The BBC [52]

Yup, yet again the cunts have been at it. ‘Over what?’ I hear you ask?

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, a feminist, full on lefty with a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome has passed away age 87 after being at death’s door for about 5 years.

While I take no pleasure in that, it seems the BBC are calling her a ‘champion of human rights’; ‘trailblazer’ and generally kissing her arse. Added to that, their sinister tones when stating that Trump is ‘demanding’ that she is replaced ‘immediately’ with his own pick. The message is simple. While her dead body is still warm and the children are still crying, Trump is laughing wickedly as he clears out her desk and installs a Nazi in her place.

Let’s have it right. The woman was a commie cunt out to destroy the USA. The USA voted for Trump but this fucker was blocking him from doing the bidding of the nation at every opportunity.

But this hasn’t stopped the BBC from reporting on her death as though the world is mourning the passing of a communist supreme court judge. Just because she’s died shouldn’t create such a false narrative about her.

They’ll be saying that next, the orange man will take a dump on her grave and dig up her rotting corpse.

Abolish the BBC (I don’t pay for it btw). The cunts have been taking the piss for far too long now.

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(It was mentioned on the BBC’s 50th nomination that we’d had two previous BBC nominations numbered 49. Well, yes and no. When we convert nominations to actual daily posts, we search for “The BBC”. The first #49 was titled “The Impartial BBC” which didn’t come up whereas the second #49 was titled “The BBC” which did. Hence the confusion over the numbering. To make amends, we’ll skip 51 and head straight onto 52. Glad you’re paying attention. Carry on  – NA)

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  1. plonk her severed head on the bar and use her teeth as a bottle opener. rancid venomous old harpy. Far too much adrenochrome slewing around this vile old trouts blood stream me thinks. definitely a baby eater.

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