Netflix Cunties (4)

Netflix definitely deserves a nomination. I have to admit, I quite like Netflix. It has a lot of great shows, the first seasons of Altered Carbon and Umbrella Academy were awesome. The second seasons, not so much because they bent the knee to the cult of woke. As did their version of Lost in Space, and their female version of Dr Smith was just fucking annoying. They also have a lot of shite too, and it is one, upcoming pile of shite that has earned them this nomination. It’s a movie called “Cuties”.

Directed by a black woman (that in itself is not a problem for me) called Maïmouna Doucouré, the movie is about an 11 year old Senegalese girl living with her family in France, who dreams about joining a twerking dance troupe of other 11 year old girls (there’s a trailer on YouTube if anyone wants to take a look. Haven’t seen it myself).The original description contained bullshit about her “finding her femininity” and there was another bit that had the term “sexual awakening” (for an 11 year old girl). When I last checked, it was rated for adults, which makes me wonder who the movie is aimed at? What kind of adult would possibly be interested in a movie which features 11 year old girls, children, dressed in very revealing clothing, while twerking? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Naturally, the far left can’t see anything wrong with this, but then again, a lot of their see nothing wrong with paedophilia. Apparently, this movie actually won an award at the Sundance film festival, prior to its general release back in April. Happily, it’s become apparent that I’m not alone in my disgust at this ‘movie’. Netflix have received huge backlash over this bullshit. Though, it’s not enough for them to pull it from their streaming service, and their response to it has been pathetic. I can’t see it doing very well, but that’s not the point. Netflix should NOT be showing shite like this. I’m no prude, but a movie about very young girls, that carries a mature rating, could only be aimed at the kind of people who see nothing wrong with paedophilia.

So, Netflix. You are CUNTS. Paedo supporting CUNTS!

Incidentally, I’ve now cancelled my subscription to Netflix.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw 

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24 thoughts on “Netflix Cunties (4)

  1. Netflix is utter shite.
    We only have it because the daughter wants it/pays for it.
    I watched 2 shows on it ‘F is for family’ (funny!)
    And Last Kingdom .
    The rest seems to be teen angst, crap films etc.
    Dunno about the thing in the nom but bet prince Andrew has the boxset.

    • How many of these N*nceflix executives would let their young daughters be exposed to this shit or associate with people who would watch it?

      The fact they are backtracking faster than realising they have left Ghislaine Maxwell babysitting the kids is too late.

    • F is for Family is so good. One of the only things on there I actually enjoy – especially considering they only have six series of South Park.

    • MNC, It is a fucking sight better than the BBCunts.

      I was about 10 seconds into the trailer and started to feel uncomfortable, someone must have had a brainstorm when they bought this series.

  2. Obviously the people at Netflix who find, analyze, and approve such garbage are left, woke, PC cunts want to do their part in unraveling all that is decent, productive, and Godly. This shit will only get worse too.

  3. quote “..could only be aimed at the kind of people who see nothing wrong with p$$dophilia.”

    Precisely that! No doubt these people will have the dubious honour of being tacked onto the Alphabet Gang acronym, starting with a “P”

    They will insist they’re an abused and misunderstood minority, and deserve equal rights etc. and that watching this kind of shit should be perfectly “acceptable” blah blah

    And with Netflix legitimizing this it will open up the floodgates for more CP shite to follow from the likes of Amazon, BBC, Hollyweird and other Woke studios.

  4. “What was once obscene will be normal” said in 1969, by an insider, this is just the tip of the iceberg, utter cunts

  5. Googled this and it is in French with subtitles. Therefore ‘art cinema’ or whatever.
    At least if the target demographic are watching at home they wont need brown macs to wank under.

