Southern Lockdown Wiseacres

Listen to these cunts now that a small bit of their heaven has been dumped into the made up, back of a fag packet Tier 3

When it was the North being shat on it was fine but now they are affected it’s all a load of rubbish and how could their twee little villages be lumped in with Scunthorpe and Bradford?

Well listen you cunts, you’re just seen as the softest targets down south so you’re being used as an experiment, just to see how it goes. Expect more of your areas to be under the cosh soon.

The sooner people wake up and stop listening to self serving cunts like Jennrick, Hancock and Johnson the sooner they will be dangling from lamp posts.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

72 thoughts on “Southern Lockdown Wiseacres

  1. Near where I live one of the local pubs has reopened as it’s in tier 2.
    However it’s 50 yards from the border of a tier 3 area so half the locals who usually drink in there aren’t allowed to go there as they live on the wrong side of the divide.
    What a load of utter bollocks this really is.

    • It’s a virtual wall ! East / West Germany used to have a real one. I swear that this is all a big con, like I said last week ready for the big reset. It’s only a matter of time before the entire population says fuck this. Then what ? Anarchy in the UK ?

      • Especially since the “experts” have pointed that just because you’ve had the vaccine doesn’t mean you can do what the fuck you want. Instead you still have to wear masks and social distance, as well as self-isolate for 14 days if you come into contact with some cunt who has tested positive.

        All a load of fucked-up bollocks.

      • Quote from today’s Telegraph….

        “People who receive the coronavirus vaccine will not be exempted from self-isolation if they are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, it has emerged.

        Although the vaccine will give recipients immunity from the virus, scientists do not yet know whether it will stop them being carriers.

        Government sources said it was likely to be months before there was any prospect of the vaccine negating the need for self-isolation.

        It means that even if someone has been vaccinated, they will still have to remain at home for 14 days if they come into contact with someone who has the virus.

        A Government source said: “People who get vaccinated will have to stick to the same rules as everyone else because we don’t know if it stops people being carriers and passing the virus on to others.

        “It will take a long time to work out what effect on transmission the vaccine will have.”

      • The point in having it is to vastly increase your chances of not becoming seriously ill or, if you’re an old cunt, dying from Coronavirus.

        Maybe it doesn’t work in the way we’ve been ‘sold’ but does in a way that fits Agenda 21 /30.
        But meh, surely a conspiracy.
        Meanwhile, in Uganda ….
        Kampala population :1,650,800 approx.
        I wonder if there has been an anti malarial program implemented?

        Fuck my old boots, it really does work.
        Tailspin City for all the TDS dickheads, suck it up buttercup.
        But no, we should take some rushed vaccine ‘cure’ that isn’t in any way a guarantee, the makers are exempt from prosecution if it fucks you up and will allow yet more cronies to suck billions out of the taxpayer.
        Guy Fawkes was right.

      • All should be fine if the Tiers (tears?) are as corrupt as the borders were East-West. Western currency got you in and out again although extra “presents” were recommended for a return trip. Body Shop gift sets and laptops (plus cash) did wonders. Also affiliation to the East German Communist Party (plus cash) very efficacous.Still got me old Consulor and Commie ID so expect to surf all Tears with ease.

  2. It still amazes me that anyone buys into this shit at all. We should have been up in arms (spud guns?) the second the government decided it could dispense with our freedoms – telling me who can’t come into my own home? Get to fuck!

    Biggest fraud and crime against humanity ever committed by the ruling class. Though I suspect it won’t retain the top spot for too long.

    • Methinks ye doth protesteth a mite too much, Chunky. Or are turning a blind eye to certain shameful chapters in history.

      I can think of several bigger crimes against humanity committed by the ruling class, but I take your point nonetheless. 🙂

      • I understand why you’d think that, I did too initially.. I mean it’s not as immediately impactful as say a 10kt warhead on a civilian city.

        First, this is largely a global situation in terms of lockdowns and measures, so the number affected is vast. Lockdowns alone are causing suicides, but the economic and psychological damage it is causing is incalculable. No one even knows what lasting damage facemasks are doing psychologically to infants and children for example.

        We will see next year starvation affecting India for example, where their supply chains and infrastructure just wasn’t prepared to cope with an immediate cessation of activities.

        Then the vaccine itself. A whole other topic, but has the potential to inflict tremendous damage on people, on their physiology. And all for a virus with 99% survival rate in under 60s?

