Rick Harrison’s Nervous laughter

I’m cunting nervous laughs.

I’m a fan of the American TV show ‘Pawn Stars’. It’s about a pawn shop in Las Vegas, some interesting things on it, it’s light hearted, and I like the stars of the show Rick Harrison, his son Corey and morbidly obese assistant Chumley.

The only thing I don’t like is Rick laughs after every single thing he says.

“It’d be around $500,hehehe”
“I’m going to have to call my coin guy, hehehe”

Now I like him he’s a nice bloke and I know he can’t help it, it’s a nervous laugh, he means no harm. But it boils my blood for some reason, if I worked there id either
A) develop a nervous tic of my own suppressing my growing rage
B) snap.
Then feel sad at hurting his feelings.

Can this be cured this nervous laugh thing?
It needs to be, its annoying as fuck.


Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

(Exhibit A – DA   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoFYFXrNpMU&ab_channel=PawnStars)

46 thoughts on “Rick Harrison’s Nervous laughter

  1. Really interesting programme as you say MNC but his laugh does get on my tits at times. It’s like a Beavis and Butthead laugh, they don’t even know they’re doing it. I have got a thing for the book expert Rebecca as well, quite prim and proper but I bet she’s dirty.

    • Aye Bob, Ricks a nice bloke and I feel a bit guilty but that laugh?
      After every single thing he says!
      Some things you should say without giggling.

      I do. Hehehe

      Not guilty. Heehee

      Hes not breathing.hehhee

      Im sorry madam your husband passed away.hehhee.

  2. I can’t stand this cunt. All he seems to do is talk down to people and offer them shit prices like $5 for an original Picasso. There’s making a margin, there’s gratuitous rip off and then there’s this guy. The whole family seems to have a.. ahem…colourful background. Legalised thieves. Nothing more.

  3. On my 1 and only trip to Vegas, couldn’t believe the gear in the pawn shops. The cunts must be desperate to give the mafia thier money. Cameras, watches…….. total cunts.

  4. Never heard of this red-faced bloke but look at his little blood-pressure cheeks. He looks like he exists on a diet of coronary fry-ups, black puddings, and pigs’ trotters breakfasts, the gammon-faced, redneck cunt. Keep that ambulance on speed-dial.

    Even Uakari monkeys look healthier.

    • Capt.M…..I’m genuinely interested…. How old were you when you decided to become a “veggie”?….was it a gradual thing or was there some “Road to Demascus” moment?

      • Evening uncle.

        Probably about six or seven. When I looked like this: 👱🏻 What are you going to call my biography you’re compiling? The Dashing Adventures of Captain Mag has a lovely edge, dost thou think?

      • It would be difficult to be an autobiography if somebody else were compiling it.

      • Evening Dick.

        You’d have to be Captain Mag to compile his “autobiography”. You’re not Captain Mag are you? You posted recently that you often argue with yourself on here.

        If you are Captain Mag I claim my £5. 🙂

      • Really ? I thought that “autobiographies” were often written by someone who compiled various sources….isn’t that what a compiler does?

      • Here’s a firm that does it if you’re interested….
        We’ll Write Your Life story – You Tell it, We’ll Write it
        Our ghostwriters make writing your autobiography easy. You won’t have to write a word. Your autobiography written, printed and bound in a beautiful book with photographs. Established 10 years. Professional writers. A unique gift. Lovely hardback books

      • That would make the compiler a biographer.

        On the other hand an autobiography is:

        “an account of a person’s life written by that person.”

      • Ive got a few title ideas Cap!
        “Lettuce get to know each other”

        “Soya wanna know??”

        “The salad years”

        “Lentil health issues”

      • Presumably they write your story and sell it to you then you flog it as if you had written it. However no contract having been agreed betwixt uncle Dick and myself would mean he should’ve said ‘biography.’

        Evening Herr Ruff von Tuff.

      • Your “great mind” is stretching it a bit ther,RTC…of course I could “compile” someone else’s autobiography..

        produce (a list or book) by assembling information collected from other sources”.

      • Capt.M

        So I’d wrong if I ghost-wrote your autobiography after you told me your life story…maybe a few photos etc. ,and then said to you that “I’ve finished compiling your autobiography for you” ?

        Well in that case I must apologise for making such a mistake.

      • RTC…”That would make the compiler a biographer.”

        Wouldn’t it just make me a “compiler”?

      • @Dick – If we had contracted for you to write my autobiography, I think that would suffice but as we hadn’t (as evinced by my asking you about the writing) you should’ve said ‘biographer’ in my opinion though what do I know, I’m just a veggiecunt.

        @Les Mis
        The Lentils one is the winner though here are some also-rans:
        (Chick) Peas In Our Time
        The Pasta Is A Different Country
        Cheeses Christ Superstar
        Blood is Thicker Than Watercress

      • Hehee!😀👍
        Like the cheeses christ one.
        To be honest Cap I respect your vegetarianism!
        Even though I eat a meat heavy diet,
        Like anyone who stands by what they believe.

      • As we know there is an unusual amount mutual love between these characters.

        Thus if it was Dick docümenting the Captain’s life the result could only be a hagiography.

  5. I used to watch this because i have an interest in American history and Americana. I read an article about it and hardly any of the customers, including the cunts in the background, are real and it’s all scripted. The four cunts rarely go in the shop at all and the old cunt is dead now anyway. Can’t say i’ve noticed Rick’s laugh but his smug son and his fat mate need a good slap.

