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Yep the BBC again!

05/09/20 A friend of mine went to a #Saveourchildren protest march with 2000-3000 people in London, goes directly to the BBC headquarters (and Disney), protests and chants outside about their sickening program of leftist tranny and worse gender identity politics aimed at children, pedos and all the other scandalous BBC behavior and doesn’t get one mention on BBC news or as far as I’ve seen so far on no other MSM, what a fucking surprise! Imagine the MSM coverage if that march was BLM or another Marxist far left terrorist group like Antifa, ER, etc. you could channel hop for a week and still not be able to get away from it!

Do not fund the BBC with your hard earned! Do not bow to the extortion which is called a tv licence, seriously just don’t pay it. If you knew the pleasure I get when I see Gary Lineker’s smug grin knowing I am not chipping in for his wages you would all stop paying this extortion too I can assure you! You can think of a great deal of other BBC cronies you hate yet are chipping in to fund their lifestyle and opinions which most likely stands for everything you hate! Give it time and if they get their way they will have the P along with the rest of the letters make no mistake!

Links courtesy of Dick Dribbler in reply to me in the “Proud Trust” Nom.

Defund the BBC, the perverts they have protected and still protect, their hard left agenda and all their Brexit bias!

Fuck Off!

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  1. Fucking well said. They really are a bunch of cunts. If only a peaceful would target the BBC headquarters with one of their acts of god. As long as we didn’t foot the bill.

  2. I thought they were going to do away with the licence fee, and let the corporation fall upon the sword of no income? Another promise made and unlikely to be kept.

  3. A few years ago, I thought that if the BBC went subscription, I would chip in for Radio 4 content. No longer. Either I’m going further to the right or the BBC is going further to the left. Maybe it’s both. But I don’t pay the telly tax.

    • I had and have exactly the same thoughts. But if I can’t switch on R4 without being harangued about colonialism (in Nigerian patois) by a black harpy or have my intelligence insulted by a gaggle of young bitches of any race chattering about fuck all for half an hour, or even hear the inarticulate views of some thick-as-pigshit chanter of rap treated seriously, I’m pretty clear who’s been shifting their position.

      I feel betrayed.

    • I find radio FUCKING 4 the most dreadful of the BBC’s output, it’s the fucking audio guardian.

  4. It appears we are heading towards a somewhat totalitarian regime with these cunts in the vanguard.
    Absolute poison in everything they do.
    Traitors to the nation.

  5. In the photos of that demo there are several references to somebody called “Andrew”.
    I wonder who that filthy cunt could be?

  6. It seems as though failure to pay a tv licence will be de-criminalised, but they will be able to pursue you in the civil court for non-payment. So, if you don’t pay, you will get a ccj against you, which may make it difficult to get credit. These cunts know what they are doing. They have toed the government line on covid bullshit, and this is their reward. Jellyfish Johnson will say he has removed the licence fee, but you will still have to give the cunts money if you want to watch any of the shite on tv. I personally think uncle tom banjo’s george floyd skit was worth every penny.

  7. I’ll give the BBC one thing…at least they’ve got some decent sport. I noticed in the telly-mag the other Saturday that BBC2’s entire afternoon output was women’s cricket followed by women’s footy,unfortunately I was just too busy watching a coat of paint dry to be able to settle down and enjoy it. They even had some more women’s football on the other night,luckily I happened to flick on to it…nice to see that the ban on spectators hasn’t affected the crowd numbers in the women’s game… I would have watched it all but was slightly put off by some dapper young Gent. telling us about when he played women’s football for Wales and when some Dark-key popped up too…well,that was the final straw….thrilling game it may well have been but football without Gary Lineker’s expert analysis just isn’t footy.

    Fuck them.

    • I’m eagerly anticipating Mr.Lineker’s new reality show..” At home with The Abduls” in which we get to see Gary’s mansion turned into a brothel/kebeb shop/taxi garage by his “diversity is our strength” guests.
      Poor Gary’ll probably have to call in Katie and Harvey Price to finally get them to leave.

    • If the BBC drag me to Court for non-payment,I have a plan to defeat them…I will turn up with my face covered in boot polish and dressed up like Barbara Cartland. I shall stand in the dock and say that I won’t pay because I feel that my type is grossly unrepresented on the Beeb.

      Let’s be honest…one way or another I’ll probably not be convicted.

      • Lord Fiddler, I salute you sir. I would say I bow down but that may be misinterpreted. You are always my Lord and Master and I am here to serve. You are, and always will be, the Biggest Cunt. *16 gun salute*.

  8. If the Jellyfish does abolish the licence fee and makes non payment a civil matter, it will place more of a burden of proof on these cunts to provide evidence that you were using their service.

    Any attempts to send their enforcement goons, Crapita, could be viewed as trespass and harrassment under any civil claim.

    Bring it on, I say. You can guarantee that the fat, blonde jellyfish will do utterly sweet fuck all about this.

    Great nom by the way. These cunts turned a blind eye for decades to the antics of Savile and Harris, et al.

    • Agree Paul

      Once it becomes a civil matter it’s a whole new ball game.

      For a start how can you be billed for a service you don’t use.

      At the moment the TV Tax applies if you have any equipment that can receive a UHF signal but that’s now a digital signal.

      The Bastards would have to now prove that you are actually using their service.

