Where are the Lone Nuts when you need them?

Been missing the assassination wave that swept the Good Ol’ US of A in the 60s and 70s. Following the recent political shite fest have every expectation of an uptick in gun sales to Lone Nuts (that delicious phrase). Oh yes, looking forward to the late nite news flash and these days, all in 4K and glorious color.

It completely changed the Democratic and Black Rights landscape after the Kennedys got popped alongside Martin Luther K, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers and on the Right George Wallace (wheel-chaired) and George Rockwell (leader of the Yank Nazi Party). Time to dip our peckers into nice moist deep throat conspiracy theories with the other Good ‘Ol Boys – if there’s any room left in there. All orchestrated by Good ‘Ol Boy shagger J Edgar Hoover and his COINTELPRO organisation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO )

Exciting times for those of us that lived through them and picked up a pox or two. Commies, Conspiracies and Cunts (Title of me memoirs – look out for it in the charity shops). Naturally as an old hippie Yours Truly can only advocate Non Violence at all times. Were the Russkies in there and at it? Certainly they were bank rolling all sorts of front organisations and getting ripped off royally by them so some things never change. I merely make the observation that history proves that a bullet at the right time and in the right place can change the world. Class discuss.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke 

(Obviously we at Admin Towers don’t condone such actions as to want to see Biden offed with a bullet to the .. errr brain! – DA)

91 thoughts on “Where are the Lone Nuts when you need them?

  1. Biden talks like he’s already taken a bullet to the brain. Maybe if he smoked some of his son’s hardcore drugs, it might restore his equilibrium?
    Either that or knocking one out to footage of his son knocking out 12 year old chinese girls.

    • China Joe is in it deep, Presidency looking very unlikely now – perchsnce Kamala Stalin can arrange a “lone nut” for tangomsn!
      (Looking the only way to stop him at the moment!)

      • There are many TtCE and they seem to have a lot of credibility – plus the fact that the democrats are stopping, delaying and hampering the legal action every way they can which makes me deeply suspicious.
        BBC saw fk all though.
        China Joe is increasingly the lonely nut..

  2. Lone nut you say?
    Collect the details at reception – competetive prices and consumately professional service!
    V Fox, the grassy knoll..

  3. Who holds the power though? The president is handcuffed by congress and the senate, congress and the senate are in various people’s pockets.

    The real power is with the big tech giants and China. Getting rid of the puppets won’t change very much.

    • Nope SixD, it’s A.I.P.A.C. – defund these cunts and force them to be registered as what they are – a deeply embedded lobbying body for a foreign government. That’d sort 90% of the shit that’s befallen the US (and by extension the rest of the fucking World) post war.

      …er…’ang on cunters?? …whassat?… that’s wierd… there’s some sort of red dot flitting about on the …fwit! thunk! Chops out!

    • Up until 1943, there were hopes and plans that Hitler would be assassinated. By 1944 it was hoped that he wouldn’t, as he was so bonkers by then, he was doing Germany’s war efforts far more harm than good.
      China will probably think the same of Biden.

    • Brilliant Spoons! I’ve watched you ‘grow’ on this site from a hesitant beginner into a fully fledged cunter!

  4. Only one problem with a lone nut slug for sleepy Joe.. HARRIS, this wicked racist cunt needs a trip with him to far far away land.. cunt

  5. It was trendy in the 60s to organizational regime change by sniper rifle.
    People seem to have gone off it in favour of computers.
    The old ways are often the best.

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if “the Lone Nut” came from the ranks of “…is a Cunt”.

      • If we haven’t heard from our erstwhile General Cuntster in the next couple of days, expect the worst!

        Don’t think he’s much of a fan of Biden

      • @Techno

        I resent the implication that I might be a lone nut.

        I can assure you that when it comes to my contempt for Biden…I am not alone.


    • In years to come they may say of Chops…

      “I used to go out with his sister y’ know.”
      “I was on the Luton job with him.”


      “I’m not in the least surprised he used an axe!!!”

  7. You realise that the CIA and GCHQ are probably tapping into this thread?

    Expect a knock on your doors by some spooks anytime soon!

    I think Biden is a brilliant man, talks sense, a democrat, and good will to all men, women, persons… God bless America etc etc.

