Sir Philip Rutnam [2]

This is the pussy-whipped wanker that started crying when Priti Patel raised her voice in anger, trying to get the useless twats at the home office to do something worthwhile.
Happy to allow illegal immigration, and terrorism to propagate in the UK, as long as it doesn’t impact on him I expect. He resigned and claimed for constructive dismissal, citing shouting, screaming, and swearing.
Given the performance of late, I imagine the prat and his ilk was enough to make a fucking saint swear.
Grow a pair you useless cunt.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

46 thoughts on “Sir Philip Rutnam [2]

  1. Absolute disgrace. In days of yore a knight had to be fearless in battle and chivalrous toward the fairer sex. People the commoners could look up to. Nowadays we have Sir Philip Cuntnam and Sir Leftie Woke Hamilcunt. The honours list is pure fucking toilet.

  2. Sack every cunt in the home office. Wheres the report into the rape gangs fuckos. Blairs home office has to go. Remoaning, peaceful grovelling cunts the lot of them.

  3. A little fat indian shouted at you?
    Do you have PTSD?
    Your life must of flashed before your eyes!!
    Phil you look like the creepy nazi bloke out of Indiana Jones,
    Maybe Priti useless was responding to that?
    Anyway, dont let her make you start bedwetting,
    Being a mardarse and smelling of piss attracts bullies and next time it might be princess Nutnut.

  4. He was lucky that, like most civil servants, he wasn’t fired for not doing his fucking job! The whole Civil Service needs a thorough top pruning, starting at the top. The country voted for Brexit, they don’t want freeloading terrorists getting 5* treatment at taxpayer’s expense, and if you cunts don’t like it feel free to send your CV’s to McDonalds.

    • Too many commoners and dark keys both work and frequent Macdonalds, the polystyrene food outlet that is, not Sir Trev of Doughnuts East Sheen abode.

      • This cunt would find he’s not qualified because he has no experience at anything remotely resembling a real job.

  5. This prick has probably never had a real job in the private sector, so has never experienced a bollocking. Spineless fucking worm.

  6. I bet the old cunt was a bed-wetter – and still wetting the bed when Priti tore him off a strip at work.

  7. Never mind Phillip, you can struggle on the gold plated pension you fucking CUNT. Did the nasty lady shout at you? You should have bitch slapped her, you would have been lauded then.

    • These monkey-faced official types disgust me. All primness and mountainous self-importance. Patel should’ve slapped his bald noggin much harder.

  8. Just look at the spoilt little cunt’s face. If that isn’t a posh public school wanker i’ll eat my hat. Fucking little cry baby tosser.
    Priti has definitely got up in my estimation…..I can imagine her storming around calling these traitorous lazy bastards all the cunts under the sun while they quaked in fear like Halfwit Harry when Sparkletits is on the blob.
    Posh cunts are no use to anyone……..the Frenchies had the right idea when they rolled that guillotine out back in the day.

  9. I wonder how he got the ‘sir’. His departments have been incompetent for ever so what do you have to do to be sacked?
    However fucking useless Patel called the fucker and his cohorts, she was being relatively reasonable.

  10. The higher echelons of the civil service are like the aristocracy. With jobs being passed down within families and the old school tie network.
    Jobs for life, long lunches, gold plated pensions and a very light ‘ workload ‘ make for a very pleasant way to live the good life on a handsome salary.
    Having said that, Patel is fucking useless.
    They deserve each other, unfortunately, WE have to pay for both.
    Cunts, all.
    Good afternoon.

  11. Face of an adrenochrome-guzzling child molester (allegedly – DA). Let’s start calling these cunts what they are.

  12. Priti should have pulled her massive knickers down and sat on his face..a gobful of fat,sweaty,soap-dodger fanny would have drowned out the Fucker’s whinging…when he passed out unconscious she could have painted a jap’s-eye on the top of his bald head and used him as a vibrator…right up there she could ram him..a real cervix-bruiser of a sex-toy…at least the Wanker would be earning his 170 grand a year salary that way.

    • My oh my Dick I have just visualised your suggestion and now I can’t un see it. omg it’s awful..

      • I wonder if she bleaches her arsehole?…well,not bleach it herself obviously,she’s too fat to reach…perhaps she gets some B+WC type to knock the winnets off before splashing a bottle of Toilet Duck up the winking bit.

      • She wasn’t too hard on the eye a few month back,
        Now shes swollen up like Violet Beauregard.
        Reckon Boris has tubbed her Dick?
        Or shes just a greedy cunt?
        If its the latter she may as well forego a plate in the subsidised dining hall,
        Get a fuckin nosebag.

