Greg Clarke

Greg Clarke has been forced to resign as Football Association chairman because of the words he used to describe coloured footballers to the DCMS select committee.

His words were variously described as ‘outdated’, ‘abhorrent’ and ‘language that does not encourage inclusion’.

So which words did he use? N*****s? B**** B******s?

No, he used the words ‘coloured footballers’.

No doubt the objections came from the same people who demand we now use the word ‘issues’ instead of ‘problems’.

So please tell me which words I have to use in order to save my job.

Oh I forgot, I’m retired. Thank fuck for that.

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Political football.

I really, really don’t do football, so I’m probably the least likely cunter to react to the frequent outbursts of idiocy emanating from the game. This one hit me between the eyes, though. Greg Clarke, who is a chairman or something, has been shown the red card or expelled or something for stating his opinion.

(At least Al-J isn’t the BBC or the Grauniad. Best I can do, sorry.)

‘Unacceptable racism’ is now defined as
1. Calling black people coloured.
2. Saying South Asians are more interested in IT than football.

Also now lumped in under ‘unacceptable racism’ are
3. Claiming that young girls are put off football because they don’t want to get hurt
4. Claiming homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

I think that means Clarke has officially ticked all the ‘I’m Offended!’ boxes, millions of wokes are even now in floods of outraged tears, and that yet another poor cunt who said what he thought is destined for the celebrity graveyard.

If Clarke had been Professor of Bame and Woke Studies at Formertech University, then, fine, stating his views would rather have undermined the substance of what he was teaching. He certainly wouldn’t have got the tenure in the first place. But a sporting executive?

“I may not agree with what he’s saying, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.”. And I don’t even like football.

55 thoughts on “Greg Clarke

  1. Saying “coloured people” instead of “people of colour”?
    If the FA had any spine whatsoever they would tell the talky speaky police to fuck off. And nobody could be called out for calling Paul Pogba a toxic bone idle arrogant black bastard as this would be descriptive not racist! 😃👍
    Nothing ambiguous about that.
    Good collective nomming!
    And an early morning visit to the swear jar..

    • I remember bacon mouth Rio Ferdinand being up in arms about John Terry allegedly calling his brother a black cunt. Well Rio. It’s not racist, and that’s because he’s black and he’s a cunt.

      • Thing is, Rio is an even bigger cunt.
        Not for nothing is he known in Manchester as The Wobbly Gobbed Tosser.

      • If I had to choose just one word to describe Pogba, it wouldn’t be Idle or cunt.
        It would be “TOXIC”

    • No difference CMC – just more of the same nonsense.
      It is no wonder England win fk all if this is the kind of “leadership” they get from the FA.

    • Yes, I caught that reference CmC! Apparently BAME stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic…but Minority Ethnic is derogatory of the wonderful diversity of foreignness now attempting to achieve Majority Ethnic status in my country. I am all in favour of remedying this and reducing the initials to two: NW. Non-White.

      • All part of the Great Reset, globalisation and open borders.

        Give it a few more years and the definition of nations won’t exist; and we won’t be tagged by our nationality either – No more British, no more French, no more German, no more American. Instead we will be just one global nation!

        The same can be said for gender politics, and the gradual removal of gender specifics to something far more neutral and universal/global, thus removing labelling.

        So to for ethnicity. the BAMEs find the term offensive, so want rid. But they also don’t like “Whitey” either and find it offensive. So don’t be surprised if that labelling is done away with over the next few years.

        We’re going to turn into a generation of nameless fucking drones, with no national identity, no gender identity, no ethnic identity, and neither will we be allowed to think outside of the woke box either!

        What a future to look forward too!

      • A world of compliant drones to do the tasks machines can’t and provide taxes for the minuscule public spending to follow.
        Happy days indeed.
        Good little citizen, here’s a biscuit.
        that is Globalisation and the Great Reset.

    • It is a question I raised on here a month or two ago and one I use when I am in the presence of my woke sister and niece. They don’t have an answer. Bendydick Cuntytwat, as PC as you can get, got himself into trouble for using the phrase “coloured actors” instead “actors of colour”. There was a bit of a twitter furore but being of the left of course nothing much further.

