Ian Blackford (7)

American sage Mark Twain once wrote that ‘it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than it is to open it and remove all doubt’.

Sadly for him, but gratifyingly for us, this is a lesson that MP Ian ‘Bloater’ Blackford seems to be utterly incapable of learning.

Following on from ‘Sleepy’ Joe’s election win across the pond, the barrel of lard SNP leader at Westminster has taken to Twitter (as is the thing these days) to attack President Trump. He wrote;

‘You lost. Get over it, show some grace, congratulate the winner. That’s the right thing to do. Democracy is a wonderful thing, embrace it’.

Clearly the Westminster Windsock hasn’t thought it through, or he would see the implications of his own words for himself and his party.

Or maybe he only believes in ‘democracy’ when it delivers the result that he thinks it should.

Or maybe he just doesn’t do irony.

Or maybe he really is just a stupid cunt.

Anyway Bloater, you lost, get over it.

Nominated by: Ron Knee 

56 thoughts on “Ian Blackford (7)

  1. I fucking detest this cunt, more than I detest Sturgeon. An utterly hypocritical windbag, who plays the democracy card, when it suits him. He would be better off ditching his independence obsession and concentrating on improving the lot of ordinary Scottish folk, but of course, a rich man like him doesn’t give a fuck about them.
    Hope he still bangs on about democracy when the Shetland Islanders tell him to Fuck Off.
    Fat fascist cunt.
    Get To Fuck

    • I’d never heard about this Shetland issue, thanks for bringing it to our attention Jack.

      I can’t wait to hear Sturgeon’s thoughts on this, bearing in mind her obsession with independence from England, the wee stumpy cunt.

      • Can we read into this that Shetland may not have pushed for independence had Scotland not been devolved?

        Clearly the “Wee Pretendy Parliament” of Holyrood has given not two shiny Scottish shits about the Shetland Islands’ interests.

        Great cunting, Ron. Blackford is a slimy, corpulent chunk of foreskin feta.

      • Sturgeon won’t want to talk about it. None of them will, because for them, independence and democracy are moveable feasts.
        I do hope it develops into a major headache for the SNP.
        The cunts.

      • They dont wanna talk about it?

        Commonly know as the Rod Stewart defense in Scotland.

      • Does “moveable feast” have anything to do with the pie-gobbling activities of this odious lardarse windbag?

        I’d love to see the Shetlanders provide a warm welcome for Blackford and Wee Jimmie Krankie. Preferably of The Wicker Man variety.
        I’d stand there toasting marshmallows by the flames.

      • You’re a very brave man Barney, best keep your head down mate.

        While I detest Blackford and the SNP wankers, I love Scotland. Got some good friends near Peebles and been up there and to Edinburgh a few times and absolutely love it. Even got treated well by the locals. I’ve not shown my face in Glasgow, mind……

    • Yes it’s a bit of a conundrum for the SNP isn’t it? I remember reading of similar rumblings of discontent making themselves felt in Orkney. Apparently both localities reckon that they don’t get a fair shake from Holyrood.
      Oh the irony!

    • The laughable thing about his independence argument is he wants to leave the United Kingdomonly to fall directly into the clutches of the EU which
      as you know despises nationalism and sovereignty , countries caught in this spiders web are referred to as states? Independent they are not!!, but that doesn’t worry fat boy as he’s looking for the Brussels meal ticket and judging by his appearance this cunt knows his way around a 5 course meal , endless first class train rides to Brussels, lots of foie gras washed down with some Vintage French wine , he can see himself grand standing in the European Parliament with all the other political Pygmys like Verhofstadt and roaring like a rotund mouse!!
      Fuck him and krankie
      No poooound
      No Barnet formula
      We’re more than happy to have our subs and the 15,0000 jobs that go with them
      And last but not least we would obviously need a hard border to keep cunts like him out …….

      • “…countries caught in this spiders web are referred to as states?”

        And even that word is too reactionary for them as it implies a pre-existing nationalist structure – they reduce us even further to simply “regions”. .to fuck!

