George Clooney [2]

The coffee-advert turd and Black Lives Matter advocate is worth half a billion dollars yet still parades the leftie views. He and his philanthropist wife Amal, have given tons of money to a variety of leftwing causes over the years. Most recently the permanentl-grinning Hollywood power couple donated a whopping $7 million to the Biden campaign and another $500 thousand to anti-American “racial justice” initiatives making money off Black Lives Matter fever.

Now the holy one has talked about bullying.
“I remember my father saying, ‘Don’t come back and look me in the eye unless you stand up to bullies and racists” said Clooney. “I’m glad to have been raised that way,” the wanker claimed, and that from a very young age “to pick fights with people that are more powerful than you. And stick up for people who are less powerful than you, or had less of a position.” The oily cunt doesnt seem to realise that he’s on the side of the bullies.

Clooney also defended fellow wingnut Tom Cruise this week who recently berated his film crew whilst wearing one of those useless face-masks with the hole in that let’s out your germs. Shut up Cruise, you only care that your latest shitfest will make you loads more money. Surely the aliens from planet Xenu are protecting you.

Clooney is one of those Hollywood nuts who has no idea of reality and how he sounds. He must have a new film out. Perhaps he plays a smug, moralising, permanently-coiffured, horribly-oily, plastic-faced cunt spouting the usual virtue-signalling, hypocritical vomit.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

32 thoughts on “George Clooney [2]

  1. Like all actors he is much better when saying words written by someone else. Open your mouth and say you own thoughts Mr Clooney and you appear to be a twat.

  2. I cannot understand all these wealthy left wing sleb cunts like Clooney who espouse all this commie/socialist equality nonsense, but then quite happily indulge capitalist right wing economics and their relentless thirst for private property?

  3. I know nothing of Clooney, and by and large care less. However, Amal, his wife, had a memorable international legal catfight with Cherie Blair* in 2016, and won.

    Whatever their other sins – Amal’s obsequiousness to the Halfblood Prince being one – I am pleased to award Amal the Draconian Order of Komodo (Third Class) for rubbing a Blair nose in it.

    * Frightening how often there’s a Blair connection, eh?

  4. The same George Clooney who cracked jokes about Charlton Heston having cancer?
    Made his film debut in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and went on to be the worst Batman ever.
    Stick to coffee adverts you bland boring wanker…

    • Actually it was Return of the Killer Tomatoes, which was as equally worthy as the original (i.e. not at all)
      The Kung flu is still slightly addling my trivia-filled brain…

    • remember the Charlton Heston incident Baron. thats when i decided the vile cunt would never get a penny from the Mcfuck household. hre is indeed a thick ,slimy commie bastard

  5. I have a clear conscience. Dont go to the cinema or pay for a film channel. The cunts do not get a penny off me. Actors my arse, posing luvvie cunts. Fuck off and get a proper job, wankers……

  6. Cant remember seeing the cunt in anything. Only know him for his constant virtues. I expect he lives in a ghetto with his homies, or why would he champion defunding the police, the end of capitalism and anti-semitism?

  7. It’s a fucking guilt trip motivated multimillion dollar virtue signalling wankfest bandage for their consciences.

    To sit in one of your multimillion dollar homes and berate the people who work a week for less than you earn in a minute because they aren’t woke is unforgivable.

    They are not woke but they are wide awake. They are the ones living in the streets with the illegal rapists, murderers and gang members. It’s their cities being torched by Antifa and BLM, it’s their jobs being exported in the name of globalism. These are the hardworking normal people who live in crime infested Democratic Party run hell holes who will suffer even more if you defund the police.

    Why are 19 of the worst cities run by democrats George? When you support Biden and co you’re fucking up the lives of more decent average Americans, that’s before you take even more money away from American families with your fantasy green policies.

    Do you ever leave your mansion and go and see how life is for people who don’t live in gated communities with their own police force and private body guards George?

    Either you’re a clueless cunt who has no idea what he’s taking about or you’re an evil cunt who believes himself above the plebs and is agitating for a job in the totalitarian new world order.

    Charged with being a cunt, guilty of being a cunt, I dearly hope that BLM and Antifa turn up en masse at your house and pass sentence on you. That would be justice.

