Mark Zuckerberg (3)

There are many reasons to nominate this piece of shit, but this one comes from something I’ve just read in the paper.

He was pictured on a day out at the beach with a ‘female friend’. Apparently, he was surfing. The thing is, he did in true ‘look at me, I’m a piece of shit soy boy tech billionaire, who has no respect for your privacy and who got rich selling YOUR personal information’ by ‘surfing’ on a hydrofoil board.

I’d never heard of these things, but apparently, it’s a normal surf board, but with a big hydrofoil stuck underneath it.

Why? Other than to advertise to people what a complete and utter cunt you are (which Zuckerberg really doesn’t need to do) there is no point to them. Real surfers wouldn’t touch a hydrofoil board with a blue whale’s dick because, although some of them are somewhat cuntish, they’re not THAT cuntish.

But that wasn’t enough cuntery for Zuckerberg, oh no. Because he was hydrofoil surfing, while wearing a fucking HELMET. Again, why? It’s water, you twat, not fucking steel. NOTHING screams “I’m soppy, android, pussy ass, completely risk averse bell end of a cunt” than wearing a fucking a helmet while on a board on the water.

What the actual fuck? If you’re THAT worried about getting hurt, don’t do it, cunt bubble.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

56 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg (3)

    • I’d prefer to see him lose just one limb and then bleed out on the beach, make a great fucking Facebook video.

    • Oh fuck yeah fuck making America great again make Facebook great again by going back park a 45 in his brain pan call it a day let Facebook become what it used to be FUN and not full of tyranny scum and snowflake cunts like this fucking guy mark 3 words for ya mark fuck you buddy. Go hit your head on a rock and drown you red haired fuck!

  1. Mark was quite right to wear a helmet – what if he’d fallen off his surf board and banged his head on a great white shark?

  2. What’s with his face in the picture? Are skin suits for lizard folk not water or sunlight resistant?

    • zuckerbergs stinks the ocean up ,still i guess it makes a change from him sucking fellow boring twat bill gates little finger, what do you call zuckerberg gates biden and soros all round a table????????? answer…….a hump of putrid shit pie with dung creme and raisins…..or cnn for short………

  3. When the communists dump Biden, they will be after this freaky looking cunt for billions in tax. He should have supported orange man.

    • You’ll have to give him more respect when he’s President Zuckerberg. President ‘Vote for me, I married a chînk and have children who are half rînky, half robot’ Zuckerberg.

      🤖”I am lobot. You my ploperty now”

      • And he will still be more charismatic than Slow Joe. Nice post El Cap, I gave you a rike.

      • I riker you two too, Mislebul and Riquidator.
        Lots of ruv in the air.

        Excep’ for Sreepy Joe. He a cun’.

      • Nice one captain!!

        I particularly loathe this Facebook fuck face , he can stick his social media platform up his fucking chuffer..

      • Quizzer old pip! Where’ve you been? I thought you’d caught the Coof and were spending your days in a gin frenzy on Chesil Beach.

  4. I want to know what they did with his old face, if it’s just sitting on a pile of trash in a bin somewhere, and which mime artist was sacrificed for the face transplant.

    The fake plastic apple in my fruit bowl displays more life than he does.

    • OT. Breaking news. Flip Flop the Jellyfish’whore of a girlfriend is now in charge of the country apparently. The pro Brexiteers are being moved out NO.10. When Cummings resigns be prepared for the big Flip Flop the Jellyfish sellout to the Euronazi’s.

  5. Do you think his blood’s white like Ian Holme in the first Alien film?
    Did he put a face pack on before venturing outside of his burrow?
    Pasty faced weakling looks like the ‘before’ picture from a Charles Atlas advert.
    Zuckerborg cunt.

  6. If I had his cash I would be fucking my way through the fittest birds on the planet not fucking about on a turbo surfboard.


  7. Are these ‘look at me’ tantruming kidult ginger fannies being cloned?
    I mean, look at the evidence. Mark Fuckerberg, Ed Sheercunt, Prince Bastard of Sussex.

