Compulsory Workplace Diversity Brainwashing

It came as no surprise to me that,in a few days time,my employer,a Govt department is holding compulsory talks about Race for all its staff.

We will be put in to groups and asked a list of questions. The meetings will be observed by a senior manager and a report of the responses fed back to head office.

This is getting really fucking sinister. I predict that no cunt will say anything,which will then be interpreted as unwillingness to join the struggle against Racism!

Nominated by: Mary Hinge 

51 thoughts on “Compulsory Workplace Diversity Brainwashing

  1. Thank fuck it isn’t compulsory for companies that are privately owned.
    Our place (in rural Oxfordshire) is owned and ran by a bloke who wouldn’t piss on a påki or an Um Bonğo if they were on fire.

  2. I wonder if the office arse licker (every workplace has one) will take the knee before the meeting starts for some extra creep marks?
    Frightening to think where this shit will end as whatever you do it won’t be enough for these lefty cunts.

    • I hear that Birmingham City Council are about to pass legislation that makes it mandatory for at least one LGBT/peaceful to be on the shortlist for interview for ALL job vacancies…..the Cunts 🙁

    • As luck would have it i have been put on another tedious task that day which nobody will be fighting me for,but the cunts will probably run a “mop up session” for the absentees. I seriously find all this very morally difficult, being effectively gagged from speaking my mind, and my card is already marked as being a fully paid up member of the Awkward Squad!

    • I wonder what would happen if at the start of the meeting, I announced that I was identifying as a black muslim lesbian?

  3. In my days of teaching form tutors had to fill in forms stating the ethnicity of students. One of my students, a potential B&WC self identified as being from a different continent each year. Soon ,the whole tutor group joined in and I dutifully recorded each one as coming from a different background every time the form had to be completed.
    I was never challenged but if it had happened I would have known nothing abaaht it.

    • Was that a cover to hide your people smuggling Guzziguy? I’ll get Cuntstable Cuntbubble on to you, of course you can send me a cheque for a grand…and I’ll suddenly forget all abaaaaht it. 😁

  4. Just bullshit isnt it?
    Race brainwashing.
    In America once theyd finished killing and taking the lands of the red indians (native americans on your course)
    They couldnt be content just beating them they had to humiliate them by trying to force them to be white, give up their customs and ways.
    It didnt work really.
    Just as these courses are not going to work.
    You cant make people think a certain way by force, they form their own views,
    If someone has views that arent in line what are they going to do about it?
    Damn right its sinister!
    Suggest you ‘black up’.

  5. Reminds me of the Race debate I hosted at the Is-a-cunt yearly summit.
    I had high hopes of a diverse and positive debate, celebrating cultural differences and everybody turned up on time. I remember greeting a new cunter (forgot his name)… ‘Welcome to the is-a-cunt race debate’ I said…
    ‘I like you, but I’m glad you’re the only wõg here’ he said.
    I cancelled next year’s race debate after that.

    • LOL

      It’ll have been that Cunt, Bertie Blunt…he’s a dreadful racist.
      He appals me.

      • I know Dick, he invited me to the North west KKK meeting before he knew I was half black.
        He should be ashamed of himself. 😁

      • Percy’s racist and drunken violent behaviour got both me and Bertie a lifetime ban from the KKK B&WC – it’s a source of great embarrassment as I remember watching the KKK and their guests the Hells Angels crying and demanding Police protection from a psychotic armed parrot!

      • He wont be on here until later today as he is currently in Dover fighting with the police at the anti-migrant protests.

      • Afternoon Dick and B&W.
        That was probably the most embarrassing evening of my life.
        I told him it was a black tie only event. How the fuck was I to know he’d literally take me at my word. I thought at least he’d be wearing a suit!

      • Evening Vern and LL. Percy’s so good at impersonating my voice, he doesn’t wait for Indian call centres to ring me up. He rings them up and starts by giving my name and then hurls a load of racial abuse at them. I don’t know where he picks it up from.

    • I’ve been telling my employer for years that I’m a Tuareg Dwarf but do they take any notice? No they don’t , the bigoted arrogant cunts. They gave us a wall chart with Palare expressions on it one year (for the uninitiated,that is a language made up by criminals but then adopted by homosexuals in the 19th century so they could talk about their activities without getting the collar felt). The winter nights must fucking fly by in these peoples houses.

  6. No thanks for reminding me that I have delayed doing my annual 80-page multiply-recursive, childishly-illustrated compulsory online diversity training for the last six months. Annual, and it increases in size by 20% each year. I log on, look at the patronising woke tone of the thing, my brain escapes through my ears, and I have to log off again.

    The pass mark is 70% and it discriminates against cunts who can’t pass by making them do it again and again until they can get the right answers from a colleague.

    Like assorted H&S cuntitude this only came in during the last five years. Prior to that it was correctly assumed that people knew their jobs, and if they involved problem areas, they could negotiate their way through them. Not any more. Manager knows best, peasants, here’s a course for which we paid a consultant £££s more than we pay you, do it or else.