  6. A nervous laugh is no laughing matter,

    I remember when a mini-bus load of us were up in Court after a rugby-club day-trip to Wetherby races…we’d had a few by the time we stopped at a Pub on the way home and things got rather rowdy.
    The prosecutor was reading out what we had done… the Landlady groped,foul language,refusal to leave the premises,people stripping off etc. had me chuckling but when he got to the specific bit about me demolishing the Pub-garden Wendy-House while attempting to hide in it to evade arrest… I burst out laughing.

    The Bench didn’t take it well…we were all fined different amounts…I was fined rather a lot because I apparently was treating the whole thing as a bit if a joke…tried to explain that it was just a nervous laugh but they were having none of it.,,,,had to pay for the fucking Wendy House too,Cunts.

    • I lack any sympathy, your a bloody lout Dick.
      Nervous laughs set me on edge.
      What are they giggling at?
      Are they plotting?
      Bet they are!
      No, sneaky cunts the nervous laughers,
      Get them before they get us.

      • I had a lad who occasionally did a bit of climbing for me who was relentlessly cheerful…it infuriated me. I remember him ringing to merrily tell me that the chipper had cast a track so they had just left it where it was….in a wood about 300 yards away from a fucking council-estate…happily told me that they’d fix it tomorrow !…the locals would have trashed the fucking thing by morning..had to go down myself,fix it,track it out and trailer it home.

        He seemed hurt when he came grinning into the yard the next morning and I was less than civil…still,at least I wiped that fucking smile off his face.

      • Hahaha, yes the ever cheerful are right cunts.
        The type who try to get others up dancing at weddings, the type who tries to instigate a works do.
        Cant trust the cheerful Dick, devious cunts.

      • “your a bloody lout Dick”……Oh no I’m not…football supporters are “louts”…never rugby fans.

    • Listening to the prosecution reading out that list must have been excruciating, rather like the Roman Centurion trying not to burst while Palin’s Pontius Pilate is telling him about Biggus Dickus. No wonder you burst out laughing, I did just reading it.

      To Wendy house destruction…years ago driving out of a country town I found myself behind an amateurishly constructed and painted Wendy house being towed on a trailer, precariously bound and bouncing about a lot. I backed off when it appeared likely to fall off, which it did, crumpling onto the road.

      I stopped and helped the older couple load the wreckage on the trailer, and the grumpy old cunt hissed to his wife “you did have to buy that fucking raffle ticket”.

  7. This made for pennies drivel is typical of the shite they put on the history channel, now that actual history is too unpalatable for both programme makers and their snowflake audiences. Formulaic shit, loosely scripted, chaotically edited to make it appear interesting, with cartoonesque incidental music to create ‘tension’ and humour. Fishing wankers, lorry driving wankers, logging wankers, and these skip diving wankers, all vying for the attention of the educationally sub normal, as there is about ten minutes of actual content, the other fifty that aren’t taken up by ad breaks are either what happens after the break teasers, or what happened before the break, just in case you couldn’t remember the fuck all that happened three minutes ago.
    And don’t start me on the ancient aliens crap.
    History, made every day, that’s the channel slogan. Well, it ain’t being made by some cunt in a cheque shirt that’s for fucking sure!

  8. Totally agree . I thought I was the only one who hates his laugh. I can’t watch the programme without muttering Cunt under my breath…

  9. Maybe Rick Harrison is related to Dr Hibbert!
    But Rick and the goons won’t be on TV long as they are white and presumably straight – the next season will see Carl Weathers and Mr T appraising bones and cooking pots!

    • Yeah! Dr Hibberts another one.
      Laughing to themselves in secret.
      Sneaky fuckers.
      If you ask whats so funny they clam up, wont tell you.

      • Vernie, wasn’t Dr Hibbert based on Bill Cosby? That could be why he’s chuckling but won’t tell you; he’s slipped a date rape pill into your wine.

  10. Pawn Stars demeans wimminzzz and they are all white as snow so expect them to be replaced by a more evenly balanced female and LBGTDDXZEDRUKLLK crew in the next series of Women being Exploied by Evil Men Stars.

    • The best thing from that show is the car guy Danny getting his own show Counting Cars. That’s a better show.

  11. A show about parasitic spivs.
    Get Alan Sugar and Phillip Green on there for authenticity.
    Laugh your piles off fatso.

  12. Never heard of him or his show, but he looks and probably sounds like a cunt.

    Nice to see BlowJob Boris on the Wall of Cunts at long last

  13. This exchange raises the idea of cunters ghost-writing each other’s biography, with the stricture that it be based only what was learned about them on ISAC.

    For instance I applied my mind to the life and times of Unkle Terry, and to date far short of the 80,000 words, in fact it’s only a short pamphlet about cooking technology. Anything about his motivations or backstory can only be surmised (with high risk of error) from his preferred recipes.

    On the other hand Mr Fiddler has provided sufficient for a short novel, about a forestry contractor who through good breeding (or fantasy) occupies a country estate with the sole purpose of chasing off hill walkers.

    • Any truthful biography of me would result in some new accommodation at her majesties pleasure! 😄

      • With your pending election yours is still being written.

        As they may say at Hogwarts:

        “Ahhh Mr Vernon, we expect to be hearing great things about you…!”

  14. I agree, this will be gone soon as it’s way too fucking white. Also, don’t know if anyone who watches has noticed, but they always zoom in on the tits or arse of any hot fanny they have in the shop…good, I love a bit of non-PC TV which is all too rare in todays fucked up world of woke cunts. 1970’s TV is where I still am…slap her arse and “get us a cuppa love, there’s a good girl” Sweeny sort of stuff.

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