Clueless Joe Biden (3)

? Don’t wanna be an American idiot ?
Joe Biden…….the next President of the United States!!

Poor Joe. Well into the early stages of Alzheimer’s, doesn’t know where he is half the time but finds himself as a puppet on a string for the communists who have infiltrated the Democrats.

You’d think his family would put a stop to his humiliation but are you going to deny him the opportunity to be President?…….tough call. They are keeping him away from hostile media (not much of that) on the grounds of his age and vulnerability to Corbyn19.

The Yank media are using that excuse, and many others, to suggest that there should not be the usual tv debates with his opponent. They know very well he is not in a fit mental state to handle that. Tango is a ruthless cunt and will fucking destroy him.

The Democrats must be in a right state if poor old Joe is the best they can come up with. Mind you, the last time they put up one of the most unpopular cunts in the country so don’t ask me for fucks sake.

I can’t do links and shit but there’s a stand up routine by Robin Williams where he rips the piss out of “rambling Joe Biden”. That was 2009!!.

If Robin were still alive he’d be “cancelled” ………. obviously.

Nominated by:Freddie the Frog

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51 thoughts on “Clueless Joe Biden (3)

  1. All governments need a strong opposition to keep them, I use this term in its very loosest term, “honest”. Cough.

    Biden is a glove puppet.

    • Biden should be in care.
      Ive nothing against old cunts, I like Clive Dunn,
      But this shaking old skeleton Joe, hes lost his marbles and bladder control years ago.
      Fuckin old commie
      Push down the white house staircase Donald.

      • Mr Dunn is dead now MNC. Though Biden might be as well – who can tell. But with the bisom he has appointed his vice-President, it looks like the American version of Corbyn and Butler. History repeats it’sself first as tragedy then as farce.

      • He was the only old cunt who sprang to mind WC!
        Tired from working in this heat😭
        Being a young roustadouster, the only old cunts I know are on here!!!😁👍

      • “What”? You’ll have to speak up young Man!
        Where’s my sherry and Werthers originals now?
        Clint Eastwood is 90, still a mean fker though! 😄👍

  2. We will all fucked if he wins. The poor old yanks have no idea what extreme left wing means. No police, high taxes, crime will rise, cost of living will rocket. We have been there and done it, apart from the kunt Kahn. Fucking commy cunts fuck off to your mates in China.

  3. The Donald will rip him to shreds. It will be a fucking bloodbath. Bernie Sanders did the right thing and possibly saved himself having a fatal heart attack during campaigning but Biden reckons he can stay in the ring and take the humiliation. If this dotard becomes the next US president then i’ll eat my stetson.

  4. They’ll do all they can to avoid him debating Trump.

    As you say, the Donald would eat him for breakfast. I think they’ll take their chances and use covid as an an excuse for him not debating.

    One thing is for sure, if he does go for the debate he’ll lose badly. The Democrats know this and will try to avoid it.

    • Your right theyre running scared of a face to face debate with Donald..
      Bidens on the reapers awol list.
      They may as well learn from Macaulay Culkin and use pulleys and ropes to manipulate Joe on stage “merry Christmas ya filthy animal”…

      • He knows her Captain. She was the one who tore into him the most vociferously in the tv debates for the Nomination. But all’s happy now.

  5. Senile old fiddler. He does it in public, on camera. At one of his last gigs he was talking about how 6 year olds loved to be in the pool with him and feel the hair on his legs. He owns a piece of an island in the Virgin Islands (yeah right) that a) happens to have a submarine port on it and b) happens to be a stone’s throw away from Epstein’s Little St James.

    Then there’s the on public record bare-naked corruption around him fiddling things with Ukraine to get his drug addict son a regular six figure income on the oil company board for literally doing fuck all.

    This is what passes for a presidential candidate of the most powerful country on Earth, in 2020, the age of the Marxist owned and controlled mainstream media, who literally pump out lies and garbage statistic 24/7 to a clueless public that lacks even the most basic ability to stop and question why they don’t hear alternative viewpoints.

  6. So, Joe Biden can’t debate because he is (obviously) senile? (I don’t want to be dismissive or hit below the belt on that – Alzheimers is truly terrible). So how the hell can he hope to run a Country? – this should be a big warning sign, Biden is a communist and a nutcase, I will not go into some other unsavoury rumours as they are not established fact – but would you trust this basket case to be in charge of America’s defence and nuclear arsenal?
    Joe gets a predominantly white running mate, a wimminz, obviously and a committed communist – to get the BLM and Antifa vote.
    Joe Biden for President? How could a clueless backstabbing snake who spends half his time asleep and the rest lying ever be in charge of a Country..