      • I reckon she’ll have been more likely to have bent Boris over his desk and done him up the wrong ‘un…Michael Gove’ll have guided her in while Carrie strummed herself and shouted instructions….fucking filthy depraved Cunts,they disgust me.

  13. He looks like his bottom lip is about to start wobbling and then burst into tears.
    Did the nasty lady shout at you? Diddums! Mummy will kiss it better.

  14. Always crying an pissing,
    No more drinks after 8pm sir Phil!
    This rate youll need a tearduct donor.
    And stand up for yourself!

    Offer her out at the next Tory conference,
    Get that kid Michael Gove to hold your coats, but send a message out to any others that might be bullies, snap her fuckin neck!!👍

    (Typo fixed, you addled old git – DA)

    • Cheers Day Admin!👍

      Well your on, if your considering a present for me for Christmas,
      Im in dire need of socks,
      Failing that just a voucher.
      Im starting a whip round for the admins,
      All donations to be made before December 20th.
      Dont get your hopes up admin as you know some right fuckin misers on here!!

      (Have you run out of wanksocks already? We will set up a GoFundMe, but I wouldn’t hold your breath getting past double digit figures – DA)

  15. Priti’s a big girl but I still wouldn’t mind giving her a good going over.
    Bet it’s a while since she’s seen a real man if she’s dealing with pánsíés like Rutnam every day.

    • Quite right Cupid.

      She’s put on a bit of heft lately but she could bully the fuck out of me as much as she likes. Preferably using an array of unsavoury utensils.

  16. What a quivering crybaby pussy of a cunt Rutnam is. Geoffrey Howe really was bullied by Maggie, but he never cried about it. Instead, he waited his time and him and Hezza got the old handbag when the chance arose. I find it astonishing that Rutnam can actually show his face in public after admitting a woman made him cry. What a spineless blancmange and what a blubbering cunt. He is also a snidey sneaky ‘tell teacher’ fucking grass. The little shit blabbed on Patel, and nobody likes a nark.

    He thinks Patel is a ‘bully’? This cunt should have met my ex and her mother. Fucking psychos, the pair of ’em.

  17. My guess is Bojo the clown will make him a Lord for his uselessness.Another unflushable turd in the sewer

  18. Patel has become a bit of a heffalump (ie: a fat cunt). I wonder, does she eat a packet of Maryland Cookies for every illegal gimmigrant she lets in? If that’s the case, then no wonder she’s fucking ballooned. Fat useless cunt.

    • Judging by the size of her it’s more likely she’s actually eating some of the illegals so she can claim to be keeping the numbers down. I’m happy with whatever works.

  19. I remember working in my first job many moons ago when I was a young lad, one day the boss shouted at me.
    I would understand if we were quite a distance away and needed to shout to be heard, but we were almost shoulder to shoulder.
    I’ve always been a gentle soul, polite as well. Growing up I have learnt to assert my self now and again.
    But that job I was such a young thing at the time.

    • Hey Spoons I think you’re far too decent a sort of chap to be mixing with the reprobates and cads on this site!

    • Spoons, he was probably stressed out with the job?
      Don’t take it to heart.
      Some people are gentle like me and you,
      Some are shouty types like that Fiddler,
      But you have to see it from their side,
      Maybe they have trouble at home?
      Kids poorly?
      Under pressure from above?
      I think of those things.
      Then slash their tyres.😁

      • Cheers, Cupid. Positive energy. 🙂

        MNC, I was reading all that nodding and thinking, ‘Oh yeah, fair enough’. Then the last bit about slashing tyres. Haha! 😀
        The thought did cross my mind not with the shouty boss but about when someone kept parking on the pavement outside the shop right where I was volunteering. Cor! Boiled my water hotter than a kettle.
        Pavements are for pedestrians.

        Rassa frassa can of can’t rassa.

  20. You stupid baldy cunt, if you are shit at your job you get a fuckin roasting, take it like a bloke and knuckle down, learn from it and try harder, don’t start blarting like a child who has shit it’s nappy, also the bollocking was off a bird, use it to your advantage and have a wank over her.!

  21. What a fucking wet lettuce. As Gutstick observed – this knuckle fucker has never ‘worked’ in the sense that we know it, he’s been pond-skated through the ranks no doubt with a string of toadies greasing his path and so has never found himself on the receiving end of the good ol’ fashioned “round of fucks!”

    Fuck off home Philip and weep into your dick shaped pillow,

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