  2. Democracy!! Ha!! Does the fat windbag need reminding about the Scottish Independence Referendum? Or Brexit?

    What a cunt.

  3. Bloater’s on the telly right now (PMQs), making Johnson look credible by comparison. 😂

  4. The sooner this lot fuck off the better, the United Kingdom is a joke.

    Boris was right to say the devolution in Scotland has been a disaster, for all the bullshit spouted by Wee Jimmy and the Fat bloater about free prescriptions and free university tuition the only objective of the SNP has been independence.

    Cut them loose now before they cost us anymore money.

    • We could always build a wall, just like the Donald has done.

      We could call ours something like, oh, I don’t know, how about “Hadrian’s Wall”?

  5. Overstuffed Ian wouldn’t see the comparison between the US election and his ’cause’ independence for Scotland.

    The Shetlands thing popped up on here a while ago,
    I fucking love it!
    How could lego head refuse?
    Hoisted by your own retard…

  6. “It’s never difficult to distinguish between a scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine” (P.G.Wodehouse)
    The sour jocko cunt is living proof of the above. Whisper it quietly but could that be because he hates the English, is a fucking Waycist? Racial hatred has been a feature of the god forsaken race of caledonia for centuries. We beat ’em and they hate us for the good lesson we have taught ’em.
    Proud that me ancestors of yore taught the degenerate cunts a thing or two and made a nice earner out of the Highland Clearances. Nothing like evicting an old widder woman and her sickly bairns in the howling depths of a jocko winter.They were making their hovel look untidy.

    • Nearly all my blood is scotch and I detest the cunts. The sooner England has independence the better.

      • It’s all a pile of bollocks – this Scotland/England conflict isn’t racially based for a start as genetically we and they are as near as makes no difference racially identical (apart from the Gingers of course). I’ve worked with, played on stage with and drunk with plenty haggis humpers, me uncle’s a Scot from Angus f.f.s. Such conflict as exists is not even cultural it’s political with a little bit of tribalism and historical resentment stirred into the mix.
        It’s that fucking Scottish labour vote that facilitated the dark years of Bliar and Broon and that’s what leaves a long lasting sour taste in my mouth.

      • Your comment is a pile of bolloxs as is your knowledge – or lack of – of British genetics. Racial hatred is more sociatal learning than the burning blood of common genes. You learn to hate and the jockos have learned to hate us for centuries.
        As for actors, which I presume you mean by your stage allusion, they are a world divorced from reality and learn early on to dissemble their true feelings while part of a company. They soon revert to type towards the end of a run.

  7. In an ideal world this fat cunt would be on a cruise in the Pacific.
    The boat sinks and cunt washes up on an island.
    Shortly thereafter a savage turns up and disembowels the cunt.
    The End.

  8. Rumour has it that a section of scots wanted to fly a gimp of this cunt over Holyrood. One problem they couldn’t find one big enough to be a true representation of this fat stupid cut. A very very stupid fat waste of space.

    • Call off the search for Slug Of The Year. A huge slug with Blackford’s face should be flown.

  9. This cunt is a complete pain in the arse.

    The subject of Independence completely divides Scotland. Could an independent Scotland have afforded a furlough scheme? I doubt it. That’s why Nicola Sturgeon is worried. She’s shitting herself that someone will do the maths and say if an independent Scotland could or could not have afforded it.

    The real problem in Scotland is Labour has been totally wiped out. The voters don’t trust them since Blair and they’ve done even worse since Steptoe. Labour have all but given up in Scotland. The Tories through Ruth Davidson have more impact in Scotland have more impact at the moment. It’s a disgrace.

    I don’t think Ian Blackford’s contempt for England is due to the Highland Clearances. He himself is a land owner. The cunt worked for an English bank and he would basically deny other Scots from the same opportunity. I hope he retires soon, the same way Alex Salmond did.

    • The Clearances are simply the historical basis for a victim culture. It was mainly a Highland phenomenon. Those who survived the journey to the colonies, tended to do rather better for themselves than they would have done under the previous feudal regime.The vast majority of SNP and Labour riders on the oppression bandwagon are Lowlanders. Blackford’s typical.

