English Premier League [3]

The Premier League……..for cuntinuing to enforce the taking of the piss before each match kicks off!

The pointless gesture, allegedly in support of BLM and as a stand against racism, was forgotten momentarily when West Ham and the Toon kicked off. A few seconds after the whistle play hastily stopped, the piss was taken by all the cunts for a moment or two and then play was restarted.

Thank God these cunts don’t have minds of their own!

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44 thoughts on “English Premier League [3]

  1. I heard John Terry took the knee at a fucking charity match the other day. I dumped football when bat flu hit and am not going back, NFL, NBA and MLB TV ratings are all going through the floor in the US because of their insistence of shoving BLM dogma down viewers throats.

    • Same here. Been going to Old Trafford since 1974, but I shall never go again. And that cunt Rashford should do what he’s paid for, which is score goals. Not pretend he is in the Black Fucking Panthers or thinking he is a black Bob Geldof.

      And that team against Villa? More sacks of shit than Steptoe’s yard. That cheesehole Jesse Lingard touched the ball only 12 times during the Villa game and Maguire was at fault for the goal. Fuck ’em.

      • Take a knee before the ‘mighty’ Villa Norm! I can see us hitting the heady heights of fifteenth this season lol!

      • Man Utd is no longer the team of Manchester-they don’t give two fucks for the real fans, it’s all about selling shirts to Asians, Arabs and yanks☹️.
        Been a fan since the old days-when we dipped into the second division.
        To be fair my interest waned when we started buying titles.
        Shit owners, even worse CEO, inexperienced manager and a team of championship standard players being carried by a few decent players.
        Fuck the premier league, as soon as the fuckers took the knee, I cancelled sky sports✔️

      • The ‘Solksjaer era’ is the worst mob I have ever seen, and that includes the O’ Farrell, Sexton, Moyes,and Van Gaal years. Even Fergie’s early shite (Leighton, Colin Gibson, Ralphie etc) had more fight in them. Maguire is more Ian Ure than Martin Buchan. And any nu-footie cunt who compares that cunt Pogba to Robbo should be tarred and feathered. Man United do not have a hope in fuck of winning the league. I am just glad I went and saw Coppell, Hill, Pancho, Robbo, Sparky, Eric, Ruud, Ronaldo, Keano and the rest of them.

    • I have no interest in sport so I couldn”t give a shit who kneels to whom, for what. But I like having Sky, it substitutes for a life, and if they try to put the prices up to cover the losses they make from the thousands cancelling Sky Sports subscriptions because of this fucking racist shit I will tell them to fuck off.

  2. The problem is that some of the white players are too shit scared to rock the boat and defy this utter wankness. Otherwise they will get hammered on their Twatter page, as well as making headlines in the woke newsmedia.

    Moreover, they probably get pressure from their club and personal sponsors to “conform” otherwise they’ll see their deals cancelled.

    And of course the biggest fat stinking pig in the room is Sky Sports itself. Allegedly telling the clubs to hang onto the BLM coattails at all times or else!

    So we have 9-10 months of this shite, including the England international no doubt.

    Well they can all go fuck themselves!

    • I think you’ve hit the nail, Techno.

      I think most of us were told at some point or other by our parents that money is the root of all evil. I’d also guess that many/most of us have seen first hand what the pursuit of money can make people do.

      These players are controlled and their actions managed by clubs, sponsors, agents, etc. It takes a brave man to show dissent in the face of overwhelming pressure to conform and footballers aren’t the brightest people to begin with.

      They don’t want to derail the gravy train, so they go along with this charade. It’s sickening how it’s doubled down by sponsors, Sky, commentators, the talking heads in the studio, etc. etc. etc. All the while the ‘movement’ they’re aligning themselves with continue to spread anti-white and anti-establishment violence and intimidation.

      I simply cannot fathom how a large group of people can be that weak, blinkered and ignorant. Absolute cunts, all of them.

      • Don’t make any concessions to the players. They get paid in a week several times what the average man earns in an entire fucking year. If they had any brains they would have hundreds of thousands or a million in savings, and if they had ANY morals or principles they would have said “Fuck you, I kneel for no one. If you don’t like it, fire me!”.

        Fuck all of them. They have no legitimate excuse. One thing they have rightfully earned is the title of ‘Highest paid whore’ in the land.

  3. I didn’t even know the season had started until I saw this nom on the illustrious ISAC website. I’m THAT uninterested and disgusted with football.

    How they can continue to align themselves with a violent, anti-democracy mob is beyond belief. It’s not as if the BLM thugs make a secret of their anti-establishment beliefs and their anti-white-anything stance.

    I’m off football. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever return to it. I just can’t go along with a sport which supports a ‘movement’ that seeks to destroy the country I live in.

  4. Hopefully, fan power will end this shit when they are allowed back in. I stopped watching sport when this shit started, don’t miss it to be honest so won’t give a shit if the leagues collapse and go broke. Maybe it will start over again and football goes back to being the working man’s game. And wimminz football can fuck right off as well

    • One suspects fans (season ticket holders in particular) will be told in no uncertain terms, if they as much as fart in destain when players take the knee they will be ejected and their season tickets cancelled!

