The Brain Dead British Public

A nomination for the Brain dead British public.

I want a Covid test, ‘do you have any symptoms’ ….. ‘well er no’ , ‘So why do you want a fucking test?’.

All the news at the moment is about lack of testing and people not able to get a test close to home, this story being fuelled by the media, who are trawling the country to find people who have been offered tests 100’s of miles away.

Just watching the news and there was a report outside a walk in centre, the reporter interviewed a guy on his way to the test centre. This is what he said; ‘I came back from holiday and isolated for two weeks’. The reporter asked do you have any symptoms, answer ‘no’. So why do you want a test, just peace of mind?
What a fucking cunt!

My neighbour had pretty obvious symptoms so went on line, and got a test at a centre about 10 miles away. She told me when she went for her appointment there were just two people there and around 12 ‘officials’, and this is only a short distance for a hotspot so you would expect it to be very busy.

The fucking media are as much to blame as the dumb cunts who have a lack of understanding of the world around them; yes get a test, but only if you are fucking unwell, and even if you can’t get a test it’s no different than back in March. Just stay home and don’t infect anyone else, because that’s all you will do anyway if you have a test and it’s positive, the outcome is the same.


Nominated by: Sick of it

With a supporting rant from: Two In The Stink

The Covid testing thing is a load of fucking bollocks writ large.

Which kind of testing is it? Is it to test for the presence of the virus or an anti-body test?

If it’s a test for the presence of the virus then it’s fucking pointless because the elderly, immuno-compromised and people with pre-existing conditions (you know, the ones it actually kills) should still be self-isolated until a vaccine is available.

If it’s merely an anti-body test then it should be available to everybody so we can get a picture of the spread of the disease, how prevalent it is and subsequently how serious we should take the biggest, shrillest, most melodramatic over-reaction in the history of the Talking Monkey peoples.

Yes I was alluding to heard immunity. Don’t shoot me.

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  1. To my mind, if you’re not ill get on with your life. If you feel ill stay at home, if you feel very ill seek medical attention.

    • That’s a pretty concise and accurate summary, the only thing I would say is that if you have obvious symptoms and have been in contact with others a test for chinky flu which is positive would be an alert for your contacts.

  2. The two nominations perfectly encapsulates the entire Covid 19 story so far-confusion.

    Misinformation, contradiction, “experts” pushing opinion and lots of misleading or false information being pushed on an audience running out of patience.

    The media have created most of the confusion and anger around this and need to be more accountable.

  3. @Admin-great nom picture from Peter Jackson’s greatest work “Braindead”.

    Very apt for some of the cuntfoolishness displayed thus far. 👍

    Why thank you, CG. We here at Admin Mansions do try to post relevant pics and witty captions to keep the punters amused. Carry on. – admin

    • Damn it, CG, you just beat me to it!
      Brain Dead is in my top 5 bestest horror films.
      I trust you’ve seen his preceeding work “Bad Taste”?

      • Indeed Thomas: I counter with his “funniest” film- “Meet the Feebles”.

        If you like that genre, check out:

        I bought a vampire motorcycle

        Revenge of Billy the Kid

        All three on YouTube 👍

      • Nothing beats a film with the tagline “Hell hath no fury like a psycho hippo with a heavy machine gun.”.

        Did you happen to notice that all of the cars in the film are Morris minors, including Mr. Bletch’s stretched limo.

      • @odin:

        Peter Jackson has. Morris Minor in every film he has made-you have to look carefully.
        I think in lord of the rings, the outline of one is on someone’s shield👍

      • You Sir are the first person mention revenge of billy the kid in almost 30 years.. great film but all almost lost to time…

      • Yep, Brain Dead is one of the best horror films made. The full film was put up on YouTube a while ago if anyone hasn’t seen it. The last half hour must be the bloodiest in film history.

        “I’m kicking ass for the Lord!”

  4. When I wrote the nom there were about 200,000+ tests per day and just under 3000 positives, so less that 1.5% which is why hand on cock was so clear on only get a test if you have obvious symptoms.

  5. JHB on talk radio yesterday had some interesting facts. If I remember rightly ( dont shoot me either) the amount of people who died of Covid only under 60 yo was ….370.
    That figure could be different as some could have had underlying conditions but wouldn’t have been tested for any of that.
    Over 99% of under 80’s survived who were hospitalised and those that were over 82 who got it 96% survived.
    These were I believe taken from Heneghan and other scientists based on evidence based facts not made up like this R figure crap.