      The first landlords to clear their land (and sell the leases of farms and townships off ) were, as usual when you are looking for a complete Scottish cunt, the very wealthy and entirely Scottish – though anti-Jacobite – Campbells in 1711. No wonder the ’15 and ;45 happened…

      Cunters interested in the Clearances can do a lot worse than look at the Wikipedia entry:


      • The cunt Pillar is one of the toxic ex Cunts Corner mob. My little puff was designed to piss ’em off and flush ’em out. They hate me and I am pleased to do it.

  10. Fat hypocritical lump of shit. These fucking politicians have no shame and no self awareness whatsoever. This cunt and his fellow travellers have been moaning about the Scottish vote for 6 and a half years and the EU vote for 4 and a half years and then he comes out with this “get over it” shit.
    Of course, like all remoaners he gets an easy ride in the media.
    Let them fuck off and fend for themselves and build a fucking wall to keep out all the peacefuls their beloved EU will dump on them. Good luck with that Jimmy.

  11. @Admin:
    2x Scottish cunts in a row-you are spoiling us😒

    Or should be Mcwindbag. Related to the clan McCunt.
    He looks like a comedy, tubby, ruddy cheeked parady-something Stanley Baxter might have portrayed in the 80’s.
    One tracked mind. Scrub that, food is obviously his first love. Then independence.

    Watching this “Sweaty” in action in the commons, I am thankful that we don’t yet have “smelly vision”-I imagine he whiffs of lard, cabbage, burnt toffee, sherry and methane.

    Corpulent tartan prick.
    Unkle Terry, preapare the larger of your roasting tins, beeps, tatties and hog, incoming👎

  12. This fat cunt was one of the highest expenses claimants at Westminster. Probably has pie and chips for breakfast…the balloon of a cunt.

      • And a deep fried Mars bar or three while he’s at it.
        Amazing to believe that people actually voted for this cunt, but then I guess the SNP misty mountains and bagpipes set would vote for indy even if Wee Jimmy grew a toothbrush moustache, put on jackboots and started stomping about (er, hang on a mo…)

  13. Blackford is living shorthand for what is wrong within the Palace of Westminster. House of Commons = fat, entitled, public hating cunts. House of Lords = old, fat, mega entitled, public hating cunts. Sickening.

  14. Aside from the usual rampant hypocrisy from this fat sack of shit (Ind Ref;Brexit), the Fat Controller Blackford is the biggest windbag in Parliament and spouts drivel every time he opens his gaping fucking pie hole. He is a clueless fucking embarrassment who’s political dishonesty and shocking governance of Shitland is only lovingly complimented through his requisite taste for claiming excessive Parliamentary expenses being the typical tight Scottish cunt he is.

    Lets hope the obese haggis munching, bagpipe loving cunt soon becomes one of Covid-19’s latest statistics.

    Fuck off Blackford.

  15. Until last year, he had a habit of waving a yellow card at MP’s, usually Tories, who had a less than stellar voting record. He quietly stopped after continually doing it with a minister at the time, when it was pointed that,

    a) He missed a lot of the votes due to being at hospital, where he was being treated for cancer.

    b) Even without the absences due to cancer treatment, the minister’s voting record was STILL a lot better than his own.

    And this is one of the many reasons that I despise politicians, especially left wing politicians. They’ll mouth off all day long about the failings of their political enemies, but they NEVER consider their own, until someone points out their hypocrisy. Then they play the victim.

  16. This piece was from a recent blog of mogsrus.org
    “Ian (Bloaty MacBloatface) Blackford: Who sent his congratulations, while wetting his nickers with excitement, to Joe Biden, new President of NORTH AMERICA! Words actually fail us! We’re sure that residents of Mexico, Canada and Greenland are overcome with joy to know that Sleepy Joe now controls them. Perhaps Bloaty won’t get quite so red-faced every time someone foreign uses the word English when they mean British, from now on!”
    Not great on Geography is he!

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