  8. Zuckerberg and Fakebook did everything they possibly could to stop Donald Trump winning. As did twatter and its gypsy owner Jack Dorsey.
    Both of these organisations of evil need to be gone – but they are going into meltdown at losing millions of victims to Parler and their profits will be hammered.
    Zuckerberg started Facebook by stealing other people’s details and had to pay out to cover it up.
    Good nom Q.

    • Pale isnt he? Anemic looking, big watery eyes,
      Like Clint Eastwoods old bird,
      Sondra Locke.
      Needs some proper dinner and some Guiness or stout down him,
      Build him up from Monty Burns to Charles Atlas!
      Thats the thing with these tech billionaire types,
      In a bedroom all day wanking in the dark.

      • Hey Mis

        Speaking of proper dinner…last week I was in a restaurant that offered “Bangers and Mash.” You rarely see that in the states so I ordered it. The waitress then informed me it was “vegan based sausage.” No thanks.

        But in light of your remarks that strikes me as the kind of meal this pasty faced, ginger cunt would order…with a glass of chablis.

        Fucking non-manly cunt!

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • Vegan sausage and mash?🤢
        Gracious me no.
        Sounds dreadful, and frankly the meal of a deviant.
        Hey General, what are ‘grits’?
        Heard mention of them but not sure what they are?
        What would be a hearty traditional meal in the south?
        The brits have a undeserved reputation in the US for bland food, but most top chefs are brits.
        Different palette and tastes maybe.

      • Nice one, General. Vegan sausages are from Satan’s arse and mash is made only from fresh (not fucking frozen) spuds.

        Fuckerberg will probably love it though. Soyboy pussy spunkbubble that he is.

      • Hey Mis,

        Grits are a traditional dish in the Southern US. Even though I grew up in the Midwest, my mother’s family was from the south so I ate a lot of them.

        There are basically, 2 types. Traditional grits is a porridge made of boiled corn (maize) meal. It’s that simple. Nothing else. On their own they are quite bland and almost always eaten with something else. Very similar if not the same as mielie pap

        Sweet grits are often eaten with butter and/or sugar. Savory with sausage gravy and so on. Regional differences play a role too. Where I live now is near a coastal areas where they are eaten with shrimp.

        Hominy grits are corn kernels that have been soaked in a salty solution and then ground and served in the same manner as regular grits.

        As a boy I preferred hominy grits to regular and savory to sweet.

      • As one of my Texan uncles says, “if it ain’t made from pig, it ain’t no sausage”.

    • Absolutely spot on Vern!

      Not only did this cunt actively work against President Trump but he has close ties to the Commie Chinks. He employs many of them and also (allegedly*) shares data with them.

      He has (allegedly) worked with them on Big Brother type software with facial recognition software that tracks and monitors the movements of regular people.

      In addition he is (allegedly) working with them to develop and implement a Social Credit Score software that monitors a person’s attitudes and rates them to insure they have right and proper thoughts. It’s already being used in Chinkland.

      But this insufferable little cunt may yet get his comeuppance. Many on the far left…like Taxachuttes Senator “Cherokee Liz”…in true Maoist fashion want to break them up and punish them.

      I also hate his slanty eyed cunt wife Prissy Chan.

      White Lives Matter
      Armed Resistance
      Never Surrender

      *My repeated use of the word allegedly isn’t really necessary here as these allegations really aren’t in dispute. They’re just not necessarily publicly acknowledged.

      • Cheers GC – when I invade America Zuckerberg and Gypsy Dorsey will be guests of honour at the barbeque..
        Facebook and Twitter have far too much power, they need diluting to stop their seditious and evil social and political manipulation – biased social media should not divide elections.

      • No…divide is right. Divide the voters and conquer the populace.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • “…has close ties to the Commie Chinks. He employs many of them and also (allegedly*) shares data with them.”

        And ALL posts are by default forwarded/accessible to one of his principal partnering organisations” the fucking A.D.L. for scrutiny, vetting and ‘follow up’ action.