  6. I work for a small company, there’s only about ten of us. If some cunt comes into work and then develops Covid symptoms, then under current laws the rest of us will have to go home and self isolate for ten days if the original cunt tests positive. That will mean the end of the business. So, if the only way those not showing symptoms being allowed back to work before those ten days is to get a test that says they are free of Covid, it then shouldn’t that be a priority? I mean, it’s ok for retired cunts and jobless cunts and furloughed cunts to wag their fingers, but they fail to grasp that without a functioning economy, there will be no NHS. What are you sickly fucks going to do then?
    It’s the same with cunts moaning about the pubs and restaurants being allowed to stay open. Most of the objectors don’t frequent these places, so why moan? I’d rather have aids than go to a football match, but I’m not whining about them being held. You should be thankful that people are willing to risk their lives to keep the economy afloat, and trying to restore some normality, instead of quivering like frightened sheep.
    And before any cunt has a go, I live on my own, have a small group of friends, most of which I haven’t seen since February, because of the restrictions, so it’s not that I’m living the high life, but I know someone has to, or we are all fucked.
    It will be interesting to see when the dust settles, who was right, and who was wrong.

  7. My concern is how this is being blown out of proportion. We seem to have lost perspective. The biggest killers are dementia and cancer this sits 24th on list of causes of death in the uk. It was taken of the list of serious illness on 19th of March. The damage mentaly and financial to peoples wellbeing is astonishing. Its almost wanten negligence on a masive scale. Yes folk will die, but people are dieing from cancer and other diseases as a result. That is not acceptable or ok. If you feel you need to wear a mask fine but the research is very shaky on how effective they are. Not to mention they are often filthy and pose, probably higher risk of pathogens dangerous to health than covid. Ecoli ect and other nasty bug that make no mistake can kill you. Most of us have a tiny chance of becoming ill beyond a cold, alot have no symptoms. Some questions should be asked of the reliability of the data. Its all I feel personal choice. Protect those who need it and gain proportionality. Let the rest get some kind of immunity, by doing this you slow the spread. All we are doing now is deferring the issue. We had a chance to gain some kind of collective defence to this while there was no burden on the NHS. Now we are maybe looking at going into winter with none. So those who are vulnerable are at risk. The rest will have to suffer greatly for this. The vaccine is not likely to be safe given how rushed it is, and the government know this. In the legislation it talks about absolving both pharmaceutical companies, government and people giving it of blame. Even if a safe vacine is made yould would need one every year, like flu jab. So like the cold your best bet if you can is to aquire immunity naturally. I am not an anti vaxer, most are well tested and save alot of lives. But in this case no chance ill be having this! The rest is common sense, wash your hands and respect personal space. Not rocket science really.

  8. The brain dead British public.
    Led (in the loosest possible interpretation of the word) by brain dead politicians.
    “Advised” by brain dead medical experts with a vested interest in increasing the value of their GHD shares (are you listening Vallance?).
    This entire thing has been an utter shambles and farce from day one, it would be funny apart from the fact that people have died.
    I do not believe a word the “experts” tell me – and get ready for compulsory vaccinations, hopefully the Stasi will have improved them so that recipients do not suffer catastrophic brain damage as some of the guinea pigs have.
    They ain’t reporting that one are they?

    • They aren’t ruling out compulsory vaccination and Business Insider reports that the UK government have given yet more millions to some tech company to get ready to roll out a digital health passport which will be required for anyone wanting to enter a place of business.

      This nicely fits the EUs vaccination passport agenda as well (all on the EU website). I thought we left those cunts in January.

      • Only technically. Unfortunately we remain subject to EU rules and regulations until the end of this year, and possibly beyond if the government decides to extend the current transition period….

      • We’re all toast if they do, the EU will attempt to strip us of anything we have left of any value. Personally, I would start with everything owned by Remainers.

  9. Its now widely said that these tests are only 7% reliable. The inventor of the test is quoted as saying they shouldn’t be used to detect infection. Belgium has just declared they will no longer use tests to inform policy and will instead use hospital admission numbers and deaths.

    The real scandal is not the lack of testing but the high number of false positives which in turn provide ammo for Boris Cromwell to send us into our homes and to pass Schedule 21 of the Coronavirus Act which will give them the power to take away an infected person!

    100% agree Joe Public is a fucking moron to boot but to be fair to them they have been subjected to a campaign of terror and don’t seem to realise that the majority of people have nothing to fear and their immune systems function perfectly well. There are now studies showing people have T cell immunity and cross infection immunity yet Boris plods on with the doom mongering and a bewildering commitment to keeping us terrified and putting the economy down the dunny. Only high risk groups would warrant a vaccine and that’s not just my opinion, loads of epidemiologists are critical of Boris’ King Canute approach to suppressing ‘cases’.

