Good King Wenceslas

Good King Wenceslas is simply a cunt.

He last looked out on the “Feast Of Steven” but under the new government back of fag packet rules this would clearly be banned under both Tier 2 and 3 so he should be arrested with haste for that alone.

Then he had the sheer cheek to call a local degenerate/thief a “poor man” and a so called “peasant” which clearly breaks all the new regulations for the protection of the permanently baffled in society, the “poor man” was probably a member of our colourful LGBTTFFFQQA community too which makes it a capital offence.

Last but no least he mentions Saints which clearly do not belong in any religion in the UK and finally he does not get on his royal knees to the brave BLM activists who have just arrived to steal his car and VCR.

I therefore conclude he should be thrown into jail…or a KFC/McDonalds whichever is closest.

(On behalf of your admin crew, have a safe and fun New Year’s celebration this evening, cunters. See you all in 2021 – NA)

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

66 thoughts on “Good King Wenceslas

  1. Good King Weneslas was a Cunt for not bellowing at the Poor Man to “Fuck Off out of it,you trespassing Cunt” and then setting the Hounds on the Pleb.

  2. Sounds foreign to me.
    A suspicious looking cunt no doubt.
    Probably wears a tracksuit outside and other troubling habits.
    Deport the fucker.

  3. How does Good King Wencelas like his pizza?
    Deep and crisp and even.

    Happy New Year, cunty compatriots.

      • Happy New year Maggie,
        Theres some right thieves on here!
        Miserable (not Bertie Blunt)

      • People get us confused a lot Bertie!
        Wanksock cant pick us out in a ID parade,
        Now capt Maggie!
        A more unscrupulous man would take advantage of this!

      • I can’t understand it Mis. You are a 6’ 8” Brian Blessed look a like and I am a 4’ 10” Peter Dinklage dwarf, albeit good looking.

      • Hardly lookalikes are we?
        Is ISAC for the partially sighted?
        I know CC gets the brail format and one or two others are Labrador owners?

      • Ohh, many apologies. What an idiot! Let me correct this immediately.

        Happy New Year, Peter Dinklage.

    • ****Fake News!****

      What the poofter governor actually said was: “Not exactly the New Year’s gift we expected from the UK.”

      Not that it makes any difference to ya.

      • A trawl through his previous utterances will provide plenty of references to Wuhan ?
        No, the turd kowtows to the fucking Chinks but fails to realise that the U.K. was the first to identify a mutation of the Chinky Flu’.
        Just how many individuals , organisations and governments are in the pay of the dog boilers?

  4. “Wenceslaus I c. 911 – September 28, 935), Wenceslas I or Václav the Good was the duke of Bohemia from 921 until his assassination in 935. His younger brother, Boleslaus the Cruel, was complicit in the murder.”

    I’d happily invite Boleslaus the Cruel to one of my exclusive dinner parties,he sounds a right giggle….I wouldn’t invite his soppy brother,Wenceslas..the Cunt would probably start preaching about charidee or some such shite.

    Fuck him.

    • “Boleslaus the Cruel”
      Blimey! He must have been an evil cunt to get a name like that in them there days. 🤔

      • I bet Boleslaus would have known how to deal with some bobble-hatted (probably) rambler/trespasser who made the mistake of breaking cover on his vast Estate….he and I would have much to discuss.

      • Coleslaw the cruel, Attila the Hun, Ming the Merciless, and Fiddler all sat drinking a brandy and plotting evil,
        The legion of Doom.

      • What would be our cognomen?

        Plastic the Pious.
        Fiddler the Fair
        Miserable Barbarossa.
        Magnanimous the Proud.
        Creampuff the Brave.
        Komodo the Dragon.
        Spoons the Innocent.

  5. If he hasn’t applied for settled status he is out 😂

    He did a lot of work for charity, nice chap deserves a knighthood (unlike the F1 cunt).

    Happy New Year.

    • Is Wency another foreign cunt like St. George?

      (The patron saint of England, I mean. Not the patron saint of BLM)

      • St George will now be depicted with the nostrils of a dragon and lips like Leslie Ash (and black).

        And that fucking racist flag will be banned 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  6. Fuck all good about the cunt. From the picture he looks like a tightfisted, grasping, Yorkie cunt.

    • TT CC@ – well he can keep his hands off my chips and gravy!
      Paid nearly ten bob for them I did..
      And rumours that Johnson Will be hanged from Big Ben at 11PM are regrettably untrue! 😢
      (They caught me scaling it with the rope!)

  7. Wishing everyone on here a happy new year. Thanks for giving me something to read and quite a few laughs along the way. And try and be nice cunts just for a little while. Happy new year 🥳

  8. Mrs Stroker and I walked to our local supermarket for our daily walk today, just under two miles each way. Fuck all else to do.

    No control at the entrance on the amount of cunts entering the store resulting in crowded areas. Saw many people not socially distancing nor wearing a face mask, including some Morrison’s uniformed workers.