      Another good one is ” Can you explain to me why we have thousands of Muslim migrants wanting to come here, a country which you tell me is overwhelmingly racist, (which I don’t agree with) but is country which if not Christian is run on Christian values and is sinking under sovereign debt, whilst there are Muslim countries in this world drowning in sovereign wealth?”

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂

    Football just gets better and better. I await the FA cup renaming process-perhaps the Cyril Regis challenges trophy.
    Was Doreen Lawrence involved?
    If not, why not? It’s a disgrace!
    It doesn’t go far enough-I propose some new measures:

    -All white footballers to be forced to accept transfers to League 2, Scottish Premier and Welsh league clubs

    -Before they leave their clubs, they must sell their mansions and pay a “white tax “-50% of any profits given to bame footballers

    -Marcus Rashford to be installed as “El Presidente “ of the new Association of Players of colour

    -All white children removed from academies at clubs. All white children banned from competitive sports, except swimming, obviously😉

    -All white managers to be demoted to assistant coach, all managers to be black-worked from behind by assistants.

    That should do for starters.

    (I saw this coming a mile away-the knee taking fuckfest confirmed it. Cunts-they have sacrificed a piece to “stay on the game”. Fuck the FA. Football belongs to the people.)

  3. IMHO the rest of the board should just up sticks and stand down too, until some solidarity is shown then this fuckery will continue.
    Sadiq Pakakunt and Thick van Dyke are now calling for 40% BAME,LBTQAGDYJGD and Trans police for the Met, BoZo capitulates to the Brussels caliphate and we are left to suck it all up.
    All the while terrorising the world about a severe touch of the snuffles that kills octogenarians.
    There was once a ship named SS Great Britain, the current one is holed below the waterline and the band play on, move along,nothing to see here.

  4. Point of order but Greg Clarke himself has been cunted here. Surely the man himself should not have been cunted, but DCMS instead for being such a collective of virtue signalling lickspittling cocksuckers?

    • Good point, objection sustained.

      Half a century ago you could say ‘negro’ until goal posts were moved. Later you couldn’t say ‘wog’ although that originally meant ‘foreigner’ though ‘coloured’ was acceptable until the goal posts were shifted again.. Now you can’t say ‘coloured’ but ‘people of colour’ is perfectly fine.

      Will ‘unemployed’ become ‘leisurely’?
      Will ‘drug-dealer’ become ‘powder facilitator’?
      Will ‘rapist’ become ‘kiss-&-chaser’?

  5. They are just waiting for any middle aged white man who isn’t woke to say the wrong thing, and that’s it , the Twitteratti are out and they are sacked.

    Freedom of speech has long gone. Isn’t person of colour just coloured person in Yoda speech? 25 years ago black was offensive. Change what’s acceptable every few years and you’ll catch out the older white men who don’t spend their lives on social media.

    • It is no longer acceptable to say “mixed race” it is now “dual heritage”. A few months ago they tried to stop a trial because one of the barristers said mixed race. Fortunately the judge had enough sense to carry on.

      • Unless all whites are of one single heritage and all blacks of another then dual heritage is one thing mixed race kids are guaranteed not to be.

  6. If its good enough for the American NAACP or the national association for the advancement of coloured people then its obvious all these words are changed by cunts simply to make white people look bad and get them the sack.

  7. Who’re the bigger cunts?
    The damn nıg-nøgs or the pathetic whities who indulge them?

    • It’s the pathetic whites trying to think they are right on, isn’t it. I doubt that half the blacks really care, providing they are not called something offensive.

      Older blacks from the Caribbean, came across and wanted to integrate.

  8. Words pretty much fail; the left pc (it’s gone beyond pc now really) media have given voice to the total woke idiotic brigade. very very sad. Mr Clarke you are a pussy for giving in to them.

  9. You don’t have to be a bona fide pie guzzling blockhead to be FA chairman, but it clearly helps.

    Being Gay a “life choice” 😂

    • Indeed. He’s wrong, (IMO) but he has every right to state his erroneous opinion, which is not his alone. Going further, it might even be said that being a mincing, flamboyant queen at any rate IS a lifestyle choice whatever the nature of the underlying drive.

      • Sorry, I thought he was referring to being Gay, not “being a mincing, flamboyant queen.”

        Might have been worse though. At least he didn’t suggest that being black was a life choice.

