The BBC & BHM (55)

I have long been content to simply read and enjoy this excellent site, but this week I have finally been tipped over the edge into nomination by (who else?) the BBC.

I was enjoying breakfast with my pre-school aged children when CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke (no, me neither) started nominating his ‘heroes’ for Black History Month. Well, what else would you expect at 7.30am on a television channel for under sevens?

Nigel began, with breath-taking originality, by nominating Muhammad Ali. He told the tale of Ali going from being a poor boy to ‘the best boxer in the world’. Enter – ‘What’s a boxer daddy?’

Now, I love boxing, and Ali is an absolute legend, but I have enough trouble stopping the kids hitting each other without CBeebies extolling the virtues of a man who is largely famous for being really, really good at hitting people.

Nigel then moved on to his next hero, who was (imagine my surprise) Barak Obama. He described Barry as ‘the first black president of the United States’. At which point I switched to Channel 5, adverts and all.

Fortunately, the kids did not pick up on the overtly racial nature of Nigel’s statement and start with ‘What does ‘black’ mean daddy?’; ‘Am I black Daddy?’; ‘Why not daddy?’

I do not believe children should be raised to view themselves or others in racial terms. Only division and hatred can result from this. But it seems Auntie disagrees and has no lower age limit for indoctrinating the next generation with this vile propaganda.

And all for a mere £157.50 a year.

(It’s gonna be a long fucking month! – DA)

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    • The BBC has seen fit to have an article on its website the headline of which is ‘Lily Allen says masturbating in a relationship is not wrong’.
      I did not read the tosh but am surprised that only 550 households per day are deciding to opt out of the tv tax.

    • I haven’t paid a TV licence for several years, I still get threatening letters and emails from the cunts every year stating I could receive a fine or even go to prison if I watch any of their shite without one. I take great pride in replying to every single one of them, to explain that even if there was no other media in existence, I wouldn’t watch their bias, woke, lefty bullshit.

      • I’ve written to them every time as well.

        How nice that registering to vote , put me on every credit agency’s database in the UK. That was when the licence reminders started coming again – simply because I’d had CCJ’s 20 years ago!

        Each reply now has 4 words…….

        No TV.
        Fuck Off.

  1. Now, now!
    Aunty beeb knows best-85% of the Uk are white supremacist’s, the rest being the true British people’s, you know, the ones that built Britannia and her Empire.
    More lunacy, everybody’s favourite jolly black Comedian, Sir Lenny Henry, has stated in the front page of the Gruniad, that comic relief does not need whiteys money anymore, or “White Saviours”.
    He really is showing his true colours. The fucking racist cunt.

    • David Lammy said as much at the last Red Nose Day and lost £4,000,000 for them. I’d like to thank Lammy and Lenny and in the title of the Fleetwood Mac song ‘ Go your own way’ and good fucking riddance.

      • I would laugh my arse off if the next Comic Relief was 10 or 20 million short of its expected target purely because the Whitey Majority finally decided “Enough is enough. If you don’t want my money fuck off!”

        no doubt Henry would say “Typical racism. Denying poor blacks extra funding because of mean old whitey!”

        Two faced unfunny cunt

    • Do not give any anyway, might as well flush it down the bog for the good it does. Children indeed is another horror show. It is not run by the beeb, it’s new boss is a peaceful, she has a history of unning diverse charities. Did you know £6million is taken out of the collection to pay the cunts who decide where the money is going. Charity my fucking arse. Fuck em!

      • Beat me to that info. Fucking amazing that news. £6 million a year in pay. No more from me Pudsy can go fuck himself. Apparently comic relief is stopping sending whitey to Africa because of backlash from Lammy.

      • That’s right Vernon.
        Although I once would have gnawed at that Stacey Dooley’s pelvis for weeks , searching for the last scrap of meat.

    • Not even original. ‘Sir’* Lenny’s just echoing what the ‘Rt. Hon’* David Lammy blurted last year. Of course, if it means cutting our generous aid to the corrupt cunts, fine….but it doesn’t.

