Ed & David Miliband (9)

(Two cunts for the price of one – DA)

I just went to look at the news just now and a fetid turd from a few years back seems to have floated up again.

Yes, none other than David ‘irrelevant’ Milliband. This cock stain has been wheeled out by LBC a few times crowing about how the US won’t give the U.K. a trade deal regardless of who wins the election, and how Britain is a none entity state outside of the EU.

Well cunt, for once you actually know what you are talking about, being a none entity, irrelevant cunt yourself, however in true Milliband style you are still wrong. Just fuck off and die will you?

Nominated by: The Captain

…and here’s one for his brother, Ed, courtesy of W. C. Boggs

Ladies and gentlemen I give you your own – your very own – and you can keep him Deputy Minister for Mirth Ed Miliband. This stupid cunt who sounds too irritating to be funny appeared oin Wireless 4’s Today programme this morning, to implore the government, in that camp pleading voice of his, to spend £30b – let me say that again – 30 BILLION POUNDS over the next 18 months on “green jobs”. This madcap proposal is backed by the queen of dirty undercrackers, Analease Dodds. of course. That dirty tart ought to campaign to open a few soap factories and slipper baths.

Miliband minor wants some of this money to go on “planting trees”.

This country faces an unimagined economic disaster in the next few years, which is, I should say, of greater moment than the enviromental crisis, and this stupid pair of shitstains wants to squander even more money.

But perhaps it is just me out of step, that comic fanzine of Labour, Labourlist seems to think it is a good idea as well:


All I can say is that there must be a village in Doncaster who has lost their idiot, previouslyu last seen planting a tombstone in Hastings a few years ago. He is clearly building a new one.

34 thoughts on “Ed & David Miliband (9)

  1. For some reason I always think of them as Donald & Davey Stott, ala Vic &Bob.
    Rubber faced Westminster pansies.
    30 billion seems fair enough,
    Make up any number nowadays no way itll get paid.
    Green jobs?
    Wish Id followed in the family tradition and become a gravedigger.😁

    • Good luck with the green jobs as theyve just announced the green light to build a tunnelled road at Stonehenge.
      Surprised that they arent using the stones for hardcore,
      The greedy fuckers.

      • Preposterous waste of money from a government Corbyn must secretly admire that acts as if we’ve got money to burn.

        I am very familiar with that bottleneck on the A303. But it’s only horrendous two months a year and every sensible cunt leaves an extra hour early to make up for it.

      • Is that stones from Stonehenge or stones as in the Rolling variety? I thought Charlie Watts was already buried under a bridge pillar on the M1?

    • Ed’s the treacherous cunt with the horsetooth face who can’t eat a burger and who stabbed his brother in the back. The other one , Doris? Darren? …. no matter….has Brillo-pad hair and flounced off to a £1.5m pa “charity” job in New York. From where the cunt sends Messiah-across-the-pond messages home giving his opinions to an audience of zero.
      Although you can always rely on the BBC, LBC and the Guardian to give him a platform.

      • I couldn’t have put that better myself Issac, except to add, in the days when Dave still had ambitions to be Prime Minister, he and his incredibly ugly cellist wife actually “bought” as in paid for, 2 adopted children, just to prove he wasn’t a poof and that he wasn’t in a marriage of convenience. Oh no, perish the thought our Dave is as straight as the next man. The next man being Philip Schofield.

  2. I am pretty sick of all these cunts telling us we are finished just because we may not get a ‘trade deal’ with America. So what? Nobody wanted chlorinated chicken anyway. Sick also of having Irish blokes telling us that Big Brother Biden will wield his big stick and smash us into the ground because there may be a problem with the Irish/NI border or some such. Fuck off all you bellend* bastards. We ain’t finished, we will do what we want and what is best for us.

    And sick of persons of colour living in this country telling us we are racist colonialists. We had an empire once. That is gone. The people who created it are long dead. Get over it you racist cunts.

    (*hope this is spelled properly, haven’t got time to check with previous posts here)

    • The chlorinated chicken is a load of shit anyway, it wouldn’t make any difference, we could have it with the chlorinated salad that everyone buys without thinking.

      • Thank you for your correction, Japseye. I am not an eater of chicken anyway or a buyer of ready made salad. I just used it as a throwaway line.

        Perhaps my reply was out of place, for which I apologise. Sometimes one just has to put fingers to keyboard and vent.

        I should really have concentrated on the waxy fetid corpses which are the Milliband brothers. Heaven knows, they deserve as much bile as can be heaped upon them.

        Kind regards,
        Lady C

      • Not your fault at all, the chlorinated chicken issue has been used as a stick to bash Brexit (and Trump) and the supposed shit deal Donald was going to give us. I don’t think many people know how food is packed and process (I know I didn’t) and it was easy to kick up a fuss about something. I apologise if you thought I was having a go, was never my intention. 🙂

  3. Their magic money tree?Last time Liebour ran our country they bankrupted us.Yes let’s spend extra money we don’t have.The Tories are bad enough but these irrelevant spunk stains are even worse.Hangmans rope please.

    • ONLY Labour twats know where this money tree is supposedly. In which case why didn’t they use it last time they were let in as a government.

  4. The sons of a Marxist intellectual they don’t look much like The Proletariat and, the Labour Party, has long abandoned it’s cause preferring to take the side of the Immos, the peacefuls, the tree huggers, the sexual deviants, the screaming wimminz and the middle class. These 2 wankers fit the bill perfectly ……..the Likely Lads who have drifted apart but are still the same pair of cunts they always were.

  5. Two Jews who were on the inside of a Party that has been systematically anti “Juden” for decades. In fact, I would go further and say they both stood aside and let it continue even throughout Millipedes Leadership.

    What is that in the bowl? Yes! Thats a Turd.

  6. The picture makes them look like Siamese twins.
    Separate them with a chainsaw.

  7. These cunts changed their multimillionaire “marxist” oldman’s will, to pay less tax. Typical socialists, what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is my own. Fuck the freaky looking tossers.

  8. This fucking bell end Ed Miliband wants to fuck off back down South where he belongs
    The good people of Doncaster want to out this fraud for what he is a complete tosser👍
    David Miliband is a total none entity who cares what he thinks I don’t think anyone is bothered about this ex Blair puppet Stop in the USA and don’t come back please your days are done 👍👍

  9. To save any further mithering put their heads in a vice and get Harvey Price to turn the fucking handle.
    Communist vermin.

  10. If the BBC and Guardian push it it’ll be Government policy in 2 months. If Marcus Rashford comes on board it’ll be 2 weeks.

  11. Fed up with these two smarmy cunts wanking themselves off in public. Fuck off back to the USA, DM. It should be ripe for lapping up your shit just now. EM, give the great British public a break, fuck off up a tree or go join the Green Party so we can forget about you.

  12. I wish these two cunts would take their banana and bacon sarnie and stick it up their traitorous dead fathers rotting arsehole.

  13. Fuckin’ yid bitches the pair of ’em. Forget who gave this memorable description of watching Ed Millibrain talking…

    “..it’s like watching two drunk slugs trying to reverse park round hi gob!”

    Devil’s Kitchen I think it was.

  14. Marxist traitors.
    When I storm to power it will be Government policy to have people like this fed to wild animals on live TV.
    Vote Fox, democracy is overrated and I have a list – just like our lovely democrat friend Alexandria Ocasio Cortez..
    Stringing her up to send a message will be on my first day in power.

  15. That nomination picture makes me think, ‘For Dog’s sake! Hurry up and kiss each other and get it over with!”

  16. Ed or David. Which one to kick in the bollocks first? It’s the only time I wish I had three legs.

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