  8. What a lying little cunt. His old man told him to stand up to racists? Lying fucker. Utter shitfest. The cunts a diarrhoea spewer.
    It’s easy to be a lefty when you have a fortune. When it goes tits up you can jump on your wife’s flying carpet and fuck off to your own private island.
    I’d love to see James Woods or Sly knock fuck out of him. Both definitely not Biden worshipers.
    Smug cunt.

    • Not to mention sanctimonious, supercilious, self-regarding, all with that permanent smary grin.
      I’m surprised that this is only the cunt’s second call-out on here.
      Clooney is a superstar amongst wankers.

  9. He made a decent film in The American.

    As for his view from his imaginary moral high ground,I wonder if he would hold the same views if he was a plumber from Rochdale?

    Very easy to be condescending from a 5 star hotel,private villa or an island in the Bahamas whilst counting your money.

    All the fancy talk is empty bullshit and he should Fuck Off immediately.

    Actor cunt vermin for oven.

  10. I have netflix and they released some cobbled together shit sandwich of a sci-fi flick called midnight sky damning the genre with this overrated yank actor cunt in it. He looks fucked he’s aged like a old arab man looks really tan The only film I ever liked him in was dusk til dawn were he had a bit role everything else hes been in sucks arse

    His image and the memory of him should remain in the 90’s where it fucking belongs hes a irrelevant has been cunt

  11. George and his slag wife were famously invited to the Sparkletits/ Hewitt wedding. I read somewhere recently that they had never met them before that. If that’s true that tells you a lot about both couples.

  12. He’s clearly had extensive facial remodelling after all the times he’s attacked the biggest guy in a group.
    Was the group composed of primary school toddlers George?

    • As the biggest guy in the group im worried.
      A enraged thespian calling me out and slapping me!
      His dad must be as fuckin crackers as he is.
      Dont take fighting advice off your dad if hes been sectioned!

      Go for the one with the gun
      Get the bloke with a axe
      Call out the bare Knuckle boxer.

      His dad was hoping hed get battered for his own amusement.

  13. His a cunt simply because he had a go on a young Mariella Frostrup.

    • I recall a pre-cunt era Bono of U2 in 1980. The band had just got a record deal and he saw this secretary at Island Records. He recalled she was a fit blonde with the sexiest voice he had ever heard. He tried to pull her, but failed. That was Mariella Frostrup.

  14. Clueless and his wife anal are a couple of judgemental libertard cunts
    There’s absolutely nothing “ democratic “ about either of them…….
    I only use them as a barometer of cuntery
    The more they champion something the less engaged I become with it …….

  15. Worst Batman of all time (even worse than that cunt Kilmer) and a total wooden grecian 2000 libfuck cunt.

    Only famous because he was related to mom’s apple pie yelper, Rosemary Clooney. Who, behind all the Suzy Snowflake shite, was apparently hell to live and work with and was a total cunt. Sort of like a 50s Charlize Theron (another cunt).

    • I remember that Somehow he fucked up being a good batman but its simple really too much of a smug unlikeable grinning cunt to pull it off
      Alicia silverstone was maybe the only good thing bout that flick

  16. I think his puppet in Team America said it all and had more personality.

  17. A very worthy nom.

    Fucking can not stand this cunt.

    I remember the virtue signalling toss pot banging the drum for the so called refugees from his ivory tower during the 2015 invasion of Europe.


  18. Preaching to working class folk to be more tolerant and welcoming to illegal immigrants. Yes, I bet there’s thousands of the fuckers around your mansion on Lake Como. Fucking smug, slimey, false wanker.

  19. I’m late to this party, but I must post to express my utter disdain for this oily cunt and his androgynous ‘wife’.

    I suspect he/she may be a beard and Clooney prefers a giant schlong jammed in his Nespresso-gilded arsehole.

    Fuck off Clooney, you clueless, patronising shit.

    That’s all. Time for a lie down now.

  20. Oh he’s definitely heterosexual, as attested to by the Pap picture of him on a speedboat with Obasturd, zipping up his fly whilst a little Asian girl’s head with a somewhat less than happy expression on her face is between them.

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