Freeloading Families

Britain is now a society of freeloaders. If the cunts can’t afford to feed their kids then hey shouldn’t fucking have them. They should means test the lot,then consider them for aid and not before. If that happened the claims would fall away.
These are the sort of scum that go to foodbanks and then spend their money on Sky TV and lottery tickets. And as for the ones that aren’t English? Well, the cunts shouldn’t even be here. How many foreign cunts cop the lot for free? Boris and his gang of cunts should help people who really have fallen on hard times. Not poncing bums just ripping the piss.

Nominated by: Norman

77 thoughts on “Freeloading Families

  1. Fucking eh! I’ll second that!

    If they can’t be fed, don’t spread your legs (could be a new party slogan)

  2. Following the “incident” in Nice today, I am surprised that the French and British continue to encourage freeloaders departing and arriving on rubber boats. I don’t suppose they will ever learn because the silly tart that “leads” Care 4 Calais” would cry too much.

    I agree, if you can’t afford children, don’t have them – the trouble with thwe rubber bioaters is that they are breeders.

    • I don’t have kids (Daughter died some years ago) – my Mother brought up six alone when my Dad died – we never, ever went hungry.
      Can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em (my skank Niece a prime example – hair, nails, etc on the Sunday, all over FB – “ya look gorg Hun” then off to the foodbank on the Monday shouting and screaming she has no money to fill her brats up with big macs).
      And Rashford – pay you fkin taxes – that will feed a few kids!

      • Self reliance has gone out of the window as has personal responsibility. To my mind a person who expects others to pay for their way in life cannot command any respect.

  3. Fucking machine gun the cunts, zero fucks given here for the cunts who capsized in the channel. They’re up in Alan’s snackbar now. Fuck them.

      • Some silly cunt who says “Hello” to me in the street told me recently he was off to collect his pay. Fucking waster has been on benefits all his life. Time we stopped calling them benefits and started calling them what they are, handouts. I blame the cunts in Parliament for encouraging scrounging as a way of life. Fuck off.

      • The charity that aids them is breaking the fucking law but hey what’s the law anyway unless you espouse views against the libtard order then you’ll find out about the law pretty damm quick. We have turned into a total fuck fest.

  4. All I could afford for my dinner last night was a frozen ready meal from Iceland, with some very dubious cooking instructions.

    Remove all packaging and film lid.

    Cooking time – 45 minutes.

    I got my phone and filmed it for nearly three hours but the cunt was still frozen….

  5. When I used to work full-time for an employer my tax+NIC regularly topped £14k per year. And things haven’t improved much since going self-employed.

    So pleased that all those years of studying hard at school/university (proper courses mind), studying HP & Microsoft certifications, grafting long hours at work learning about IT infrastructure etc etc, that all that effort has resulted in me off-loading thousands of pounds to the idle cunts who have somehow earned a Degree in Freeloading, and no one gives a shit!

    No doubt some cunts probably receive more in benefits than I do in a monthly fucking salary! But I’m supposed to be part of the caring-sharing nation that should think more of these poor unfortunates than my own personal comforts.

  6. The BBC jumping on the bandwagon of the high profile campaign (driven by the BBC)
    Not only local news but the national news, featuring a real rough old tart, single mum with 3 kids, opens the fridge, some cheese, eggs and two sausage rolls, yep my fridge is pretty bare a day or two before I go shopping.
    The scene moves outside, the three kids sitting on the step, all teens, all ‘coloured’ and all looking like they share a single brain cell and were in the process of deciding who was going have it today.
    Modern society is a freebie society, entitled to everything with zero input, all take no give.
    Although I have objections to Brits having everything for free what pisses me off even more is the fucking Eastern European’s who are here just for benefits.

    Piss Boiling!!

    We are going to have high unemployment because of Covid so let’s have more police, more immigration officers and start cleaning the country of the shit that are freeloading foreigners and illegal scumbags.

    • …and yet the BBC will no doubt insist that “poor” family should have a TV licence without question and regardless of ability to pay.


    • Yep we should start by not allowing illegals in or asylum seekers during covid times also why are the borders even fucking open ^less bastards to look after would be a start instead of state giveaways to illegals etc some of the money might actually go to those who need it most

  7. They should be hanging rubbers out to the poncing, freeloading cunts. Either that or the slags who would need a Y shaped coffin if they croaked, should learn to keep their legs together. Things changed slightly for the better when the Tories got in in 2010, clamping down in the idle fuckers but now it’s gone back to Labour days. It’s now a lifestyle choice again for the feckless. As for the cunt Rashford. I honestly now think he’s just your typical thick as pig shit footballer. Easiest thing in the world spending over people’s money Marcus you prick.