      Such is the fascism that has taken over the EPL clubs these days; choosing to turn a blind eye to the true realities of what is going on and what BLM leaders actually want.

      Their silence speaks volumes.

      • You might be right, Techno. Slippery slope though, given freedom of expression is law so long as it’s not discriminatory. Chanting “You can stick BLM up your arse” isn’t illegal. Ejecting fans and cancelling season tickets for doing something like that SHOULD lead to lawsuits.

        I hope there will be a shift somewhere down the line and fan power will begin to be felt. So far the anti-racist efforts have been controlled by the authorities. I think there’s a vacuum here which could be filled by a fans led anti-racism movement, but which is pro-democracy, pro-police and anti-BLM. What do you think?

    • I think you’re right, Sir Mali. If there were fans in the stands, there’d be booing, anti BLM chanting and aggro. I think we all know that’s true.

      • I think techno is right though. With all the CCTV in stadiums, fans will be told that chanting and booing will lead to bans and tickets being cancelled. I do hope so and then the shit hopefully will hit the fans we get some good old fashioned football violence. Fuck the EPL, the clubs, the players, sky and all the cunts that sail in them.

      • I’m sure Leeds will be happy to provide as much violence as they can get away with!

        They were booing at an American football game the other day but I’m not sure if they were doing that because the players took the knee or because some didn’t.

  5. What a bunch of nellies. I hope no-one’s going to salute the cunts for their courage as they kowtow on behalf of a black crook. Because the way things are going only the brave can say what they really think any more.

  6. The UKs premier league of cunts.

    That’s all I’ve got and all they deserve quite frankly. Fuck all of them and everyone involved, from top to bottom.

  7. Take a knee for BLM m*derers?
    Take a knee for m*derous t*rrorist organisation the black panthers?
    Take a knee for a violent career criminal who it turns out died of a fentanyl overdose?
    The only knee I will ever take is when Granny Liz knights me – I feel it’s well overdue! 😁

    • I’d get down on both knees to the goddess that is Julia Hartley-Brewer, but go down on one knee for those BLM cunts? Wouldn’t demean myself. I’m sure they care as much about me as I do about them, that’s to say, not a fucking jot.

      PS Julia darling, you can reach me through IsAC. I’m waiting for your message.

  8. By the time they’ve taken a knee,clapped our brave NHS and had a minute’s silence for some dead old Fart that nobody under a hundred years old has ever heard of, it’ll be about time to start rolling around on the floor pretending to be injured….which’ll probably be the highlight of the whole boring 90 minutes.

    It doesn’t happen at my Rugby Club.

    • Trouble is, Dick, they’re doing it in the rugby premier league. Well, Bristol don’t, they stand and form a ‘heart’. Cuntish, but at least they’re not kneeling.

  9. I wish I wasn’t a middle aged homicidal maniac at the moment.
    I wish I was the new George Best and 22 years old.
    I’d take great delight in telling my team mates what a set of cunts they are for kneeling down to savages.
    Fagg.ots to a man.
    Oh,and fuck Sky.
    The CUNTS.

  10. I predict they’ll keep taking the knee until the crowds are let back in and see what the reaction is like from say, Chelsea or Leeds or Milwall perhaps.
    It’ll be quickly forgotten as they’ll say they’ve successfully completed their objective in turning us all woke forevermore.

    • Monumentally pissed off that Millwall reneged on their decision in June to stay upright. As you say, the fans will probably have other opinions.

  11. Friend of friend who works at the Emirates (not my team) has said that everyone there knows why Ozil isn’t playing….refuses to take the knee….

  12. Fuck them all the cunts, they not getting a penny out of me again.
    By complying to bend the knee they actually shooting themselves in the foot if they think that doing away with the BLM logo is going to fool any one.

  13. I saw I Chunky take away today in a popular east Yorkshire town and I kid you not it was called ” lung flu”!!

    This got me a thinking that what positives could there possibly be in the Covid kung flu. I could only think of one possible one:-

    Crowds remain banded and that they don’t return to Premiership football games, The TV money dries up and clubs have to slash dramatically the wages to the cunts that play for them. Eventually the players realise that they are nothing special and just a set of irrelevant stupid fucking cock sucking ass rimming dirty useless cunts.

    Here’s hoping ..

  14. I stopped caring years ago.

    The team I watch, York City are literally the worst professional football team in Britain. They’re currently languishing in National League North. That’s a league full of part timers. We got into the promotion playoff against semi pro Altrincham, at home and didn’t have a shot on target. The players couldn’t give a f***. So if they don’t why should I?

    It seems an awful long time since we were a Football League club (in reality it’s only about 5-years) and I don’t think we will be again but other than wanting to see Leeds do well (child of the 60s brought up in the Revie era) and quite enjoying the style of football Liverpool play I couldn’t give a f*** which overpaid bunch of mercenaries beat the other mob of overpaid mercenaries. They can take the knee all they want. I’m really f***** if the day comes when I have to take advice on politics from footballers.

  15. I took a knee earlier, as my bootlace had come undone. Thankfully there was no one around to misconstrue my posture.
    The funny thing is, the only people I would actually kneel before would be completely embarrassed by it. But then these are footballers, who are to a ponce, colossal cunts.
    Get fucked.

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