      Bring it on I say.

      There’s not a County Court in the land that could legally rule against you.

      Unless of course they have film evidence of you watching it and that isn’t going to happen.

      Oh and I’ve just had a thought, you know the bloke convicted of pushing Owen MGBGTV8 Jones over, well part of the evidence they used to convict him was when the police ‘raided’ his house (who’s house ever gets raided for pushing someone over) apparently he had Nazi memorabilia in his bedroom and an EDL flag.

      Therefore they said it was likely he didn’t like ‘the gays’ and so the charge and conviction was aggravated hate crime.

      Therefore cunters may I suggest if in court you take your iPhones and present ISAC as evidence that not only do you NOT watch it but you fucking despise
      the cunts.


      • The Owen Jones police raid raises some serious issues. Firstly, it would appear that the uphill gardener is more important than the rest of us and therefore more deserving of action. Secondly, having ‘right wing’ materials in you home doesn’t mean that you are more likely to be guilty of assault. If you had a stash of bomb making equipment that is another matter entirely.

  9. Too many men and lezzas are going without clean clothes and a decent meal because the wife is on the telly chatting shit about a sport that they once played. Defund the BBC and get these irrelevant cunts back in the kitchen doing something that they actually know about.

    • Sadly from my experience, most women these days dont actually know what the kitchen sink is for. Is there an ‘app’ for that? is an oft heard question.

  10. Just seen the latest BBC cuntery on the news. They are now having same sex couples dancing on Strictly. Even Graham Norton who is gay himself has spoken out against it. Why not go the whole hog and have a black lezzas in wheelchairs edition of Strictly? Fantastic viewing.
    Absolute cunts.

  11. I’ve been licence free for nearly two years and it’s great knowing my money doesnt go anywhere near that jug eared immigrant botherer. Radio 4 which was the last good part of the BBC has gone to shit. The other morning there was a programme on why the British countryside is racist and how we can make it more diverse and accessible for BAME. Ffs.

  12. I would need to consult the RTC encyclopaedia of ISAC but shouldn’t this be the half century

      • A great day to celebrate the 50th Cunting of the BBC on the first day of Black History Month.
        Be ready for every fucker on the BBC telling us how lucky we are to have Black culture in the UK.

        Can’t fuck wait 😂

  13. Sack Top gear main presenter, knowing full well his chums will leave too. Replace with a Winninz and two Bliks✔️

    Sack Question of sport team and replace with Bliks✔️

    Sack have I got news for you team and replace with Bliks✔️

    “Retire” white male presenters on news and current affairs shows and replace with Bliks✔️

    Make sure majority of Blue Peter presenters are bame✔️

    Welcome to the BBC:



  14. Remember the BBC as a statue by Eric Gill on their HQ. He is well known for shagging not only is kids but also his DOG. Yet the memorial to this pervert stays. If his greatgrand father had owned a black housemaid think of the fuss. Fucking cunts.

  15. I didn’t comment on this thread today because it is a sad day at BH, not to mention leafy North London and Ambridge – Dame Jenni Murray is hanging up her jockstrap this morning and retiring from Wimminz Hour. (Part of) a nation mourns. Jess Phillips knickers are being flown at half mast.

    • That is a thought that will be difficult to erase from my mind today, Jess Phillips with her scank pants round her knees….

      Just thrown up 😂

  16. More bad news concerning the BBC.

    The planned Christmas special – eagerly awaited by all ISAC’ers – “Jet Black”, an updated and “historically accurate” version of “Snow White” has run into production difficulties.

    The seven dwarves – Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive-by, Homeboy and Shank have objected to the song “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho”, stating that it is disrespectful to their wives and girlfriends.

    Insiders close to the production believe this can be resolved but the real sticking point is the song “Hey ho, its off to work we go”. The dwarves spokesperson commented “Da fucks dat all about den?”

  17. What do you expect from a company that has a statue designed by a peado above its front door.

  18. The left-wing bias of these cunts is so ingrained they don’t even know they’re doing it.

    In assessing the importance of a story the Newsdesk always needs to ponder this: “WWTRWT?”. In other words “What Would The Red Wall Think?”

    Small example: Lead Item on all channels and hold the front page…. not … but the other day some 80-odd year old lefty biddy judge in the USA carked it after a lengthy battle with cancer. Very sad for her family etc etc but hardly unexpected. The key thing, but of infinitesimal interest here, is that this now gives The Donald an opportunity to appoint a conservative candidate to cement US Supreme Court opposition to the unrelenting tide of libtard sensibilities overwhelming the USA.

    Cue waves of hysteria at how Tangoman is exceeding his powers when in fact he has every moral and constitutional right to nominate whoever he likes.

    Yes it’s all very well the BBC getting into a lather about this but, WWTRWT? I’m guessing this “We’re too busy dodging Chinky flu, worrying about our job security and anxious to see our friends and families to give a flying shit about the US Supreme Court”

    Cue Huw Miserable Edwards “And in other news….. Prince Philip has died…..”

  19. Over £1m a year to pay the immense talent that is Zoe Ball wittering excitedly about fuck all and playing stupid womens par’ying music.
    Just go away BBC for good you weird lefty cunts.

    • If Zoe Ball got any further up the arse of whomever she’s interviewing, she’d see the soles of Dermot O’Leary’s feet.

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