The Beatles [2]

The Beatles were and are cunts.
This isn’t a cunting based on their musical output and even Yoko Fucking Ono has nothing to do with this one. I can’t even blame her for this one.

They are cunts because they stabbed a mate of theirs in the back in the worst way possible and they didn’t even have the balls to tell him to his face. Not only that, they continued putting the boot into Pete Best as they ascended to fame and fortune. Attempting to justify their utterly cuntish behaviour by spreading crap like he had no sense of humour, he didn’t talk, he couldn’t play drums, which I think is all bollocks and excuses.

And who did they replace the lad with? Ringo Starr! I mean, if they had got Keith Moon or Mitch Mitchell, it would at least have been sort of understandable. But Ringo fucking Starr?! Just how bad could Pete have been? Sacking and shafting the bloke in the most dirty and cowardly way possible is bad enough, but losing his job and arguably the biggest drumming gig in history to Ringo Starr?! Talk about adding insult to injury.

They could and can yap on all they like about how they didn’t rate Best as a drummer (so, they got two solid years of bookings in German clubs and endless Cavern gigs with a shit drummer?), but the bottom line is they sacked the bloke because they were cunts. And the way they did it (or had it done) shows that they were cunts.

Also added. Paul McCartney saying Best wasn’t great as a musician, then having Linda McCartney is his band for years?! Do fuck off.

And let’s not even start on the Plastic Cunting Fucking Ono Band.

Nominated by Norman

Even their music isn’t actually that good in my opinion – admin

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  1. All this talk of Beatles has made me put The White Album on. And what a cracking album it is too, a bewildering array of musical styles. Hard to believe it’s all by the same band. And I even sat through Ob la di ob la da without reaching for the fast forward!

  2. I’m not claiming to be a head doctor but I think Norman’s pathological hatred of all things scouse has been clearly demonstrated in this thread.
    Well done Norman! I think it’s healthy to get the monkey off your back now and again.

  3. I had a similar experience up here in Glasgow many moons ago while was playing drums.
    This west end trendy band wanted a 50’s style drummer who i, on hindsight was surprisingly similar to Pete Best but set in the late 80’s
    I was unemployed and they were middle class types …no jobs but had mummy and daddy always there to support them.
    Anyway it didn’t last long, as always, they were to analy involved into getting the perfect Beatles riffs right and the all to trendy clothes….half of which probably got off of people who who,…..they know you know….fuck them fake fucks……………

  4. They did do some good stuff, like Rubber Soul and Revolver. But they were dirty cunts. At least Jagger told Brian Jones to his face that he was on his way out. Same goes for McGuinn and David Crosby when he left The Byrds. Hiding behind Epstein and getting him to do the dirty work? They were bigger fairies than he was.

    Of course – after Epstein’s death – they turned on each other. So maybe Pete was well out of it. They let Yoko Fucking Ono, Allen Klein, Linda Eastman and her family all interfere in band affairs and even attend recording sessions (I bet George Martin hated it) and they ended up in court and writing venomous songs about one another. More apparently dysfunctional and volatile bands like The Who and The Kinks lasted longer , while these cheeky moptop band of brothers ended up in one of the nastiest and messiest splits in music history. Mind you, that’s what happens when you let your wife near your work. Never ever mix the two together. Not ever.

    • Yeah, but how many times have Liverpool won the European Cup compared to your mob?
      You can dress it up with all this cultural bollocks if you like but we all know what’s eating away at your soul. You’ll never make a cultural Marxist Norman, no more than I. That’s just the way it is mate. By the way, fuck Palace the fucking wankers!

      • You could be right, Freddie.

        Macca gets on my jacob’s doing his professional scouser bit. Making out he has a soft spot for the place and going on about how great it is (a la Cilla). But John Lennon didn’t give a fuck about the sentimental bullshit. When McCartney filmed a syrupy and staged pub gathering in Liverpool for a TV special he did in the 70s, Lennon in New York by then said it made him squirm when he watched it.