      * poor underprivileged victims of racist discrimination that they are.

      • Another Henry Hypocricy, but is too dumb to see it.

        The whole “Honours System” is based on the evil old empire and all that master/slave privilege shit. And yet here he is accepting a knighthood and to have people calling him by his official title of “Sir”, which is only a short stone’s throw away from “Master”

        But typically for cunts like him: he’ll accept the honour but not worry about the history behind the honour on this occasion because it wouldn’t be appropriate.

      • And Sir Lenny Henry can charge the BBC more for his comic relief appearances than plain old Lenny Henry £££

      • Lenny Henry has got to be on the shortlist for Cunt of the year. Need a bit of completion, can’t just give it to Half wit and Sparkletits without a fight!

      • Lenny Henry.
        Best known for yodelling jungle noises and acting up to the Carribeann stereotypes on some 70s kids show.
        Has done fuck all of consequence since, far as I can tell

    • So it’s now racist if we help starving kids in Africa is it?
      Well fuck ’em then!
      But I’m sure it’ll be racist if we don’t help them too.
      I’d say Africa needs any type of fucking saviour it can get, whatever their skin colour.

      • Africa needs a fucking 200ft Tsunami – from one end to the other.
        Now , I’d watch that for a month!

    • Comic Relief is crap anyway, CG. It should be shut down. I know this white saviour shite is down to racist filth like Lenny and Lammy, but it doesn’t matter how much cash is thrown at the African shitheap. It will never ever change for the better. Nearly four decades after Band Aid and its as bad as ever. They are also shooting themselves in the foot. Celebrities are mainly cunts and they all crave points and publicity. If there isn’t anything in it for them, these famous cunts aren’t going to do it. The BBC are killing everything they were ever known for. Doctor Who is an already dead golden goose, and now Comic Relief is being strangled due to their woke obsession. The BBC is killing itself and it deserves to die. Fuck them, the cunts.

      • Norm-I only ever give money to local charities, hospices.

        AfriKa-the only cure for the dark continent is cleansing by fire.

      • Last time I tuned in for Comic Relief was when Dermot Morgan (RIP) and Ardal O’ Hanlon were on it, as I was a big fan of Father Ted. And that was over 20 years ago.

        And anyone who puts a red nose on their car is an out and out cunt and a total bellend.

    • Maybe just send a million or so bliks back to Africa on a one way ticket, then everyone would be happy
      Lammy and Henry would be on the first dinghy (may as well reuse the ones that have landed on our beaches).

    • I’ve never liked the man and could never figure why. He’s a comic so I thought there must be something wrong with me for not finding him funny. Obviously, I could sense something unpleasant lurking underneath the facade. He’s never made me laugh, in fact I’ve always found him embarrassing. Ainsley Harriet is more amusing IMO and is a fucking chef.

      You can see what happens when people that have a chip on their shoulder start to feel empowered. The dark keys are on a roll now and a few of them think they have enough clout to start saying what they like and raising a middle finger to those that have given them opportunity and raised their standard of living. This stupid cunt whose only talent is to be able to do a half decent impersonation of David Bellamy, is making a mistake by showing gross disrespect to white charity givers. He’s definately gone too far. I say strip the cunt of his knighthood as a lesson to others that might follow his reckless example.

      • The funniest thing Lenny Henry ever did was to try and be taken seriously as a singer.
        What a shame Fatty Dawn French didn’t sit on his face and euthanise the racist cunt.

      • Only time I laughed at lenny since Tiswas David Bellamy impression was when he started doing ads for Premier inns. This was shortly after being caught having extra-marital trysts with a younger prettier woman….. in a budget hotel! Nearly laughed my balls clean off.

      • Fatty French’s replacement is even more fatty than Fatty French.

        He should really be shagging the Smoked Irishwoman Abbopotamus if that’s what turns him on but she’s not a whitey and perhaps he doesn’t like black cunts.

    • I can’t fucking wait for the next one then if they don’t want white people’s money. They’ll raise a grand total of absolutely fuck all.

