Loyalty Means Jackshit

Loyalty Means JackShit.

I’m sure we’ve all witnessed it: you signed up to a broadband provider, or cable TV provider etc. 5 or 10 years ago, and you’ve been paying the full subscription fee ever since.

Then you notice the latest adverts from these cunts offering decent discounts for new customers, while completely ignoring the loyal cunts who, to them, are just old cow fodder not deserving of anything other than yet another price rise in their subs!

Sky, Virgin Media and BT, are just a handful of cunts I used to subscribe too for years on end, only to see them give big 10-20% discounts for noobs to sign up to. And more often than not a month or two later I would get an email or letter from these bastards saying that my annual sub will be going up by 10%, probably to make up the shortfall on the new customer discounts.

At least with supermarkets they do offer some form of loyalty reward, as relatively trivial as it is. But with these telecoms bastards loyalty means sweet fuck all until such time you want to cancel your sub, and they go into panic mode by putting you through to their “Retentions Team”, whereby you can almost name your own price in order to stay with them!

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  1. Make sure your email account is on something like Gmail or Outlook so you keep the email address when you move provider. Take broadband on its own and don’t tie it in to tv and other shit then change suppliers whenever the contract runs out.

    Use sites like Quidco to get cashback and intro deals and keep changing suppliers.

    Just reduced my monthly fee from £28 TO £19 a month with no download limits by switching from BT to Plusnet. My daughter’s also on Plusnet and land-line calls to other Plusnet subscribers are free. That’s another tenner a month saved.

    Who owns Plusnet?

    • Sky, in their ultimate wisdom, put my broadband/telephone package up a couple of years ago, from £27 to over £50. I asked for a discount and they said no. So I told them fuck off and looked about. I discovered NowTV did broadband by that time and joined them instead for £25 per month. The speed is slightly down on Sky but the router is identical. At renewal earlier this year I asked what they could do for me and they offered broadband, line rental and unlimited, anytime free calls, for £22 per month. They’re owned by Sky.

      • Just to add that in the 18 months or so I’ve been with them, there hasn’t been a single problem.

  2. Problem is Techno, there are plenty of benefits scroungers and chavs to take your place if you cancel. And these companies are pretty much monopolies. BT will have you over a barrel in your line of work.

    Every time I get a car insurance renewal quote, I phone and bluntly ask for it to be discounted. Works every time.

  3. It’s not just big companies.

    I had an old couple (retired Civil Servant and Head Teacher) who own a Manse…every year we would spend 2-3 days doing tree work and pruning an old yew hedge. I didn’t hear from them one year but didn’t think much of it until he rang and asked me to call to discuss what needed doing…couldn’t believe my eyes when I got there…the trees (mature beech) looked like someone had climbed up to ladder-height and just cut off what he could reach, the hedge had been pruned back right into the quick to the point that it’ll never come back right again.
    We’d spent 10-12 years doing the job right and I’d actually kept the price reasonable just because the old couple were regulars..when I asked the old fella who’d done the work the previous time he told me that it was a friend of their grandson who had recently qualified as a tree-surgeon but (in his words) “he’d been a bit over-enthusiastic”…and cheaper presumably.
    I didn’t Fuck about…told the old fool that I wanted nothing more to do with the job and that he’d best get the grandson’s friend back to finish what he’d started…destroying the place.

    I had half a mind to report the old Cunt was for having tree work done without the correct paperwork….no tree-officer in the Country would have allowed it.

    Moral of the story….sometimes the cheaper option isn’t the better option.


    • My Mum can be just as bad as that old couple with plumbers, gardeners, etc. When she’s moaning about the price quoted for a job, I remind her what my late father (was a spark) would command as a daily rate if he were still working. Being a baby boomer she’s predictably loaded too.

      • Up early this morning Miserable – off now to panic buy ice cream before it sells out! 😊

      • Dont know about where you are but had a massive thunder storm for hours last night.
        It stopped, instantly roasting hot again!!😣
        Fuckin summer…

      • Well don’t buy Ben and Jerry’s as they have just joined the virtue signalling brigade on our immigration policies. Another company to boycott and send an email to.

      • PS: Just heard on the News, we’re not allowed to use the word “tobacco” anymore…. because it’s racist!

      • No worries Mr Once a cunt, we get Wall’s Vanilla Soft Scoop.

        Besides, Priti Patel has described Ben and Jerrys as “overpriced junk food” 😂

        No thunder storms here Miserable, you lucky sod.

      • We had the mother, father, non-binary of all storms on Monday night up here in the Lake District!

        Sheet lightning, forked lightning, thunderclaps, heavy rain…. the whole fucking works!

        A few hours later In the local online “newspaper” people were whinging that their computers or TVs had blown up, or their broadband router/landline phone socket had fried – and all because the dopey cunts had no idea you must disconnect all plugs, aerials and cabling from your electric sockets during a storm!

  4. Dick – the cheaper option is NEVER the best option in the long run in my experience. You pay cheap, you get cheap. Oh, and Virgin Broadband are cunts.

  5. It’s the same with insurance companies. Every year my quote increases by 30 per cent ish and every year i call them threatening to change companies.
    They then ‘have a word with the boss’ and blow me, i get a 30 percent discount.
    Just a never ending tiresome game.

    • Always cancel the policy and reapply as a new customer. Low and behold you get a 20% discount. Cunts

    • Customer apathy or complacency, is what these cunts bank on. Especially for complicated things like the faff of having new broadband & landline kit fitted and configured by another ISP.

      Some people just don’t want all that hassle, and cunts like VM and Sky know that.