        Ringo said to that cunt Jonathan Woss that he didn’t miss Liverpool one bit. Days later somebody had chopped the head off Starr’s statue in Liver pool city centre. Lovable rogues, eh?

        I also despise Palace. And I hope that cunt Matthew Simmons still has to watch his back and that his life is a living hell.

        And this is till my all time favourite game between my lot and you know who. I was there and I can still see Jimmy heading past Clemence. (goal is at 4:30).

  5. I think you need to be of a certain age to like or even remember the Beatles
    I personally think they were and are a pile of shite
    Paul McCartney someone should tell him you are not a Superstar you are a silly old bloke who colours his hair You might have been big in the 60s but that’s a long long time ago it’s now 2020 I’ve got you in my Dead Pool so do me a favour and fucking die you silly old wanker who wears plastic shoes .
    Pete Best don’t know about him the Beatles were long before I was even born it’s now Old Boy Music it’s rubbish👎

  6. Sorry Norman I have to disagree. Pete Best couldn’t drum much or keep time. Too much shit has been said about Ringo Star’s ability. He was a very good beat drummer, with excellent timing. The job of a drummer in a 4 piece beat group is to create a back beat and compliment the bass and rhythm guitar playing. Ringo was fucking good at this .. All this Kieth Moon , Mitch Mitchell, Cozy Powell bollocks is just that a load of bollocks!! Yeah they all could bash out a solo at 100 miles an hour, but come on now after 30 seconds it’s boring. It’s not the drummers job.. A bit like the lead guitarist turning up the sustain and distortion and fucking off on a drug induced haze of un melodic riffs that just goes on and on and never seems to end.. Oh Admin yeah some Beatles stuff was crap (probably) that just leaves 100’s of great songs melodies that cover an awful lot of pop rock music genres… Doctor everyonesacunt suggests you give your head a wobble then lie in a cool dark place until this thought passes.

    • Fair point about Best’s ability. Maybe he wasn’t good enough to be a top class drummer and play on a record. George Martin said he wasn’t good enough for recording work. But it was the way he was sacked. They should have told him themselves and not hid behind Epstein. A mate or even a workmate should never get such shoddy treatment from his friends or colleagues. Best deserved better than how he was treated and it wasn’t the last time the Beatles did this.

      When Allen Klein arrived at Apple (For clarity for the young’uns: the record company not the grasping IT cunts – admin) he fired longstanding Apple employees and Beatles associates who had been with them from the start. Some of the band never spoke to old mates like Alastair Taylor and Ron Kass again.

      Like Best they were fired -the band got someone else to fire them on their behalf- and these people were out and they stayed out. Same goes for Lennon’s first wife. After he officially shacked up with Yoko Ono, Cynthia was suddenly persona non grata and she had little to no contact from the band after that. Pretty nasty and no wonder John Lennon openly admitted to Jann Wenner that the Beatles were ‘bastards’ including himself. They did do some very good music (Rubber Soul and Revolver being their peak in my opinion), but they weren’t nice people.

      Moon was a superb drummer. The rock and roll wild man myth and the tales about his antics as ‘Moon The Loon’ now seem to eclipse how good he was. The Classic Albums documentary on Who’s Next highlights his contribution to that particular album. And Mitchell kept up with Hendrix and complimented him very well. No mean feat.

      • Norman You make some valid points Sir, I suppose though like any business venture you have to sometimes be a cunt to those around you in order to succeed.. And like my handle everyone is a cunt …At least sometimes.

      • Pete Best didn’t do too bad eventually.

        In his own words:

        “It came completely out of the blue. I knew ‘Anthology’ was coming out but I didn’t pay too much attention to it because I never figured that they would include me on it. But then I got the offer from Apple and lo and behold I ended up on 10 tracks which was great.”

        Apparently it was Paul who insisted on using the early Pete Best on drums songs for the Anthology album. Estimates indicate Best earned £7 million plus as a result.

  7. A true Lennon story.

    On hearing Ringo had won a Melody Maker award one year, he famously opined “Best Drummer in the World ?….. he’s not even the Best Drummer in the Beatles”

    Unpleasant cunt but never underestimate his caustic wit.

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