  6. The phrase “Netflix and chill” really pisses me off.
    Only to used by illiterate morons from Generation Z.

  7. When Burn Loot Murder first started, I was disappointed to see Netflix shoved a BLM section into the search bar-full of non-whitey or whitey-bad content.
    I imagine the vast majority of subscribers are white-I also imagine there was a backlash as it quickly changed it to “Black Stories”.
    Absolute cunts ☹️

  8. I’ll venture the twerking “Saville’s army” on Shitflix has a few less viewers after Ghislaine Maxwell does her “sing like a canary” routine!
    My Nephew keeps trying to infest my all singing all dancing internet type device thingies with the disease of Netflix – I keep patiently explaining I do not watch much telly anyway and have no requirement to suffer shite. And then if there is any more nonsense the little cnt will be doing the front crawl round the drum of his concrete lorry! (He is a bit of a snowflake, a disgrace to decent Yorkie munching hooker m*rdering HGV drivers everywhere!).
    And no Alexa – spying little cnt!
    “Mum! Mum! – do they do Netflix in prison”?
    “One has no idea Andrew”.
    “And that fucking god awful harpie Harriet Harm Man is at the Palace gates for you, with what you ate at lunch you can’t be hungry – but this rancid bitch keeps talking about PIE”!

  9. The like to dislike ratio on the trailer is one of the worst I have ever seen – over one million dislikes at last count. There is hope for humanity yet.

    (Expect some fudging (no, not that kind either!). And just like with the Brexit result those 1 million dislikes will be discredited due to bigotry etc – DA)

    • Usually I just think it’s TV companies courting controversy (gay Jesus, lesbo Jesus, etc) but this kíddíe porn sounds a touch awkward. Primary school kids searching for their inner-Pole-dancer.

      What’s the purpose of chíld-fiddler shit? To entertain? To inform? To convert you to ísläm?

      • Nice of them to finally come up with a replacement for the old‘Minipops’ – which is sadly missed.
        Shame they used blacks though.

  10. Netflix is a gigantic pile of shit with a few gems sprinkled on top.
    I have noticed more than a few tar babies infesting it.
    Woke cunts for soy faggits.
    Fuck Off.

  11. It’s aimed at the peaceful audience, particularly around Rotherham, Rochdale, Dewsbury……

    Taxi driver salivating, they just can’t wait!

  12. You are absolutely right. And the answer to your question ‘why are we not all very suspicious of a series that features 11-t-year old girls’ is simple – the girls are black ,so no problem at all innit!

    • This is quite concerning, ive asked a friend to loik into it and do some research,
      See if it should be banned?
      Hes on tour with the WHO but Pete Townsend always gets results!

  13. This blatant P-pushing piece of carcinogenic shit IS Sickflix.

    The blatant child-trans-pushing piece of carcinogenic shit below IS Sickflix:

    Come on good people, I know it’s hard to conceive of and accept, but there is no longer ANYTHING beamed into your home via any MSM-platform that is agenda-free… indeed quite the total opposite.

    And to all of you who are parents – you really have no idea what is being pumped and pummelled into your kids’ heads when they’re watching alone, in their rooms, with their ‘buds’ ensuring the messages are hermetically wired directly into their brains.

    MSM and social media are POISON. Tear your kids away from it – it won’t be easy, but they’ll get used to it eventually, and in the long-run by God will they thank you for having done it.

  14. The big guns/cunts like Sky and Netflix cater for the kiddyfiddler class.
    Game of Thrones is all about appealing to joe ronces. Why do you think Emilia Clarke’s character is made up to look like a doll? Her ‘Queen of Dragons’ character in the books is 13 years old! It’s as obvious as fuck what they are trying to put across and who it is aimed at. Sick fucking cunts.

  15. Must say that the few films/documentaries that I’ve watched on it haven’t been woke at all, maybe it’s because I used to watch BBC. As soon as they start shoe-Horning unnecessary effnicks/dark keys that’s when my subscription’s cancelled…..

  16. I cancelled this horrendous wokefest shitebucket on the back of their virtue signalling rubbish and told them the reason why.
    This is wrong,immoral and more erosion of anything decent in society.It also goes further to normalising this depravity.
    P.I.E indeed.

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