus allowing Kameltoe to step in for a four year term.
      The “I don’t know what I’m signing” part is priceless.

      • I already saw it and couldn’t stomach it a second time. Her scolding him to “Just sign it”, as Piglosi and the rest of them all literally hover around like vultures, looking the part all the more so with those fucking Covid beaks attached to their faces. The last time I saw a body of ‘authority’ and power conducting their business covering their faces was over crap footage filmed on mobiles from somewhere anonymous in the Middle East.

      • Biden’s waited nearly 50 years for the top job and now he’s in the Big Seat I don’t think he’ll give it up that easily!

      • All great statesmen sign legally binding documents without reading them or getting legal teams to look them over first surely?
        A rookie mistake for joe public but a calamity for a president.
        Just a feebleminded old man taken advantage of?
        Or a incompetent unsavvy pres?
        Incontinent unsavoury pres.

  12. Get used to her face, she will be the next POTUS in approximately 3-6 months when Biden resigns due to ‘ILL health’ or succumbs to the Newest Covid strain.

    Then the real fun happens. That southern Yankee border will be opened up and all the Mexican and Latinos will flood North, followed by a surge of Africunts and other undesirables at all their major airports.

    By the end of 2021 Harris will be the true ‘EL Presidenti’ and her globalist paymasters Ike Gates and Soros will be grinning from ear to ear knowing they stole the 2020 US election from the US people.

  13. How the fuck can she be labelled as an African American when she was born in California, her mother was from India and her father from Jamaica?
    Good nom Libs.

    • I like that red indian one,
      Lizzy dances with wolves.
      She doesn’t conform to stereotypes,
      Gone is the wizened noble red skin, the cheekbones, the black braided hair,
      No buckskin, tomahawk, or war paint.
      No. She prefers to look like a slightly dazed milkybar kid.

  14. I have also heard that Che Kamala was a bit of a – well – slag in her younger days. Sucking the right cocks of the right people at the right time for the right career moves, if you get my drift.

    I am sure we will also hear that this supposed superwoman saw the Beatles play at Shea Stadium, had a fling with George Best, gifted Hendrix his first stratocaster, gave George Lucas a silly idea called ‘Star Wars’, tipped Berry Gordy off about Little Stevie Wonder, taught Elvis Presley and Bruce Lee karate, and helped Lord Frederick Lucan of Mercury write and structure ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

    It’s quite obvious that this Democrat shagbag is Aldridge Prior incarnate. Nicking an interview King did with the Bunny Mag? That even makes Barry George look subtle. To be a success in politics, you have to be a good liar. But she isn’t even good at that. If she’s lied once, she’ll lie again and again. Only thing is, she is crap at it.
    (I might have to throw in the odd “allegedly” here and there, lol – DA)

  15. Simple divide and conquering. It all helps for KamelToe to drive her globalist, anti-American policies. Whilst the population is at each other’s throats, slip those new laws in. Luvvly jubbly.

    This is how lefties work – stir up hatred (which is not there) and then work their evil little knitting fingers whilst cities burn and get personally very wealthy from the fallout.

  16. And when Che Kamala teams up with Bonio and Saint Greta of Mongberg…
    The nightmare has only just begun.

  17. So far as I can see she’s a political version of Madonna. Wherever Madge got to, she got there on her back. Same with this Caramac coloured slag,

    • Well she’s not that bad, I’d give her one. Of all the women in the world she wouldn’t come last on my ‘to shag’ list.

  18. It was decided a long time ago the Harris was to the first “American African female President of the United Shite of Murica.

    She was shoe horned into the “Running Mate” with a cunning intent to get the unnelectable Left of Left Man Hating Bitch into the Shite House.

    Once there , the taking apart of all things will begin.

    Oh. And did Trump win? Fucking right he did.!

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