Unfunny Snowflake Comedians

Safe, unfunny, woke, middle class, boring.

Some stand up called Anya on telly whining shes been assaulted by blokes in comedy clubs.

Well if your audience smacks you one its pretty clear-cut they don’t like your act!

That wurzel sounding tumour Russell Howard flouncing off stage because a woman was filming on a phone?

“You’ve spoilt it now!”  Russell sobbed as he dashed away like a mardarse.

I doubt Bernard Manning would of been so unprofessional or handled it that way?

Too be fair Russell’s tantrum was funny!
Only time hes made me laugh anyway the boring little cunt.

Oh and middle class women?

Your not funny.

Unless you fall off stage.

Nominated by: Miserable Northern Cunt

78 thoughts on “Unfunny Snowflake Comedians

  1. Modern ‘comedians’ are all clones and as humorous as having an impacted wisdom tooth removed with no anaesthetic. All their ‘gags’ must have been written by the same woke lefty cunt. Saying that, they are still not as bad as ‘comediennes’ who think talking about ‘woman’s problems’ and their sex lives to complete strangers is amusing.

  2. Not one of these modern day comedecunts are worthy of lacing Rik Mayalls boots the man was a comedy genius he’s dead and cunts like James Acaster and Sarah Pascoe still live where is the justice

    • The reason he is funny? Its because he tells it like it is. Old school observations on life that are spot on. The audience love him as he moves from one subject to another covering topics and reflections so true in language people can relate to. Snowflake parents, cunty dog owners, nouveau rich and the way we used to be all come in for analysis by him.

  3. A boss wants to do some succession planning and he wants the most intelligent person he can find to take over from him. He selects for interview a neurosurgeon, a rocket scientist and an accountant. He starts off with the neurosurgeon.

    ‘What is two plus two?’ asks the boss.
    ‘Four’ says the neurosurgeon.’ ‘Thank you very much. On your way out, can you send in the rocket scientist,’ replies the boss.

    In comes the rocket scientist.
    ‘What is two plus two?’ asks the boss.
    ‘Four’ says the rocket scientist.’ ‘Thank you very much. On your way out, can you send in the accountant,’ replies the boss.

    In comes the accountant.
    ‘What is two plus two?’ asks the boss.
    The accountant looks at the office door and quietly shuts it.
    ‘What do you want it to be?’ he asks.

    The accountant got the job.

  4. The elder cunters may correct me on this but i remember the Friday Night Comedy Thing on TV being full to the rafters with these cunts and that was the mid nineties.

    Hosted by Tommy Tiernan.

    Ubi sunt , as a polyglot spectre of these hallowed blog pages might say.

    Not Derek Acorah.

  5. Nish Kumar is hilarious, not because he’s funny but because his lack of awareness and that he doesn’t get the fact that most people disagree with him, and his sneering and contempt for actual British people is hastening the demise of wokeism and tolerance of enemies of the state!

    • Allow when he’s in Broadcasting House/Media City everyone agrees with him.
      It’s just those tough charity dinner gigs at the Grosvenor where the audience aren’t bright enough to understand being lecturered and comedy are the same artform.

  6. I was at a music festival about 20 years ago and Charlie Chuck was playing in the comedy tent I didn’t stop laughing for the half hour he was on
    Fucking hilarious

  7. Russell Howard and ‘comedian’ are about as far apart as it is possible to be. He is the un-funniest cunt around – I’ve made a point of NOT watching anything he is on for at least 15 years.

  8. I was mugged by three blokes last night but I managed to knock one out.
    It might seem a strange time to have a wank but I figured if these were my last moments on earth I might as well enjoy them.

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