    • Think?what proved otherwise they all fucking am!
      About as much use as a bull in a china shop all of em

  8. When labour were last in power, they showered the feckless with money, way beyond what we could or should afford, and worse still, gave them a dignity in being a shameless claimant. This was done both to keep them voting labour, but also as a political booby trap, as any Government that tried to challenge this black hole of spending made them open to accusations of being heartless, and deliberately targeting the poor.
    There is a massive difference between the unemployed and the unemployable, and that should be reflected in the benefits granted. The unemployed are usually between jobs through no fault of their own, and usually have working people’s bills. These need the help as they have funded the system, and see it as a safety net.
    The unemployable usually have never paid a penny in tax, yet hoover up a fortune throughout their lifetime. A lot of them live more comfortable lives than a lot of working people, and never have to worry where the money is coming from.
    If a footballer wants respect from me, try tackling that subject.
    Fuck them, and feed them gruel (not tasty beans).

  9. Best way to sort this out is sterilisation of the underclass, and foreign cunts would be included of course, and ban made up syndromes, just call them what they are “Ill mannered späzmoe cunts”, and send them to North Korea!!!

  10. This is what comes of government by social media and just feeds into the dependency culture.

    If the state feeds their kids for free why should the parents bother to take responsibility for them?

    They can spend their benefits on 65″ TVs, smokes, lottery tickets, designer clothing and piles of trashy food to stuff themselves on.

    • Mummy, mummy I’m hungry, ‘fuck off and ask your MP, I’m watching trash TV on my 65” smart TVS

  11. Benefits should be paid in vouchers, or, pre-paid cards, not cash straight into the bank. I see a lot of these fuckers. Latest i-phone, tv like the windscreen of a 747, better car than mine, x 2, on the drive, etc, etc, etc.

  12. Braking news! (It must be true, heard it in the BBC)

    Our hero has just been suspended from the Labour Party and had the whip removed (oo err, painful)

    Oh Jeremy Corbyn, the Y*ds are out today waving their steaming helmets 😂

    Sir Kweer, knifed him in the back when he was leader and now stuck it right in his chest

    • Civil war now in the Labour party.
      The left will eat itself.

      Fuck freeloaders, if your kids are starving your a failure.
      Priority number one for any man with self respect=food on table.
      When we were kids in 70s my mate went for tea at another lads house, for tea?..toast!😀
      Jesus, bet for sunday dinner they added beans.👎

      • About time the spotlight was dumped back on these cunts.

        They’ve had an easy ride as of late, taking the piss out of Boris and Covid without having to worry about the flack. But now Steptoe has fucked off, no doubt with a story to tell, which might just split the party as it did 3 or 4 years ago.

    • That has made my FUCKING DAY!!! The king of the feckless tramp freeloaders and anti semite rat Corbyn is suspended!
      Now, if we could only find the vindictive fker who complained to the PSC that the Shami Chakrabarti “investigation” into anti semitism in the Labour Party was a sham and insisted on a more independent and far reaching investigation.. (with some help from Luciana Berger, cheers bird! 😀👍).
      Chakrabarti is my next target for removal – a Man does good business when he rids himself of a turd.

      • Chakrabarti gave the Labour Party a clean bill of health in the matter. Surely , her conduct of the ‘investigation ‘ must now come under scrutiny; some very close scrutiny.

      • Especially her “elevation to the lords”. Baroness lying arselicker of Dover beach

      • TTGG@ – Chakrabarti is now the subject of an official complaint and investigation.
        I have waited years for payback.

      • So thats only 649 mps to go vern!face the facts theym shit every last fucking one of them

    • I have no sympathy for Steptoe, but Starmer is such a snide, slimy, oily, dupllcitous cunt. By sitting in his shadow cabinet throughout the anti semitism debacle he might be said to have been comfortable with things, now he talks about his shame. Total gobshite motherfucker.

      • Starmer is getting annihilated on twatter.
        He knew all about the anti semitism in the Labour party and did nothing.
        And 15 labour MP’s named and implicated including our pin up pig the flabbott.

    • Maybe he can discuss this at his next dinner party?

      Pass the Stilton there good sir.

    • Talking of foods made my tummy rumble, whats for tea tonight Ruff?
      Owt good?
      Im having fish pie,
      The missus & daughter having chilli🙄
      But I dont eat that muck.

  13. A simple test for food bank scroungers.

    Do you own a TV (or TVs) over 32″?
    Do you have SKY, Netflix, Other subscription TV Services?
    Have you been on a foreign holiday in the last 18 months?
    Do you own the latest iphone?
    Do you have an Apple computer / ipad?
    Do you spend £100 + on beauty salon visits?
    Do you lease a German brand car?
    Do you smoke weed / cigarettes?
    Do you drink alcohol on a regular basis?

    If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are a useless scrounging cunt who has their priorities completely upside down. Sell or quit all of the above and get yourself to Lidl / Aldi and feed your fucking kids. You cunts!

    As a side note, I see that Boris and Rishi have had a rummage down the back of the sofa and found £4Bn to keep the brown channel rats in 4* hotels, pocket money and human rights lawyers.

    Going back over my company records, I have added up what I have graciously given HMRC over the last 13 years to feed, house and clothe these turds. £500k is the answer to that one.

    Turns out I am the cunt for tolerating this and letting the government piss it up the wall on worthless, ungrateful shitbags.

