Tom Allen [2]

Tom Allen: ‘The idea of gay shame still pervades’

Headline on the BBC (where else?)

I dont know if you are familiar with this mincing wretch but he, like all his media luvvie shirtlifter pals, positively revels in his gayness.
We have gay pride this and that as celebrations of being homosexual. Gay Marriages are commonplace. Kids indoctrinated.

The shame isnt ‘gay’ shame. The shame is these fucking preverts rubbing our noses in their gayness as if it was some sort of fucking achievement.

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98 thoughts on “Tom Allen [2]

  1. Another simpering nancy boy cut from the same cloth as Rylan Toothygrin and Sam Shitehouse.
    Bring back the pogroms.

  2. As the great Bernard manning once said..” that’s one thing I couldn’t be is queer
    I couldn’t stand fellas turning me down as well as women

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