    By the way, record numbers in UK infected with Covid today. Who really gives a fuck.

    • Don’t think anyone’s taking a blind bit of notice, WS. I’ve been banging on about the need for the antivirus measures since March, but I really can’t (a) blame the population for not giving a fuck any more and (b) be arsed to discuss it again. This is Hell, as Chris Marlow said, nor are we out of it.

    • I will be out of it tonight at any rate. There’s a bottle of Craigellachie looking at me hopefully and I cannot disappoint it!

      Happy New Year.
      Here’s tae us, wha’s like us? Damn few and they’re a’ deid.

  9. Wasn’t he a Czech or something? Good King Thingy was apparently King of Bohemia. So maybe that’s why Queen were number one at Christmas with Bohemian Rhapsody (or ‘Bo-Rap’ as that monumental cunt Ben Elton calls it). I reckon Bohemia was part of the Czech lands that Adolf requisitioned.

  10. Fucking royals. This Wenceslas is a mate of Epstein’s, no doubt.

    Fair warning to all royalty and professional politicians during 2021.(Except Princess Anne) You’ve broken everything you’ve touched and made my country a fucking laughing stock. Come anywhere near me and I’ll disembowel you with a blunt garden fork. Then I’ll turn you into biodiesel.

    No, really. The latest fan dance over the covid vaccine was the final straw.

    • Fair enough K, but spare Kate… I’ll look after her for you…

      Happy New Year. 🙂

      • Fine, RTC. She’s far too young for me. Hang onto your wallet, though. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Good King Cuntless

    Good King Cuntless,he looked out
    On the Ghost of Stephen
    Lawrence, he lay down and out
    Diced and sliced, poor Stephen
    Brightly shone that cuun that night
    Though the frost was cruel
    When a “gangsta” came in sight
    Wiping down his tool

    Who’s that cunty silvery-moon
    If thou knowst it, telling
    Yonder ghost-cuun, who is he?
    Where and what his dwelling?
    Sire, he lives a good league hence,
    In that high rise dwelling
    Right against the council tip fence
    Where the shit is smelling

    Bring me Chiggun, bring me rice n’peas
    Bring de watta melon, hither
    But first please remove his fleas
    We can burn them thither.
    Gangsta and Cunt, forth they went
    Forth they went together
    Through the dark-keys wild lament
    And the shitty weather

    Cunt, the night is darker now
    And the wind blows stronger
    I feel fucked, I know not how
    I can go no longer.
    Snort this powder, good you twat
    It came from Black and Whitey
    Thou shall find that after that
    Thoust feels fucking almighty

    In Lord Fiddlers step he trod
    Cause that Cunt is minted
    Heat was in the very sod
    Which the Cunt had printed
    Therefore, Christian men, so soon
    Wealth or wank possessing
    Ye, who now will fuck the cuun
    Shall yourselves find blessing.

    Happy New Year, Fellow Cunters

  12. Happy New Year everyone. Here’s to 2021 being a bit less shit.
    But I’m not holding my breath…

  13. Happy new year to all – I will say it now as I am working my way through some warming whisky, and filled with some rather fine ham and mushroom tagliatelle (easy to make and tastes lovely!) 😃👍🍺🍗🤪

    • Happy New Year Vern but do you think an Italian dish is appropriate for such an historic evening?
      I honestly thought you might have had Yorks. Pudds and a rhubarb tart lined up?
      Alright, any tart then!

      • Evening Bertie, it all makes Suckdick Khans pathetic EU inspired NYE fireworks display a few years back all the more sweet. I have some leftover gala pork pie and pickle with a few cold Lincs sausage.

      • Never mind the money the Son of a Bus Driver blows away on fireworks, last year he illuminated the big wheel with the blue starry EU shitrag. I wonder how much that cost and what the fuck it’s got to do with London? He’s a traitor cunt and I hope he chokes on his fucking curry at 11pm. Piece of shit.

      • True Freddie, if there was any justice a mob will have tied him to the London Eye at 10.55pm.

      • Hee hee Bertie, good to see the whiskies are not affecting your punster senses. I hate Bratwursts, immature, woke and cunts.

  14. I had a dream…… at last, free at last ……thank God Almighty we’re free at last!!

    Fuck you Grieve, fuck you Sourberries, fuck you Bercow, fuck you Blair, fuck you Major, fuck you Terry Fuckwit, fuck you James O’fucking Shithead…….fuck all you remoaner bastards. Burn in hell you fucking traitor remoaner bastards. You won’t be forgotten you cunts!!

  15. Happy New Year to all cunters, and carry on cunting.
    Big up the mods too.
    ISaC’s probably kept me (relatively) sane, so thanks!

  16. Not me.
    I was a happy go lucky encyclopedia salesman till I came on here.
    You people have ruined my life.
    You should all be ashamed.

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