        What makes the claim true, IMO, is that the CV situation is a total exaggeration and clear case of politics meddling in science, criminally so. The pandemic is over and has been for months, yet the governments of the world press on with restrictions and vaccination agenda. It’s most certainly histories greatest fraud!

  3. I live in a small village in the Lake District. It as was a Tier 1 because the population was less than a few hundred, but there were 2 or 3 pubs.

    However, in the latest review we’ve been lumped with the whole of fucking Cumbria, including the big towns/cities of Barrow, Carlisle and Workington, where they have rising Covid cases.

    So because of that we’re now T2 and the pubs and hoteliers here are suffering due to the fuckwits in the big towns further up north.

    • Techno-Policing levels in South Lakeland was down to 1 response car at night, last year-how the fuck will they police the latest lockdown?

  4. Whilst these times are unprecedented and therefore mistakes can be expected it is becoming clearer by the day that we are governed by a collection of incompetent fools. When things get back to normal respect for authority will have all but vanished.

    • And Harrow, Winchester and the rest of these posh boy acadamies.
      The finished product is much to be desired in both common sense and intelligence. They do turn out a superior Spiv though.

  5. What gets me about this tier system is the half arsed policy towards travel between the tiers, I am right on the border between a tier 3 and tier 2.
    There were reports of police stopping drivers ‘on the border’, what a load of shite and it’s going to get worse if, as Boris has promised’ to be more granular.
    If you think it looks like a patchwork quilt now it will be pixels in few weeks.

    If you support lockdown or not, trying to fuck around like this isn’t the answer, keep everything moderate and if there is a real spike close it down.

  6. I have to go out with a hood, bell and shouting ‘Unclean’. That magistrate is a cunt.

  7. I ignore their shite and do as I please – a mask in shops to placate the shop workers but that’s it.
    I am a free man, and I do not comply.
    It will hit the fan soon and it will be funny seeing politicians, medical “experts” and coppers being chased down the street by baying mobs.
    With me at the front.

  8. When they tell me London as a whole can be placed in a single tier but smaller towns and cities are divided by the same system and do so with a straight face I lose all interest in their utterances and pronouncements.

    How many illegal immigrants are there in london and the south east? No cunt knows, the cunts won’t be getting tests and there are surely enough to make any statistics null and void.

  9. Lincolnshire is in tier 3. I’ve been up to Lincolnshire to visit family before – outside of Lincoln there’s nothing there. And yet London, one.of the most densely populated cities in the world, is in tier 2. Work that one out.

    • It’s all abaaaaht money GTC, they know if they put London in Tier 3 that it’ll cost too much and they want to keep London open for business. It really is a load of bollocks.

    • Its also abaaaaaaaaaaaaaht (B&WC, 2020) the fact that those in charge don’t care one iota about anything outside of their London Metropolitan Elite Bubble. With the exception of Oxbridge of course.

      Quite happy to have taxpayers’ money etc. from the plebs, so that they can siphon it off to their chums via shell companies of other shell companies.

      They really are a shower.

  10. We are living during an age of intolerance of the majority.

    1. If you don’t want the vaccine then don’t have the fuckin’ vaccine but don’t be so intolerant of the majority who do want it.
    2. If you don’t want to leave the EU, rejoin it by moving abroad but respect the majority who do want to leave.
    3. If you want to bend the knee, go ahead but respect the majority who don’t want to.
    4. If you have to vote Labour, then fuck off as you’re on your own.
    And so the list goes on.

  11. I am an old cunt with loads of chums all over the UK. I do not know anyone who has had it, why?? If I hear it is part off the globalist great Reset again might go out a axe an architect to death…….

    • Well, 98 year old father in law died yesterday. Ex Royal Artillery, hard as they come but a lovely bloke. Wounded three times by counter battery fire, he went onto spend 38 years working in a foundry which fucked his lungs.
      He was admitted to hospital in mid October with a recurring shortness of breath. Discharged after 5 days but he was readmitted a few days later after a fall at home. Testing positive for Chinky Flu’ we were told that he contracted it during his first stay in hospital. The poor old bugger was put in isolation and we could not visit him. He did not get the illness full blown but did develop pneumonia. I am certain that not being able to see us lot hastened the end for him. Whisk I acknowledge that at 98 he didn’t have many more years in him but I am angry that at the end he was very lonely despite having a loving family.
      Apparently, as he was diagnosed with Chinky Flu’ more than 28 days before his death it will not be the cause of death on the certificate.
      All in all , a very sad end to a thoroughly decent man.