        Fuck every molecule of Faceberg

  9. He’s friends with the wotsit coloured, bad loser, never was president El Trumpo. One massive shit stain reason to hate the balloon headed fuck.

    • He is no friend of Trump and did everything possible to assist in China Joe stealing the election.
      Maybe put aside your hatred of Trump and ask if it acceptable for the worlds most powerful Country to be stolen by communists in a rigged election?
      A bit of fact checking might be helpful too.

  10. Weird looking, lying cunt of the highest order.
    Who in fuck sake goes surfing in a hoodie? What an even bigger cunt!

  11. When I was young I had a brief spell of watching Star Trek Next Generation, not for the miserable, bald Lefty who emigrated to Hollywood to marry somebody 40 years his junior but mainly because of the character on which Zuckerberk based his own: Data.

    Yes, it was a rip-off of the Pinocchio story but it was the best thing in the show, as well as that British bird with the big funbags.

    One time Data is in his room and in walks the bearded second-in-command, the one who looked like a Polish rapist. He asks what Data is doing as the Zuckerberk seemed to be staring at a boiling kettle. His response was that he was disproving the old adage that ‘a watched kettle never boils’ , the daft, white-faced robot cunt.

  12. As the efforts to stop investigations into the fraudulent 2020 ramp up, the liberal fascist cunt, Dork Fuckerturd has blocked the “Stop the Steal” Facebook movement. The left cannot tolerate any inquiry into the criminal coup that is trying to install Joe the puppet.

    Consequently, a new platform, Parler is booming with activity. They bill themselves as a free speech platform and according to owner Dan Bongino, they are “adding thousands of users by the minute.”

    How long do you think it will be before the Fascist Left tries to shut them down?

    Vive la resistance!

    White Lives Matter
    Armed Resistance
    Never Surrender

  13. Just another 4×2 doing alright in the US. His Grandparents were obviously another lot who dodged the train and shower treatment. The bloke is a cunt, he stiffed his mate for his social media empire. Get him round Unkle Terry’s.

  14. Not much to add,the few times I’ve seen the soy faced cunt it looked like he needed recharging.
    He’d need the fucking crash helmet when I hoy him into the oven.
    Keyboard hugging weasel.

  15. One of the underground bastards from “The Descent” made it out of the cave and into the daylight. Surprised it didn’t burst into flames…

  16. “We are zuckerborg. You will be assimilated.
    We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.
    Resistance is futile.”

  17. Long before I got suspended from Twitter I was chucked off facecuntbook for not taking it seriously enough. Set up account as Honky McHonkler (clownworld memes were in vogue at the time), my maiden and as it turns out only post was “Mark Zuckerberg is a twot”. Facebook is so virtuous and squeaky clean that the word twat, never mind cunt, is forbidden. The internet police were all over that the same day. Just seems a pity that around half the teenagers on the platform get bullied to the point of suicide, with no action taken against the perpetrators.

  18. Does he shave his forehead to get his hairline that way? If beauty is skin deep then this cunt should be living his life inside out!

  19. Fuckerberg is a a bona fide authentic deluxe weirdo.
    A very rich weirdo, but still a weirdo and a total creep of a cunt.

  20. He’s a soyboy lefty cunt who thinks it’s OK to censor anyone who doesn’t hold the lying point of view he does. I hope the cunt ends up penniless.

  21. Mark Zuckerberg and big tech are total sellouts; who are all totally going to hell even if he does not believe in it!!! MARK; (1) IT IS REAL! (2) Yes your going & (3) since you are Jewish, you will be judge harder than someone is not! GOD closed the gates once’ I would not test him? Like the Catholics, the Jews, the Greek orthodox and all others that have given there heart and souls to GOD; The evil from them will not enter the kingdom of heaven. This is not a judgment from me, I do not judge; GOD is the only one who can, all we can do is in lighten and warn people to try to help them change there ways and turn back to the grace of god!!!!

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