Chris Bryant MP [3]

An oooooh get the madam cunting please for Captain Underpants, who had a hissy fit in Parliament today. over Brexit (what else?) The former vicar (God help his flock) got admonished by Sit Linday Hoyle the speaker (he might be a Labour MP but Sir L is far more impartial than Bercow ever was).

Isn’t it strange how much Brexit still gets on the pansies tits. That or he had had a lovers tiff with his husband this morning.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

… and seconded by : Quick Draw McGraw 

Chris Bryant MP. I don’t think Captain Y Fronts has been nominated for a while. He’s currently making headlines on the Guido Fawkes for allegedly mouthing the words ‘fuck off’ at Lindsay Hoyle, after the speaker gestured for him to sit down, because he was perched on ledge beneath the press gallery. Naturally, Captain Y Fronts denies it, but several MP’s, both Tory and Labour have said that he did. And considering what nasty, deranged little twat he is, I’m going to believe that he did. And of course, being a graceless cunt, Bryant is refusing to apologise.

It was only a few weeks back that Captain Y Fronts completely lost his shit while being interviewed by Dan Wooton on TalkRadio about the pandemic. Dan made a comment about bat flu and wearing masks and the over emotional Bryant became hysterical, accusing Wooton of wanting people to die, before ending the interview, Owen Jones style. The guy has always been a grade cunt, but this year it’s been amplified by a factor of 1000.

17 thoughts on “Chris Bryant MP [3]

  1. He looks like he might be found lifting shirts in a Cardiff public lavatory. 54 months after we voted to escape and these Remainiac cabbages are still moaning like wounded soldiers. His rant about Brexit is about as clear as Elton John’s back passage which is probably where he’d like be.

    • Recently celebrated 10 years of happy marriage to his husband who unfortunately has failed in his duty to impregnate successfully!
      Apparently a bun is what he has always wished for. Im thinking of sending him a cake instead.

  2. Sir Lindsay Hoyle – “I suggest the whip goes and has a word with him”. I bet he fucking would.

  3. Someone at the chimps tea party should have lamped the cunt.
    I’m certain it’s husband would prefer it has less teeth for the fellatio.
    All in all:oven it.

    • The question is why has he only been cnuted 3 times?
      Aside from his latest tantrum in the Commons, his WîkîP profile shows the cnutishness is strong with this one
      For your benefit, SV, this publically funded tûrd:-
      Is a Europhile,
      Gây (former winner of Stonewall award for MP of the year), Oxford graduate (suprisingly not in PPE),
      A political turncoat (former conservative turned socialist),
      A former Common Purpose branch manager in London,
      Welsh MP for the Rhonda (a Brexit voting area so unrepresentative of his constituents),
      Lost to Hoyle in vote to replace Bërcöw as speaker,
      Beneficiary of twice flipping his second home MP expenses claims,
      A former wannabe CofE priest,
      Called from the arrest of Trump if he set foot in the UK
      Hypocritically slagged of Ed Shéérân for being privately educated despite being privately educated himself,
      Posed in his underpants on a gäy dating site in 2003.
      Hoyle should have taken him outside and kicked his head in.
      Whilst reading up on Bryant I saw this lovely recent comment has been posted on his tw@tter account by someone calling themselves Ryan.
      “Ur absolutely useless as a MP u should stick to bümming”.
      I believe Ryan to be Cuntstable Cuntbubble and I claim my prize of a free Mary Hopkin songbook.

  4. Whenever I see this fucking great braying poove, I cannot unsee the image of a greying pair of saggy old Y fronts, probably with indelible gusset and wank stains.

    Piss off.

  5. Insufferable wanker. Like so many of his fellow remainer cunts. He should fuck off and kiss Guy Verhofstadt’s ring if he loves the EU so much.

  6. Bumder.
    And traitor.
    Fits the job description.
    Not enough rope in the world for the Westminster rats.

  7. Funnily enough, I find myself empathising with Chris.

    For the last few years rarely five minutes goes by when I don’t mutter “fuck off!”. Especially when the television or radio is on, or I find myself in the midst of the multiple East Europeans shouting at each other in town.

    I blame the corrosive influence of Dick Fiddler.

    Maybe Chris is an aficionado of Dick’s posts too….

  8. Nasty little sexually promiscuous, open arse, dirty bummer. But much worse than this……a fucking remoaner!
    Thank fuck he wasn’t voted in as Speaker. Bercow was bad enough but at least his only sexual predeliction was cuckolding his wife out to gyppos.

  9. Ex-clergy arse bandit with an already proven penchant for sex scandals turned MP.

    I wonder what skeletons potentially languish in THAT closet.

  10. Being Welsh and an ex-priest what better qualifications can this cunt have in order to be elected as a Welsh MP. He reminds me of a randy old scoutmaster who kept popping into the dug out latrines pretending to throw another layer of soil into the shit-pit.Bet he drives a matt blue old Bedford van and tries to get you in the back with a rancid old mattress cover and half a bale of straw that he can show you how to make a pally ass.
    What a horrible nightmare-inducing spit-dribbling bum-botherer!

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