The Nobel Prize & Vladimir Putin


The board of the Nobel Prize.

I actually thought April fools day had come early when I first read it. But no, unless this is some kind of troll, it’s true. Vladimir Putin, that nasty, corrupt, Dobby the elf looking motherfucker, with a fetish for poisoning his enemies and then not having the guts to admit it, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What the actual fuck?

This wretched piece of shit, who has to rely on photos of him topless on horseback to show Russians how macho he is, and has done exactly NOTHING to further the cause of peace, is up for the award.

I shouldn’t be surprised really, considering Barack Obama actually won one, just weeks after coming to office, for doing exactly fuck all.

And let’s not forget, that annoying little Swedish gobshite, Greta Thumbnail received a nomination for publicly spouting off on a subject she knows less about than I know about the back end of Mercury.

Trump has also been nominated, but he has actually done something recently to help bring peace to the middle east. He won’t get it though, because the woke cunts who make the decisions hate him more than they hate the Flu Manchu.

Alfred Nobel would be spinning in his grave if he knew just much of a parody of itself the prize named after him has become.

What a bunch of cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw 

37 thoughts on “The Nobel Prize & Vladimir Putin

    • Vlad loves peace.

      None of his enemies have a bad word to say.
      Mostly because they go missing or self medicate with novichok.
      See hes got his shirt off again above, cant stand a shirt can he?
      Hello sailor!
      Surprised hes not got pierced nipples?
      Seems the type, type who wears leather undercrackers and likes dancing on the podium to “its raining men”.
      A right flamer…

    • Who said the kgb was dead in russia /same as asked about their bombs /dirty or otherwise /yes we have many bombs but we dont know where they all are.

  1. Putin is a batty boy. Anybody that becomes so constantly irked by and is so obsessed with hômos must be a master sphincter squirrel themselves. This is evident in his penchant for hunting-topless-on-a-horses pictures. He probably gives Macron a reach-around and watches Top Gun in Chinese when Xi Jinping visits.

    • Dont know what your insinuating capt Maggie!
      Vlads the spetsnaz kiss chase champion 4yrs running…

    • How’s your fixation with Kiddie-fiddlers coming along ? You used to love accusing people of that….are you no longer irked and obsessed by them ?

      • Afternoon uncle
        Just because I called Fox-hunters a bit Pæedh doesn’t equate to an obsession. It merely means they’re a break t Pæedoh.

        You have a few obsessions though, don’t you.

      • Oh you used to include that allegation in just about every nom. you wrote and most of your comments…it was your “go-to” thing..wasn’t it ? It wasn’t just fox-hunters by any means.
        I may well have a few obsessions, Capt.M…..but unlike you,I suspect….I haven’t acted on them.

        Are you still dumping your soiled “grundies”,used tissues and (single,presumably) mattresses in the countryside ?

      • “Single mattresses” – wow, you’re on fire today. Are you having a slow day?

      • I am having a slow day…had people calling to postpone tree-jobs…can’t say that I altogether blame them the way things are at the moment.

        Has Covid affected your top-secret job?

      • Everything’s well with me. Had a week down in Devon.

        Sorry to hear about your cancelled jobs. It can’t be Covid-related so presumably it’s concerning the impending financial shitestorm apocalypse on the horizon.

      • Good Lord no. I would have to converse with the peons and I dont speak Romany. Christ.

        I was scrumping and ditching some old mattresses.

  2. Have these Nobel Peace Prize cunts learned nothing from history?


    Especially when applied to psychopathic, kleptocratic, homosexual gangsters.

  3. To give a peace prize to a member of the NKVD shows how mixed up the world is.

    He would throw these prize giving cunts into an OGPU prison in two shakes of a poisoned umbrella.

  4. Is that picture from his failed audition for brokeback mountain? Shame he didn’t get it, as would have gone to someone who is genuinely gay, because no matter how homophobic he likes to act, he knows what a cock tastes like.

    • I have sent a pigeon with a message challenging this upstart to a bout of fisticuffs – when I win I will then run Russia!
      A pre match cup of tea for big butch Vlad would also have the desired effect..

      • Watch out for his special moves Foxy!
        Or youll have a lovebite on your neck and thumb up your arse!!

  5. Say what you like about him. He knows how to run a country.

    No BLM protests, XR nowhere to be seen, zero illegal immigrants, covid told to fuck off, Greta Thunberg afraid to visit, oligarchs shown the error of their ways before conveniently ‘falling’ out of an upper floor window.

    Whats not to like?

    Great photo caption by the way admins.

  6. I prefer Vlad to most of the grubby cunts most Western “democracies” have saddled themselves with.
    You will note his empire is not troubled nor weighed down with the Anvil Around The Neck that is Blek Lies Mither or the sinister figures that back it.
    Russia has many very significant problems but an encroaching tide of the sweepings up and assorted vermin of The Dark Continent will not be amongst them.
    Quite soon that problem alone will destroy the fabric of Western Civilization,at least what remains of it.
    Anyhow,the whole problem is riddled with vile cunts.
    Good luck Mr.Nobel.
    Now fuck off.

    • Yeah, I prefer Vlad too – I’m sick and tired of doing things the British way. It’s too difficult and it means we have to think. Time we adopted the Russian and the Chink way of doing things. Fuck the generations of English men and women who suffered and died that we might have democracy and freedom of speech.

      In fact we should set an example ourselves and close down ISAC, as a gesture of solidarity with Mr Pooting, cos that’s what he’d do within 5 minutes if he ran this country.

  7. You forgot other “winners” , The European Union, a load of unpronouncable easterners and do not forget Al Fucking Gore for making a film Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of. What a bunch of self serving useless cunts, fuck off with your pathetic medal.

    • Like having Fred West as housing minister.

      At least everyone would get a patio though.

  8. Trump actually deserves this award.
    Boris the Blade (Putin) is a dirty cunt-nothing that a bullet won’t cure😀

  9. You’re brave cunts on here slaaggin off the King of the Ivans.

    He’s not exactly what you’d call a ‘water off a duck’s back’ type. A few more comments like those, and don’t be surprised if your ears fall off and your eyes dissolve when you touch your light switch later on.

    • Im banking on the fact I dont get the missus perfume out of bins!
      But yeah he holds a grudge.
      All fairys do.

  10. Seems to me they’re all competing for top dog as the next Bond Villain.

    You’ve got Trump who’s the billionaire Trust Fund brat grown up, who can’t be wrong and acts like a spoilt teenager and must get his own way or people are “nasty”.
    You’ve got Elon Musk, who’s trying to be Dr. Evil or Ernst Stavro Blofeld
    You’ve Jeff Bezos, who’s also in the space race with Musk.
    You’ve got Rupert Murdoch – a bit like the character from Tomorrow never dies.
    And then we get to Big Bad Vlad, who’s like a cross between a 1980s low budget action film baddie, with a healthy dose of homo-eroticism. The people who oppose him “disappear” or meet a grisly end by complete and utter coincidence.

    Plenty of others that I haven’t mentioned too.

    Don’t seem to be too many heroes abaaaaht* though.

    *(B&WC, 2020)

  11. What’s happened to that ugly, fat little North Korean rocket-fixated arsehole lately? Seems to be keeping his head down – unless he’s brown bread, of course. Maybe Vlad has impaled him…….

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