  6. We got told at work last year – Its all based on algorithms. Basically do a year or minimum term with each and then move on.
    Its a chew moving bank accounts and direct debits but it saves or makes you money.
    Best ones are mobiles . Get a PAC code and move on.

  7. One time when my car insurance was due I ran it through a comparison site and found that my existing company were offering a MUCH lower rate than the renewal.

    I rang and said I wanted the discount premium that they were offering NEW customers. They point blank refused to reduce my renewal. So I left them.

    An astonishing lack of loyslty and a daft way to do business but you see it all the time.

    • Strangely enough, I got round that one a few years ago by not insuring my car for a couple of days (didn’t need it for a week) after the policy ran out and going as a new customer and it was accepted.

    • I had problems with the AA, been with them for years, suddenly tried to double the price of my coverage, and took the funds out of my old Dads bank account!!
      Apparently theyd kept his card details as once when id broken down without my card hed paid it (for a van part) at the time I told them it was a one off payment.
      I hit the roof and they reimbursed my dad.
      I went with the RAC.
      4month later the AA phoned me to see if I was happy with their coverage!!
      Still had me down as a customer.

    • When you leave a company and try to rejoin after saying a month or two, and claim you’re new member, they will quite often tell you to fuck off!

      12 months is sometimes the “clearance time” before you’re considered a new punter again, but offering you big discounts to sign up.

      What crazy half-baked logic!

  8. Anyone else with Virgin Media noticed how poor and unreliable their broadband is? Mrs CuntingDaughter has cut the media package right down, no sport, movies etc, yet the prices have slowly crept back up almost to what we originally paid. Will probably go with Freeview until Sky drop Idris Ebola.

  9. Truth is most services are screwing us, builders and plumbers screw us, the government screws us.

    That’s the reality of the UK, it’s all about the money, not the value for money.

    • Exactly. The UK is a fucking ripoff cowboy nation top to bottom. Smallest/shittest yet most expensive houses in Europe, arserape taxes, arserape fuel duty and council tax but roads full of potholes. Then all these shyster corporations on top trying to leech your money.

  10. I have worked for BT in sales (the best sales training it is possible to get) and Plusnet in tech.
    They are vermin.
    I am with Vodafone business, had a problem, completely lost my shit about the lazy sly arrogant thick as pigshit ethnics they employ in offshore sweatshops – and claimed compensation, as I am legally entitled to under the terms and conditions of my contract.
    And every tiny issue I make the complaint and send them the bill. And get paid.
    So far after 12 Months 3 Months free broadband and just this side of £500 in compensation.
    Squeeze them until they bleed.

    • I had a problem, or 6, sorting out contents insurance with the Halifax. By the time it was all sorted they’d paid out more in compensation than the policy cost. It also made me question how useful they would have been if I had needed to make a claim.

  11. I’m a miser and I often pay twice .. for the small stuff. But I recently switched my mums utilities (Bristol), house insurance (money supermarket), car insurance (same) and motor recovery (confused.com price then renegotiated with RAC). With savings of over 60%. That’s a lot for someone on a fixed income. Loyalty means Jackshit, I agree but what if I said it the other way around, there are no consequences for immorality anymore.

    The computer says you’re a cunt.
    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Diversity is strength.

    • I checked my mum’s car insurance and discovered she was paying over £1000. She’d loyally stayed with the Coop since the 60’s (when I recall we had some guy come round every week to collect premiums) and just accepted renewals without question. 10 minutes on a price comparison site brought the price down to less than £300 and even then I had to fight with the stubborn old cow to change.

      • Aww come one, you need a masters degree in control theory to work a fucking TV now. Four buttons (one of which was on/off) with something worth watching, and they have the nerve to call it progress.

      • Those auto-renewals, are another con for the unwary.

        normally a company should give you 30 days notice that your policy is about to expire, and give you the option to renew with a new quoted policy before any money is taken from your account.

        But not all companies do that, they just auto-renew with some outlandish premium that you probably won’t even notice for ages since its coming out of your account by dd.

      • But .. but .. IT was going to turn our lives into a never ending stream of milk and honey!!

  12. I was with Orange payg mobile for 15 years or something, and they offered some dirt cheap contract as a loyalty reward. Unfortunately couldn’t afford it at the time.

    Then EE bought them out. I finally had the money for that loyalty contract, but EE told me to go fuck myself and that they’re not Orange. Tight arse cunts!!

    • EE’s PAYG SIM-only deals are sometimes pretty good. Unlock your device and keep an eye on the market – PAYG seems to be getting quite a competitive market. Though EE won’t let you on here without applying in person to have the content filter switched off, the cunts. (A VPN is the answer)

  13. Seeing as I’m considerably richer than yow, it’s of no consequence to me saving the odd twenty pounds or so here or there.

    • On reflection, I take that back, seeing as we’ve just entered recession and unemployment is rising.
      Sometimes I feel I’m the only sensitive soul on the site.

  14. Chuchill insurance spring to mind.

    Saved my dad almost a grand over two vehicle policies in 45 minutes after Churchill whacked up the premiums .

    I love bulldogs but that one is a greedy cunt.

  15. When anything is up for renewal, I hit the comparison sites, find a deal & then call my old provider & tell them I got a better offer.
    They almost always offer to match or better the deal to keep you as a customer.

    Only exception is my mobile. Been with ‘3’ ten years or more, Pay as you go.
    I put about £40 – £50 a YEAR on as top-ups. 2p a minute calls & texts. Last time I changed phones (because my old one was failing), I bought on-line. Took to ‘3’ store, explained not bought from them, but asked them to transfer numbers & contacts, etc. They spent nearly an hour setting up. Asked what I owed them…. “nothing Sir. you are a Three customer – we’re happy to help you”
    – now that’s Customer Service !

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