    • I wouldn’t worry to much.
      America has a long tradition of the lone nut assassin,
      And im sure theyll be a retro resurgence for voting by 9mm.
      So many targets too!
      Hard to miss,
      Hope the secret service take a hands off approach to the democratic candidates,
      Anyway Americans, stop all the discussion,
      Get shooting!!!👍🎯🇺🇸

      • I think there will be some of that at the million MAGA march today MNC – Proud Boys up against Antifa and BLM.
        This is going to be interesting.

  8. Would be the biggest mistake in history. That is how legends are born. Kill some useless cunt in the public eye before they have done anything of value….BOOM a legend is born. The left would thrive on that for generations to come.

  9. I always thought that the shooting of George Wallace was a tad unsporting rather like that dreadful dentist who shot the drugged lion.

    • George Rockwell was the head of the American Nazi Party.
      He twinned fascist fashion (armbands, jackboots etc)
      With cardigans, brylcreemed hair, and pipe smoking.
      Like if Bing Crosby was the Fuhrer!
      The nazis in the Blues Brothers was a pisstake of him,
      Jake & Elwood sorted him out.

      • Cunter who?

        Or even

        Where have all the cunts gone?

        Spike’s war diaries are probably my favourite books. The audio books are a treat, as it’s him reading them.

  10. The sixties and seventies were great times. Everything was looser, more ad hoc. ‘Lone nuts’ were all over the place, assassins, serial killers, folk musicians, bonkers eastern philosophers, radical thinking politicians. All part of life’s rich psychedelic tapestry back then I suppose. Terrorism was a similarly equal opportunities industry with Red Brigade, South Moluccans, Baader Meinhoff, ETA, Black September..plenty to choose from and all run in a sort of chaotic, but nonetheless murderous, hippy stylie.

    Nowadays there is a predictable monotony about everything from lockdowns to terrorism. The latter having become just an endless succession of adherents to the “religion of peace” randomly raping and carving up the innocent and hard working populations of the countries that have literally bent over backwards for them.

    Give me the 1960s and 1970s anytime, Sir LS. Mine’s a light and bitter.

    • A bit like White dog shit. You don’t see that much, anymore.
      Because we don’t let dogs eat bones.
      Because dogs don’t have “teeth” anymore……

      • He had some panache. Kidnapping Shake yer Money and flying half of OPEC to Algiers. Stuffing a wad of semtex up yer arse and letting rip at a kids concert is the stuff of cunts.

  11. Plenty of lone nuts posting here when their nuts aren’t glued to Pornhub*.

    * Other purveyors of filth are available.

    • Morning Ruff,
      Your inlaws celebrating Diwali?
      Sihks celebrate too,
      But its called Bhandi shore or something?
      Sounds terrible, I hate fireworks, and those asian sweets are fuckin orrible,
      Tried them?
      I prefer Cadburys.

      • Morning Miserable.

        No idea what my crazy mother-in-law and her idiot son are doing, they’ll probably be staying in and watching the celebrations on Sky. I haven’t seen or spoken to them since the first lockdown started.

        Lady Creampuff isn’t religious, but she likes Christmas, already bugging me about what we’re going to be having for Christmas dinner….

        Toast and marmalade for main course and mince pies with vanilla ice cream for pudding would be my choice.

      • Good luck to her if she tries, Techno. I expect to be all spunked out after watching the Queen’s Christmas broadcast.

      • Shes invited to have Christmas day at the Miserables.
        We do traditional,
        Turkey that makes the table groan,
        Real tree, mulled wine,
        Good cheer, song and jest etc.
        To be quite honest I feel youd spoil it, so the invite is just to Lady Creampuff.
        Dont want you sat there scowling in a paper crown looking at your watch and asking marmalade like a half arsed Paddington bear.

      • The only problem I foresee inviting Lady Creampuff to your gaff, is where you intend to hang the mistletoe come Christmas Day?

        Moreover, will she have to speak Northern?

      • Id insist she spoke northern techno, maybe wore a flat cap,
        Shed have to fit in with the natives im afraid.
        Shed enjoy it though,
        Pick up some of my mannerisms to take back home!

        “How do? Whats wit face you mardearse fucker?”😀😀

  12. I’m afraid I have a long list of those that need to go. Matt Hancock, Whitty, Vallance, the rest of SAGE, any MP who voted for lockdown and the Coronavirus Act. It is a pleasant fiction to imagine myself heading up a crew like The Expendables to take them all out! Maybe I could get a job in the House of Commons restaurant to poison their chops and puddings whilst my crew fire RPGs into the windows. from speedboats on the Thames.

