Eton is a cunt. A big weeping sore of a bummer boy cunt. They have just sacked Will Knowland for disputing woke doctrinal truth. In other words he is a heretic. How “progressive” , how cultured. Eton is the epicentre of woke cuntdom along with PPE at Oxford. Its all a religious mania along with child St Gretta. Goodbye truth ,logic and argument . Hello a stazi state ruled by cunts from Eton. Get to fuck.Cunts.

(News story can be accessed: here and the sacking is being appealed – NA)

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41 thoughts on “Eton

  1. £42,500 a year for the privilege of being indoctrinated into this fucking cult. Maybe ginger pubes Harry Markel was some kind of prototype.

  2. If this is how the place is run it goes some way to explaining the thought processes of the Hewitt boy.

  3. Do you have to be a bumboy to go Eton, or does it make you that way?..fond of pork dagger.
    Every one whos ever been,
    Every one there currently,
    All weep in butchers shops,
    I heard these doughnut shitters wear nighties in class and only eat marshmallows?
    No one from the North of England has ever been there,
    Its quasi mystical, it only can be seen when dancing to Kylie Minogue or Abba records in hotpants.
    They have a ‘Ducky Dean’ who canes the naughty ones and if a girl walks past they all hiss at the windows and call her a fat bitch.
    Boris Johnson went there.
    He leads the country.

  4. I thought private schools were all full of Pakîs, Chînks, Saudîs, Singapora-ding-dings, and Hong Kong Fooeys. Does any British kid attend apart from the spawn of wealthy pop stars or thick-as-shit footballers? They’re one of our finest industries; a scam to bamboozle rich foreigners into believing their little nip will have a decent education. I say let the racket continue.

    • Evening Cap a popular misconception is that chinkys and other yellow folk like koreans etc are good at maths.
      Well I cant count to a hundred,
      But I have normal eyes rather than pissflaps,
      And I dont eat household pets.
      Fair trade off far as im concerned.

    • Very true El Cappo, we have educated some of the worlds finest Russian mob linked oligarchs, Chinese ploperty typhoons and corrupt despotic Arab royalty.

      • It’s probably seen its fair share of billionaire, Bin Laden-type terrorîsts who can say “Allâh is kindness, Alläh is love, Allâhb is eternal, Death to all infidels” in ancient Greek.

  5. I imagine the little top hatted cunts will be forgoing mattins in favour of taking a knee to the black students,.
    Perhaps the Eton debates can be solely on institutional racism, critical race theory and toxic masculinity.
    The fucking stupid cunts.
    Wealthy parents send their little cunts to independent schools to avoid this cuntitude.
    I wonder if donations and bursaries from old Etonians will decrease?
    Get woke-go broke👏

    • No they wont. The Tory party has already taken sides. They are only interested in power and this is the way they will wield it.

  6. It’s reported that Ipsos-Mori conducted a poll to determine which English school was the most highly rated by Japanese businessmen and Eton never got a look in. When the pollster approached, everyone said “Harro……”

  7. I was watching a telly program about the Dambusters recently. Heroic pilots these lads. Very young, the squadron leader was 24. A lot were from posh homes, well educated at public school, these were real men. Can’t imagine what would happen today if the country needed them.

  8. Eton is for training tomorrow’s rulers. Sorry, but there it is. Today’s rulers (globalist financiers) have decreed that tomorrow’s subject population is brown in colour and speaks a kind of bastard Creole, so the subtext of the education has to be woke.

    I am sorry for Will Knowland, but he had some mad idea that diversity meant diversity of opinion. There may still be books in Eton’s library that support that flawed idea – they won’t be there for long, now.

  9. Eton was always full of cunts. Now it’s bossed about by cunts with an IQ similar to that of a dog turd.. Pathetic.

  10. Remember that mekon-headed street-shitter cunt who got a professorship at Cambridge for saying that white lives don’t matter and she wants to kneecap white males? The cunts have taken over the asylum!

  11. “Sup up your beer and collect your fágs, there’s a row going on down near Slough ”
    One of The Jam’s finest.
    Great band.

  12. Ron, Eton mistress asserts I’m no tenor ᵃ

    ᵃ of special “note” (ahem!) to Mr Knee, perhaps?

  13. I always used to hope that maybe the blue bloods would hold out against the takeover by the Marxists but, although I’m sure they wouldn’t put up with this crap in their schools, they’re fucking spineless globalist pussies that will happily call themselves “leaders” whilst pandering to 2 bit journalists karen cunts, not fit to run a fucking bath…..
    I watched a couple of videos from the britisher recently about how the blue bloods USED to be…. makes you proud of our past, and fucking down right ashamed of what we’ve become….
    I’ll post one …. Worth a watch.

    • Some band they were,
      sharp, tight, great lyrics,
      Great sound.
      Lot of they’re stuff reads like a story,
      Down in the tubestation,
      Thats entertainment.
      The best of British.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  14. The cunt seems to have gone over the top on wimmin’s weakness and place in the world. Not exactly an attack on wokedom.

  15. It would be mildly amusing if an incoming Pakistan Airlines flight from Islamabad stoved into this palace of P.onces.
    They deserve each other.

  16. At least the pupils are fighting back.

    How long will it be until all the Mr & Mrs Hedge Funds pull their sons out of there? No fees ,no indoctrination then Eton will be turned into a block of flats.

    • Meeting the right people is far more valuable than having sensible opinions; so it was and so it ever shall be. You can assume that Oxford’s PPE tutors only speak wokeish these days, too. The top money public schools are completely safe – though Gordonstoun may be considering its options. There is no escape from this shit.

  17. This is what these woke, identity, racist shouting cunts dont get. It isnt white privilege, racism and whatever phobe they come up with. It’s class and money that holds the rest of us back. Jobs are for the ‘right sort’ Civil Service, contracts, cushy numbers in the boardroom. Prime Minister too. No actual talent required. The more they push the woke bullshit, the better it is for the actually privileged cunts. The teacher involved is full of shit, not freedom of expression. Read what the cunt said before you hold the fucker up as some sort of martyr.

  18. Stephen Fry one said he was “brought up at Eton”, to which Bernard Manning said he actually looked like he was “Eaten and then brought up”.

  19. It was hilarious when that Eton prat got eaten in Svalbard by a bear, snots must taste better. Pity the bear was shot for following it’s instinct though. I hope their net trip is to the PNG Highlands or Helmand.

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