  2. There was a report from the centre of Nottingham yesterday talking about going into tier 3, the fucking BBC reporter had been deliberately positioned to show a banner for Black History in the background.

    Total utter cunts, I emailed them to give them my opinion.

    I expect, either I will get a visit from the Police or my email will be blocked 😂

    • On the news today, the good people of Philadelphia had early Christmas shopping, everything was free.

      • Yay! Live in a hopeless slum with no prospects? Wait till a cop shoots one of your deadbeat neighbours and use the opportunity to trash that slum completely! And then you can bitch even louder….

      • Long overdue reparations Norman. Just taking what they are entitled to.

        So yes BLM looters.

      • Surely the money they raise from looting will lift them out of poverty and social deprivation, allowing them to go to college or start a career? Or will they just spend it on drugs and trainers? No black person should have to go shoeless in modern America, and in Philadelphia Footlocker is doing a roaring trade. The racist cracker cops need to be trained to allow drug crazed blacks to stab them in the interests of racial harmony.
        As the N word is now the worstest thing ever in the history of humanity what is the correct derogatory term for use in jokes about non-caucasians? Or can we only make jokes about the English now, even inbred sheep fucking Potato-eaters wisecracks seem to be verboten.

      • Well they certainly did!
        Funny, AOC claimed looters stole for food, I didn’t see a Loaf. Perhaps the BLM motto is Borg Life Matters and they were taking the TV sets to “Assimilate”…
        I’ll get my coat…

  3. Economic parity is here but will never be admitted no matter how much we’re forced to talk about slavery hence more of this shit forced down our throats. Modern life is crap.

  4. What? no mentions by Mr Clarke of proper black legends such as John Coltrane, Oscar Peterson or Lionel Hampton? No? Thought not. Probably because he (assuming it is a he) was born last Thursday. Fuck the BBC.

  5. Wireless 4 is now the go to repository for disaffected black wimmin (especially, though men are welcome if they have a sing-songy voice), Asian wimmin and their “plights” (they have a different one every day). They can relax at midday with the misery memoir Mondays to Fridays (their cheating – this week it is Oirish. Last week it was Jamaica). My wife went to the West Indies.
    No, she went of her own accord.

    Presenters who sound like gangsters (they used one on BBC1 Panorama on Monday night – Richard Dimbleby must be spinning in his grave).

    The irony is I doubt many of the BAMEs are listening to Wireless 4 at all, innit?

    • I believe that Wireless 4 used to be the BBC Home Service before it was spunked all over by the Cultural Marxist scum that are shat out among us by the university system. Of course, the BBC Light programme could never have kept its name in the current political cuntfest!

      • Yes the good old Home Service – so many good programmes, and no News Quiz and Now Show, and no “cool” reporters. Their idea of a free spirit was Jack De Manio

      • Quite agree, Mr Boggs. I was very fond of the Saturday evening theatre productions, and Paul Temple mysteries. As youngsters we would thrill to the strains of Coronation Scot. Nowadays it is all !diverse! shit and fuck all entertainment.

      • Every now and then Radio 4 Extra repeats the Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury Paul Temples from the 1950s and 1960s. usually each weekday at 0600, 1300 and 2000 – at the moment they are doing some of the Carleton Hobbs & Norman Shelly Sherlock Holmes in those slots.

      • I used to like Dick Barton, Special Agent when it was on the radio.

        The radio versions of the Likely Lads and Steptoe & Son are also well worth seeking out.

      • 4 Extra is your man for old good series. But also for new unspeakably bad yoof wittering*, with mandatory Wimminz of Colour. Timing is all. 10-12pm for a rather mixed bag of old comedy.

        *Sample: …like i’m you know like right, yeah? so you know she’s like really? and I’m like right, right? and like OMG…

      • ITV, at the moment, have some ‘Wannbe gangsta, innit bruv, yagetme’ cunt doing the continuity links. I swear I’ll have a stroke, soon…

  6. I didn’t know I was doing my bit for racial harmony by not giving children in need a fucking penny. Or comic relief.

      • I think it would be even more virtuous to go and mug some fucker for their donations bucket, prevent that filthy cash belittling them. When is it on again? It’s a civic duty.