  10. The England team, besides getting beat by fucking Belgium, took the knee last night. Fuck that shit and fuck the useless, clueless Gareth Wokegate. As long as they are doing that commie shit I hope they lose every game.

    • Gregs like Roger Mellie from viz,
      Those poor coloureds!
      Wonder who complained over his outrageous language?
      Or was someone waiting for a opportunity to oust him?
      Will his replacement be coloured?
      Someone who chose to be gay?
      Who gives a fuck?
      He used outdated language,
      But wasnt said with intent or malice,
      Although nowadays thats beside the point.

      See you at Nuremberg Greg!

    • I saw the start of Argentina v some other South American team in a works cup qualifier the other night. No knee taking.

      I cannot support the England team if they take the knee. I’m supporting teams that don’t do it.

      Fuck them all.

    • I can’t watch football while there all doing this fucking pathetic woke ritual before a game. Overpaid fucking sheep.

  11. Won’t bother me. I just call them..


    That way I can never be accused of not keeping up with the latest “acceptable” term.

    • As a kid I remember we had a black cat called Sooty. Lovely cat I recall, but a right fussy cunt. Hard as fuck though. Crawled home with his back legs broken after 4 days in an illegal farmer’s snare in Devon (well the vet said it was an illegal type of snare but what the fuck would he know?)

      Still. Didn’t bother old Sambo, I mean Sooty. He was right as rain after a month. Loved his chiggun (obviously) and he would perk up when the minstrel show came on.

      Mind you, calling him Sooty today would’ve probably resulted in my entire family being arrested and the cat sent for counseling.

  12. There are many in the world of woke who aren’t happy with BAME because it lumps in all the tanned minorities and even some whites.

    Need to go back to old language so each group can be distinguished.

    Camel shaggers
    Goal fuckers.

    Collectively Cunts rather than BAME.

    Greg Clarke is an idiot, he shouldn’t have resigned, he deserves to be cunted for being a pussy.

  13. They’ll put a dark key in his place to make a point.

    The claim being that the management of football is too white.

    Well, the fucking pitch isn’t. Watching the England U21s was a game of spot the honkeey the other night.

    Suggest dark keys are overrepresented on the pitch and see where that gets you.

    It’s all a load of one-sided anti-white bollocks.

  14. I always liked the word Celestial instead Chinky Chonks. What do the Orientals care after all the Yellow peril will rule the planet one one. Just hope my Son gets some Beautiful celestial front Bottom.

  15. A phrase that boils my piss is ‘Ethnic Minority’. They are not a minority in this country. London, Leicester, Bradford, Blackburn, Birmingham the ethnics are the majority or close to it. More attempted brainwashing by the liberal elite. I do not want them here, but seeing as they are here let’s the facts right.

    • You honestly believe that blacks and browns and others of “a funny tinge” are not the minority in this country? Oo-ee-oo….

      • Of course overall in this country they are a minority. In some city’s of course they are becoming a very substantial presence.

        And of course worldwide, whitey is very much the ethnic minority. Far more blacks, browns and yellows.

        If they get their way and we become a one world state with no borders, will whitey become the ethnic minority and able to demand and scream racist all the time?

  16. Funny how some cunt is not allowed to say ‘Coloured’. But some piece of grime or rap scum can say the word ‘N!gg@’ with impunity.

    And ugly Drink it in di Congo sluts can gleefully say ‘Kill Whitey’ on British television.

    They can shove their double standards and their BLM nazism up their arses.

  17. It’s not that long ago that we weren’t allowed to say “black”, we had to say “coloured”. Where does one go to learn what is acceptable on any given day?

    Anyhoo, I was watching an old episode of Banzai last night. It was first shown in 2002 or some such better time. One of the gambling opportunities was to bet on how many terms some famous black man whose name escapes me could come up with to describe foreigners. All the old naughty, now banned, words came out. It was bloody marvellous to hear. He could only come up with 27 though. Bloody amateur.

  18. Just googled it and can’t believe it is still in existence or changed its name-

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)[a] is a civil rights organization in the United States, formed in 1909 as an interracial endeavor to advance justice for African Americans by a group including W. E. B. Du Bois, Mary White Ovington, Moorfield Storey and Ida B. Wells.[3][4]

    So now that could be termed a racist organization.

  19. If i was him, i’d be raging and lobbing bananas from the rooftops. He is likely looking after his paid off pension.

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