    • Well they wont let him be santa in the mall!!😁
      Happiest at the school gates, reminds me of mr Herbert from Family Guy

  7. Would love to see a tv debate. They should hijack it and put an earpiece in bidens ear and give him stupid answers. He wouldn’t know and think he’s doing great.
    Joe what do think of Covid 19?
    “ I think they should be released immediately they are all innocent “

    • “What do you think of Covid19 Joe”?
      “Huh? Oh, well, to be, er, honest I don’t like their newest long play record, the wax keeps, uh, er melting in the heat and 78 RPM, er, seems a little quick for me – it’s quicker than my beautiful new Model T Ford”.
      “Thanks Joe”

  8. Don’t agree with this nom.

    Biden is a decent man whereas Trump is quite clearly not. He is nasty, ignorant and divisive. The western world has had no leader for 4 years and will glad to get rid of him.

    • Biden is nothing like decent LH – he is a creepy Mr Burns type with a very dodgy history.
      And a rampant marxist communist in charge of America?
      The yellow locusts and the Russians would love that, and will be using every illegal means to make sure it happens.

  9. Biden is the Americans Jeremy Corbyn, useless cunt frontman for the real horror show hiding behind him in plain sight.

    His pick for VP is terrifying and she will be the president within a year of the dems win.

  10. Biden is hopeless and Donald will tear him a new one but he will win.
    Evil Hilary is a right horrible cunt and she almost won in 2016.
    Donald upset the rotten apple cart of politics and now it will be set right again.
    A right shitty mess this election.
    Biden is a doddery old puppet.
    Fuck Off.

  11. I reckon they’ll send Kamala Harris to do the debates. Will be sad because Trump vs Biden would be comedy gold but I can’t see the Dems allowing that to happen.

    • If he’s not fit to debate, he definitely isn’t fit to run a bath, let alone a superpower.

      • Biden not fit to be President?

        And what exactly qualifies the lieing, selfish, bullying Trump to be reelected?

        I agree with most things you guys say on this site but not on this.

        He claimed covid was a hoax, told folk not to wear masks. Then suggested they might swallow bleach to cure the virus. He has shunned partnership with his traditional allies, cow-towed to Putin, blown a good deal with Iran yet befriended North Korea to no good effect whatsoever.

        He has put America first as promised but doesn’t care about the majority of Americans. Only his
        redneck cohorts.

        Biden may be ancient but he wI’ll surround himself with competent people and won’t sack them every five minutes because he falls out with them because of his ego and temper. Wisdom comes with age.

  12. How fucked are the dems that they picked this creepy old fuck to challenge Trump. Do they want to lose again? The videos of him sniffing and playing with kids hair would make Saville blush. And, what the fuck happened to the investigation about his dodgy dealings with Ukraine regarding his son? They crucified Trump for wanting an investigation, but didn’t give a fuck about this cunt.
    As with every election, it’s who you hate the least, not who you like the most, as they are all cunts.

  13. I come onto ISAC to read funny filth about British stuff.
    I don’t need commentary on the lunacy of American politics.
    Let’s not be serious, please.

    • “I come onto ISAC to read funny filth about British stuff.“

      I think you might be on the wrong site! I suggest you should be watching a “Carry On” film.
      We deal with stuff that’s much more serious than that.

      • Evening Bertie.

        Check out my post below. It’s full of funny filth about British stuff. Woe betide we should get serious. 😂

    • This one made me laugh….

      “An undercover cop called at my farm in the sticks yesterday evening…
      “I need to inspect your farm for illegally grown drugs”, he said.

      “By all means officer, just don’t go in that field over there”, I replied.

      The cop exploded, saying “Do you know who the fuck I am?! I have the authority of the government with me!”, he shouted before pulling a badge out of his back pocket, “Do you see this fucking badge?! This badge means I can do what I want and I’ll go wherever the fuck I want, have I made myself clear?!”

      I nodded politely, apologised, and went about my work. A short while later, I hear loud screams, looked up and saw the cop running for his life being chased by my angry bull. With each step, the bull was gaining ground and he seemed sure to be gored before he reached safety. The officer looked terrified and continued to run for his life.

      I threw down my tools, immediately ran to the edge of the fence and shouted at the top of my lungs,

      “Your badge, show him your fucking badge!”

      • Dick- is this based on a true story or is it just a load of old bull?!