  7. American groids as heroes of Black History on the BBC? I’m starting to understand the unique English piss boiling phenomenon.

    First off both Ali and Obama are cunts who are not worthy of hero status…here in the states or otherwise.

    Ali…a truly great boxer…was a carpet kissing, draft dodging, braggart type cunt.

    And the community con artist…was a half breed, race baiting, commie Markle type cunt.

    You want real American black heroes?

    1. Jackie Robinson was the first modern black baseball player in the 20th Century. A world class athlete he grew up poor and received a scholarship to UCLA (In the late 1930’s.) While there, he played and starred in 4 college sports…baseball, basketball, (American) football and track.

    During WWII he was a commissioned officer in the US Army and was court-martialed for refusing to sit in the back of a bus. He was acquitted of all charges.

    He was recruited by Branch Rickey to be the first black player in the modern major leagues. One of the conditions was that he could not respond to, or react to, anything said or done to him. He had to keep his mouth shut.

    Robinson did that and excelled to the point that he won the respect of his opponents, his peers and the public. When Mr. Rickey “took off the muzzle” Robinson gave back as good as he got.

    A dynamic and aggressive player he was one of the game’s true greats.

    2. Nat King Cole was an acclaimed singer, musician, TV and film star and a true class act. In the 1940’s he made a name for himself as singer and star of the Nat King Cole Trio.

    In the mid 1950’s he had his own TV show despite not being able to find a national, commercial sponsor. (For better or for worse) He was a Freemason inducted into the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

    He was successful enough to buy a home in Los Angles where members of the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross in his year. Their stated reason…they didn’t want any undesirables in their neighborhood. Cole responded:

    “Neither do I. And if I see any undesirable coming in here, I’ll be the first to complain.”

    He toured the country and was attacked on stage. He often commented he didn’t understand why people hated him as all he wanted to do was sing.

    My dad was a bigot and a cunt..but he liked and listened to Cole’s music.

    I have no use for the BLM scum, ghetto rats and the professional Markle like victims of the world. But I do admire people of character who make it in spite of whatever adversity they encounter in life. They and all like them are always welcome at “the Villa.”

    Fuck you Auntie Beeb! You ignorant, virtue signalling old cunt. Next time contact the General if you want some real American heroes to show as role models.

  8. Black history:
    Live in a foul shithole run by dictators and cultist maniacs with diseased water, every kind of sickness and pestilence under the sky and hostile neighbours, engage in tribal fighting, slavery, barbaric practices, m*rder and worship of p*do sky fairies.
    Do not pass go, do not progress or improve.
    Blame whitey.
    Invade white lands, turn into foul third world hellholes for that “back home” feeling.
    Kill whitey.
    Black history.
    And I trust unfunny fat twat Sir Lenny Henry will be making up the 20 million shortfall from this years “Ethiopian lesbian burkini girl group” in need sham caused by his comments in the soft, strong and very very long Guardian?
    Where will warlords and islamic dictators get their weapons and palaces if stupid white saviours feel angry, used and demonised and cough up less Sir Lenny?
    This will never do.

  9. Buy a fire stick (£30) get a VPN (£30 a year on average) and download Frequency on it. Find a nice chap who can set up the content (about £60 a year) and you have all of sky sports and movies BT SPORT and PPV plus downloaded movies and tv shows plus live tv streamed via your router. £90 a year as opposed to roughly £230.
    Yes you sometimes get a bit of buffering and not all the downloaded movies will play as on servers that are down but well worth the money. Plus for all you pervs on here about 187 porn channels. My eyesight is failing by the day.
    Been licence fee free for two years now.

  10. Got that wrong on the prices it’s about £60 a MONTH for all the sky content plus PPV at £20 a pop so with the licence fee it’s over £850 a year plus PPV.