  7. Its getting people of different gender and ethnicity together who all think the same woke wibble.

  8. I see the Donald is ending these kind of crappy self-guilt sessions in federal agencies in which white people are made to feel like war criminals and cost millions of dollars a year. He described them as ”divisive anti-American propaganda”.

    Meanwhile, Jewish academic Jessica Krug, who claimed to be black although does not look it in the slightest, will not be giving any more classes at Washington University. Admitting that she had falsely assumed identities, this stupid old bag said: “I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness”. She “specialized” in the African diaspora. Why didn´t she stick to her own people and the Jewish diaspora? No doubt the BLM gang will be howling for her head and she will be fired soon and replaced by someone who is “really” black, you know like Lewis Hamilton or Meghan Markle.

    • The Jessica Krug story is my favourite of the month!😁
      Grants and funding, book deals, black study funding.
      she called her neghbour ‘white trash’.
      Called herself unrepentant ghetto,
      Turns out shes a middle class jew with a perm!😁😁
      Loads of red faces and quite a few angry ones too.

    • Hamilton Markle obumma that’s not black!

      I know a lad from Buka island next to Bougainville, Buka folk are famously blacker than any others in the region, he laughs at the brown skinned people of mainland PNG who call themselves black “They’re not fucking black THIS is black! So black that from some angles light reflects purplish.

  9. Don’t forget that next year is Census 2021 year. So expect a detailed questionnaire either to pop through your letterbox or being available to download online.

    It will be interesting what sort of questions will be asked of us: nothing too offensive of course; but more geared towards more woke shite, such as “Are you or any members of your family a muncher, a pillow-biter, a bit of both, or not sure?”

    Another question might be::
    “Are you white working class male? If so please see question 10”
    “Question 10. Did you vote to leave the EU? If so go to question 22”
    “Question 22. Don’t answer any more questions, our investigators will be taking you to a secure place for Mindthink Diversity Correction.”

  10. Random one, but I am on a Civil Service list from Years ago when I worked in this nonsense organisation, I have just been contacted to ask me to apply for a position of “Diversity, culture and awareness employment placement executive”.
    Effectively, discriminating against white people to get every fucker jobs.
    Part time, 36K PA – whitey need not apply.
    So, I have applied – and self identified as an ethnic minority on the woke wank application drivel (77 online pages ffs!) – this will be funny because they can’t refuse to progress me to the next stage, all of it is online and over the phone and it will be hilarious if I get the job and on the first day a huge white Yorkshire skinhead bounces through the door shouting “Fk me – it’s like t’ Kent fkin coast in this jobcentre innit bitches”! 😁👍

  11. Do they have these abroad like in Japan or Nigeria? Do they fuck.

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of cunts.

  12. This is the soviet union of Britain. Stick your diversity up your arse. Didnt work there wont work here. Maybe a few million dead before sanity breaks out. As usual.

  13. My cat is Ginger and that’s enough fucking diversity to me, thankfully I am retired so don’t have to put up with this shit anymore.
    The UK is close to 85% white, if it were 85% black I don’t think the majority would give a flying fuck about a white minority.

    Diversity is Strength 😂

  14. You have 3 choices, :-
    1 tell the truth and become unemployed and destitute
    2 win tonight’s lottery and tell the truth and tell them to fuck off
    3 To the line, keep your job home etc.

    the choice is yours “work place diversity is a cunt ..

  15. Thankfully, this shite hasn’t reached my work place yet. Then again 50% of ’em are still hiding under their duvets.

    2 of my colleagues are BAME, by the way, and they are they really nice blokes. Not being uppity bo*ns, we don’t need training in making them feel welcome and part of the team.

    • You shouldn’t need training in common sense and politeness, Sarge. Unfortunately, bosses don’t see that.

  16. “Work fitting for the white man shall be reserved for him, and him alone.

    Dr F Malan

  17. My work place lacks 21 year old blonde swedish Women. I demand we hire them asap..

      • Why wait. Some white lightning 9.5%..quick finger bang and she will only care about a filling.. dirty minx.

  18. “Good morning. Welcome to the Government mandated diversity training program, where diversity of thought will not be tolerated.”

    Stalinist cunts!

  19. Always keep my political, immigration and racial views to myself, never say anything at work due to the office coppers nark. Had one spouting to me the other day about what a horrible cunt Donald Trump is. Just nodded along but was itching to say that I think he’s great. What a country we now live in, you can’t have an honest debate about immigration etc without being deemed a racist.

  20. Since I can play the gay card, I can’t wait to have one of these and to watch their pin-heads explode when the contradictions clash.

    No-one at work can compute why I haven’t got a phone or any TV. They’ll learn bless ’em.

  21. Had a Teams video meeting based around the BLM shite a few weeks ago at the local authority I work in. Usually we can ask questions by typing them in and the directors answer them. All totally one sided this time as the Chief Exc said he didn’t think it was appropriate to take questions on this subject but we had to listen to a load of unbungos harping on about that cunt Floyd and racism in power. Fuck me where I work the population is over 60% non EU foreign cunts. I’m a fucking ethnic minority in my own borough!

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