China Crisis (6)

The fucking Chinks are cunts.

Slapping big tariffs on Aussie goods, claiming vast areas of ocean, encroaching on neighbours territory and giving the world bat flu, just to mention a few of their distasteful actions.

They are now claiming India as the origin of the aforementioned bat flu, citing their lack of hygiene, ( you couldn’t make this shit up, the dirty little yellow bastards ) after previously pointing the finger at the USA, Italy and others.

Arrogant little, thin skinned, untrustworthy, slant eyed fuckers. A pox on them all.

Just fucking die.

That’s better.

Nominated by: Jack The Cunter

(Do you fancy a Chinese takeaway tonight? – DA)
(Never did anything better than their excellent first album – NA)

47 thoughts on “China Crisis (6)

  1. They buy a lot of foreign government sovereign debt by way of bonds.
    They could collapse Western economies with the press of a few buttons.
    Of course they are evil cunts.Letting them develop nuclear weapons was a major no no.
    So we are fully fycked.
    Better get used to Flied Lice.

  2. They have moved on. They are blaming imported frozen food now. Does anywhere else freeze and process bat bollocks?
    They have the WHO in their pocket through a corrupt kaffir (are there any other sort) so will never get full responsibility for their criminal actions in allowing Corbyn 19 to spread worldwide while protecting the rest of China.

    • I am afraid that the Chinky Flu’ Saga will never be told.
      Like the banks in 2008, they are too big to fail.

      • You lacist runatic. You wanna bat borrocks, fish finger, or monkey blain? Make up mind.

  3. You forgot three of their worst deeds Jack – the social credit system, oppressing Hong Kong and genociding the Uighers.

    • In fairness though, the Uighurs are Muslims. If the rest of the world treated their own muzzy population the same way we probably wouldn’t have the problems we do now.

      • True, but the world would be a much more “peaceful” place without them.

        Bunch of fucking ragheads stuck in the dark ages – let them keep multiplying and watch sharia law come to a street near you soon…….

  4. Off piste but I just listened to Its My Life by Bon Jovi on the wireless.

    Why does John Bon Jovi sing as if he is trying to give birth to a giant shite?

  5. I hate the chinks.
    More than pakis.
    Ive studied hard at racism college, was a honor student leaving with a distinction in casual xenophobia .
    The little yellow pissflap eyed poisonous fuckers are on the way to world domination.
    The Africans hate them
    India hate them
    Mongolia hate them
    Tibet hates them
    And I hate them.
    Do you know years ago we, the yanks, frogs, and Russia got together and kicked fuck out of these bat eating yellow locusts?
    True. We did.
    And they remember it,
    And want revenge!
    Next round we should leave just a smouldering crater,
    I dont see them as human
    But some sort of sqinting bug hybrid.
    Nuke em.👍

    • Or drop them all on Africa, along with Piers Morgan. Hoee, what a mass of gross moral cuntitude. Then set light with turpentine.

    • They see themselves as Zhongguo, or in English “the centre of the world” . They have always viewed themselves as a master race for 5000 years.Han Chinese are the most racist people on earth. View it as ancient Egypt that never ended. The good news is its a borg that constantly collapses upon itself. The Chinks have never been free like the bovine herd Russians. They have very high IQs but didnt invent a fork.

  6. The CCP isnt Communist anymore its a fully fledged Nazi state. A man made virus and a corrupt Washington elite looks set to force from office with, a corrupted election the only man willing to stand up to the yellow fuckers. When the American world order is gone then all of humanity will be in the grip of these cunts. Its all going to get a lot worse. Yellow cunts.

  7. China Crisis were actually pretty good. Intelligent pop like their fellow Scousers, OMD (The Wirral Kraftwerk). Wishful Thinking and Christian were good songs. A million times better than any crap Ed Sheercunt comes out with.

  8. Those cunts have taken so much from me his year I would gladly press the button that launched every Polaris we own at them. Might save a bit of the wildlife in Africa to boot.

  9. I’ll say one thing in favour of the old ‘Blue Minks’.
    There will be no BLM shite in China.

  10. The communist chinks unleashed ‘COVID 19’ on the world at the behest of Gates, FauXi, and Soros. All publically available on the net for anyone who cares to look.

    PS – FUCK RIGHT OFF WordSurppress.