  11. My missus left me because of my obsession with becoming a BBC newsreader.

    More on that story later, here’s Carol with the weather….

    • Unlike you rednecks on here,
      Academics like myself have learnt a lot from Black history!
      If a whitey says try this iron necklace on and iron bracelets hes not offering you jewellery and dont accept any offer of a boat ride either, it wont be the Love Boat.
      From black history I’ve learnt nothing is ever my fault,
      Im entitled to everything even if ive not paid for it/ its someone elses, and to hold my breath when eating watermelon.
      I owe them everything,
      Sorry, everyting.
      “One thing I also learnt is the words of power.
      These hold a slave like grip over all the black people of the earth.

      “Ungowwa! Cheeta, Ungowwa!”

      They were told to Johnny Weissmuller and passed to Ron Eli who passed them me.

      • “Ungowwa! Cheeta, Ungowwa!”. 😂

        Holy fuck! That brought back memories of not only the black and white Tarzan films, but what we used to shout at the only black kid in the class at school.

      • The sacred words of the great Johnny Weissmuller!
        My Mother used to fancy him so I got to see all the tarzan films – they were top!

  12. Send the fucking lot of them to The Chinese Special Camp of Enlightened Sudden Death.
    What a rotten set of stinking cunts.

    • I watched Newsnight last night just get my piss boiling before bedtime and it didn’t disappoint

      The Cunt known as Maitlis was interviewing the conservative MP for Morecambe (can’t remember his name, but who gives a fuck it’s Morecambe FFS).
      The Maitlis cunt opens with, you didn’t vote for free school meals and people are angry now you have been banned from a local shop with a big stupid grin on her face (soon to be wiped off)
      He came back, first of all I don’t know the person in question other than he is politically active, he isn’t one of my constituents and his shop isn’t in my constituency.
      BBC fake news check.

  13. Black history quickly summed up, men and women sold by their own as slaves bound for the New world, pick cotton for a few years then became free, sing and dance for a bit then develop an attitude, discover Drugs and take to crime like a pirate takes to plunder, become a world wide nuisance and make everyone else feel like its their fault. Fuck you all.!

    • You should send that to Halfwit Harry, he likes to educate himself about black history.
      It’s just about short enough for the thick cunt to read and understand.

  14. Totally sick of hearing about, it’s very fucking tired now I didn’t really give a flying fuck before, but the BBL cunts are really getting on my last nerve no…. Fuck em

  15. I would love to learn some Black history.
    But all we ever get is the occasional bit of archaeology about Homo Sapiens popping out of nowhere in Ethiopia, and she was PoC and a woman called Lucy.
    Then nothing, zilch, squat until honky started abusing them.
    What about Zimbabwe – the marvellous ruins, not the ruined nation.
    What about the wonderful mutually beneficial relationship between the RoP and the PoC.
    All those tribal wars and kingdoms and empires.
    Hundreds of thousands of years and no history.
    Come on, give us the Black history.

  16. It is strange that a person with a white mother (Barack Obama) plays at being ‘black’ (rather than as being ‘mixed-race mutant’). Obama is no more ‘lack’ than he is ‘white’ because of his white mother/black African father . Similarly the ‘full time victim’ (Meghan Markle) who has a white father, has made a living out of claiming to be black. The pinnacle of that conceited farce is of course, the American white woman (Rachel Dolezal who has both parents who are white) who literally got a job by pretending to be black. The unseemly rise of the black supremacist cult (‘BLM’), plus the racist stance of YouTube (with its 100% colour-bar , blacks-only racial propaganda sponsorship called “Black Voices”) supports the notion that soon the white minority will all have to do ‘black face’ in order to get a job and avoid the reverse-racism that stalks the land. I have complained to YouTube over its unseemly racial bias with its total absence of any ‘Yellow Voices’ or ‘White Voices’ propaganda sponsorship. ONLY ‘Black Voices’ are the ‘most favoured cluster’ lauded by thde stinking liberals of YouTube, liberals who eschew racial equality by their supine comportment to black-supremacism.

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