    The good news is that Sir Edward Leigh is now on the side of common sense, as are TalkRadio, The Spectator and many others. Even AlBeeb posted an article questioning whether we need to learn to live with the virus.

    I’ve written to my MP who is a silent cunt on the matter and have had no reply. This just fuels me to keep writing to the cunt and tell him that he’s not earning his pay, as the wonderful Peter Hitchens has been saying,

    And much as I have maligned Twitter on here, I have actually joined it under another name and take great pleasure in posting on Matt Hancock’s and Boris Cromwell’s Twitter feeds.

    • I couldn’t put it much better myself. Its all gone too far. Even the chocolate munchers in blegium have seen this is no way to live.

  10. I wish people would reference their sources. “It is widely said?” By whom, please, and how widely? “I saw it on Twitter?” perhaps, accompanied by “I only read stuff I agree with”

    I appear to agree with a qualified commentator, though not, sorry, on Twitter:

    “The ‘swab test’ for COVID-19 detects the presence of the viral RNA (its genome) in a sample, and thus the presence of the virus. The test uses a version of PCR, RT-PCR. This technique is highly specific, i.e. it is excellent for detecting very specifically COVID-19 virus, so will produce very few false positives.

    “However, it is expected that in terms of missing a positive specimen (a false negative), these tests will be very similar to the performance of very similar tests for diagnosing other viruses (e.g. SARS, influenzae). For these, a 10% false negative level is widely accepted.

    To spell it out, if the test says you’ve got the virus, you’ve probably got it. If it says you haven’t, there’s a 10% chance it’s wrong.

    Belgium has not banned testing. It banned rapid home test kits in March – these did produce false positives – but has recently announced that it favours a new, more accurate rapid test.

    Yes, the majority of people will survive, or not even feel the infection. But the majority completely surrounds and interacts with every aspect of the minority’s existence .Even the asymptomatic can be infectious.
    There’s no point in vaccinating the old and immune-compromised if you don’t vaccinate everyone else. Or are you proposing permanent isolation from the rest of society for the risk group?

    You, like Watney’s Red Barrel, will be old and weak one day. Think about it.

    • The problem with the internet is that it is infected by people who only 7% reliable, no reference but it is a fair bet when you look at what is being churned out.
      Thank you for putting a rational, reasoned and referenced assessment of the Swab/PCR test reliability.

    • As you correctly suspect K – twatter is a hotbed of disinformation and shite. (Great for putting the boot into Linecunt though!).
      The Governments of the time told us blue asbestos was safe, Thalidomide was safe, agent orange was safe, DDT was safe.
      Where was the lockdown for SARS, MERS, Bird flu, swine flu?
      All with higher mortality rates than Covid.
      I fully support sensible precautions to protect the elderly and vulnerable but if Boris and the Fourth Reich cared so much why did they empty the Covid wards of infected people and transport them to nursing homes to kill the residents?
      I trust our “Government” as much as I would trust a Chinese made parachute.
      And always remember which dirty sneaky little fkers started this nightmare.

    • I’m commenting on a cunting, not an academic paper hence I left out footnotes and a table of references.

      The accuracy of the tests has been discussed in many publications and yesterday on Talk Radio and Sky News Kay Burley. If you Google ‘PCR test inaccurate’ a raft of publications discuss it, from the New York Times to Time and more. You might be interested in this article quoting Professor Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence Based Medicine and Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University in which he is quoted as saying that rather than taking the result of the test as a binary yes/no to detecting the viral fragments, tests should have a cut-off point so that very small amounts of virus do not trigger a positive result.

      I didn’t say Belgium banned testing, I said they are using other indicators such as hospital admissions and deaths, as part of their long term policy Empirical evidence is better than a model, such as the Vallance/Whitty model based on ‘predicted’ case growth, and I salute Belgium for choosing real world evidence given the question marks over the PCR test.

      The proponents of the protect the vulnerable approach, as I understand it, do not say the high risk groups will have to isolate forever, just until the virus has swept through the remainder of the population.

      Society needs to be able to function yet interact safely with vulnerable groups. Rather than suppressing ‘cases’ with endless lockdowns touted by SAGE, other voices such as Prof Sunetra Gupta, Prof Carl Heneghan, Prof Dolores Cahil, Prof Martin Kulldorff, all deserve a listen.

  11. A test is like an MOT for a car eg. a snapshot of one day. A pass doesn’t mean your car is safe to drive for the next year. Nor does a negative covid test result mean that you won’t be infected by the virus tomorrow, next week or whenever.