    • Yeah damn right. Everyone seems to have forgot it was the Chinese that caused all this? Instead it seems to have become a stick to which the lying dishonest media relentlessly beat the Orange Man with

  11. Have a word with the Nips regarding the resurrection of Unit 731, that should keep both sets of little yellow bastards busy for a while.

    • Good point Cuntlestiltskin, If I’m not mistaken the Americans ended up employing some of the nip bastards that served in that unit. Not being funny but if I was a nip I would be somewhat worried about my chinky neighbours considering the rape of Nanking etc. China is coming of age and they are not going to loose face now.

  12. They should be held to account for the bat flu. Why the fuck can’t we manufacture our own stuff, like we used too ? Instead of being reliant on this human vermin. All this globalist shite has gone way too far. We’ve made ourselves vulnerable in the extreme. Time for a rethink and a policy of fucking them up. The little cunts are easy to wind up, get ’em on the back foot.
    Or just nuke the cunts.
    Absolute shower.
    Good afternoon.

    • How Hitler treated the jews
      We should treat the chinks.
      Get rid.
      And dont buy their shoddy shite either.
      Steel like fuckin marzipan!
      Everything they make is shite
      They eat anything that blinks.
      They’re bucktooth maggots
      And Zyklon is too good for them.

      • Awful food and wretched hygiene. I phoned up my local Chinese restaurant and this man answered saying, “Herr-o! I am Wan-king, the chef.”

        I said, “I’ll call back when you’ve finished.”

      • My local Chinese, Wan-Kmee, has been there for ages.

        They do a good delivery, apparently…

      • Several years ago, I had a colleague called Wayne King. I was told his wife’s name was Leigh.

  13. The western globalists built the Chinese dragon, the Clintons allegedly gave them access to American secrets including nuclear technology. Google have built technology specifically for use in China or as is now indicated testing in China, apple make a killing using Chinese Labour. Some of the same people financed the Nazis. China is being weaponised to bring down the free west and when I say free that’s a very distorted definition of free being applied.

  14. Trouble is the Chinese are too big and too powerful to fuck about with.

    It will be interesting how the kiddy-sniffer, Biden deals with them. Not that he’ll have a fucking clue of course. Instead it will be his VP who will start the warmongering and grandstanding. But she too will quickly realise the Chinese are not into all things woke and snowflakery, and if she does start “manning up” she’ll get a fucking shock if they do so!

    Best ignore both the dinks and America, and the EU to some extent – we’re in the fucking wilderness, and it wouldn’t surprise me of the Chinese introduced a new Covid strain from their government laboratories that will fuck the West all over again

  15. The 3 Gorges Dam is at maximum, just need a little earth tremor and it will wash lot of the shit out to sea. The cunts are totally evil but velly clever, taking over the world by stealth. What’s Sleepy fucking Joe going to do about it. And they fucking gob everywhere. Still ONLY 4600 deaths to Kungflu. Mmmmmmmm something doesn’t add up. Cunts.

    • Part of me is willing that fucking Damn to break.
      My great Uncle Barnes Wallace’s spirit hopes so too👍
      And my black Labrador😎

  16. And we’re about to inaugurate the fraudulent Beijing Biden.

    We’re fucked!

    Merry Christmas to all. 🎄

      • Good evening Ruff.

        Trump is absolutely correct. This election was fraudulent and his victory was stolen from him. And it was precisely because he was indeed Making America Great Again.

        Biden, the Democrats, Wall Street,the Establishment Republicans and their Chinese paymasters had to get rid of Trump at all costs. They had too much too loose if he won again.

        I highly recommend watching the video rather than just reading the story.

      • Evening General, it’s inevitable that the liberal elites and their scum backers would take over. Even if the elections had been honest the 5th column would ramp up disorder and take him down eventually.
        It’s their M.O. to cheat, distort and lie to get their way, we shouldn’t be surprised by the fuckery. Will Dominion counters be used next time?
        China is loving this, in through the side window, bye bye Western world, hello woke new world.

      • Alas Cuntle you may be right about the inevitability of the takeover.

        But the “elites” are in for a big surprise when the Revolution knocks of their door…as it inevitably will.

        Merry Christmas to all. 🎄

  17. In all fairness to the Chínks they know how to deal with the Islamic cunts.
    They’ve been shutting down mosques and the goat fuckers daren’t complain about it.
    No woke shit there either.

    • Agreed, making the fuckers eat pork?
      Got to be more tolerant than lopping their heads off surely…….
      Squeal little raggy, squeal.

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