    • The Black Pig is available C – cannons filled with grape are a highly acceptable way of showing disapproval! 😃👍☠

    • I am starting to feel that lockdown 2.0 is solely for the purpose of keeping your average lone nutter indoors so they can’t act out that reoccurring fantasy we all have.

      The one which involves polititians, lamp posts and piano wire.

      • The only thing it’s doing is wiping out the entertainment sector, as everything else is open.
        Soon it will be work, eat, sleep, die.
        That’s pretty much what I’ve done since February.

      • And that’s all they want for you Gutstick. If you’re not out making money for rich people then you should be a prisoner in your own home. No pubs, concerts, holidays or fuck all to look forward to. Cunts, all of them.

  13. That’s the thing, Sir Limply. In the 70s and 80s the lone nutter was very much in vogue, as it were. Fruitcakes like Mark Chapman and Johhn Hinckley Jnr were out and about.

    Now your common garden nutter resides on Twitter of Facebook. And that is easily 80% of their users. The modern loon is some cunt who gets offended every two minutes and grasses others up in the comfort of their mummy’s paying bedrooms. Your millennial nutjob also is no longer a lone crank, They like to be liked and do what all the other crazies do. Hence the virtue signalling, grassing, being offfended, and attaching themselves to rent a cause cunts like BLM, Extinction Rebellion and Me Too. The lone nuttter is a dying breed and I think any sort of comeback is unlikely.

    But, if there was?…. Uncle Joe? Nah. He will be popping off soon enough anyroad. Che Kamala is the threat. Then there’s cunts like Lineker, Soros, Lammy, the Markle witch, Banana Gob, Sophie Duker (Norman and ISAC in no way condones violence and blah blah fucking blah).

  14. Where is General Cunster when you need him – he is surely the resident expert in the minutiæ of such trifles? He appears to be indeed late.

  15. I am awaiting the autobiography of old Mark Chappers.

    Apparently it’s going to be titled ‘Why I Wish I’d Shot Yoko’.

  16. And John Hinckley Jnr was a bona fide nutter first class. Reasons being…

    One. He missed his target. Old Ronnie had nothing to worry about.

    Two. He was obsessed with a minging screw loose dyke like Jodie Foster.

  17. If I had a time machine I’d go back and pop a few rounds in George W Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Peter Mandleson. These cunts are responsible for The Great Replacement, ISIS and a large part of the economic world wide crash.
    Labour changed this country beyond all recognition and is now Muslim state. Cunts, the lot of em.

    • There is a shortage of them round my way. When entitled scum cunts park their entire cars all over them, turning them into mud banks.

      Afternoon, Jack.

  18. Yep, we haven’t had a good serial killer for ages..the likes of Bundy, Gacy and Dahmer have gone forever, shame indeed

    I would like to let BTK loose on Whitty and Vallance.

  19. There was one such type nommed here a while back. Cunted off for mowing Finsbury Park terrorist school.
    To be fair, seeing as he didn’t pack his white van with fertiliser and nails, he was a bit of a cunt.
    Then there was David Copeland, chutney ferrets, feargal sharkeys and peacefuls.
    They just don’t make ’em like they used to.
    Hate crime. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  20. Wouldn’t surprise me if there was an inside job to take out Biden.

    Harris, for example, might just have a word with someone, with someone, with someone, with someone ….

    …next thing she’s the new POTUS, job done!

    • Absolutely Techno, after falling in the shower due to a suspiciously loose hand rail, he will find his personal alarm for the elderly buzzer is faulty.

      • …Or just lock him in a room full of junior high schoolgirls for a few hours.

        He’d croak in no time, and Harris would have the perfect excuse – he was teaching them to be model citizens while checking the labels on their uniforms to make sure they were made in the USA!

  21. Viz did a good pisstake a few years back with a character called ‘Grassy Knollington’. As you can image everything was a conspiracy theory with him.

  22. As to suggestions that there might be early am visitations to certain parties by Plod, GCHQ and the CIA, based upon previous experience, I could not possibly comment. I simply advise do not post anything that could be construed as incitement (they can touch you for it) or personal property such as inconvenient selfi photos found on the internet (they can sue you for breach of copyright).

  23. I’m a little late weighing in in this thread. There is after all a 6 hour times difference and it’s morning here in the states.