      • ‘Apparently, as he was diagnosed with Chinky Flu’ more than 28 days before his death it will not be the cause of death on the certificate.’

        That flies in the face of The Conspiracy Theorists that are harping on about Covid-19 being the Cause Of Death for everything. It’s not. Sorry for your loss. (I’ve said that too many times, recently).

      • Not for everything, but there was that big controversy a few months ago about deaths being wrongly recorded as Covid deaths.

    • Most of my family on my mum’s side is in Sheffield. None do them have had it and they were supposed to be in a hotspot. No one on my dad’s side has had it either. Ditto my friends, colleagues and immediate family. It’s literally been a couple of parents at my brother’s school and that’s it.

    • My dad is currently in hospital with Covid. As he is 80, and is suffering from dementia and age related illnesses, we are fearing the worst. We haven’t seen him since September, as the care home he was in stopped visitors, which then was only 30 minutes a week, outside and masked up. Yet it still manages to get in, and a couple of the residents have had it. He’s been in hospital for over a week now, and the tough old bugger is hanging on, which I feel is annoying the staff there, as they keep pushing us to sign a DNR notice, one doctor phoned my mother at midnight, the first night of his stay, and was quite forceful with her, who was already terrified of losing her husband of 55 years, barking at her “do you realise how violent having to resuscitate someone!” He went into graphic detail of what injuries he would suffer in an attempt to save his life. At this point my mother asked if his condition had worsened, and the cunt said he hadn’t looked. Then he checked his chart and he was stable, and doing ok. Heartless prick, I hope I never have to deal with him.
      My mates mother in law tested positive on Monday, they hadn’t been able to visit her for months at her care home, she died on Thursday.
      As my mate said, it gets real, pretty quick.

      • ‘It gets real pretty quick ‘. Frankly, we had months of warning from September 2019. Those in charge (and being paid plenty) FUCKED UP !

      • I can understand the doctor’s reasoning, but not their method. A resus attempt is brutal. No exceptions. We always give the family the choice to watch as they will know we did our best for their loved one and that may be of some comfort. I won’t go into graphic detail to spare you, but, rest assured, it’s not like the television. I genuinely hope that everything goes as well as it can for you.

      • It’s ok buddy, I know what is entailed, and I know why such an order would make sense, and the decision to oppose it wasn’t made lightly. That the doctor who thought it was ok to phone a 78 year old woman, already petrified of losing her husband, added to the guilt that he was only in the care home because she wasn’t well enough herself to care for him any longer, at fucking midnight, when she had no one around to support her, that’s what fucking got me. We had only a couple of hours earlier made the decision, and this cunt, without checking on my dads condition, probably didn’t want to do anything that shift other than flick a switch. Luckily there are others there that do give a fuck.

      • I know, and I know everyone is under pressure, but that is unforgivable in my opinion. My mother knows exactly what is done, as she watched helplessly as two paramedics tried in vain for nearly half an hour to save her brother who had a fatal heart attack while she was looking after him. It brought all the memories of that back too, and left her a wreck. Cunt had just clocked on too!

  12. Won’t be long before the pigs are saying ” wo ist dein COVID papieren”

    It is coming

  13. I heard some cunt in a film say this which I have now claimed as my own saying…
    ‘Its a big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite’.
    What a pile of cunt this Covid 19 is and it’s the cunt that won’t go away. I expect a major mess up with this rushed through vaccine and I expect only 50% of eligible people will have it, so its not going to be back to ‘normal’ for a long time. I understand the elders and vulnerable need protecting and unfortunately that means we all have to put up with this cuntishness.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • I blow from tier to tier like a dandelion on the wind,
      Fuck that bullshit!
      Just ignore it, its nonsense.
      Made up ill thought out bollocks for the masses,
      You seriously think the Westminster rats follow it?
      Go where you want when you want,
      See your family
      See your friends.
      Have a nice Christmas.

      Ps just got back from the peaks,
      Playing in the snow with the dog,
      Dog was happy as Larry!😀👍

      • Evening MNC, hardly anyone is bothering to follow the ‘rules’ and it seems every cunt is aaaaht and abaaaaaht getting on with life.
        This whole tier thing is an absolute joke, if they are going to do it it should be much more local based not whole counties etc.
        I’m getting on with it and to be honest it’s nice not to have to mix with loads of cunts.