    If you have symptoms get a test. If not DON’T!

    The problem lies with stupid buggers bunging up the system.
    There was a whinging woman on the news bitterly complaining that her young son couldn’t get a test. He was sat next to her and didn’t cough once during the whole interview. Probably had a slight cold otherwise why wasn’t he in bed?

    Absolute morons.

    • Im confused regarding covid and religious symbolism?
      Does wearing a st Christopher medallion help?
      Or a pentagram?
      And can it be warded off by hanging garlic at the windows?
      No information from the goverment concerning this!!
      They really are clueless arent they?!!

      • No, none of those things work but if you dip your todger in vanilla ice cream it helps
        Mr Whippy said so and I believe him, and don’t forget the flake 👍

    • As I outlined above, what if having a test to prove I’m not infected, allowing me to keep my job, and by extension my fucking home? Or is that not worthy enough?

  12. Fuck it all.
    Fuck the rhetoric.
    Fuck the media.
    Dead or alive Boris and his cunts have no idea and don’t give a fuck.
    Trying going to work surrounded by Dark Keys and the Carpet Riders sounding like farm animals.
    Full panto.
    Fuck Off.

  13. I hope you have all downloaded the government scumware onto your phones and are now happily sending all your data to whatever company or IS pays for it.

    They had it all anyway but this is now a much cheaper way of obtaining a data warehouse than ever before.

    I for one am glad I have an old crock of a phone which won’t work… for the rest of you cocksuckers, get it downloaded.

    • It won’t even work. Old high-risk cunts (like me) don’t tend to have smartphones, and the percentage coverage won’t be enough to accomplish what it’s intended to do.

      Many of he people who are notified as contacts will not self-isolate and/or get tested. Others will get sick of the process because they (and I) will get notified every other day due to their risky environment (120+ students infected at Glasgow University yesterday – 600 now locked down) and the lack of observing other measures. It relies on human honesty and ability to surrender freedoms – it’s doomed fom the start.

      My source for all this is a qualified plumber, and I will be happy to be proved wrong. I doubt that I will be, though.

  14. Yes the British public are brain dead. If everyone had followed the advice we were given six months ago, the threat from the virus would have receded to the point where the focus of attention could have been directed towards those entering the country from abroad. But for some, doing what they’re advised to do for their own good, and everyone else’s, is contrary to their way of life. Their responses vary but it’s usually one of the following:

    a) no-one tells me what to do
    b) it doesn’t apply to me
    c) it’s only another kind of flu
    d) the government’s trying to take away our freedom
    e) the doctors are in on the conspiracy too

    Some teenagers were walking towards me four-abreast this afternoon. I stepped off the pavement to keep my distance and the nearest one said ‘It’s alright I haven’t got corona’. As the second wave gets under way and millions are sick or dying around the world, it’s this attitude that sums up the mindset of the brain dead virus deniers.
    All this has reminded me just how much I despise people.

    • But Alan, there is no data given about the new cases or should I say 93% inaccurate false positives. Who is getting the positive result? Are they in hospital? Are they asmptomatic? Herd immunity is good. I don’t think we should be blaming people for breathing.

      It is Ok for young people to get this, nothing is going to happen to them. The government are failing older people with their absurd policy of restriction everyone which doesn’t work.

  15. I’m with the chinkies in this what a fucking brilliant idea , germ warfare without any need for a fight, watch the West destroy themselves,
    No wonder they squint a lot, they must be laughing their cocks off,

    Notice how they have been held accountable,

    Nothing to see here

  16. What grinds my gears is those who have been working to keep the economy afloat and those who have been obeying common sense rules will end up paying through the nose in taxes for all the brain dead cunts who assumed the virus had gone away. If this virus threatened the lives of young people, things would be different. Further proof that we have watched the rise of a generation of selfish cunts. The millenials. Society died with the birth of smartphones. The human race can get to fuck.

  17. When you’ve done CPR, BLS, ALS in Level 3 PPE, for an hour, in the heat, as I’ve just done, come and have a chat about wearing a fucking mask for ten minutes whilst shopping.


  18. All the shit we are being told we have to do is SYMBOLIC. Nothing more. If every person suddenly said “Fuck Y’all we ain’t wearing a damn mask!” There would be nothing they could do about it. Unfortunately too many sheep that refuse to think objectively allow themselves to be ruled like serfs.
    Who’s with me?!!
    I guess a rant on this site isn’t exactly the spark of revolution but it sure feels good.
    Better now. Thanks y’all!

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