    • Thats a big fucking sofa 4billion quid whay a fucking joke.Any sane rational non corrupt goverment could do so much better things for its own country than give it away to freeloading illegal bastards fuck me sidewards what a cunt id happily machine gun the pair of em for nowt
      Pair of arseholes

  14. You see them every day, ugly obese slags covered in tattoos and piercings, smoking, top of the range I phones. And their bastard offspring are hungry!! Fuck em all. Corbyn you are the weakest link, fuck off.

  15. Shameless Checkmebankaccount not only found no anti Semitism in the Labour Party but got a seat in the Lords as a reward. That’s one freeloading bitch who needs to have her scrawny arse kicked into the street.
    Fuck her back to whatever shithole cuntry she comes from.

  16. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I applaud Marcus Rashford for his intentions but he does seem to be somewhat naive about how these things work.

    • And I will applaud the little cunt when he starts doing what he is paid for. Which is scoring goals on a regular basis.

      • He plays for the Manc cunts, therefore he is a cunt and with that fucking hooter he should be playing for Spurs 😂

      • Careful the ant-semites will be coming for you.
        As an aside-I once fucked a Jewish lass, she had gorgeous olive skin, yes a bit of a conk and I have to tell you, she fucking screamed and wailed in pleasure-her poor fucking neighbours must have had to wear earplugs😂

      • I don’t understand why Ole gets so much flack. Yet again in a big game he got his tactics absolutely perfect.

      • Thing is Norm, he’s a talented player but yeah, inconsistency is his major problem. If he sorts that out he’ll be world class. 17 league goals last season is a good start.

  17. UK’s Labour Party was responsible for anti-Semitic discrimination and broke human equality laws, human rights watchdog rules.

    What a turn up,eh? The cunts who shout ‘You’re racist!’ the loudest being the most racist themselves. Labour – like the BBC – are cunts who deserve to die.

  18. It’s not the freeloaders fault, wow, put down the baseball bats….
    If the freebies are available, the cunts will hoover up everything they can. The fault lies with a system that leaves 13000 plus UK armed forces veterans homeless, yet houses illegal gimmigrants who are potentional dash/isis.
    Fucking cunts👎

  19. The EHRC has determined that Labour – or a carefully selected part of it – was guilty of antisemitism. Woo fucking hoo. I wonder how many of those applauding Corbyn’s suspension (for merely suggesting the enquiry and determination were politically motivated) have taken just a quick look at some of the EHRC’s other functions? With special attention to cunters’ (IMO righteous) approach to illegal immigration?

    Here ya go:

    And yes, Starmer is a complete shit and should join Blair in the oven ( the definitely non-antisemitic oven)

    • I did wonder about that organisation, portrayed as though they are some sort of Gods, not biased at all.
      I have no sympathy with corbyn, Jewish labour or the fucking sleaze bag Starmer.

  20. About that family of Kurdish Iranians who drowned in the channel, the tragedy we’re all supposed to be weeping over. Their country didn’t suddenly turned into a shithole from which they had to escape, it’s been that way for decades. So why breed a family first and then decide it’s time for a move? We’re told they paid 24,000 euros to the smugglers so it’s not like they were penniless and starving. And once they’d escaped, why trek right across Europe to try to get to England? Wouldn’t be because they knew they’d be given the keys to a council house and a taxi to the benefits office would it?
    They’re not at fault. They’re not dead because they were willing to recklessly risk their lives and their children’s lives. It’s our fault because we didn’t make it easy for them. What a lousy lot of uncaring bastards we are.

    • Yes how very true although the jellyfish supreme reich commander might perspnally give them a lift in his own ministerial car/convoy to said new luxury apartment /he must have searched long&hard for 4 billion fucking quid to give the vermin /also whenever they interview one of these cunts they always seem to av a fucking decent mobile phone on em/what a fucking shambles and now starmers polishing his prick to shove up borise s arse for pms job well fuck me even the blind must have seen that coming like an overloaded dinghy meant for 8 but carrying 50 what a fucking legacy we are in great britain NOT!

  21. I know one shower of twats, they had three kids, 8-15, heading towards mid 40’s, she was an idle cunt, let the kids do whatever they want, he was a work shy twat, bad back, asthma, walking stick etc, proper turned it on when the were being assessed. So a number of years ago at the annual check up, the dss tells her she can work while mr disability can see to the kids while he’s at home and unable to work. At last we thought the cunts have been busted! Not a bit of it, the barely mobile lame fat twat managed to struggle on top of her one more time and fire another dose of his idle,scrounging, dole collecting, you’ll not get me back to work, biggest cunt going, seed into her, and hey presto they produce another benefit collecting spawn. Job sorted for another 2 years.

  22. People who can’t afford to feed the little shits.

    Really bag of potatoes rice pasta ect cost next to nothing, loaf of bread yin of beans.

    It isnt rocket science even idiots can cook simple meals.

  23. People who can’t afford to feed the little shits.

    Really bag of potatoes rice pasta ect cost next to nothing, loaf of bread yin of beans.

    It isnt rocket science even idiots can cook simple meals.

  24. Some of them deserve it I’m on furlough at the moment have you ever watched daytime TV? You need paying to watch that shite!

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