      • My dear B&WC ( I doubt of that is said to you on a regular basis), you nail the problem perfectly. The aftermath of the fiasco will make interesting reading; providing it is not the usual whitewash.

      • ‘Whitewash’ I never had you down as a racist Guzziguy. It’s almost 2021 and you are using outdated racist words…you have been hanging abaaaaht with Dick Fiddler again haven’t you?

  14. I am being a totally responsible business man and I’m getting all my bitches who work in my many brothel’s to have the vaccine and also my county lines dealer employees are maintaining social distancing and provide contactless ‘drop offs’.
    It’s important to be a responsible business man in these uncertain times.
    Go fuck yourselves. 😁

    • Hehehe, 😀
      Evening BWC, no life hiding away all timid is it?
      I go all over the place but keep my distance from folk.
      Its old people I feel sorry for,
      Some not seen their families since march,
      Christmas is all about family,
      And family’s should be together at Christmas.
      BWC what do you do at Christmas?
      Get together with family?

      • Nothing better than being with family at Christmas MNC, I’ve had busy Christmas’ for the last 20+ years and due to Covid 19 I’m having a quiet one this year as the rest of my family.
        Looking forward to chilling aaaaht eating nice food and drinking Malbec and rum and a nice spliff or two.
        I hope it’s not miserable in your house?

      • Naw, like a traditional Christmas, all the family, tree, turkey, mulled wine, carols etc
        Its a special day in our house,
        Out early before anyones up,
        On moors with the dog
        Home for opening the presents,
        Then help prep the meal.
        Love it BWC.👍🌲🌲⛄

      • Cooked Christmas dinner abaaaaht 3 years ago MNC for at least 12 people and it was hard work especially when you only have one normal oven, I ended up getting a bit pissed by 1pm. 😁

      • A wise choice there B&WC, include a bindle or 6 to go with the Wray & Nephews.
        You know the score.
        Boombaclaaat an’ ting!

      • Yes Cuntlestiltskin me bredren. Love the Wray and Nephew but also Appleton’s Jamaica Rum (12 year and if your flush 21year) some of the best rums in the world. Going to do a jerk ham this year. 👍🏽

  15. I agree it appears to me that no one is adhering to the rules , for one people have realised its bollocks , two I think most people just don’t give a fuck anymore , and have decided to just get on with it I am ! Fucking bollocks to the cunts in charge

  16. There’s a lot of professionals who are willing to put their reputations on the line in opposition to SAGE and Bozo’s goons.
    I doubt they made that decision lightly.
    This is bollocks.
    Mike Yeadon is one.
    Fucking namby pamby sheep all bleating the official line.
    MKUltra mk2.

  17. Just to prove that this whole thing is a fucking joke, i get tested every week for this ‘virus’ and we do it ourselves.
    Now we are all being told to shove the cotton bud stick thing right to the back of your throat until you start gagging and also shove it up well till your brain starts to leak
    well sorry ive been doing that, i have been just scraping on the inside of my mouth at the top and only just putting it in my nose (i kid on that im gagging and fake tears for the nose part)
    Every week i get a txt saying that im negative…..figure that one out?

    • You’re negative for Covid, possibly? I work with patients that have it, day in, day out. Attended cardiac/respitatory arrests and carried out aerosol generating procedures on the pt, sat in the back of an ambulance with pt’s, held their hand. I’ve not got it, nor have I had it. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make?

      • That’s another thing, they tested my father 3 times and I was on the third test he produced a positive result. I think the first test was inconclusive. My point being, if they can have these varying results in a hospital, with tests administered by trained persons under ideal conditions, how reliable are the home tests, or some bellend in a car park making you gag with a cotton bud? A guy came back to work last week after testing negative, and I gave him a wide berth just in case.

      • Haven’t a clue. I have a lateral flow test kit, at home and test before a run of shifts. Always negative. Tested a family member with my kit, they had an ‘official’ test, was negative. My kit’s probably 70% accurate😉

      • And you have the skill to administer it properly, plus you are more tuned in to any symptoms. The dirty cunts who work with me don’t even wash their hands, I’ve got no chance!😂

      • ‘Skill to administer it properly’?

        I’m just a glorified first-aider that can drive quickly🤣🤣

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