      • Evening Bertie.
        It’s from a book that I’m compiling….”100 Shit Jokes to Make Your Unfortunate Victims Fuck Off Before You Tell Them Another”…..I managed to gather the other 99 from your contributions to this site,

        🙂 .

      • Outstanding form Sir Fiddler! I got chased by a bull once – they are bad tempered fkers and surprisingly fast – not as fast as me though! Forget Red Bull – terror gives you wings!
        And who is this confused old Man wandering around outside innocently hand in hand with an 8 Year old boy? – the daft sod keeps telling me he is an American Presidential candidate!
        And I think he’s soiled his pyjamas..

      • Evening Vernon.
        I’ve been meaning to ask….you mentioned a while ago that you were in dispute with some woman over an expensive handbag…did you ever get it all sorted?

      • Evening DF – it’s going through the Courts but delayed due to Covid – it was a Fendi bag worth over a grand, some stinking thieving little tarry – toot claimed it was counterfeit which I knew it wasn’t, got a refund which I reported Ebay to the DTI for then sent me back a ten quid ASOS piece of shit – had enough by that point and reported it to the Police, turns out this Nigerian bitch had a long history of this and other fraud and theft and played the race card when caught. A significant number of charges to face and as she is deemed a flight risk she has been remanded – she has a house in London which I have a charging order on and I am going to destroy her, then hopefully when she is out of nick (with no house 🤣🤣) she is being deported.
        Sounds a bit OTT but she could have destroyed my business and I am claiming everything I can – possibly up to six figures.
        I am a cold fucker – but she is a thief and a fraudster.

    • TT MN@ Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are the leaders of the “free” World – biggest laugh I’ve ever fkin had! that one! 😄😄
      Like it or not, globalisation and dependency on outsourcing means we are more dependent on America than ever – and if America sneezes we catch more than a cold.
      If creepy Joe and his commies get in he will not be calling the shots – he looks incapable of coherent speech – and the marxists will destroy America as a trading Nation and the World’s most powerful Country – just as Russia and China have ordered them to do.
      “You’ll work better with a gun in your back for a bowl of rice a day”.

  14. Here’s an email I received this afternoon from ‘Get Britain Out’.

    “The first 2 weeks of August have seen MPs scurry away on their summer holidays and Brexit negotiations with the EU have taken a slight break, starting again next week on Tuesday August 18th. However, this week we have seen the UK’s Chief Brexit Negotiator, David Frost and the new Irish Prime Minister, Micheál Martin come out saying they believe a Trade Deal can be secured between the UK and the EU in a matter of weeks!

    While we welcome such good news, we do so very tentatively. As we mentioned in our last e-Bulletin, David Frost recently said he expects the UK to win 60% of its negotiating objectives with the EU. So, if we are close to a trade deal, where are the other 40% we wanted – have they been ‘lost’ or just ‘dumped’? If so, this sounds like a deal we don’t want any part of. (We have written to Frost, Gove and Boris to find out what’s in the 40%!)

    This Government MUST NOT sell our sovereignty down the river in exchange for some lower tariffs as part of a dodgy unequal trade deal. A ‘Brexit in Name Only’ (BRINO) is NOT Brexit. As we all know, the EU Referendum vote for Brexit over 4 years ago, was about more than our economic relationship with the EU. It was about ‘Taking Back Control’ of our entire country and everything included within it. Walking away from trade negotiations and trading with the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms from the end of this year, is far more preferable than a bad deal.

    Remember, the phrase used so much by Theresa May to ‘CON’ us? It still rings true – even though she clearly did not believe it herself: ‘No-Deal is better than a BAD Deal!’. With BRINO we may find ourselves tied to the EU indefinitely.”

    • Evening Ruff. I must admit you have consistently called this right from the start.
      Others, myself included, have wished for the best but feared for the worst.

      • We will get stitched up and fked over Bertie – sure as Oeufs are Oeufs.
        Boris lies like a Pound shop watch.

      • It’s reassuring to know that someone is keeping an eye on what our mendacious “Leave” government is NOT doing… now that all Brexiteer MPs have sworn blind allegiance to that charlatan Johnson and everything he says or doesn’t do.

        Meanwhile the media are permanently distracted by Coronavirus; all very convenient for this uniquely deceitful and incompetent government.

  15. This cunt makes Ronald Regan look like Albert Einstein, I bet he shits and pisses his pants on the hour.!

  16. Which bunch of greedy vested interests do you want to pretend to represent you?

    Place bets now. Oh, wait. Have a look at Johnson’s honours list and then place bets.

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