    I don’t think there will be a lone nut who caps the Old Hair Sniffer. Make no mistake about it…the senile old cunt will be lying in state within 2 years of his inauguration. (And he will be inaugurated.) But his death and subsequent martyrdom will be brought about by the sudden onslaught of a serious medical condition.

    We’ll be told that he’s had a stroke…a heart attack…a seizure…or that he just “droped off” in his sleep. It will be after he and “Old Flatback” have been sworn in so there’ll be no question as to Harris’ right to assume the office.

    But make no mistake. The Progressive forces that stole the election from Trump have no use for Sleepy Joe…other than as a figurehead. And the old coffin dodger isn’t as spry as he used to be.

    “Mr. President, speaking of Vladimir Putin, it’s time for your medicine. Roll up your sleeve…”

    White Lives Matter
    Armed Resistance
    Never Surrender

    (Always good to hear from you, General. Of course your lame excuse about being 6 hours behind UK time won’t wash. So get your arse/ass in gear otherwise we will send Nancy Pelosi to sit on your face! – DA)

    • @DA

      You can’t send Pelosi to sit on my face. The US Constitution expressly prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.”


      • How many millions were spent on incarcerating towelheads in Gitmo when you already had Pelosi?

      • @LL

        Are you trying to imply that we treated those peaceful murderers in a cruel manner?

        I’ll have you know those carpet kissing, goat fuckers never had it so good. They had a roof over their ragged heads and 3 square meals a day!

        Bacon for breakfast.
        Ham sandwiches for lunch.
        Pork chops for dinner.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

    • How long until Betfair open a market on ‘What will happen to Biden first?’

      -Biden pees his pants in public
      -Biden drools in the middle of a speech then falls asleep
      -Biden says it is yesterday
      -Biden calls The Queen ‘Princess Meghan’

  24. For those of you English Cunters who have been asking the $64,000,000* question, I regret to inform you that as of yesterday I have concluded that Joseph R. Biden will be the next President of the US.

    Up until yesterday there was (what I perceived as) a 50/50 chance that even though the fix was in, Trump could prevail. But the powers of darkness and deceit are all aligned against him. And I no longer believe that.

    Furthermore, I think he knows it and is resigned to it. But do not despair. Donald J. Trump will not go away. I don’t now if he will run in 2024…but for the next 2 years he will be THE major force in Republican politics and the Demonrats worst nightmare.

    Over 72 million Americans voted for Trump and they’re all pissed!**

    White Lives Matter
    Armed Resistance
    Never Surrender

    *The $64,000 Question was an American television in the 1950’s that like our recent election was rigged.

    **Once again, pissed in American slang is angry. And using angry to describe how Trump supporters feel is an understatement.

      • Hey Mis,

        “The Americans and the British are two great peoples separated by a common language.”

        I’m not sure but I think it was that spud muching, Fabian piece of progressive shit, George Brenard Shaw who said that. At least it is most commonly attributed to him.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Surrender
        Never Surrender

      • Hey Ruff

        It is properly “pissed off” in American slang, meaning angry.

        However, we shorten everything so you often hear people say; “he’s pissed” meaning he’s angry.

        My favorite Americanism for being drunk is “shitfaced.”

        As in:

        “I saw the General at the bar last night and he was really shitfaced!”

        By the way did Lovable Auntie Beeb cover the “Stop the Steal” Trump rally in Washington today?

        Unknown thousands (perhaps even a million or more) Trump supporters marched in Washington DC today and no violence. No riots. No looting. No burning. No beatings. No vandalism. No grafitti. It wasn’t “mostly” peaceful…it WAS peaceful.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • Some great scenes General, they did however manage to shoehorn in a mention for the Proud Boys and Alex Jones.

      • @Ruff

        Cool! We can get shit-faced together my friend.

        (Even though for health reason I no longer imbibe, we can share a couple of ginger ales.)

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • #MeToo General!

        I quitted alcohol 12 years ago, and all remaining recreational drugs 3 years ago.

        I’m a clean living son of a bitch!

  25. He had some panache. Kidnapping Shake yer Money and flying half of OPEC to Algiers. Stuffing a wad of semtex up yer arse and letting rip at a kids concert is the stuff of cunts.

  26. There’s only one ex-president Cunt that needs a bullet to the head, and that’s the orange liar. (I was going to say bullet to the brain, but that’s so small no-one could pull that off).

    Anyone, someone please take pity on the world & put him out of all our miseries.

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